Reading: 40+ Shelf DIY Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

40+ Shelf DIY Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

Shelf DIY ideas : best 40+ ideas

Need some homemade Shelf DIY ideas to keep them from falling over? It is the game of style with the intention of adding DIY to your modern interior . So showing you here these 40+ unique DIY home shelving ideas that will help you organize books and other stuff in a modern and creative way. These shelf ideas will be an ideal pick when you need to put your favorite thing. Plus, they’re too charming and classy to be a wall-worthy centerpiece.

There will also be another plus point, adding any of this shelf to a room, it will add a lot of storage space to that particular room. Also display your crafts and decorations on the remaining shelf tiers of this shelf for a one-shelf beauty station too. 

Here this list comes with all the out-of-the-box ideas that are too creative to win your heart. Various modern home shelf designs are waiting for you here and are guaranteed to win your heart at first sight.

Shelf DIY ideas for a modern interior:

Make a beautiful circular shelf, it will be more like glamorous wall art and spruce up your wall too by building U-shaped shelves facing each other. Recycle plumbing pipes and flat wood squares to make a freestanding shelf, and set up your home office too by building a modern wall shelf with a built-in computer desk.

Go with iron and wood combinations to make more durable yet stylish DIY shelves , and also enjoy your modern interiors by building a mid-century modern shelf in your home. Also install modern and epic shelves, string shelf vertical brackets, wood shelves, and custom shelf brackets and bring amazing visual details to an interior by building a tree-shaped shelf.

Paint the peg boards in a modern way and make a modern shelf out of them and build a stylish white shelf too, it will be a modern addition to any room. Visit all these modern DIY shelving ideas to see all the amazing designs

Unique DIY Circular Shelving:

Unique circular shelving

Time to organize your expensive books in fashion. Go for this modern round shelf that in itself will make great wall art.

The small bookcase built into the circular path will hold the books neatly and create a lovely display. A modern bookcase for modern interiors. 

Modern Wall Mounted Shelving:

Unique wall shelves

Following minimalism? Then go for these modern minimalist wall shelves that will take all reputation and decor to the next level.

A couple of simple and colorful modern shelves that can be further accentuated by placing some decorative pots. Store your books in the colorful wall art posters. 

DIY freestanding shelving:

DIY freestanding shelving

Respect your books a lot by building this standing bookcase. Provides several flat hands to hold stacks of books.

Use the wooden squares and plumbing pipe scraps to build this unique bookcase. A great option to organize your books on a stable surface where you often read and write.

Yet impressive bookshelf:

Yet impressive bookshelf

An ultra-modern edition of a minimalist home office, a stunning bookshelf with a built-in computer desk, will bring a great wow factor to a room with its incredible design curves.

This will be an ideal choice for an interior in which you have decided to add a few necessary things.

Build an Iron Bound Bookshelf:

Build an Iron Bound Bookshelf:

Do you prefer stability to style? Then this iron-bound bookcase model is for you.

The wooden shelving tiers have been beautifully added to the metallic iron frame to organize the book stacks.

A decent yet durable shelving design to make at home. 

DIY Mid-Century Modern Bookshelf:

Build a mid-century modern bookshelf

Go with these shelves if you need to put your books in a charming display while still having great ease of choice.

Mid-century modern bookcases that stand on A-shaped legs and offer shelves flat on top and angled below. 

DIY assembled book shelf:

DIY assembled book shelf

Extend the wall shelf and let it serve more. Take a look at the style and functional behavior of this mounted bookcase, which also provides shelves to hold your TV screen.

So choose this bookcase if you need a built-in multimedia console. Grab six string rack uprights, wooden shelf boards, and metal brackets to install this wall shelf. 

How to build a tree shelf:

How to build a tree shelf

The artistic curves of this tree bookcase are guaranteed to create jazzy appeal in any interior. It can look good on the wall as a 3D wall art while holding your books on the tree branches carefully.

Paint a large plywood or MDF board for a beautiful background and then install the tree bookcase on it. 

Modern wall shelf:

Modern wall shelf
unknown source

Elegant white is the hottest trend in modern interior design decorations. Therefore, this elegant white wall shelf model will really turn modern in every room or interior.

It can stand alone or it can be given a decent wall mount to store your books and accessories in a modern way.

DIY Ombre Book Shelf with Pegboard:

DIY Ombre Book Shelf

Shelves add display and storage space to an interior, but they can also be a way to add attractive colors to a room interior.

Build this ombre bookshelf to bring the magnetizing ombre effect to an interior. This bookshelf is made from a pegboard that you can add with wooden strip shelves. 

Mid-century modern bookshelf:

Modern Mid Century Brown Bookcase

You’ll love looking at the well-finished and stained shelving on this mid-century modern bookcase. Short metal pillars support each shelf box in staggered arrangements.

