Reading: 50+ Bedroom Office Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space

50+ Bedroom Office Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space

Best 50+ bedroom office ideas

In the months that we have been in the pandemic, many are the bedrooms in which it has been necessary to incorporate an area for teleworking . At first, an improvised corner with any table and office chair could serve, but seeing that the thing is prolonged and that working from home is becoming something definitive even part-time, it is necessary to improve the decoration of those offices in home .

here are bedrooms ideas for creating a small work area

50+ bedroom office ideas

bedroom-custom-furniture-and-work-area 404524


When you want to play it safe and make the most of every inch in the bedroom, it’s time to turn to custom furniture. They are the perfect solution to your problems.Furniture, designed by the decorator Cristina Pérez.

bedroom-with-desk-work-area 482027


It is a decorative solution that helps to optimize all the available space. If you have a dead corner, take advantage of it. With a table and a couple of shelves you will create a study to work in just 1m 2 . Headboard, bedside table, chairs and lamps, in Coton et Bois. Carpet, in Gra and desk, in Carolina Bllue.

work-area-in-the-bedroom-with-shelf 388133


Get your work area with a custom furniture at the foot of the bed. Of course, see that there is enough space between the bed and the desk. Leather chair and iron lamp, in Luzio.

work-area-in-bedroom-gallery 456779


At one end of the gallery you can have a small work area. Place shelves on the desk so that you can store books or other accessories and thus prevent the desk from being cluttered.Dröm Living design by Fustería Ebanistería Brañas. The chair and the rug are from Matèria and the lamp from Ikea.

office bedroom ideas 5


In many cases, the window is in the middle of a wall. How to take advantage of all the window space? Add a shelf that becomes a desk and you will create a perfect work area thanks to the great source of natural light that enters through the window. Furniture, made to measure by Marina & Co.

office bedroom ideas 6


Designed to be able to have a couple of shelves, this work area manages to have some privacy by having your back to the bed.Table from the study of Estrella Salietti and bench, from Mercader de Venecia.

office bedroom ideas 7


Take advantage of the wall space that is usually dead between the windows to place a desk. Even if it is small, you can take advantage of it. If you also place a mirror, it will also serve as a dressing table area.Desk, antiques dealer and duvet cover, cushions and blanket, from Zara Home.

office bedroom ideas 8


Having a place to organize tasks or work at some point in time is easier than you imagine. In a gap that you do not take advantage of, you can surely place a shelf with a drawer included. Instead of a chair, opt for a stool so that it can be stowed under the desk without disturbing the passage.Design, by the decorator Cristina Carbonell and stool, from Aquitania.

office bedroom ideas 9


The presence of an antique piece of furniture adds personality and authenticity to the room. In this case, a large table becomes a perfect work area. Desk, by Merc & Cía and bench, by Ana Galofré.

office bedroom ideas 10


Do you have few meters? Choose a multi-function piece of furniture like this desk that doubles as a nightstand, dresser, and mini-office for when work tasks need to be completed.Desk, by Sacum and mirrors by India & Pacific.

office bedroom ideas 11


To work occasionally, it is not necessary to occupy a large space or an entire room. For example, this cabinet with the shelf closed at first glance looks like a bookcase, but open, the secretary becomes a desk to work and organize papers and tasks.Showcase and engravings, in Carmina Sanz Decoration

office bedroom ideas 12

Plan the furniture according to your activities

office bedroom ideas 13

It is essential that, before setting up your home office in the bedroom, you list all the tasks and activities that you are going to carry out in this space, and that you assess the support and storage space you will need. Based on this, it will be easier to size and buy the furniture. In this room, the solution was to create an aerial piece of furniture with doors and use loose drawers (great for storing documents). Also assess whether you don’t need lockable drawers for important and confidential documents.

Ideal bench height

office bedroom ideas 14

The ideal height of a home office work table in the bedroom varies between 75cm and 80cm.

Ideal desk position

office bedroom ideas 15

Depending on your profession and the activities you do, it may be a good idea to position your desk under the window to get plenty of natural light. If you are an illustrator, artist, or craftsman, this tip could be invaluable to you. In addition, the bench positioned below the window allows contact with the street and, especially for those who work all day in this space, it is also a decompression point.

