Reading: 45+ Eye-Catching Room Colors Ideas

45+ Eye-Catching Room Colors Ideas

Room colors ideas : best 45+ ideas

Looking for Room colors ideas ? Or color combinations that you can use when choosing your room decor? So follow this article where I bring ideas and 49+ bedroom color palettes with neutral and creative inspirations. In addition to valuable tips. 

How to Pick the Perfect Room Colors : A Comprehensive Guide

Many studies point to the influence of colors on physical and mental health. Believe me, the choice of color for your room can even impact your heartbeat! So says a study by Ph.D David Rainey, from John Caroll University.

Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the colors that will predominate in the bedroom, as this is the environment in the house where we recharge our energies.

the colors that will predominate in the bedroom

It’s not just about painting the room blue, red, pink or purple. Choosing the ideal color for your room should consider the intensity of the color and the size of the surface on which it will be applied.  

For psychologist Eva Heller , author of the book Psychology of Colors:

“The same red can be erotic or violent, uncomfortable or noble. The same green can be healthy, poisonous or even tranquilizing. A yellow, radiant or uncomfortable.” (Eva Heller, 2008)

In other words, knowing how to dose is as important as knowing how to choose the right color for the room.

bedroom color palette

The intensity of the color, the combinations with other colors and even the amount of color that will be used in the environments will define the influence of the color on the balance of the environment.

Even intense and warm colors, when combined with complementary colors and neutral colors, can result in healthy and comfortable environments.

blue room

Blue is a highly relaxing color that slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and your breathing rate. It is a deep color, a cold and “distant” color that can stimulate rest or in excess it can induce sadness. That’s why blue must be combined with other colors to bring out its positive side, which is serenity and confidence. 

Blue Female Room

This combination of navy with antique pink and white accents is absolutely beautiful, especially in women’s bedrooms.

The light blue and more closed tones are extremely calming colors and great for those who like a brighter environment. 

light blue wall bedroom

Similar combinations with yellow and purple are a good choice, or even with details in complementary colors yellow, orange and red.

Room with similar colors
Double bedroom with dark blue wall and light blue headboard.

Dark blue goes great with neutral colors like gray, white, beige, taupe, brown and caramel. Also use metallic details to bring points of light. 

Yellow Room

Yellow, in turn, is a luminous, intense and energetic color, a stimulating color, but when used wisely together with neutral colors, such as gray, for example, it can bring warmth, joy and coziness to the room without overloading the mind with stimulation. 

yellow rooms

There are several shades of yellow that are not extremely vibrant and bring an air of joy and luminosity to the environment, as in the example below. 

Room with yellow walls

Red and Rose Rooms

All warm colors need some care when used in bedrooms, especially on large surfaces, because just as blue reduces the heartbeat, red accelerates it. Which is not ideal in a space of relaxation. 

Room with red wall

However, red has the characteristic of approximation, in large environments or with a high ceiling it can bring coziness.  

red single room

Red can have different shades, from darker and less vibrant tones, pulling towards a brown or pink. As in the room below in the color Marsala. 

Fourth Marsala

Until you reach the light pink tones as in the image below. 

light pink bedroom

Purple and violet rooms

Purple and violet are a mixture of red and blue, they are balanced colors, usually used to increase concentration, they are the colors of spirituality and mysticism. 

Purple Double Bedroom

It is a versatile color next to the warm colors (red, orange and yellow) it appears to be of a cool tone. Next to cold colors (blue, green, turquoise, indigo) purples and violets tend to appear to be warm colors. 

Wine color room

In lighter tones they refer to how many children, but in dark tones they create powerful environments. With white and black they are luxurious colors, with green it makes up sensational rooms, with orange and pink the violet creates a harmonious arrangement and with yellow – its complementary color – purple stands out even more!

orange rooms

Orange in the right dose can be a powerful antidepressant. 

caramel room

As with any warm color, it is not recommended to abuse the intensity of orange, as in the example below in which the chosen tone is “glaring”, being slightly softened by the white present in the composition.  

orange room

green rooms

Green is that color that goes well in every room in the house, in chromotherapy it is the color of healing and nature.

green room

You can choose from dark tones, almost black, as we can see in the image below:

Dark Green Room

Greens in medium tones. This one below is an olive green:

Olive Green Room

Or, for those who prefer lighter colors, you can go up to an off white tone with an almost white green to make a slight contrast with the white.

water green room

Neutral rooms (brown, beige, gray, black, white, off white)

If you are in doubt about the color combination of the room and still don’t know what color you want to paint, or are afraid of regretting it later, I’ll give you a valuable tip:

Go for neutral tones!

Bedroom in neutral colors

If you like bright rooms, as it gives you a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, opt for off-white, straw, sand, beige, ice, vanilla, light gray colors. There’s nothing like a slight gradient between white and an off white tone, as in the photo below, to make the room light and elegant. 

light colored room

If you prefer a darker room, or want to give a more powerful color to the headboard wall, go with cement, brown, taupe (mixture of brown and gray), black. Or use a shade that approaches black, it can be: dark green, purple, dark blue, or burgundy. 

bedroom black wall

Neutral colors are easier to combine with each other and you can choose details in more pigmented colors to use in the details (pillows, bedspread, pillows, lampshade, headboard, paintings, etc). So, if you get tired of the colors of the decoration, just change the combinations.

bedroom neutral wall

How to choose bedroom wall color?

