Reception ideas for weddings – best 30+ ideas

Reception ideas for weddings

The most awaited moment for all the guests. That’s how it is! The reception is the phase where everything comes together to give even more meaning to that great day. It is there where the decoration makes sense, the details take center stage, the food becomes the best experience, the cocktails are transformed and, of course, where the music does not stop playing. Although the formula seems extremely simple, at 4 simply technique we want you to have a celebration that no one can ever forget! For this reason, here we tell you about the new trends for the wedding reception … the best ideas to make that day the most fun of all time!

Wedding Reception Trends: Hilarious Ideas!

1. Unexpected spaces

Surely you have already seen it, and although the classic wedding scenarios are still the order of the day, the locations have also arrived that, from the outset, were not even conceived for these events since their inception. The vineyards, the wineries, the bars and restaurants , as well as the art galleries are some of the ideal alternatives, especially if you are already tired of the same old. As part of the trends, contact with nature is vital, so you can organize different happenings to maximize fun! Remember to fix your attention on the details of the place (colors, textures on the walls, vegetation), its skirts (think if you would like them for a photo session) and the amount of spaces that are at your fingertips to design an unexpected reception for all your guests.

ideas for small weddings
ideas for wedding receptions

2. Tattoo bar

That’s how it is! This trend is definitely not for all couples, but boy does it catch our attention. It is, quite bluntly, about bringing a tattoo artist to your wedding in order to encourage guests to etch their skin with something important. For the most daring the inks are permanent, although you can always bet on temporary tattoos that, in addition, are personalized with some special wedding detail. The best thing is that you carry options that can be removed later so that no one suffers from regret the day after ( oops! )

ideas wedding

3. Imperial tables and more conviviality

Please! The essence of weddings has changed dramatically, and although there are still traces of those forced commitments, the reality is that the bride and groom seek to create a genuine and fun experience for all their guests. This point is noticeable even in the decoration, and that is that the round tables have been a bit forgotten in order to bring the imperial tables to stardom. This type of furniture has the characteristic of uniting all the attendees, which will cause not only that they know each other, but that the atmosphere becomes better during the wedding reception. Do not forget to show off a dream decoration so that the result is ideal.

reception wedding ideas

4. From the field to the table

The organic effect has had a huge impact on the wedding industry, so this is your great opportunity to bring local ingredients to the very feast. The ideas are many, since you can play with delicious appetizers and canapes and, of course, with dishes that take the gastronomic experience to another level. In the same way, you can implement casual proposals, or devise a whole concept so that the presentation of these creations looks like never before! If the idea beats you and you want something very original, we suggest you bet on vertical banquets (walls of donuts, salads and pasta) to enjoy in a big way.

simple wedding reception ideas
simple weddings

5. Walking drinks

Just as food has gained a lot of ground at weddings, the same has happened as the whole issue of drinks. One of the great trends for the wedding reception is concentrated in the trucks that carry drinks, such as the Prosecco Van or others. The ideal is not only to get a good drink , but to create an experience in which the guests can also participate. The creation of drinks and customization of these can be a great option.

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small wedding

6. A party in silence … how ?!

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite trends. It is about, nothing more and nothing less, to create a party where all the guests, through headphones, listen to the music of their choice. Believe it or not, these themes already exist on luxury cruises, where no one is guided by a specific playlist, but by what their senses want at the moment. Here are two alternatives: 1) put the music you have already chosen for the wedding in all the headphone sets or 2) allow your friends and family to choose the exact mix to enjoy your wedding reception even more. You dare?

small wedding ideas

7. Intimate parties

Although OUR tradition seems to dictate that weddings must have more than 500 guests, the reality is that today’s couples want to experience each moment closely with their guests on their day. For this reason, the lists of attendees have decreased in number, but they have concentrated on raising the quality of the environments that are built in that «yes, I accept». Having fewer people does not mean that elegance and style have to be sacrificed, quite the opposite. Don’t be surprised if an intimate wedding represents an investment similar to that of a classic reception.

small wedding reception ideas

8. An epic after party

To close the wedding reception with a flourish, nothing better than a party that is epic in those wee hours of the morning. The after party has become an essential fashion for those who love music, the atmosphere and weddings that have no end. This is a great opportunity to experiment with a new mix and production proposal, so you will have to contact a very good DJ who can take the experience to the fullest, as if it were the best music festival. At this point, we recommend that you choose another setting to continue the party, so the spirit of your guests will stay on top.

small weddings

This is your moment to design a party like no other. Make these 8 wedding reception trends yours and enjoy a spectacular day until dawn! Rest assured that your guests will take the best memory of that “yes, I accept.”

Take a look at these others wedding reception (traditions) and start planning your party.