Optimal bench depth and width

office bedroom ideas 16

Ideally, the bench should be at least 1.00m long and 50cm deep. So you can use the notebook in comfort, support a lamp, and organize your work materials.

Assess the need for a support piece of furniture

office bedroom ideas 17

Some people use the home office in their bedroom for a few hours and not every day of the week, as they have a fixed work space in another location. In these situations, a lot of support space and storage for materials and documents is generally not required. However, if you decide to take your office to the bedroom at once, it is interesting to think about furniture and support niches to store everything you need.

Nightstand as second support

office bedroom ideas 18

Home office chair: how to choose

office bedroom ideas 19

It is important that you make a brief calculation of how many hours you will use the chair and what activities you will develop on the bench, so that you can identify the ideal chair model for you. A basic criterion: it is important that she is comfortable.

If your workbench is large and you will be using the space daily to work for long periods of time, it is recommended that the chair has casters. Chair arms also help to provide more comfort, and are a very personal choice. If this is your option, pay attention to the relationship between the chair’s arm height and the lowest bench height, to ensure ergonomics and functionality. There are options on the market that allow you to adjust the height of the chair’s armrest.

Corner bench: a solution for those with little space

office bedroom ideas 20

An excellent study table solution for a small room is to use it in the corner of the room. It’s probably not very spacious, but for answering emails and doing small everyday activities, it’s perfect! If you choose a home office in the corner room, remember to choose a chair that is a little smaller so that it is not a barrier to circulation in the room.

Glass bench and shelves

office bedroom ideas 21

This home office in the corner room also bet on a glass countertop. Glass is an interesting material because it brings much lighter to the environment, due to its transparency, in addition to being a practical material to clean.

Think about the shots

office bedroom ideas 22

This home office in the super feminine bedroom, with straight lines and the warmth of wood, was amazing and functional. In addition to the bench and the side support, the drawers and the niche for the printer make the space even more practical and organized.

If you have a printer in your home office in the bedroom, remember to leave it near a wall socket or, in the case of custom furniture, run the wires behind the furniture so that you can turn on your computer and all the equipment. .

Invest in lighting

office bedroom ideas 23

It is important that your room has indirect light and a warmer tone, but the light indicated to stimulate productivity at work is just the opposite: a neutral and direct light. This home office in the single bedroom invested in lighting to create different scenes, and that makes all the difference in an environment with two uses. The headboard light created a cozier scene, while the recessed lighting in the ceiling provides a brighter and more awake environment.

Partition for privacy and coziness

office bedroom ideas 24

This is the ideal solution for a home office in the modern bedroom! If you have the space, it is well worth investing in a divider between these two environments. It doesn’t have to be something totally closed and heavy. In this room, the partition does not go to the ceiling and is loose in the middle of the room, and also serves as a panel for the TV. If you choose this solution, remember that power points are needed on the floor to turn on the TV and other equipment.  

Modernity and style: hollow partition

office bedroom ideas 25

These home office furniture created a division between the closet and the work environment, which left the room with a modern and uncluttered look. Especially in small rooms, it is important to think of hollow elements that provide a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

Multifunctional workbench for home office in room with TV

office bedroom ideas 26

This double room is an excellent inspiration for those who don’t have a lot of space, but who insist on having a home office bench in the bedroom, a desk and a TV, not forgetting the closet, of course! How to reconcile all this? Use the workbench for work as well as a dressing table, and place the TV just above it. Another tip is to use part of the space below the counter for small drawers, which are used to store papers, pens, or makeup. 

Study table for small room

office bedroom ideas 27

Bench with trestle base

office bedroom ideas 28

For those who like practical solutions and getting their hands dirty, it’s worth noting this idea: the legs of the workbench can be made from two trestles. The base can be any color you like, and the top is usually MDF or glass. There is also the possibility of using an old door as a top. An excellent tip for those who like to reuse materials!

Wallpaper for home office in the bedroom

office bedroom ideas 29

The use of wallpaper is a great element to decorate a home office in the bedroom. It is important that the wallpaper matches the other tones and elements of the room, and that the design or texture is not tiring for the eyes. The advantage is that if you get tired, just remove and paste another one.