Finally, this extremely modern shelf has been finished off with short wooden legs. A very elegant geometric model of the shelf to make at home. 

How to build a bookcase:

Modern DIY bookshelf

Shelves are the smartest solution to highlight any interior. Have a stack of books to organize decently? Then this given bookcase will be an ideal choice.

It has many built-in shelves and storage compartments. Finally, tons of grace has been added using decorative wood trim. 

Superhero Logo Shaped Shelf:

Superhero Logo Shaped Bookshelf

Show your love for superman by making this superhero logo shaped bookcase. It will be loved by all the kids who are fans of superheroes.

This may be the next big trend for modern interior wall shelving. This bookcase is a total pleasure to look at and can be made in any color of your choice. 

Tea cup shelf:

Tea Cup Rack

Surprise yourself looking at this shelf of teacups. They are painted from the inside but with a stylish white exterior.

Upside down arrangements of giant teacup shelves will make for a great center of attention. Another great addition to modern shelving trends. 

Tree library:

Tree bookcase

One of the most fantastic bookcases that you can achieve with your own beautiful hands. It will be both a giant wall art and a beautiful bookshelf.

Take a plan and then choose flat, thin pieces of wood to make this art-style tree bookcase in no time. 

Rubika bookcase with color blocks:

Rubika bookcase with color blocks

Keep your interiors looking modern by installing this Rubika Color Block Bookcase which is made up of three different color painted bookcases.

Here, the angled style of two shelves is solely responsible for the elevated beauty of this shelf. 

DIY Mandala bookshelf:

DIY Mandala Shelving

Mandalas are very fashionable, in crochet and now also in interior decoration. They can also be a significant sign or a religious sign for many of us.

So spruce up your interiors too with this mandala bookshelf that is ultra-modern and will definitely impress the audience. Use only the big and small boxes to build it. 

DIY bookcase with angled shelves:

DIY bookcase with angled shelves

Spruce up any interior space with this easy-to-make bookcase. It’s simple but still looks artistic due to the angled shelves that hold books in place in a cool way.

Build an empty vertical wooden box, lift it up with short wooden legs, and you’re done. 

Make a hexagonal bookcase:

Make a bookshelf

Nothing can beautify your modern interiors more than geometric decorations. So bring both the geometric vibes and amazing shelf space to a purposeful room by adding this hexagonal bookshelf.

Use the leftover wooden planks to make the lovely hexagons then stack them together to make this hexagonal bookcase. 

Build a bookcase for a scrap wood house:

Build a scrap wood shelf

Put the pieces of wood to good use and make this bookcase around the house that is quite simple and easy to make.

Just build a simple box with a chevron roof, and there you have it. Paint it or leave it blank, it will be eye-catching in any aspect. 

Captain America bookshelf:

Captain America shelf

One more superhero logo shelf to make at home, the Captain America shelf that has a star shelf center and epic blue wings shelf inside.

Also clone this unique modern shelf with leftover wood from your home. It will add a great wow factor to any room.

Recovered pallet boxes and shelving:

Shelving of recovered boxes and pallets 1

Also be crafty with leftover and empty wooden boxes to make superior models of modern shelving.

Take a look at the features of this beautiful bookshelf creation, made from recycled pallets and wooden boxes. An ideal decorating station to do at home for free. 

Easy DIY inverted shelving:

Easy DIY inverted shelving

Sometimes the odd and eccentric type of decor brings the necessary modern elegance and artistic value to a determined interior space.

So, let your interiors gain more beauty with this inverted bookcase that is sure to turn heads. It also comes with flipped metal brackets. 

Unique floating shelf:

Unique floating shelf

At first glance, you will become a big fan of the design curves of this unique floating bookcase.

As well as being an ideal wall shelf, it will also work best as a giant wall art sign. Here you need the curved wood to build this unique floating shelf. 

Spiral shelving:

Spiral shelves

Also attract the amount of views of your wall by adding this spiral bookcase, it will be a great center of attention.

Make this spiral bookcase out of many different materials, including heavy duty sheet metal. You’ll love storing your books in the round spiral loops on this bookshelf.

DIY corner shelf:

DIY corner shelving

Bring tons of visual focal stimulation to a modern interior by installing these modern corner shelves.

A cost-effective solution for sprucing up boring room corners and also adding a lot of storage and display space to a room without using floor space. Do this using hardware shelf brackets and wooden shelving boards. 

DIY tree shelf:

Build your own tree shelf

A beginner-friendly modern tree shelf design will be timeless to build. Making it quite a creative game of using recycled wood slats. Mount the short wood slats to a longer vertical one in a chevron or zig-zag pattern creating tree branch style shelving or shelving and you’re done.

