Reading: Outdoor gardening ideas : 100+ ideas

Outdoor gardening ideas : 100+ ideas

Outdoor gardening ideas : Top 100+ ideas

Are you looking for Outdoor gardening ideas ? then this article for you

The design of the exterior space of a house must be planned to take advantage of its full potential, so that it is a usable space, enjoyable as another room. Below we will show you many garden design ideas. You can make the most of the outdoor spaces you have in your home, even if the dimensions are small and you don’t have time to dedicate to gardening.

Whether you are looking for landscaping ideas to renovate your outdoor space, or garden furniture, flooring, lights, plants, decks and more, we have compiled some fabulous garden ideas to help you transform it, and it will also help increase the value. of your property.

Garden design

Outdoor gardening ideas : Design ideas

You should create living areas, eating areas, and focal points, not only to make it more pleasing to the eye, but to make it look larger and more functional as well.

Design ideas

A wooden bench is enough to create a cool and relaxed corner where you can sit down to rest, read or chat at sunset with a visitor, surrounded by beautiful plants and a good aroma.

With beautiful garden furniture and climbing plants or simple potted canes that do not require any care, you can create a very pleasant space like this.

beautiful garden furniture

Enjoy our garden from spring until well into winter, it should be our watchword if our house has outdoor space. Create different areas where you can go to enjoy the environment and wildlife. Where to spend time with family and friends at the lunch or dinner table or to savor your morning coffee. Or simply relax and take the fresh air in a cozy corner, which will be our private oasis.

garden from spring

Another way to create impact is to fill the vertical space with foliage and flowers. You can hang plants through colorful pots or decorative supports. (Make sure the supports are strong enough to support the weight of a plant with the soil completely wet.)

vertical space with foliage and flowers

Even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, it is always possible to create even an interesting corner. A focal point among the greenery creates a very significant visual impact in this small courtyard.

outdoor space
garden decor ideas
outdoor garden
garden decorations


When you have a large area of ​​land around the house, you can choose to create gardens that look wild, totally natural. But to make them look spectacular like these it is necessary to design them carefully, since you have to know how to combine the plants according to their flowering times, size and the care they require.

gardens that look wild
garden design ideas
backyard landscape

Extensive flowering plants have been combined with beds of different heights, textures and colors in the middle of large green spaces.

backyard landscaping ideas
design a landscape
design landscape
design of landscape
designs landscaping

Garden paths

A well studied garden path, combining different materials and textures in the middle of nature, can be the key to the success of any exterior design. Rustic stones, bricks or wood are usually used, placed more or less irregularly on the grass or on a sand base to make them settle and be firmer.

Garden paths
garden design ideas on a budget

The design will depend to a great extent on the available space and the type of soil, if it is flat or if it has slopes, if the vegetation is wild or disciplined.

garden design ideas photos
garden idea
garden ideas for backyard
gardening ideas for backyard

Meeting area

One of the pleasures that we can enjoy on long summer days is receiving friends in the garden to share an informal meal, or also to gather the family for a picnic lunch. Even if you only have a small patio or terrace, you can manage to transform it into a space as comfortable as any other in the house.

gardens designs ideas
ideas for gardening in small spaces

To condition it, you can be inspired by the colors of the garden access room, choosing furniture and accessories in tones that complement each other and are harmonious in the transition between indoor and outdoor space. If you have to paint the furniture to make it match, remember to choose a resistant exterior paint.

ideas for gardens

The ideal is to create a protected space either with an awning or umbrellas to protect the furniture from the sun and rain. You can also use waterproof seat covers and cushions.

ideas for landscaping

If space allows, you can create an outside mini-kitchen area with a simple tabletop food prep cooktop a short distance from the table.

ideas for patio gardens

Creating a habitable corner in the garden is essential if we want to make the most of outdoor life. Whether by means of a pergola, a different flooring or suitable outdoor furniture, you can make the space a much more enjoyable place, the options are very varied and for all tastes and pockets. For example, in this case, by means of a vertical wooden fence, a privacy screen has been created with the neighbors, preserving privacy, which allows to receive friends around a fire.

landscape design
landscape designs


Nothing brightens an outdoor space better than bright, vibrant colors amidst greenery. These cheerful gardens have come to life used from red to blue, not boring neutral tones.

landscape gardens
landscape idea
landscape ideas
landscape ideas backyard
landscaping a backyard

Gardens before and after

If you are looking for inspiration to remodel or design gardens, here are some ideas that can be very useful.

landscaping designer

Gentle curves transform the boring back garden of this home into a much more attractive space. Without a large economic investment, a practically residual space, it could be revalued with great success.

landscaping designs

The curved stone path leads the view to the front door, surrounded by flower beds with plants and natural stones instead of grass, making this a low maintenance garden. The chosen plants do not require too much care and when they grow they will look great. But the same design could well be used for a garden with flowering plants and grass.

landscaping ideas

The before and after is very different, right?

landscaping ideas for backyard

If our house is lucky enough to have its own outdoor space, however small it may be, it should be treated with the same care and dedication as the interior space. Take as an example this small patio, in principle it was neither useful nor attractive.

patio gardens ideas

The transformation of this small garden has been achieved by laying a new granite pavement to make the space appear larger.

simple garden ideas


Zen gardens

Although Japanese gardens seem simple and minimal, every rock, sculpture, plant, or path has been meticulously planned and placed with great care. The shape and placement of these elements inspire calm and induce meditation, whether you are sitting contemplating the garden or walking through them.