Style and personality for home office in the bedroom with TV

office bedroom ideas 30

The wall mirror enlarge the space of the room. The worktop that mixes a metalwork base with an MDF top is a simple solution to make the space lighter and with more personality. The hollow bases and feet give more transparency the feeling of larger spaces.

Decorating with books and travel souvenirs

office bedroom ideas 31

A beautiful home office decoration in the bedroom is one that matches whoever uses the space. Your bedroom should be a welcoming environment, where you can display your memories and personal objects and, even if you create a workspace inside it, the bedroom should continue to represent your personality. Books and souvenirs are a great tip!

Classic decoration for the home office

office bedroom ideas 32

It is important that home office decor in the bedroom follows the existing decor and style. Although it’s nice to look for elements that divide and demarcate these two uses, they’re still a single environment, and that’s why it’s nice that they keep the same language in the decoration.

Simplicity that delights

office bedroom ideas 33

Home office furniture doesn’t always need to be planned. This environment proves that loose pieces, with simple and straight lines can create a light and unusual result.

Intense colors to stimulate the mind

office bedroom ideas 34

Sober environment with a splash of color

office bedroom ideas 35

If your room follows a more industrial style, it’s nice to assess whether this environment will become too sober and heavy to work in day-to-day. Bringing a touch of color can brighten the environment and make it more relaxed.

Ideal materials for a classic and elegant home office

office bedroom ideas 36

Desk for small room

office bedroom ideas 37

Solutions for small environments abound! This bench is ideal for activities and quick tasks that there is a support for the notebook.

The bench can replace the side table

office bedroom ideas 38

In this home office in the small double bedroom, the solution was to replace one of the side tables with the workbench. In addition to serving as support, it also sets up a small workspace.

Idea to work in the bedroom without losing the warmth

office bedroom ideas 39

From the moment we have the home office in the bedroom, it is common for the environment to become a little colder, busy and impersonal, so we need to invest in materials such as wood, which helps to bring coziness to the space.

Themed home office: fun and full of personality

office bedroom ideas 40

Desk for a teenager’s bedroom

office bedroom ideas 41

Children and teenagers also need a support bench in the room to carry out tasks and activities.

Desk and dressing table in one piece

office bedroom ideas 42

Drawers and organizers

office bedroom ideas 43

Smart solution: the suspended furniture of this home office in the bedroom demarcated the space and the drawers help organize materials and documents. Remember this detail when setting up your home office to prevent it from becoming a mess.

An element that connects uses

office bedroom ideas 44

Try using an element that connects the rest space with the work space to create a unity in the environment. In this case, the slatted panel fulfills this function and makes the home office in the small double bedroom a light and welcoming space.

Less is more!

office bedroom ideas 45

An industrial environment, quiet and modern at the same time: it’s possible!

office bedroom ideas 46

Use your certificates in decorating

office bedroom ideas 47

We’ve selected more images of home office projects in the bedroom for you to be inspired!

office bedroom ideas 48

Bedroom bench that takes up the entire length of the wall and thus creates a large space for a home office in the bedroom !

Study table for bedside bedroom

office bedroom ideas 49

Even without having much space, you can have a small study table for your bedroom. A great example is the design of this room, which gave up a bedside table to put a small table beside the bed and thus have the possibility of having a room with an office.

Study tables for a small room

office bedroom ideas 52

If you have to create a home office in your room, but didn’t want to mess with the decoration or do a new project, you can bet on study desks for the bedroom, like the one chosen for the bedroom above. So you only need to calculate a space in the room where it fits and you can start working!


To work in the bedroom you do not need to install an entire office. Especially if the meters are scarce. Therefore, choose furniture that is visually light and in neutral colors so that they do not “burden” the room even more. With a desk, a chair and a lamp you can work comfortably. Headboard, by Catalina House and bedside table and chair, by La Maison.

It is not convenient to have the work area in the bedroom but it is even less advisable to get into the portable bed in hand. Although the ideal is to have your own space for when you have to work at home, the meters are scarce and if you only have to work outside the office occasionally, a corner in the bedroom may be the perfect solution.

Another very different case is if you work at home. If you want to perform better, it can’t be the bedroom: neither Feng Shui nor experts advise it. So, you are going to need a well-equipped, decorated and organized work area.

Find the best corners of the house to work at home at ease and perform much better and the most beautiful looks in your future work area. It is worth copying.

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