75+ Rustic Kitchen Ideas On A Budget That Will Transform Your Cooking Space

Rustic kitchen ideas on a budget : best 75+ ideas

In kitchen decor, there is much more than aseptic spaces covered entirely with white tiles. A kitchen can also be warm, where natural materials such as wood abound. A clear example of this are the classic-style rustic kitchens that never go out of style.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a cozy home, don’t give up on designing the kitchen of your life as well. Whether it is a kitchen integrated with the living room or dining room, or a separate space, it is very easy to adapt the rustic country decoration to your tastes and needs.

Rustic kitchen ideas on a budget

Rustic kitchen furniture

The rustic style for the kitchen has changed a lot in recent years. From the classic wooden furniture in dark tones, we have moved on to more functional furniture in different colors that provide more light and style to the space.

decorate town house with little money

But without a doubt, a detail that is still main in rustic decoration is wood , which we will find in most elements.

modern rustic decoration for kitchen
Decorate Ideas

The wooden furniture for the kitchen is a hallmark for the rustic style.

how to decorate a rustic kitchen
Country Living

The more natural the wood is , the closer it will bring us to nature, with furniture with hardly any treatment or with a simple varnish.

rustic kitchens with island

Install low kitchen cabinets as well as hanging cabinets. The kitchen cabinets and pantries are a classic that never fails, as well as the wall shelves that you can use for decoration or as a more functional element to place the dishes.

rustic kitchens catalog

In addition to natural wood, if you want to give your kitchen a more country touch, do not cut yourself and choose white furniture .

simple rustic country houses with kitchen island
House Beautiful

Kitchen furniture in pastel colors such as green, blue, pale pink, and even with a worn look, are another of the trends of the season to achieve a kitchen with personality.

Wooden kitchen countertop

If you think that putting all the wooden kitchen furniture is too much for you, there is a combination that has become fashionable and that can fit in with a more minimalist style .

rustic decoration chic kitchen

Matching white kitchen cabinets with a natural wood countertop , adding equal parts warmth and style.

rustic kitchen with wooden countertop

The wooden countertop for the kitchen has multiple advantages beyond aesthetics. They are cheaper than granite countertops, and more durable than chipboard .

rustic kitchen decoration
Country Living Magazine

Easy to install, you have at your disposal many types of highly resistant wood .

ideas to decorate a rustic kitchen

Of course, you will have to give a little pampering and care to the wooden countertop so that it does not scratch or spoil .

ideas to decorate a rustic kitchen
Lovely Homy

Accompany it with beautiful wooden or stone cutting boards to cook without damaging the wooden countertop , and keep it away from excessive humidity.

rustic kitchens with wooden countertops
The Furniture

On the market you have special wooden kitchen countertop varnishes that protect the surface so that they last longer.

small rustic kitchen decoration

In addition to being beautiful, this type of kitchen surface gives a touch of incredible warmth to any home, and can be combined with furniture of all styles.

Rustic kitchen island

Rustic kitchens are often associated with typical American kitchens from the movies.

rustic kitchen with island

Within a large space integrated with the living room and dining room, you can never miss a spacious country -style kitchen island , mixing wood and other natural materials.

rustic american bars
Home and Decoration

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of space in your rustic kitchen, there is always room to have a small rustic-style island .

rustic country kitchens

As an extra workspace , to have breakfast in the kitchen in the morning, or to make a quick lunch, they are very useful for any home.

rustic kitchen with beautiful island countertop

Combine the same materials for the kitchen cabinets and the countertop for the island once. You can choose a wooden base and a granite, marble or natural wood top.

photos of rustic kitchens

Accompany it with comfortable benches or kitchen chairs in the traditional style , with a typical farmhouse braided seat.

kitchens for country houses
House Beautiful

The movable kitchen islands are also very practical and take up less space. Do not miss more ideas of modern kitchens with island , they will surprise you!

rustic kitchen with central island on wheels

Try upcycling a vintage wooden table or an antique cabinet with drawers and shelves on the bottom to gain extra storage space, or to keep your cookbooks close at hand.