Others wedding reception (traditions)

Big room

After the wedding guests have entered the reception and taken their seats, it’s grand entrance time! Usually members of the wedding party, including best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, brides, brides, flower girls, ring bearers and others, They enter the reception space while the DJ or presenter announces their names and plays upbeat music. Finally, the bride and groom make their entrance with great applause and take their place on the dance floor. The grand entrance is actually a more recent tradition, replacing the older (and time-consuming!) Reception line, where the wedding guests lined up and greeted the bride and groom one by one. Nowadays,

First dance

Now is the time for the bride and groom’s great moment in the spotlight: the first dance! For the first time dancing together as a married couple, the newlyweds cut a carpet for a special song of their choice. The first dance could be a big choreographed event, or the couple could choose to just do it. Either way, it is a sweet and romantic moment and one of the most popular wedding traditions. According to a WeddingWire study, 91% of couples perform a first dance during the reception.

Dances of the parents

Then the couple will perform special dances with the parents. There may be a father-daughter dance, where the bride’s father dances with his daughter, and a mother-son dance, where the groom’s mother dances with her son. The mother of the bride and the father of the groom (newly acquired) can also dance together. The couple may also choose to dance with other family members, such as grandparents, stepparents, and others.

Toast and speeches

During dinner, the couple’s loved ones celebrate (and in some cases roast) the couple with toasts and speeches. Traditionally, the best man gives the first speech, followed by the maid of honor. Members of the bride’s family, including the bride’s father, will toast the couple. However, it is up to couples and their families to decide who gives the talks. The couple can also choose to give their own speech, thanking their guests for their love and support.

Cake cutting

Who would say that a dessert could have such a special meaning? The wedding cake cutting is one of the most popular wedding reception traditions (83% of the bride and groom have a cake cutting ceremony!), And it’s actually quite symbolic. The traditional wedding cake has three tiers, with the couple usually cutting the bottom tier while playing a happy song. The couple put their hands on top of each other and cut the cake together, symbolizing their mutual support. The bride and groom then join arms and feed each other slices of cake (or smash their faces!), An act that represents caring for each other. It’s also considered good luck for guests to eat the wedding cake, so don’t be afraid to dig around!

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Throwing the deck and throwing the league

The bouquet and the garter toss may be considered old-fashioned traditions by some, but it is still a common wedding tradition. During the bouquet toss, the bride throws her bouquet to a group of individual guests. It is said that whoever takes the bouquet is the next to marry. For the garter toss, the groom cunningly removes the garter (often something old, new, borrowed, or something blue, another fun bride tradition) from under the bride’s wedding dress and then tosses it to a group. of single men waiting. Anyone who takes the league should give it to their future spouse. Sometimes the person who captured the garter places it on the leg of the person who captured the bouquet, or the two of them dance together. Again, if you think these wedding traditions are overly gendered or just inappropriate,

Anniversary dance

Another fun dance-related tradition (and alternative to the bouquet toss) is the anniversary dance, also known as the bouquet dance. A slow, romantic song is played and all married couples are called to the dance floor. The DJ or presenter then asks couples who have been married for six months to take their seats, followed by those who have been married for a year, and so on. Finally, the longest-lived couple stays to dance and may receive the bridal bouquet or applause from the crowd.


A guest book, or a creative alternative, is often displayed near the entrance to the reception venue. The guests write their wishes to the couple in the guest book and it serves as a beautiful souvenir of their wedding.

Clinking glasses

During the reception, the bride and groom are encouraged to kiss each time a guest clinks their glass or, in some cultures, rings the bells. While some couples may find this a fun tradition, others may shy away from the cheeky PDA. Once again, it’s up to you!

Cultural traditions

While many of the traditions listed above are common to American weddings, many couples include traditions from their families’ home countries in their reception. These reception traditions may include wearing traditional wedding dresses, performing special dances, and / or eating certain foods. Here are some wedding reception traditions from around the world:

  • In some cultures, the money dance is a popular tradition at the wedding reception. Guests can “pay” for dances with the bride and groom or bathe the bride and groom in cash.
  • At Jewish weddings, the bride and groom and their guests dance the hora, a popular circle dance in which the couple sits on chairs.
  • Cake pull is a popular southern wedding tradition, in which pendants with attached ribbons are placed inside the wedding cake. The bridal party and other single guests gather around the cake and pull the ribbons, revealing its charm. Each pendant has a special meaning and serves as a fun keepsake of the day.
  • In France, the croquembouche, or tower of cream buns, is the favorite dessert.
  • At Venezuelan weddings, the bride and groom often leave the reception before it is over.
  • At South Asian weddings, the bride’s family steals the groom’s shoes and asks for money to bring them back safely.
  • For many Latino couples, La Hora Loca or “crazy hour” comes with surprise entertainment and joy for the guests, usually between the reception and the after party.
  • The Jordan five almond bags are an unmissable gift at Italian and Greek weddings, a symbol of good luck for the bride and groom.
  • Instead of signing a guest book at Dutch weddings, guests write their wishes on strips of paper and attach them to a ‘wish tree’.

Pay in

At the end of the wedding reception, the bride and groom were able to leave with great fanfare. This can include guests lining a path and holding streamers, throwing confetti, or waving ribbons as the newlyweds begin their new life together.

