Reading: Red Couch Living Room Ideas: 45+ Ways To Adding A Touch Of Color

Red Couch Living Room Ideas: 45+ Ways To Adding A Touch Of Color

Red couch living room ideas-

Have you ever thought about investing in a red couch for the living room? The well-known tone of passion can be an excellent option for decorating, even if you think it won’t match anything. There are countless ideas that we find out there to inspire the composition of an amazing environment with this furniture.

The red couch can give the color you needed in your home. Want to bet? In this post you will learn about several decoration options with this item, as well as tips for choosing objects and colors that match this school. Follow along and clear all your doubts!

red couch living room ideas

Decorating Tips with Red couch

The red couch, like any other with a strong color, gives a lot of personality to the room, be it a living room, TV or even an office. If you like the tone, you don’t have to be afraid to invest it, because in decoration there is always a solution to ornament with style and beauty.

You can go for the classic, retro, modern, rustic line, in short, there are many to follow and achieve a very different result that positively draws attention. Check out some decorating tips and unravel some very common myths surrounding the color red.

Red couch living room ideas-1
Red couch living room ideas-2

What Color to Paint the Wall?

This is a general question. It’s not because the couch is red , no, painting the walls always involves many questions, uncertainties, difficulties in choosing between so many colors… of the decoration with cleaner colors.

On the one hand, this option can be the easiest to get right – white or ice, for example, go with everything. If you like this idea and don’t want to have the possibility of making mistakes, go this route, Here’s how it looks cool:

Red couch living room ideas-3

Now, if you want to invest in a more industrial and modern theme, you will do well by choosing sober colors, but a little darker, such as gray. It goes well with red and even helps to make it stand out in the room. A tip, however, is that the wall does not have textures , as it can fight a little with the decoration.

Red couch living room ideas-4

Want a really red room? The photo below shows you that there are no limits to creativity when decorating an environment with warm colors. The red suede couch is the protagonist of the living room even with the wall in the same color behind. There’s a connection with the 50 ‘s decorations that leaves everything very sophisticated in the end.

Red couch living room ideas-5

Moving on to the 60’s and 70’s, in the Pop Art era, we have the room below, inspiring for people who like to dare in decoration. With a super comfortable corner couch – and red -, the room gained yellow walls and elements that finish in an interesting way.

The rug and pillows, for example, are colorful and give grace to the place, in addition to the coffee table that matches the wall and has a format that also dismantles the accuracy of the decor. To close with a golden key, a super stylish lamp.

Red couch living room ideas-6

In addition to the color, many people are afraid to put pictures on the wall when choosing a red couch. But rest assured, the only thing you have to worry about is what style of artwork you prefer. Below are three really cool tips, take a look:

Red couch living room ideas-7

What Color of Rug and Curtain does it match?

The color of the textile elements also leaves many people confused. After all, is it tacky to match the color of the couch with the curtain and pillow? Can I choose patterned models? Well, we brought some images that remove all these concepts, which already sound outdated in the world of decoration. Take a look and write down all the tips!

Red couch with red curtain:

Red couch living room ideas-8

Red couch with B&W patterned rug:

Red couch living room ideas-9

Red couch and white curtains + raw rug:

Red couch living room ideas-10

With a darker color on the wall, you can bet on white blinds :

Red couch living room ideas-11

Photos and Ideas of Living Rooms with Red couch

Well, now that you’ve realized that decorating with a red couch is not a 7-headed beast, let’s get to know the main models of this furniture. Each one has a different characteristic, which can match rooms of different styles, sizes and themes. Take a look and choose the one that best matches what you want.


The corner couch is excellent for those who want to save space in the environment or have to do it out of necessity – when the room is small . With 5 seats or more, this idea can help expand the space there is for circulation and still give an air of incredible coziness. There are many options to choose from, check out our suggestions!

Corner couches are great for apartments with shared environments, such as the kitchen and living room. It helps to increase the feeling of space.

Red couch living room ideas-12

You can place him in the middle of the room too, leaving him as the protagonist. It’s a different way to decorate with a corner couch, especially when you don’t want to use a lot of furniture.

Red couch living room ideas-13

If you are going to place it in the middle of the room, it is interesting to measure the space behind it to ensure good circulation.

Red couch living room ideas-14

Leather models are always very resistant and add style to any room. In addition, a puff of the same material can help to compose with elegance.

Red couch living room ideas-15

There are many, many options for living rooms with a red corner couch for you to be inspired by!

Red couch living room ideas-16


The retractable couch is one of the most modern models on the furniture market. It gives the option to make the couch bigger by an internal mechanism similar to a drawer. That is, you can pull the upholstery forward and increase your comfort level – you can fit more people or even make the couch bed to receive visitors, how about that?

Retractable red models are very elegant. Decorating with it will be a matter of taste. What do you want for your room? We’ve selected some cool ideas that can help you in this mission, but we’ve already advanced, the style that works best with this couch is the modern one. Check out:

Red couch living room ideas-17
Red couch living room ideas-18
Red couch living room ideas-19
Red couch living room ideas-20
Red couch living room ideas-21
Red couch living room ideas-22


Another style that goes well with red couch models is retro or vintage . In the 1950s, for example, genuine leather couches were very successful and were even a symbol of sophistication at the time. In the 60s and 70s there were also several interesting models also in red, which combines with geometric, futuristic decor elements, etc.

If you want to adopt this inspiration for your home, be sure to see the photos that we separate to expose here in this post. You will see that all the ideas have a general vintage composition, filled with tips for you to decorate with furniture, lighting, decorative items, etc.

Red couch living room ideas-23
Red couch living room ideas-24
Red couch living room ideas-25
Red couch living room ideas-26
Red couch living room ideas-27
Red couch living room ideas-28

2 places

A nice tip for not making a mistake when choosing a red couch for your living room is to check how many places you need to accommodate your family and visitors. A 2-seater couch is a great option for small rooms or even to compose a set of armchairs and other seats.

