Pro tips for creating your dining room and 15 inspiring projects

Pro tips for creating your dining room and 15 inspiring projects

The dining room has undergone drastic changes over the years. If before it was a formal and isolated space to receive guests with greater privacy, today it has been increasingly integrated into the kitchen and living areas. According to the architect Alan Godoi, from Studio Panda , it is a mistake to say that the dining room is also a pantry, as the second option is only for quick meals, while the first is an important space for socializing in the residence. Next, learn how to plan a cozy and characterful dining room.

What furniture to use in the dining room?

Modern life has brought many changes in society. With these new habits, people have realized that it is more practical to unite the kitchen with the dining room, as you create opportunities to spend more time with loved ones. For Alan, the integration of the dining room with other environments is increasingly common in residential projects, because “in addition to a design that represents the identity of its residents that combine with the surroundings, it is necessary to offer practicality and comfort for the meals of Long term”. For this, the architect suggests the following items for this composition:

Dining table


The table is the primary item in a dining room and needs to be chosen according to the frequency of use and the space that will be installed. For Alan, thinking about practicality is a fundamental item during the purchase. Therefore, he explains that “rectangular tables take up less space than circular tables, but circular tables provide better interaction between people, in addition to being better compacted in corners”. Therefore, before choosing the type of table , think about the space and objectives of the environment.



As it is an environment where people will be accommodated for a long time, thinking about a chair that provides comfort is essential. “In this regard, I always recommend choosing upholstered chairs, because in addition to being comfortable, they are classic. There are those who prefer different styles, to add dynamism to the composition, but a beautiful padded piece can also serve the aesthetic well without giving up coziness”, suggests Alan.



If space allows, a good china cabinet will add value to the dining room decor. For this choice, Alan gives his bet: “an antique or made-to-measure piece guarantees a unique elegance to the space, especially if it is well positioned”. For furniture with glass doors , it’s worth curating crockery and dining appliances to be on display.



“A sideboard is a very important item for creating a dining room, especially if the table is small. It is essential for supporting dishes and drinks served during meals”, suggests the architect. The furniture can also serve as a storage for dishes, glasses, tablecloths and other objects that need to be more at hand. For this item, bet on different models that match the dining room, which can be more rustic or more modern.

Cellar and/or fridge


A precious item that offers practicality when receiving guests is the wine cellar and minibar. They can be placed together or individually in the dining room, and the choice between them can be made according to the personal taste of each resident. “These utensils ensure that the drinks consumed during meals are available in a practical way and at the ideal temperature, avoiding having to go to the kitchen all the time to replenish the table”, adds the architect. So bet on a cellar model or choose a minibar that matches the environment.

mirror and frames


For a pleasant and functional aesthetic, adding a mirror and pictures to an indoor dining room can help build a more personal decor. For Alan, “the mirror not only contributes to the feeling of spaciousness in small environments, but also facilitates communication between guests even more”. Also, you can put your personality on these items, it all depends on your choices.

Among the essential items listed, you can still include other decorative options, such as plants , shelves with accessories, chandeliers and other personal objects that collaborate to tell your story, adding your identity in the environment.

How to decorate a dining room

The main point to consider in the dining room decoration mission is to respect the footage, as you need to respect the space to create a perfect environment. For this, Alan points out practical tips in the execution of his project, so that the result is rewarding. Look:

  • Choosing a beautiful table according to the available space is essential. Because it is a piece of furniture of great prominence and volume, it is necessary to think carefully before buying it. “If the dining room is small and the budget allows, opt for a custom-made table, with a slender structure and sober lines”, suggests the architect;
  • The choice of chairs can be made according to your decorative proposal. To create an aesthetic within his proposal, Alan clarifies that “equal chairs form a more classic environment, while the mix of models that converse creates a more modern aesthetic. If the idea is to create these two universes, accommodate chairs with arms at the ends of the table and those without arms in the middle of it”;
  • “If possible, create your dining room next to a window. The zenith lighting creates an extra warmth for meals during the day”, guarantees the professional;
  • For Alan, lighting greatly influences the decor. If you can’t take advantage of natural lighting, avoid blue-toned lamps. “The ideal is to include warm lighting in the dining room, as it creates coziness and also enhances the presentation of the dishes”, he explains;
  • Make sure your identity is present in your decor. For this, Alan is categorical: “what counts in the end is your style printed in the dining room. Living in an environment dictated by fads or rules, without the personality of the resident, is something sad to see”.

Whether on the balcony of an apartment or in a large area of ​​​​a residence, the dining room deserves all the attention during its creation. In this way, the moments between the family or receiving guests will always be welcoming, full of comfort and good memories.

15 dining room photos for your enjoyment

Get inspired by 15 dining room projects of the most varied sizes and decorative styles, which prove that the secret of good decoration is to know your personal taste in depth:

1. The small cupboard and shelves added a story to this room


2. To ensure the feeling of spaciousness, bet on mirrors


3. For reduced spaces, the trunk bench gains multiple functions


4. Integrated into the kitchen, this dining room kept the same design in the environments


5. The side cabinet niche serves as a sideboard during meals


6. But for this veranda dining room, plants ensured comfort


7. Cozy armchairs were present in this elegant classic room


8. For this clean environment, the glass table talks to the mirror


9. The space became cozy with dark tones in the decor


10. You can sectorize the painting to segregate the environments of the house


11. The spacious table has a pendant to match its height


12. The round table guarantees more space to accommodate guests


13. An extendable table can guarantee more space in the daily routine


14. The sideboard can accommodate decorative objects during everyday life


15. And also serve as a good coffee corner


Regardless of the available budget, the dining room can gain its identity with small choices that make all the difference – whether adding colors to the walls, paintings or adding objects that make sense to your story.

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