Reading: 80+ Open Kitchen Living Room Ideas For A More Spacious Home

80+ Open Kitchen Living Room Ideas For A More Spacious Home

Open living room kitchen ideas : best 80+ ideas

The kitchen open to the living room are not new in interior design. Joining two or more rooms in a space may be the only solution for those who cannot stand small and claustrophobic rooms, but at the same time do not have a very large home.
Combining kitchens with living rooms has become the most popular option for connecting various functional areas in one open space.

80+ Open kitchen living room ideas


Most often, this method of expanding the possibilities of the home is used if the kitchen is of a very modest size or if the living room does not meet the comfort requirements of the household members and their guests. Often, in the process of joining kitchens with adjoining rooms, the corridor or part of the corridor is also added.


The result of this reform is a spacious and bright room that can be decorated with a high level of comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. In most of the apartments built during the new millennium, the design initially assumes a combined space intended for the kitchen and the living room.

kitchen-with-bar-and-living room

But the decoration of a multifunctional room is not an easy task. Not only because it is necessary to correctly distribute all functional segments, choose the right furniture, but also to preserve the unity of style in order to obtain a harmonious, elegant and attractive image of the space.

open living room kitchen ideas55

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchens open to the living room

Like any other design technique, combining the kitchen with the living room involves the presence of advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantages are:

kitchen-dining room-living room

Obtaining a single spacious and bright room, in which it is possible to organize several functional areas with a high level of comfort;
In apartments with a very small kitchen, the union with the adjoining room allows you to organize a dining area next to the working one, which not only simplifies the process of serving and changing dishes, but also creates an organic image of everything. space;

kitchen-with-living room

Traffic in the department is significantly reduced; The homemaker can communicate with family members in the recreation area while cooking or doing other household chores (she can supervise the children without interrupting their activities).

kitchens open to-the-living-room

As for the disadvantages we can mention:
The smells and sounds from the kitchen work will spread directly to the recreation area of ​​the living room. Part of solving these problems may be investing in a powerful, low-noise hood and using other low-noise appliances.

kitchen-with-modern-living room

Cleaning the kitchen work area needs to be done more frequently and carefully due to the location in the common room. If the housewife is a perfectionist, she would not leave any inappropriate object in view of the guests, which means more work and organization.

open living room kitchen ideas-T5

The distribution of space is very important

If you properly plan the location of the kitchen, dining room and living room area, then you can minimize almost all discomforts. But it is obvious that in many respects it will be necessary to spend more money: to buy quiet appliances, the use of finishing materials resistant to moisture and temperature changes, kitchen cabinets made of high-quality materials so that they can be easily cleaned. and always look good.

open living room kitchen ideas-A

American kitchen location options

Whatever the distribution of the three functional spaces: kitchen, dining room and living room, it is advisable to make a visual division between them. And this can be done in many different ways.

open-american kitchens

The use of a kitchen island for a conditional division of space into two parts is a popular design technique. The island does not completely separate the space, because it can be accessed from all sides, but at the same time it allows to clearly delimit the kitchen space. In most cases the kitchen island is manufactured in the same colors as the kitchen set, but the design of its part facing the living room can be brought closer to the design of the recreation area to make the transition smoother.

open-bar kitchens

An even greater effect can be achieved by using a peninsula or a bar as a separating element. With one end attached to the wall this item will clearly delineate the boundaries of the kitchen area. If possible hanging cabinets or open shelves can be placed above the peninsula (in the form of a small suspended grid).

living room-kitchen-dining room

In this way the kitchen segment immediately becomes a “corner”. In the case of a peninsula or bar, part of the living room automatically becomes a dining area, because behind the countertops these elements can accommodate up to four people for a quick meal.

open kitchens-ideas

Another excellent design approach is to use the kitchen peninsula as a connecting element between the two opposing zones. From the kitchen, the peninsula acts as a storage system for dishes or a module to embed appliances, a hob for cutting or a surface for fast food. And on the side of the living room, the peninsula can be equipped with open shelves for storing books. A small home library in a compact module is a great idea isn’t it?

open kitchens-design

Screens, racks, partitions, the partial overlap of two functional zones are more than obvious zoning variants. It is effective to use a small partition with a built-in fireplace for these purposes. The home can be double-sided or viewed only from the living room side. In any case, it will not only be an excellent zoning element, but also an effective part of the modern interior.

open kitchens-design-classic

A dividing element between the kitchen and the living room can be the dining area. The dining table and chairs will mark the boundary between the two zones.

open-in-white kitchens

Speaking of dividing an open space, the most frequent is the use of a linear or corner sofa as a dividing element. Armchairs can also reinforce this function of the most characteristic piece of furniture for a living room. And if a rug is added to the living room area, the delimitation between the two spaces will be even more obvious.