The choice of bedroom color is a very personal thing, it depends on who will sleep in the room and their personality. Some people prefer brighter, brighter rooms, while others prefer dark, less bright rooms and find them more cozy. 

Simple bedroom with neutral colors

It is worth observing the color tips above, if possible, opt for cooler colors, which better stimulate sleep and abuse neutral colors that match everything. 

In addition to the tips above, I recommend for those who are in doubt and don’t want to make a mistake when choosing paints, opt for less saturated, “pale” colors. Pale colors tend towards gray and don’t weigh down the walls or strain the eyes. 

Old Rose Room

As for the color of the ceiling or lining, white is usually used to help reflect the lighting and amplify the luminosity throughout the environment.

olive green bedroom

As for the type of paint: glossy, satin or matte. The ideal is to opt for matte walls that hide possible wall defects. 

What is the best color to paint a small room?

To paint small rooms, it is recommended to use light colors, which favor the feeling of spaciousness and increase the brightness of the room. You can leave the room completely white or opt for a light gradient with off-white tones on the walls.  

Colors for small rooms

However, the contrast between light and dark colors can also be used to “lengthen” the room, to give a feeling that the ceiling is higher, or that the walls of the room are wider. 

How to match room colors

Let’s see now how to combine the colors with each other. You can use the following tips: work with a color gradient varying the luminosity of the same tone, or using analogous colors (the colors that are side by side on the color wheel). 

If the intention is to create a very prominent room, you can use complementary colors, decomposed complementary colors or choose 3 equidistant colors on the color wheel. As shown above. 

Do not abuse saturated (intense) colors, preferably dark colors and/or light colors or even pale tones in combinations. Leaving the saturated colors for the details.

Color Palette for Bedrooms

One more valuable tip: keep in mind all the components of the bedroom: bed, bedspread, wardrobe, dresser, side cabinets, curtain, rug, etc. Think of it as an ensemble and choose wall colors with that in mind. 

Try to establish a color pattern, what we call a color palette, defining the colors of wood, metals, coatings and decorative objects. It is these details that make the difference in a beautiful and well decorated room.  

In the image below we see an example of a semantic panel or moodboard, a reference scheme with colors and decoration objects that architects and interior designers make to reference the interior design choices.

Combine Room Colors

These combination references are very important to harmonize the colors and to define the decorative objects that will be used, which must also take into account usability and be in accordance with the style chosen for the room. 

What is the best color for a double bedroom?

In a double bedroom, it is important to choose colors that reflect the couple’s common desire. 

The choice of color for the double bedroom helps to maintain balance and proximity.

A study done in England unexpectedly revealed that couples who slept in caramel rooms had more sex than people who slept in red rooms. It may just be a correlation, but it’s worth the tip. 

caramel double bedroom

In oriental culture, it is believed that the double bedroom is the sum of the feminine and masculine, and the color that best represents this union is gray, a mixture of white (female) and black (male).

gray room

So, what is the best color for a double bedroom?

The best color will always be the one that pleases the couple, so it is important that the couple evaluate the options and choose the color that pleases them the most, following the tips in this article.

Colors for Female Bedroom

Light colors tend to bring a more feminine air to rooms, but this is not the norm.

The color of the female room has to generate identity. 

green female room

Many women and girls appreciate pink, which can appear in darker and lighter shades as in the image below: 

light pink room

Or even an intense pink, almost a “Barbie” pink, but when combined with the ceiling with white plaster molding, with the white bedspread and headboard and with stylish decorative objects, they lose that “childish” characteristic of color and translate into a pink room made for a woman.

dark pink room

Maple, purple and violet rooms are also colors associated with the feminine, but that doesn’t mean the other colors can’t also result in feminine rooms. Even a chic combination often used in women’s rooms is cobalt or navy blue combined with pink, white, gray and metallic details. 

marine female bedroom

Colors for Men’s Bedroom

In general, the rooms considered masculine have darker color combinations and colors that refer to nature are used, with the use of wood in the coverings, the colors green, blue, gray and brown.

More intense and saturated colors appear in children’s rooms and more closed colors in adult rooms.

blue male room

However, the same tip of the female rooms is valid, the room has to be a reflection of its occupant and its colors must bring this personality. Many men don’t like dark colors and prefer brighter rooms. 

neutral male room

And there will always be boys who want to bring their favorite characters to the decor, as in the example below where the room was decorated with a Star Wars theme in black and white to represent both sides of the force. 

quarto decor star wars

Colors for Nursery Rooms 

Despite the controversy of blue and pink, the great truth is that these colors are ideal for baby rooms . 

Light pink rooms refer to the mother’s womb, it’s the most cozy color for a baby, while sky blue brings peace and tranquility, helping to calm the little ones. 

Girl's Room

In general, light colors are the most used in baby and toddler rooms. 

baby girl room

However, in recent years there has been a trend towards dark rooms with black and navy blue walls.  

baby blue room

It is also worth mentioning the bright rooms that use colorful details to bring a more fun air, as in the example below in which the theme was from the movie Monsters SA and the polka dots were chosen in the colors of the characters. Ideal for those looking for a neutral children’s room. 

Genderless baby room

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