Stone kitchen sink

As we saw in the decoration of rustic bathrooms, stone sinks are the most within this style. Even modern minimalist kitchens are betting on this original detail.

decoration town houses photos kitchen
Elle Decor

The large front-facing sinks can be found today in low-cost DIY stores such as Brico Depot or Leroy Merlin. Very cheap and within your reach!

rustic wooden kitchens decorate

In addition to natural stone sinks, another cheaper option is white ceramic or metal sinks . They give an aspect of the most original country kitchen, ideal to accompany the typical curtains for rustic kitchen furniture from magazine.

vintage kitchen sink
House Beautiful

Kitchens with stone and wood opt for natural tones and quality materials that provide greater durability.

rustic kitchen sink

Take the opportunity to give the sink the importance it deserves, placing it in the center of the kitchen island , or in front of a window that faces the outside.

small rustic kitchen decoration
Driven by Decor

Do you want to save even more on kitchen design by gaining practicality? The revolution in rustic kitchen sinks comes with new materials that mimic stone and ceramic for much less money.

what sink to put in the rustic kitchen
Rocio Boliver

Find out about resin sinks for a charming kitchen, available with a wide variety of finishes and colors that will amaze you.

Gas cookers for the kitchen

Another of the rustic kitchen decoration details that you can include in your custom design is the gas stove . If you look closely, in today’s rustic kitchens there are not many ceramic hobs or induction hobs.

stoves for rustic kitchen
Country Living

Instead, we still see traditional fires like those in grandmothers’ houses.

rustic houses inside
Hello Lovely Studio

Although it may seem that gas stoves are out of fashion, the truth is that in recent years the demand has increased .

dark rustic kitchens inspiration

In modern stove designs  from decoration stores like Ikea you have several very attractive options, which you can install at home on a low budget.

how to decorate a rustic kitchen

Accompany the gas stove with a good kitchen extractor hood , occupying a place of honor in the room. Being a gas stove, ventilation is very important to avoid possible risks during use and also when it is turned off.

decorate small rustic kitchen
Elle Decor

Another very original option is to accompany the gas stove with a classic fireplace with a rustic kitchen, or invest in a classic oven .

cheap rustic kitchen furniture
Saville Furniture

As part of the objects to decorate the kitchen, the gas oven is a very functional element that will help you prepare delicious dishes.

how to decorate a rustic kitchen wall

The classic ovens have nothing to do with the new electric models . If you get the chance, give them a try and you’ll see!

Wooden beams for the kitchen

Even modern rustic kitchens today rely on old-fashioned wooden beams . Exposed kitchen beams can have a function maintaining the structure of the building, or simply act as a decorative element.

how to decorate a rustic kitchen wooden beams
Elle Decor

Typical of country kitchens, these can be placed either in a vertical position in the middle of the kitchen , next to the wall, or through the ceiling.

modern country kitchens
House Beautiful

If you are thinking of doing a renovation work and want to give a rustic look to the kitchen, consider it for a touch of the most elegant.

how to decorate a rustic house on a low budget
House Beautiful

Recycle some old barn beams to add value to your home, or invest in new wooden beams for a more modern touch.

modern country kitchen
The Furniture

For the low cost renovation of a kitchen you can also use false wooden beams, as a merely decorative element.

modern rustic style kitchens
House Furniture

Choose well the place where they will be placed , so that they do not get in the way and are easy to clean and maintain.

rustic kitchen tiles
Acnn Home

Try varnishing the wood to give them a protective layer maintaining their natural appearance, or painting them white for a brighter open-country kitchen.

Rustic walls for the kitchen

modern picnic tables for rustic kitchen
House Beautiful

A rustic white kitchen never fails. This is an option that requires very little maintenance is to directly cover all the walls with tiles.