open-design-modern kitchens

If the multifunctional open space is quite large and has a high ceiling, the zoning can also be done by means of the different levels of the floor covering and / or false ceilings. Typically the kitchen area sits on a low podium, slightly higher than the living room level.

kitchen decoration

The limits of the functional segments in this case are more than obvious. A similar technique can be used in the design of the ceiling, dividing it into zones of different levels of height. Also in this case the built-in lighting system can delineate the largest space that in most cases corresponds to the living room.

open kitchens-ideas-division

From there it logically follows the conclusion that lighting can also play the role of a dividing element. Obviously, in a spacious room with several functional segments, all areas should be well lit. However, different types of lighting can be used in each of the areas to underline their distinction.

open-space-small kitchens

In the previous paragraphs we have listed just a few of the conditional division options. But if we think about it we can invent many others using any of the elements of design and decoration: furniture, colors, styles, textures, etc. But let us now return to the essence of open spaces – unity.

open living room kitchen ideas-A2

The essence of open kitchens

The design of the kitchens open to the dining room and the living room should be exactly that: open. People are often misled by the idea of ​​ensuring privacy and go for artificial partitions such as folding screens, curtains, shelves, or full panels.

open kitchens-design-ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, then why did you bring down the wall from the beginning?
The reason we need open spaces is that we want our home to be more spacious and spacious. Physical or conditional barriers are likely to break unity and a sense of spaciousness.

open-modern kitchens

So try to balance the furniture and ensure harmony. The key rule is to avoid tall items and bulky cabinets spread throughout the room. Applying two completely different sets of furniture will make kitchens and living rooms appear smaller and will draw attention to only one of them. For this reason, finding a balance in the design and decoration of kitchens open to the living room is a key task for the success of the project.

open-modern kitchens

Open shelves in kitchens can be enemies of balanced design

If you think that overhead cabinets are counterproductive to your open plan, ‘jumping’ to the other end can be even more dangerous. Open shelves are a great kitchen solution (they look cute and cozy), but applying them to the living room isn’t exactly the minimalist solution you need.


In fact, you may end up with a mess you never imagined (one that has nothing to do with dirt and dust) in full view. Yes, there are some designers who are supporters of open shelves and in case you really want to listen to them, plan the shelves carefully.


But how could you resist that stubborn temptation to make an “optical hallway” into the kitchen? You should! The architects eliminated the need for people to surround couches and tables to go to the kitchen, so why change that? The more complicated it seems to go to the kitchen, the fewer people will be motivated to do it!

american-original kitchens

What is expected of you is to do the opposite: push the furniture to the side and maximize free space. That way people will move freely and there will be absolutely no feeling that there are two rooms instead of one.

kitchen-and-living room

Let the accessories do their job

If you’re still looking for two or three separate identities within the common space, accessories and design details can create them. The same pieces placed in a different way can indicate that there is a spatial division.


For example, living areas in the living room can be placed at one end that is completely opposite to the kitchen. Artwork and rugs are powerful dividers too.

open living room kitchen ideas-A3

Don’t forget the details

While a single pillow means nothing in a large living room, it can mean a lot in spaces with open kitchens. When you decorate the room, every detail will act as a separating or connecting element.

kitchens with living room

Another thing to consider is the colors. As expected, there is no need to look for obvious clashes or contrasts.

open living room kitchen ideas-ttr

Choose a small table for the kitchen

Nowadays, weird people sometimes use dining tables and choose to eat in front of the TV. With an open kitchen layout, you certainly belong in the group of families who won’t benefit much from a dining table either.

open kitchen design

Take a moment and imagine the following: a kitchen table, a dining table, and a smaller coffee table. Isn’t that too much? Why not choose a small kitchen table that doesn’t take up as much space? It will be much easier to use it daily and you will not need incredible efforts to clean it.

open living room kitchen ideas-zzaé

Functionality above all

Open spaces have a wonderful social function: they bring the family together on all kinds of occasions and help you enjoy cooking while chatting with your friends.

open kitchen ideas
Island of cooking

End-to-end open kitchen and living room

open living room kitchen ideas-1
kitchen living room

One of the coolest and most impressive ideas was the kitchen living room, open from two sides at once. Here we managed to get rid of the effect of a closed box, having achieved the freest and most environmentally friendly space.

open living room kitchen ideas-1T
kitchen dining room ideas

The idea is especially relevant for houses on a hill, when impressive panoramic views are opened at the same time on two or more sides of the building. So you can admire the landscape practically around the house.

open living room kitchen ideas-1I
kitchen and living room together

The open space of the kitchen and living room is filled with natural light. The atmosphere and mood of the room change throughout the day. The accommodation wakes up at dawn and is immersed in an atmosphere of romance every night. At the same time, you have the opportunity to admire the views that change towards the horizon through open panoramic structures.

