Neutral and minimalist decor enchants in a 50m² apartment

Neutral and minimalist decor enchants in a 50m² apartment

It all started when Schi and Márcio bought an already used apartment and since then it has been just a renovation. The reduced size of 50m² did not intimidate the family that loves to embark on a change and the transformation of environments. In all spaces, simple and creative solutions predominate, with neutral colors in evidence and a preference for a more minimalist and organized decoration. See more:

Residence type: apartment

Area: 50 m²

City: Portão, RS

Residents: Schi works part-time as a hairdresser and shares an apartment with her partner Márcio. They also live with their 11-year-old younger sister and their little dog Cass, “which gave the name to our apartment, since he’s the boss here,” explains Schi.

Differential: for them, what stands out the most is the decoration, “we opted for a more minimalist decor with neutral colors, which makes the environment bright and cozy”. And they add, “the style was created little by little, mainly due to expenses.” The apartment also works as a location for boudoir-style photo shoots and Schi reveals that this is how the @apdocass social profile came about . “The idea was for the client to see the place where the photos would be taken before photographing”.

Schi, Márcio and Cass’s apartment


Since they moved in, Schi says that the apartment has undergone numerous renovations, “we joke that the apartment has even shrunk… the floor went up, the ceiling came down, we covered the walls with plaster”. And as the spaces took shape, they saw what really worked and what didn’t in every corner.

Neutral colors for decoration


All environments bring a neutral color palette, which brings more softness. White predominates in the spaces and helps to light up the decor and bring a greater sense of spaciousness.

Geometric painting in the room


For the living room, Schi chose the gray color that contributes to the cozy air. The relaxed atmosphere is due to the geometric wall. A simple and creative solution to innovate in decoration.

Charm with the burnt cement


“I like to be always changing, I don’t mind having to repaint a wall that was painted 2 months ago, or having to change an entire room”, says Schi. Despite loving the transformations, she confesses that she does not touch the burnt cement wall in the living room at all, “it was a lot of work and I love it”.

Bright and cozy kitchen


Light tones dominate the kitchen and inspire tranquility. For the dining table, Schi chose Eames chairs that look great in minimalist, Scandinavian decor.

organized decoration


Schi prioritizes organization to make the space cleaner. On the countertop and on the shelves, she leaves only what she uses most in her daily life, “food jars, coffee items, bread holders, some plates and cups, the rest all tucked away”.

Simple and practical ideas


To store the groceries, the resident chose basic pots and some are even recycled. And he highlights the practicality of this option, “you can use it to store pasta, grains, cookies, whatever you want […] , apart from complementing the decoration of this corner”.

A space for memories


In the circulation, a mural exposes good memories and brings an affective touch to the decoration. Schi says it’s his favorite part of the house, “it only has the colors I love, and it has the most beautiful pictures of our lives”.

a bright room


The room underwent recent transformations and gained lighter tones. “I left everything white to be able to play more with the decor,” explains Schi. She also states that she has plans to change other parts of the house, “there is still a lot to do, renovate one of the bedrooms and the bathroom, but over time things will settle down.”

modern minimalism


Schi says that the relationship with photography also changed his vision with the apartment, which became a great partner in this new journey. And, between one renovation and another, she enjoys the processes, as well as the results that little by little transform her home. “Then we look back, remember the work that went into it and end up feeling more grateful.” And she ends, “life that follows and works that continue”.

Neutral colors and organization are the basis of this modern apartment and help to optimize environments, enjoy and also see other ideas to adhere to minimalist decor

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