However, an image that matches more with classic rustic kitchens is that of walls made of wood, stone, or other more conventional materials.

what wall to put in the rustic kitchen

Village kitchens tend to have more rudimentary walls, with exposed bricks or whitewashed walls .

modern rustic kitchens

If you do not want to give up the practical tiles, which are much easier to clean, install them in the front of the kitchen choosing a rough design, such as white tiles with dark joints that give an aged look.

what tiles to put in a kitchen

For very small kitchens, an idea that will help you make the most of the space is to completely cover the walls with furniture .

cheap rustic kitchens
Martha Stewart

A classic of rustic kitchens is to install tall units that go up to the ceiling, with practical mezzanines in which to store accessories and small appliances that are not for daily use.

stone walls for kitchens

If you decide on a wall with a lot of personality, such as a stone or brick wall , find the balance without going overboard with the rest of the furniture and accessories.

rustic kitchen countertops

So that the room does not look overloaded , white kitchens or with light wood furniture will be great as inspiration.

What color to choose for a rustic kitchen?

We finish our advice on how to decorate rustic kitchens by giving a few strokes on the color palette to choose .

green rustic kitchen

In the beautiful images of cozy kitchens there is a tonality that abounds above the others: wood. However, it is not the only one that we will see in a modern and current rustic kitchen .

large rustic vintage kitchen
Country Living

In addition to wooden furniture and white kitchens , in recent years we have seen riskier designs in a wide range of colors.

rustic black and white kitchens
House Decoration Tip

From black kitchens with elegant furniture in dark tones, going through grays, to the most romantic pastel tones.

rustic kitchen in blue color
House Beautiful

If you want a colorful and country kitchen , go ahead and give it some touches in blue or green. Pink and red are other shades that always fit in with this style, as well as warm colors, among which yellow and orange stand out.

green rustic style kitchen
Elle Decor

Add small touches of color to rustic kitchens through the dining room table, chairs, an appliance, or paint all the wooden furniture in your favorite color.

how to decorate a country style kitchen

In combination with white, stone gray or earth tones and wood , you will have the most original rustic kitchen you could ever imagine.

decoration of an elegant simple rustic kitchen

Do you want to know more about the rustic style of decoration? Discover in our blog Decorar con Gusto many other tips to decorate different rooms such as the living room or a rustic bathroom .

rustic kitchen decoration ideas

 Rustic kitchen fronts

Rustic kitchen wooden pallet backsplash
Rustic Kitchen Wood Pallet Backsplash – Source

A beautiful rustic kitchen with a wooden pallet backsplash.

A rustic kitchen with industrial touches

2 - A rustic kitchen with industrial touches
Rustic kitchen with central island – source

A magnificent central island with a rather contemporary look in a rustic style kitchen.

Open shelves to display the dishes

rustic kitchen with oven and chromed dishwasher
Rustic kitchen with chrome oven and dishwasher – source

The rustic style finally goes well enough with chrome elements, such as the oven or the dishwasher.

Raw materials and rustic style

Mixture of rustic & modern in this kitchen
Mixture of rustic & contemporary in this kitchen – source

A wonderful rustic kitchen with a blend of contemporary style.

A modern kitchen with rustic touches

Contemporary rustic kitchen
Contemporary rustic kitchen – source

A very beautiful contemporary rustic kitchen. We love the mix of styles that brings a really very “ chic ” trend . The dark gray walls contrast perfectly with the light wood of the furniture.

A rustic and vintage style

Modern touches in this rustic kitchen
Contemporary touches in this rustic kitchen – source

A kitchen with some rustic touches. We also really like the vintage bar stool .

black tiles and wood

Rustic kitchen with wooden bench
Rustic kitchen with wooden bench – source

A very beautiful rustic kitchen, a mixture of wood, black and stone ( with the sink ). We love the large table and its wooden bench as the centerpiece of this kitchen.