Zen gardens
small garden ideas
small gardening
small gardens

Gardens in balconies

A balcony, no matter how small, can be the best refuge after a hectic day, or why not, the best place to start the morning with coffee, as long as there is not just a forgotten chair and a half-dead plant or two. .

Gardens in balconies

Even a small outdoor space is a privilege and truly has the potential to be the most inviting place in the home, a place to start and end your day.

Can you garden on a balcony?
small garden ideas
back garden ideas
back garden ideas
back gardens ideas

Today we have for all of you some ideas of modern and very attractive garden and outdoor space designs. A modern or contemporary landscape is defined by its strong emphasis on structural and graphic elements, clean lines, and unusual materials.

 Modern garden and outdoor space designs

 Modern garden and outdoor space designs

Although you can often see gardens with very sharp lines. For this, hard surfaces are used such as stone walls or wooden and stone floors, wood and grass, the type of soil plays a much more important role than the plantations.

Garden designs with fireplaces and outdoor lounges

Garden designs with fireplaces and outdoor lounges

Modern sensibility is also appealed to, mixing the interiors with the outside world.

Large garden designs with wooden huts

modern garden design bench fence wooden shed ideas

Although such a garden may seem far removed from the natural landscape that we are used to and you may think that it is a total break with centuries of landscape design, when you look at it closely, you will find that the basic elements typical of a garden are still there.

Rustic house with fire pit in the garden

rustic house design garden fire pit rest ideas

They have simply undergone a change. You will have the same garden but for example the floor will be concrete instead of flagstones.

Large garden with pergola and modern furniture

modern garden design lawn rest place furniture ideas

The pergola overhead can be constructed of steel instead of wood, and you can use water troughs instead of terra cotta pots. Besides water troughs there are many other things that can serve as flower pots.

Garden with Mediterranean-style design and fireplace

modern garden design mediterranean style fireplace ideas

The water from your fountain can run down the wall instead of running through the entire yard, and the lawn area will no longer be the focal point of the backyard.

Garden with wooden flooring and outdoor dining furniture

modern garden design dining room trees wood floor ideas

The garden and outdoor space designs that we show you in these photos are surprisingly adaptable to large and small spaces.

Tecta wood furniture and pot plant ideas in the modern garden

Tecta wood furniture and pot plant ideas in the modern garden

Within modern or contemporary landscapes we can really mention those spaces that present an architecture from the mid-1900s to today.

Garden with many plants and small pool

garden design modern creative colorful options ideas

If your home style is bold and strong, a traditional garden just won’t look good. This is one of the reasons why the style and its applications have evolved.

Small urban garden with simple design in classic style

modern garden design retro style brick fence design ideas

As we have already said, the modern garden is surprisingly adaptable, in its design you can add Asian Zen elements, natural and even some adjustments of artisan designs.

Black steel furniture in the modern garden

modern garden design furniture steel classic style ideas

A modern garden should be low maintenance and very inviting and peaceful. People have also discovered that the modern landscape fits in with a modern lifestyle.

Very large garden with two levels at different heights and swimming pool

modern garden design levels large pool ideas

With its simplicity and clean lines, the modern garden can easily become a relaxing and calming retreat.

Back garden with modern and very comfortable furniture

modern garden design wood floor white furniture ideas

Because there is more than one emphasis, contemporary landscapes are generally low maintenance. An added advantage in many parts of the country is that a contemporary landscape also tends to be much more tolerant of drought.

Shabby chic style furniture and details in the garden

modern garden design large awning white furniture ideas

Everything about these landscapes today is an example of the best of modern design, classic design and rustic design. Taking each element individually.

Small urban garden with vintage design

garden design modern urban small hammock ideas

With concrete paths, cement or stone slabs, a patch of grass or more, a dining area or a lounge area in other words, everything one needs to enjoy their free time.

 Fireplace ideas in the garden

modern garden designs fireplace armchairs ideas

You can see some areas with interesting cuttings of the lawn area and above all, unexpected details and decorations, which add to the whole space a look that is clean, simple and very graphic.

Outdoor kitchen options

modern garden designs outdoor kitchen ideas

Geometric shapes, as well as concrete and gravel are characteristic of contemporary design. We show you many ideas for paving stones or slabs, with alternating lengths, to create an interesting movement in space and at the same time end in a fire pit.