The best way out, if you are going to work with limited spaces, is to measure the size of the couch and the area of ​​​​the living room so that nothing goes wrong. Even because, there are 2-seater couches that are bigger than the conventional ones, as it varies from brand to brand.

Below you know some beautiful environments for a couch this size to get an idea and copy there, in your home. Check it out:

Red couch living room ideas-09
Red couch living room ideas-30
Red couch living room ideas-31
Red couch living room ideas-32
Red couch living room ideas-33

3 places

Now if you need a more spacious couch, there’s the one with 3 seats . It can be used as a single piece to compose the living room seats or even combine with armchairs, puffs, smaller sofas, chaises and futons .

Do you want to choose this size of couch in red, but don’t know which model or how to decorate the environment? See below the suggestions we have for you!

Red couch living room ideas-34
Red couch living room ideas-35
Red couch living room ideas-36
Red couch living room ideas-37

with pillows

At the beginning of the article, we explained the ideas for composing a room with a red sofa with curtains and rugs. In the same way that there is doubt with these elements, there are also those who feel insecure when choosing pillows . What colors go best with red? What to do to not leave the environment visually loaded?

The main tip is to define the pillow according to the general decoration style of the room. But as for the colors, there is not one that is “forbidden” to combine with red, much less the prints. Take a look to see this in practice:

Classic style floral pillow models:

Red couch living room ideas-38

Different modern pillows, but with shades that match each other:

Red couch living room ideas-39

Cushions with arabesques :

Red couch living room ideas-40

Floral pillows + red pillows:

Red couch living room ideas-41

Colorful pillows to amuse the environment:

Red couch living room ideas-41

Rooms with a classic and clean style receive pillows that give the environment an air of freshness:

Red couch living room ideas-442

Ufa! How many living room models with red couch, right? Tell us what you think and what are the inspirations that you liked the most. This option can bring a lot of personality and style to your living room, if you have the desire to buy this piece, research well and get down to business, good luck!

Some questions and answers

How can I match my red sofa in my living room?

You may think that your red sofa is a standout piece in your living room. But when you put everything else together, you notice something’s not quite right. Fortunately, matching couches to other pieces of furniture can be pretty easy if you know what to do. Here are some tips to get your red couch living room ideas off to a great start.

1- Match your red couch to a large painting: Paintings can serve as great accents and focal points in your living room. And they’re super easy to match with a red sofa. Red is a strong color and it stands out just fine on its own, so you don’t need to worry about it clashing with anything else in your room.

2- Match your red couch to one or two colors in a larger painting: If you have a very large piece of art, you can match it to only one or two colors in it. In fact, if you really want to make sure everything matches, it’s best to avoid colors on opposite sides of your painting.

3- Match your red couch with other furniture pieces: A red sofa can go with any number of pieces in your living room, as long as they aren’t just neutral color combinations. You can match it with a wood coffee table or small end tables that have wood finishes. If you have another seating area in your room, such as a love seat or reading chair, try matching one of those up with your red sofa for a great look.

4- Avoid white pillows and decor: You don’t want to distract from your beautiful piece of art by filling up too much space on it. Stick with colored or solid pillow options, or just leave a little space on either side for some extra flair. If you have plenty of other decorative items in your living room, including artwork that isn’t a painting, make sure those colors will match well with your red sofa before you place them anywhere in sight.

5- Don’t rely solely on online red couch ideas: Of course, inspiration is good when it comes to matching things together. But if you’re trying to figure out how exactly to do that for your own living room set up, don’t just follow what everyone else is doing.

What Colour cushions goes with red sofa?

Don’t make it too matchy-matchy with other pieces of furniture and accessories, though, or you could run into trouble with your design. Stick to cushions in neutral colours such as beige or brown – they can complement red without making your living room look like a clashing mess.

How can I tone down a red sofa?

Although red couches can be quite striking, it’s common for owners to want to tone down their red couch so that it doesn’t become an eye sore or stand out in a room. Follow these simple steps and before you know it your red sofa will fit right in with your living room decor.

1- Get a darker red or maroon color, based on your couch. If you were to paint one of your walls a darker red it will look like you have a perfectly matching colored couch without having to buy an entirely new one. This can save you both time and money! You can find different shades of red at places like Home Depot or any other store that carries interior design products.

2- Place pillows and blankets over areas that are too bright for you. If there is a specific area on your couch that doesn’t fit into your living room’s color scheme, don’t be afraid to buy a few throw pillows or shams to cover it up! A blanket will also do if you want to go about it more cheaply. Pillows are easy to move around but may end up looking like clutter after a while, so try using those as less permanent covers until you can decide what would work best long term.

3- Choose colors for other parts of your home based off of your red couch. You could paint an accent wall in another shade of red or use maroon colors in one part of furniture like lamps or curtains. This will help tie it all together and make it feel cohesive as a room rather than being that bright couch that stands out.

4- Organize books, art, and knickknacks around your red sofa to help blend it into its surroundings as well. You could put a plant with bright green leaves on one side of your couch or hang some framed prints with bold colors. Move all items away from a solid color wall if you have one behind your couch; if you have artwork on that wall use more neutral colored frames instead of ones with brighter colors. You could also try to tie in another color in other decorating elements such as throw pillows or blankets along with putting up paintings on both sides of your couch for symmetry!

What Colour carpet goes with a red sofa?

With a red sofa set in your living room, you’ll be able to experiment with an array of vibrant colours such as orange, yellow and lime green. You can also choose subtle pastel shades such as light blue or lilac to make sure that it doesn’t over power other furniture items in your living room.

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