Open-plan living space ideas in nature

open living room kitchen ideas-1TIO
open kitchens

The open space is an opportunity for a close integration of the home with the natural environment. Due to the panoramic structures on the entire wall, which can be removed, it turns out that it practically immerses itself in nature to create a close interaction with it.

open living room kitchen ideas-15

Thanks to this idea of ​​the open space of the kitchen and living room, the house becomes a new and modernized human habitat, when comfort and technology meet wildlife. The house is no longer a home in the usual sense. It is now a localized environment that has adapted to being close to its surroundings.

open living room kitchen ideas-165

The scent of herbs, the freshness of the forest and the gentle song of the birds fill your living room, kitchen and dining room. Also, private rooms, like dormitories, can be closely hidden from all of this, still being quiet, secluded corners of your home.

Open space with living room, dining room, kitchen

open living room kitchen ideas-17
kitchens open to the dining room

It is so important that the house is self-sufficient and that each room fulfills all the planned tasks. That is why it is important to provide three zones at the same time in the open social part of the building.

open living room kitchen ideas-18
small open kitchens

Ideas of an open space for the kitchen, living room and dining room involve the provision of separate areas where you can cook, have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and relax. Each of these areas loves contact with the environment.

open living room kitchen ideas-19
kitchens integrated into the living room

In this case, the space is filled with light, visual and tactile contact with the surroundings is created and the area expands. The room seems much bigger. To emphasize this effect, high ceilings are performed, lightening the interior against the background of decoration.

kitchens open to the living room with island
kitchens open to the living room with island

Kitchen and living room as open space

semi-open kitchens to the living room
semi-open kitchens to the living room

In such a layout, we consider the kitchen and living room not as a room, but as an environment that closely interacts with the landscape. It is impossible to tell where the house ends and the terrace with the pool begins. All this is a single object.

open kitchen diner
open kitchen diner

Such a fresh and dynamic idea of ​​an open space for the kitchen and living room is the integration of the adjacent recreation area and the dwelling itself.

open living room kitchen ideas

Having opened the panoramic window, we get a common area, which is partly under a canopy, partly equipped under the roof, and partly under the open sky.

Open Space in kitchen and living room design

open kitchen living room
open kitchen living room

Today, the concept of organizing Open Space is actively used not only for offices, but also for living quarters. Combining the living room, kitchen, dining room in one room and the emphasis on the openness of this space allows you to achieve the rationality and spaciousness of the living space.

open kitchens with island
open kitchens with island

Unlike an office, Open Space in a living space does not imply division into clusters, each of which will be available to one or another tenant. Generalization and integration into a single dynamic environment is typical here, when everyone can fully utilize the space without interfering with each other.

Open plan living space

kitchens integrated into the living room
kitchens integrated into the living room

Next, we look at the layout, which is combined with the patio. At the same time, the landscape and interior design are made in the same style, palette, and mood.

modern kitchens open to the living room
modern kitchens open to the living room

This is one of the most daring solutions, when you literally create a unified environment, combining not only the kitchen with the dining room and the living room, but also with the landscape design.

modern kitchens open to the living room
modern kitchens open to the living room

Feel the freshness, the majesty and the good neighborhood of nature, enjoy the views, feel the dynamism of life, even at home. With the new solutions, you can no longer say that being at home you are within four walls. With an open plan, each day brings new sensations, emotions and moods without having to leave the door.

kitchens open to the dining room and living room
kitchens open to the dining room and living room

The most impressive and spectacular ideas of open spaces for the kitchen and living room provide not only comfort in everyday life, but also excitement. In addition, they change based on the weather, time of day, air temperature, outside conditions, and other circumstances.

Open kitchen design with living room

Modern space designs are not only rationality, freedom and ergonomics, but also close contact with the environment, integration of the interior with the exterior. Being able to fill the premises with air, light, making them spacious, combining with the landscape and nature allows the open design of the kitchen with the living room. As a result, we obtain a home, which has no clear visual limits, and into which nature itself seems to penetrate.

integrated kitchen living room
integrated kitchen living room

This technique is actively used in spacious cottages, villas and compact houses, summer cottages. It has become a universal tool for playing with space, creating an ergonomic and open environment for a person, when he is not hiding behind walls, but strives to be closer to the natural and natural environment.

open kitchen ideas
open kitchen ideas

Consider the most comfortable, spectacular and practical options for an open kitchen with living room, dining room and other spaces using project examples with photos.