Pergola with climbing plants and outdoor dining

modern garden designs classic dining room under pergola ideas

For a space with a fire pit, we advise you to choose dark furniture with a contemporary look that is discreet enough not to break the design.

Ideas for plants and vintage furniture in the garden

modern garden designs lovely dining room ideas

If you are a plant lover, our advice is to fill the garden with annuals, perennials and roses, this would be perfect for a garden with a traditional design. You can also fill the space with symmetrical rows of herbs and shrubs to create a completely different look.

Potted plant ideas to decorate your outdoor space

modern garden designs original decoration plants ideas

Although modern garden furniture and decorations can play an important role, the choice of plants is still an important factor in a modern or contemporary landscape.

Garden with two levels and two spaces in the first is the dining room and in the second the living room

modern garden designs two levels two spaces ideas

Ideally, most should have an architectural character with foliage in shades of green or gray. Although colorful flowers and plants can be used in this style of gardening, they are most effective when used as accent pieces.

Wooden pergola and black furniture in modern garden

modern garden designs outdoor spaces rest ideas

In a modern or contemporary garden you can see furniture and details with square and rectangular shapes because geometric shapes are commonly used in a modern landscape design.

A pond with a lovely water fountain in the modern garden

modern garden designs pond modern fountain ideas

For example, in a rectangular-shaped garden, a circle-shaped pond can do wonders to soften the image of the space.

Garden with tropical style design

modern garden designs tropical style colorful ideas

To achieve the same effect behind a pond you can also use decorations with circle shapes that will help you to play with the contrast of shapes.

Dining room in the garden surrounded by green plants

modern garden designs backyard dining room ideas

A contemporary landscape works well with a variety of architectural styles, including a rustic home. By adding furniture and decorations with simple lines to contrast with the lines of the house, you can create a peaceful, easy-care garden and space for parties or relaxation.

White furniture and wood and steel details in the modern garden

modern garden designs white furniture plants ideas

When it comes to modern landscaping, many people think of it as striking or dramatic designs, but modern styling can also be very subtle.

Contemporary designer furniture and large flower pots in the modern garden

modern garden designs furniture contemporary design ideas

Another very good option is to use materials that mimic the colors of the house, allowing the garden to feel like an extension of the house rather than a separate space.

Rustic-style wooden table to stand out

modern garden designs vintage design ideas

If you have a tree in the garden, you can take advantage of its sculptural shape, and leave it as the only decoration.

Lacquered wood furniture to shine in the garden

modern garden designs lacquered wood furniture ideas

Although most of the modern landscapes are combined with a house design in the contemporary style or at least in the classic style, but it is not necessary to continue with that.

Very original white steel furniture for the modern garden

modern garden designs original furniture white ideas

For homeowners who are trying to get a landscaping project but have grown tired of getting nowhere our advice is to use a design and build service. Although this can have its advantages and disadvantages depending on the work and the objectives of the project.

Garden with fire pit, wooden pergola and many decorative elements that combine to create a relaxing space


An obvious advantage of the garden design and construction process is that the company takes care of all phases and aspects of the landscape project. This means that your project can move forward more quickly.

Garden designs with long pools

modern garden designs options pools ideas

Our advice is to make sure your vision and goals are aligned with that company’s goals before you hire them to do the job.

Pergolas ideas with a swing that several people can sit on

modern garden designs pergola wood swing ideas

Do not think that we will not say anything for the furniture. Lately outdoor spaces have started to look a lot like indoor spaces, with sectional and comfy sofas, colorful accent rugs and contemporary decorations. The line between inside and outside is starting to blur even more.

Garden with modern pond and many umbrellas

modern garden designs small pool ideas

Now, many outdoor furniture is doing double duty, as it is strong enough to withstand changes in the weather, but still stylish and versatile enough to be presented indoors.

Modern black umbrellas in the modern garden

modern garden designs umbrellas furniture design ideas

We also see houses with an increasingly fluid design between spaces. We are talking about large sliding windows, walls with climbing plants and water fountains in the indoor spaces, while the outdoor spaces are becoming living rooms with cozy and comfortable furniture and in private and intimate areas.

Modern residence designed by Enrique Feldman Designs

Enrique Feldman Designs private residence garden spacious ideas

Now we leave you with our ideas of modern garden and outdoor space designs to inspire you.

Garden designs with ponds and fountains

modern garden design pond Khosla Associates ideas

Very large house with large garden with rustic design

fire place design modern garden fire pit ideas

Modern Design House by David Barr Architect

modern garden design David Barr Architect ideas

House designed by Vieyra Arquitectos with modern outdoor space

modern garden design Vieyra Architects ideas

Small fire pit in modern garden

modern garden design fire pit black furniture ideas
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