Reading: Rectangular Living Room Layout Ideas: 15+ Ways To Optimize Your Space

Rectangular Living Room Layout Ideas: 15+ Ways To Optimize Your Space

Rectangular living room layout ideas : best 15+ ideas

The arrangement of furniture in a rectangular living room can be tricky. However, it’s possible to arrange the furniture in your living room so that there’s enough room to walk around and still provide an inviting and comfortable space to relax in. The key is to carefully choose where you place large pieces of furniture and the more portable pieces of furniture such as side tables and stools. This guide provides several tips that can help you arrange the furniture in your rectangular living room.

Rectangular living room layout ideas and some design

decorate living room rectangular elegant modern ideas

Unless you like this environment, here we show you some photos from which you can be inspired to decorate a rectangular living room and tips for arranging furniture in narrow spaces that are functional and do not look like a tunnel.

Decorate rectangular living room in the classic style

Decorate rectangular living room in the classic style

The most important thing to think about when it comes to the design of a rectangular living room is to leave room to move from one side to the other. This is one of the main difficulties in arranging furniture for a long, narrow room that people must be able to walk through.

Options of houses with a large rectangular space in which we see the kitchen and the living room

house living room kitchen rectangular shape design ideas

You can place the furniture on one side of the room to leave enough space on the other. This way people will be able to pass in a straight line between the furniture and the wall. You also have to keep in mind that rectangular rooms can be larger or smaller. In this way for larger rooms the appropriate colors will be different from the colors of small rooms.

  Narrow rectangular living room with contemporary design

decorate living room rectangular contemporary design ideas

You can put the coffee table and ottoman closer to the sofa so that people can pass by. That, combined with an L-shaped seating section, prevents someone trying to squeeze through the space from bumping into the sofa and ottoman.

Large rectangular room with two entertainment places


Another thing that can disturb the leisurely passage from one end of a rectangular room to the other is a rug placed so that you have one foot on the rug and one on the floor. If your rectangular room is larger, you can divide it into two areas. In one of them you can place the sofa and armchairs in front of the TV and in the other part you can design a small dining room.

Rectangular living room with rustic design

rustic apartment design options ideas

The best thing to do is to opt for a smaller one that fits the space of the furniture. Many stores sell custom sized rugs cut just the way you like them. In addition, you have to keep in mind that the rug also has a style that you will have to combine with your interior. In general, rugs with diamonds in which the red color predominates are more appropriate for the decoration of rustic houses.

Rectangular living room with very nice furniture

decorate rectangular living room classic style ideas

Another thing you can do is place the furniture in one of the corners of the room. This tip is also perfect for small living rooms as it visually changes the shape of the room thanks to the rounding of the corner.

Rectangular living room with cozy design

decorate rectangular living room interesting ideas

Another thing to do if your rectangular living room is long and narrow is to say “no” to too many pieces of furniture. We are often tempted to cram in an extra chair or side table even knowing we don’t have that many guests at least most of the time.

White furniture in the rectangular living room

decorate rectangular living room white furniture ideas

Instead, consider pieces like the ottoman pictured below that can double as extra seating when you have more guests. By default, if you want to turn your rectangular living room into a place that looks more square, you can use some white furniture and you can place it in the rooms that are closer. In this way you will create the effect of the separation between them.

Rectangular living room with classic design

decorate rectangular living room classic furniture ideas

Place furniture that is perpendicular to the length of the room. By using two-seat sofas instead of a longer sofa, positioned perpendicular to the length of the room with space left for people to pass through.

Light blue wall and furniture in rectangular living room

decorate rectangular living room original furniture ideas

Sometimes the best way to deal with a rectangular-shaped space is to divide it into two groups of seats. On the other hand, if the rectangular room is smaller, you can use light tones for the decoration of all the walls. In this way you will be creating the effect of enlarging the interior in general.

Stone wall in the spacious rectangular living room

decorate rectangular living room elegant options ideas

That will allow you to fill the space without giving up normal sized furniture. It will also give you the opportunity to customize each area depending on the activity or level of intimacy. This idea is very appropriate for interiors in which you want to make a division. You can also decorate these walls with panels.

Narrow rectangular living room with walls of different colors

decorate rectangular living room options narrow spaces ideas

Be sure to use a color palette that matches the style, so the space feels harmonious. You can put in a few occasional chairs, so guests can pull up a seat when needed.

Purple and black furniture ideas in the rectangular living room

decorate living room rectangular wall decorated ideas

A living room can often be found with more than one sofa. There are several photos that we show you with living rooms with more than one sofa. The scheme works best when the two sofas are opposite each other.

Bright wall that stands out in the modern living room 

decorate living room rectangular beautiful wall ceiling windows ideas

In a rectangular room, each piece of furniture can become a problem if it is not well chosen. In this way, if you want to increase the style and modernity of your living room, you can opt for wall panels with glossy surfaces.