Modern open plan kitchen, dining room, living room

open concept eat-in kitchen
open concept eat-in kitchen

The ultra-modern high-tech kitchen is separated from the recreation area adjacent to the pool by opening panoramic windows. This allowed to achieve the dynamism and functionality of the space.

kitchen living room with island
kitchen living room with island

Along with the kitchen, there is also a living room with a dining area. All of this is decorated in a unique ultra-modern style with an emphasis on minimalism. The designers managed to combine the concept of modern space with a natural environment.

modern kitchen living room
modern kitchen living room

To make a smooth transition, the architecture works closely with the landscape. Bold minimalist solutions seem to grow into the landscape, adapting to it.

Open kitchen design with dining area

open kitchens and living rooms
open kitchens and living rooms

The presence of a dining room adds a special charm and practicality to the open kitchen. Have a feast at home, but at the same time you are practically outdoors. This is possible thanks to the arrangement of the dining room near a panoramic window open on the entire wall.

living room kitchen same space
living room kitchen same space

It is a kind of alternative to the terrace, but it is not necessary to go outside and adapt to the weather conditions. You can always have lunch, breakfast or dinner, enjoying the closeness to nature.

Open kitchen living room and dining room design ideas

open concept kitchen diner
open concept kitchen diner

The following is a cozy and atmospheric outdoor rustic style kitchen design. The cozy and completely eco-friendly interior is open to nature, but remains secluded and hidden from outside views.

open kitchen ideas
open kitchen ideas

We get a quiet and romantic space with an emphasis on tradition. The house is wrapped in the atmosphere of an old country house, which blends harmoniously with the natural environment.

kitchen open to the hall
kitchen open to the hall

A lot of wood has been used in the environment. Although the space is open, it is secluded, quiet due to the large overhanging ceiling, neatness and modesty of the interior. Here we have a close contact with nature, but we do not display the house to show it off, but we conserve all the comfort and warmth for ourselves, inside the house.

Open concept kitchen and living room design ideas

open space kitchen
open space kitchen

This is a bold conceptual decision. An open kitchen design with a living room looks like an outdoor playground, but at the same time, it is the foundation of an almost completely open summer house.

join kitchen and living room
join kitchen and living room

A kind of large gazebo full of natural light and fresh air. For more eye-catching and openness, an emphasis on freedom, integration with the landscape, the architects made a six meter high ceiling.

open kitchens with bar
open kitchens with bar

The original design of the upper part of the enclosure structures ensures optimal light transmission. The space is elegantly hidden from the sun’s rays, precipitation due to the increased ceiling.

kitchen with integrated dining room
kitchen with integrated dining room

Simple open kitchen and living room design

living room with open kitchen
living room with open kitchen

A modern and fashionable solution in the Scandinavian style with an open plan from two sides at once, from the south and west to the sea. The living space flows smoothly into the adjoining recreation area with a pool.

kitchen design open to the living room
kitchen design open to the living room

The open design of the kitchen from the living room implies a clear delineation in zones. Here we have a combined dining room, kitchen and living room. Also, everything seems as simple and concise as possible. It is based on wood, pleasant and light fabrics, natural finishing materials.

kitchens integrated into the living room
kitchens integrated into the living room

The designers managed to fill the house with fresh air. Every night, the romantic atmosphere of the sunset penetrates the house, the mood of the sea is transmitted. And surrounded by lush greenery, the open space becomes a private and secluded corner, which is carefully wrapped and inaccessible to the outside view.

open kitchen dining room
open kitchen dining room

Open kitchen and living room design

open concept kitchen and dining room
open concept kitchen and dining room

This is where openness reaches a new level. We get living space without walls on both sides at the same time. The living space is visible from start to finish, and this creates a special effect.

open kitchen dining room
open kitchen dining room

It seems that the kitchen in the living room is just a summer rest area near the house. But if desired, open structures can be equipped with panoramic windows on the entire wall, so the site is transformed into a full-fledged living space.

living rooms with open kitchens
living rooms with open kitchens

In an eclectic setting, the scale of the space is emphasized, it does not press, it does not limit, it does not burden. Because of this, we can further experience immersion in an environment integrated with wildlife. There is not only high-quality eye contact, but also physical contact with the environment.

kitchen living room ideas
kitchen living room ideas

Thus, the open design of the kitchen from the living room is not only the traditional solution in the form of a study, which we are used to seeing. The most creative ideas involve a close integration of the living space with the environment. In some cases, the space is made so open that it simply becomes part of the site. But at the same time, feel here the comfort and coziness of a secluded country house.

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