Reading: Room size ideas : how to define when building?

Room size ideas : how to define when building?

Room size ideas : how to define when building?

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When you decide that you are going to build a house, this turns out to be one of the simplest steps in the process. The details that will really make you think start when you sit down with the architect to describe your ideas and start the project. So, what will be the footage of each room? have you think about it? What is the ideal room size?

The truth is that everything will depend, first, on the total area available to build. The  architect will help you plan the ideal size of the property, considering what you need left over for the outdoor area.

Having defined that, then you will think about how many rooms the house needs to have. This is because the needs of each family are very variable. There are those who insist on 3 bedrooms, 3 living rooms and 2 bathrooms. Others prefer something more like a loft, to leave everything very open and spacious. This idea is even better when the total area is small.

So, in general, there is no rule for the ideal size for  a double room, single room, bathroom or closet. But, of course, there is a minimum footage so that at least the basic furniture can fit and that people can move around the environment.

It’s based on these minimal needs that this idea article will give you the information on the ideal bedroom size. Check it out and talk to your architect to find out what he thinks about your project.

Room size ideas : Minimum size for single room

Minimum size for single room

Starting with the single room. As a standard, when the room will be used by only one person, the measurement is around 10 to 12m². If the room will be used by two people or if you want a more spacious environment, it can reach 16m². That way, it would be 4 meters wide and 4 meters long.

For these measurements, it is considered that a single bed is on average 1.90 m long by 80 cm wide. Therefore, two beds would fit in a 16m² room, along with a dresser or desk and two more wardrobes. And of course, there is still room for movement.

When imagining it, it doesn’t look like it will fit all this in just 16m², but it fits and looks very good. So, you can already have a good idea of ​​space if you can make a room bigger or smaller than that.

Perfect size for a double bedroom

Perfect size for a double bedroom

Now, talking about the double bedroom, which you will definitely have in your house. If you are going to put all the furniture inside the room, without having an extra closet, a measure of 20m² is comfortable to accommodate the bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a TV rack, for example.

If you prefer to make a closet, the size of the room can be smaller than that, however, remember that the closet will occupy a much larger area than a wardrobe would occupy. So take that into account.

If you have a really small space, an idea is to make the double bedroom about 10m² and make a built-in wardrobe in another area, such as in the hallway just outside the bedroom. Check with your architect if this idea is viable in your case.

The general tip is that you already know what furniture you want to put inside the room. So if you have a TV rack but you think it will take up too much space, you might want to swap it out for a wall panel. So, even with a small room, there will be more space for circulation.

You also need to think about how important the bedroom is in your everyday life. Some people don’t really care about a big room, because they only use it to sleep and change clothes. So the living room and kitchen take priority.

But there are those who like to spend a lot of time in the bedroom and even prefer to include a home office in it. In this case, the room becomes priority. Think about all these factors to help define the ideal size for a double bedroom.

Is it worth making a suite or closet?

Is it worth making a suite or closet?

This issue is as variable as the others. First of all, you need to know if you will have space. Of course, you wouldn’t stop making a room for your child just to make a closet for you. So, primary needs come first.

Now, whether you can choose to have a guest room, a home office or a closet is up to you. Of course, a closet won’t necessarily be the size of a bedroom, but it will take up more space than a wardrobe.

As for the bathroom in the bedroom, the same rule applies. It’s a great idea when more people live in the house. So you have more privacy and convenience. How much better will it make you feel on a daily basis? If you have a little space to spare, it might be worth it. This space is on average 3 x 1.5 m. The bare minimum for a comfortable en-suite bathroom.

Ways to make the most of a small bedroom

If you have the need to make a small room, that is, a single room with less than 10 m² and a double room with less than 14 m², for example, you need solutions so that the environment is very well used.

That’s why it’s so important to think first about the furniture you want to place and the needs of those who will use the environment. Because after it’s done, you can place the furniture and realize that it wasn’t well positioned and then there’s nothing else to do but buy new furniture.

So, one of the solutions is to invest in sliding doors. Bedroom door opens inwards, and that already takes up a space that you wouldn’t need. For example, if the bed is too close to the door, it can get in and out a lot, and create that claustrophobic feeling of not being able to walk around the room when the door is open.

Another tip is to invest in  planned furniture . This is perhaps the best of the tips, which may require an investment, but which will ensure that every inch of the room is very well occupied.

In this sense, talk to your architect to calculate how much it would cost to build a bigger room and use the furniture you already have, and how much it would cost for a smaller room, but with planned furniture. This account may not be worth it, but then you will also have to take into account the type of planned furniture you will want. There are very important details.

The important thing is to remember that when you need to do the best in a small space, you will have to give up some things to have others. There’s no way. So listen to what your architect has to suggest, always. Because he already knows what will or will not make a difference in the final result.

The advantage of custom furniture, if it’s worth it, is that you can make cabinets on all sides, you can make hanging furniture that goes up to the ceiling to free up the floor space.

Trunk beds or beds with drawers are another very functional option for small rooms, as they will occupy the same space as any bed, but with the advantage of having one more place to store shoes, bedding and other belongings.

You can even make a folding desk, which will only take up enough space when in use. And as already mentioned, instead of having a TV rack, you can have a wall panel that will take up almost no extra space, except for the thickness of the TV itself.

Check out more models and different room sizes below.

different room sizes 5
different room sizes 6
different room sizes 7
different room sizes 8
different room sizes 9
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different room sizes15
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different room sizes 19
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different room sizes 25

different room sizes 2/

different room sizes 27

What is the minimum size for a single room?

What is the minimum size for a single room?

12 m². Considering the bed and the minimum space to move around freely on a daily basis, this is the minimum size for a single room. To have a little more space and ensure at least some complementary furniture, such as a chest of drawers, the ideal is that the room is at least 16 m².

Following these tips, you already know that the size of a small single room needs to guarantee mobility in everyday life and is not very favorable to sharing with other people.

And what is the minimum size of the double room?

And what is the minimum size of the double room?

3.20 x 3.20 is the minimum size of the double room. Considering the bed and some small furniture, this is the ideal space to have a minimally comfortable routine.

If the idea is to have something larger, such as a closet, it is interesting that this room size is custom-furnished to meet all specific needs. It is worth remembering that a closet is not something out of this world: it is possible to organize a closet of minimal measures like this from projects designed especially for you.

Ideal room size to have a closet and many more tips!

Ideal room size to have a closet and many more tips!

The ideal room size definitely has everything to do with your needs, with your day-to-day routine, whether you prefer a single or double room, and other points

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