Fireplace and large mirror to decorate the rectangular living room

decorate living room rectangular sofas purple ideas

Choose oval side tables and rugs if your space allows, and slimmer side tables and wall sconces to save much-needed floor space. In this way, when decorating a rectangular living room, you will introduce curved lines inside.

White walls to make a rectangular room even brighter

modern chic design living room furniture style ideas

For seating, sofas aren’t your only option because you don’t opt ​​for armchairs. Also, if you have a fireplace, some armchairs in front of it are a very typical and beautiful option.

Very spacious rectangular living room with wooden ceiling

living room large wooden ceiling rectangular shape ideas

Having several different light sources at different heights will help draw out different areas in the room, making it feel larger and more interesting. You can also add a larger lamp that catches the eye.

Yellow walls with black stripes in the rectangular living room


Furniture is usually placed near the windows, thus defining the area and making the experience of spending time there more special.

Neutral colors in the rectangular living room

living room design modern rectangular shape ideas

Now we leave you to review our ideas how to decorate a rectangular living room and get inspired to create a modern space that the whole family will like.

Rectangular living room with very high ceiling

rectangular living room design elegant stylish ideas

Very original LED lighting in the rectangular living room

rectangular living room led lighting ideas

Living room designed by Marysia Rybock Scavullo

marysia rybock scavullo salon design ideas

Living room and kitchen designs by Giordano Hadamik Architects

house design giordano hadamik architects ideas

Some questions and answers

How do you place furniture in a rectangular living room?

1*Place your sofa against one of the longer walls. If you’re lucky enough to have built-in shelves or cabinets near that wall, place bookshelves, tables and other storage units here. This is also a good spot for tall pieces of furniture, like armoires. Leave an empty space between your sofa and these pieces so there’s still room to walk around them when they’re not being used; 10 to 12 feet should do it.

2*Place your coffee table and TV on one of shorter walls. This way, everyone will be able to see what’s on screen without having to crane their necks towards it. Place your TV on an entertainment center with cabinets underneath if possible, so you can hide wires (and clutter) when they’re not being used.

3*Consider placing your dining table along an empty wall (or between two windows). This will allow you to pull up extra chairs when you need them, but free up space when they’re not needed. It’s also a great way to entertain larger groups of people without making them feel too cramped.

4*Place rugs on top of your tiled floors or hardwood floors to define sections of your rectangular living room layout and add texture and warmth to each section. Placing different patterns, colors and materials together can create visually-interesting areas; keep in mind that larger area rugs will define spaces better than smaller ones. Wall-to-wall carpeting is not recommended, since it will make your rooms look even longer. Instead, place carpets over wooden floorboards or across empty parts of wall-to-wall carpeting to break things up a bit.

5*Avoid placing large pieces of furniture along exterior walls, as they’ll make those walls appear even longer than they already are. Instead, place them on other parts of your living room or save them for storage areas if you have any – like walk-in closets or hallways with built-in shelves.

How do you arrange a long rectangular living room?

Arranging furniture in long rectangles can be challenging because of their unconventional shape. To make sure that you’re getting every bit of use out of your floor space, we put together these tips on how to arrange your rectangular living room.
1- Arrange Furniture along One of Its Long Sides: It might seem counterintuitive, but long, narrow rooms usually feel more spacious when they are arranged with furniture along one of their longer sides. This helps create an illusion of depth and doesn’t overwhelm anyone standing near to that wall. You don’t need to fill up both sides or even decorate all four walls.

2- Put Sofas and Chairs Against One of Its Long Sides: Again, you don’t need to fill up all four walls. If you position both sofas and chairs against one of your longer walls, you create a secluded sitting area that can still be accessed from every part of your room.

3- Plan to Use Both Ends of Your Room: The ends of long rectangles are often underutilized. If you’re lucky enough to have two end tables flanking your couch, it can be nice to put something on them, like a plant or another small decor item. You might also consider putting in an accent piece here, like an ornate mirror or interesting vase that will draw people’s eyes towards it when they walk into your living room.

4- Fill in Gaps with Side Tables and Accent Pieces: Because long rectangles are different shapes, they can be trickier to arrange than traditional squares or circles. One way to cover up any gaps you’ve left at either end of your room is to place small side tables on either side of your couch or along one of its longer sides.

5- Consider Placing Sofa, Love Seat and Chair Against One of Its Shorter Sides: You don’t want to feel closed in by your walls, but you also don’t want to leave any space that could be better used. For example, if you have enough seating along one of your longer walls, you might want to put your couch and loveseat against one of its shorter sides.

Where do you put a TV in a rectangular room?

The best placement of a TV in a rectangular room depends on how many seating areas you have. If there’s only one, place it across from your seats. If there are two, place one on either side of your seating area(s). There’s no rule about placing them at opposite ends of the room—but try to keep it balanced and symmetrical, so everything looks neat.

Is it OK to put a sofa in front of a window?

The answer is yes, it is OK. Don’t let people say otherwise. This simple question becomes more complex when you’re dealing with large rooms and tall windows, but don’t give up on your dream of placing your sofa where you want to place it just because someone told you so.

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