A small rustic kitchen

Rustic black and gold kitchen
Rustic black and gold kitchen – source

Above, a kitchen with a rustic look with black and gold touches to bring a “ chic ” aspect . The dark of the backsplash contrasts perfectly with the warmth of the wood.

A large central island

Rustic central island in the kitchen
Rustic central island in the kitchen – source

A contemporary kitchen with a central wooden island and vintage bar stools for the rustic style. The open plank shelves are also reminiscent of this rustic look.

Terracotta tiles

Industrial rustic style kitchen
Industrial rustic style kitchen – source

A very nice mix of rustic and industrial style in this kitchen. The rustic look is also declined in the choice of utensils and accessories.

Brick walls

Rustic kitchen brick wall
Rustic kitchen with brick wall – source

A kitchen with a “ raw ” aspect : brick wall and rustic look with wooden furniture.

A rustic chalet-style kitchen

Rustic kitchen with exposed beams
Rustic kitchen with exposed beams – source

Above, a magnificent rustic kitchen. All the elements recall this style, down to the cowhide rug ! We love the beautiful, very impressive exposed beams as well as the stone wall.

An open rustic kitchen

Rustic wood & stone kitchen
Rustic wood & stone kitchen – source

A magnificent rustic kitchen, a mixture of wood and stone. We love the details in this large kitchen, like the wooden crate, the flower pots …

A country style

Rustic white wall kitchen
Rustic kitchen white wall – source

Above is a rustic kitchen with white walls and wooden furniture with vintage handles.

A refined decoration

Contemporary rustic kitchen
Contemporary rustic kitchen – source

This contemporary kitchen incorporates very distinguished rustic touches. We love the mix of wood and the “ raw ” look of the waxed concrete worktop .

A mix of styles

wood and black cabinet rustic kitchen
rustic wood and black kitchen cabinet – source

Mixture of wood and black for the furniture in this rustic kitchen. We love the idea of ​​putting framed photos in the kitchen!

A white splashback

White backsplash in rustic kitchen
White backsplash in rustic kitchen – source

We love the combination of the white backsplash, concrete countertop and rustic look in this kitchen.

A rustic chic kitchen

Rustic chic kitchen
Rustic chic kitchen – source

Above, a rustic “chic” kitchen. It benefits from a very beautiful natural light which highlights it. We also really like the details through the accessories and kitchen utensils such as the cutting board and the wooden bowl.

A large open rustic kitchen

Rustic kitchen with pendant lights
Rustic kitchen with pendant lights – source

Exposed beams, tiling with black and white geometric shapes, wooden furniture and open shelves for this rustic kitchen.

A small rustic kitchen

Kitchen with rustic wooden shelf
Kitchen with rustic wooden shelves – source

Above is a small kitchen with rustic touches like the wooden shelves for the open shelves. We also really like the copper kitchen faucet.

Suspensions to illuminate the worktop

Rustic and contemporary in the kitchen
Rustic and contemporary in the kitchen – source

Another great proof that the contemporary and rustic style go together wonderfully in the kitchen. We love the small central wooden island as well as the pendant lights above the worktop.

Gray and raw materials

Gray rustic kitchen
Gray rustic kitchen – source

More rare in the decoration of a rustic kitchen, the choice of gray color. The whole is however very successful. The very light wood goes perfectly with the gray central island.

Mismatched bar stools

Rustic kitchen with mismatched bar stools
Rustic kitchen with mismatched bar stools – source

A magnificent rustic open kitchen. Several elements play with this style. For example, the bar stools around the central island are mismatched, this brings a touch of salvage to the room. The wooden worktop also recalls the countryside atmosphere. Add to that the wood stove and everything comes together to create a very nice rustic atmosphere in this kitchen.

And you, do you already know how to decorate rustic kitchens ? We’re waiting for your comments and opinions!

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