After receiving: assuming the threshold

Traditionally, the groom leads the bride across the threshold of his house to protect her from evil spirits. This is a somewhat old-fashioned tradition (who needs protection here?) But if you think it sounds funny, by all means, go ahead.



It sounds obvious, but don’t discount the importance of a solid seating arrangement. Place guests with people they will meet and get along with. It may seem like a great idea to play matchmaker or force your guests to sit down with strangers to make new friends, but at the end of the day, they’re there for you and to catch up with your own distant friends.

In other words, a well thought-out protocol leads to great conversations and good laughs, leading to a great dance party and therefore an unforgettable evening.

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So sit your pre-teen cousins ​​with other kids their age and let your college friends sit down together.


Wedding favors should be the icing on the cake of a fabulous reception. Let your guests know how much you appreciate having them there by offering them a gift to take home.


To keep the little ones entertained all night long (and give parents a chance to hit the dance floor), you can set up their own fun area.

In a separate room or in the garden of the farm, you can hire an animator to perform games and magic tricks, crafts, etc. Inflatable castles or elastic mats are also a success.

And so that you have them entertained for a good time,


“Where there is good food, there are good celebrations,” goes the saying.

A good idea is to offer dishes that everyone can customize to their liking. I’ll tell you what it consists of.

Interactive food stations can be an entertaining differentiating touch.

It is about offering in a bar, food as a “free buffet”, from pasta, Asian food, pizzas, etc., so that your guests can snack as soon as they arrive (of course, you can keep these bars with food throughout the celebration ).

If your guests start well fed, the party is guaranteed.


Sometimes the best parts of a reception are the ones the guests don’t see coming.

Surprise your loved ones with unexpected entertainment during cocktail hour or reception, such as a magician performing up-close tricks, a mariachi band, a talented guitarist, someone playing a percussion instrument, timbale or gembe, Malavaristas, aerialists or even salsa dancers.

Anything you can think of will be welcomed by your guests.


If you plan to include a marching band in your wedding, ask the ones you may hire how they plan to handle the breaks before hiring them, as if the band rests, so does the audience, and this sometimes slows the party down a lot.

Some bands take turns resting and will split into a smaller two- or three-member band, while others will put on filler music. Ask if you can provide a music playlist or at least verify and approve their selections before the party.


Okay, this is a bit more obvious, but we have to mention it because music is a major fun factor at the reception and it has a lot to do with how long your guests will stay.

The last thing you want to see is your dance floor clearing up when the DJ plays dark songs that are difficult to dance to. Talk to your DJ in advance about your list of things not to play.


Whether you’ve hired a band or a DJ, if you want to keep the dance floor packed, plan a crowd-pleasing playlist.

You might like dark indie rock, but now is not the time to show off your picky musical taste. Sure, mix up some of your favorites, but don’t put past and present hits aside, otherwise you risk an empty dance floor.


If your estate and budget allow, install comfy armchairs and sofas in your reception space (most estates offer this), rather than having your guests sit around the same tables all night.

Even after dinner is over, a change of scenery will promote conversation, give your energetic dancers a resting area, and keep non-dancing guests entertained.

It’s also a stylish and comfortable way to allow older guests to relax and chat while others head onto the dance floor.

If your farm doesn’t have these amenities, consider renting or borrowing sofas, chairs, and other furniture to create cozy and elegant vignettes with pillows, flowers, and candles.


You might have a ton of fun ideas for your reception, but no matter how organized you are, it’s a lot harder than you might think to keep each of those plans and moving parts in check.

If you already have an event planner, OK. If not, consider booking a day coordinator to oversee the details.

Normally, the estates will put at your disposal the «Maitre» of the salon to be your «trusted man». Plan with him all the details and the timing of each thing. I recommend you write a small script with the hours and the exact moment when each thing will be done.


A full bar is a must for a great reception, but take it up a notch with an interactive drinking experience.

A wine, beer or whiskey tasting allows guests to sample different drinks and learn some tasting notes. You can even install texts where you explain a little about the history of the products they are going to consume.

A hand-rolled cigar station also fits the bill, as does a margarita bar. Who could say no to that?


One of the less obvious keys to a successful celebration is “the movement.”

The best parties encourage dancing, with mini-breaks for chatting and snacks. For maximum dimension and circulation, divide your reception into different areas where you can dance, drink and chat, have coffee and a good piece of cake or assorted sweets.

Set up some cocktail tables near the bar, offer outdoor seating, or set up a dessert table or late-night snacks. All this you can agree with your farm in advance.


Here ask yourself what you would like to eat as a guest at a wedding.

For some psychological reason, the reason par excellence and by which we usually “judge” the quality of a wedding, is usually the food.

Don’t skimp on this, make sure your guests don’t forget your event and be fascinated by the quality and quantity.


You can perform a song with the band during the dance or prepare a memorable reception getaway in a float or supercar, launch some beautiful fireworks … Any madness that occurs to you will be etched in the retina of your guests.

I hope these ideas inspire you.

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