Finishing paint or wood stain Here the appeal of the white chick really is great. 

How to make a skateboard bookcase:

How to make a skateboard bookcase

Take out your old and broken skateboards and transform them into modern shelves to hang on the wall.

They will be a appreciated addition to every wall and will hold your valuable furnishing items very well. Here this skateboard hangs through the heavy duty rope lengths with other ends attached to wall hooks. 

Budget Batman Shelf:

Batman bookshelf on a budget

Are you a big fan of Batman? Then satisfy your love for Batman with this other inexpensive Batman logo bookcase.

Another great addition to modern shelves with superhero logos and it will nicely display your books on the wall.

Create homemade shelving

Shelves for shelves

The shelves made by yourself can give a very original touch to your home or office for very little money. This type of furniture helps you maintain order, decorate or even redefine your own style. Also, if you are a recycling lover, here you will find some examples to make DIY shelves with boxes of fruit, wine, pipes or pallets , which are currently so fashionable.

Hanging shelves

Shelves hanging from the ceiling

The most common is to find a shelf hanging or anchored to a wall, but if you are looking for something different you can also hang them from the ceiling. In this way you will add a minimalist and original touch in the corners of your home.

When you opt for hanging shelves you can be creating both a shelf and a side table. You should also bear in mind that if the space you have is very large, you can use it to make two different environments. 

To have a shelf of these characteristics you will need a shelf, which can be reused and painted in the color that best matches, and fastened to the ceiling with a rope. In this way you will print a rustic air.

If you are looking to use the shelf to hold some books or flowerpots, when creating it with this system it will be enough to place a rectangular shelf and fix it to the wall with two lengths of rope and some sockets.

In case you want to give a much more personal touch, instead of ropes you can use your old belts. You will get some very original shelves with a used and old look that will combine perfectly with an industrial and modern style. Remember that these shelves, due to their design, can only support decorative objects.

Fruit box shelves

Fruit boxes shelves

Wooden fruit boxes are very versatile, since you can personalize them with a large number of paintings or decorations, covering them with fabric or making an original composition on the wall.

It is an element that you can use  in any room in your home thanks to its versatility. In fact, with this material you can make shelves for the bathroom to leave toilet paper, towels, or beauty products, you can also take advantage of them in the room of the smallest of the house to place toys and play with their height for a better result or you can choose to cut a box in half and anchor it to the wall to have a very original magazine rack.

Shelf with natural tree trunks

Log shelves

If you are a lover of natural materials and you find some logs that you can use after their treatment, you can count on them to get a simple, elegant and great shelf. You will need clear shelves and a series of cut logs that will hold the woods.

Looking for logs of different sizes, you can choose to cut them and make them all the same length or take advantage of that difference so that the shelf has different heights and thus be able to place all kinds of objects.

Create original shelves with chairs on the wall

Chair shelf

Thinking of a more original shelf? You have the opportunity to paint some folding wooden chairs and place them on the wall. You will get extremely practical shelves for a small space, such as the one you can have in a dressing room. You can place it open or closed, depending on your need.

If you have an original and antique chair, you can also place it on the wall by turning it over and use it as a shelf.

Shelving with pallets

Shelving with pallets

Stack a few pallets on top of each other and place some stops on the wall to hold them. You will have created a different shelf.

You can cut the pallets and make mini balconies to place your perfumes or cosmetics in the bathroom, to use in the kitchen with the most common cooking utensils or even to create a vertical garden with different types of aromatic herbs.

Following the same model of balcony, you can place your wine bottles in the living room and your glasses underneath, without a doubt a very original wine cellar.

Combining fruit boxes and pallet slats, you will get a hall or a shelf for the kitchen or living room. Paint it the color you prefer and place books or decorative objects in the boxes.

Designer shelves

Wood is the most common element to create shelves, if you also make them yourself, you can change and combine them as you like.

Dare to make homemade shelving with a balanced and light look . The result will be a DIY bookcase with a professional finish. A few boards, a few knots and some colored ropes can be enough to have a shelf worthy of the best interior design store.

Shelving for home with concrete blocks

Oddly enough, the idea of ​​encouraging ourselves to decorate with concrete blocks  every day has a greater number of followers. Initially, they began being used outdoors, but over time their use indoors has been gaining strength. Its ecological aesthetic and based on the recycling of objects, which were originally intended for another use, provides a personal and different touch that we like so much in our homes. And best of all, shaping shelves for the home by encouraging you to use them will surprise you very pleasantly, both for the results obtained and for the speed in achieving them.

shelves for home II

With a plank and a few slats

A natural wood board and a few slats of the same material can be more than enough to shape a particular shelf that can be a relief in different environments of the house . Saving space in the bathroom  will be a success if we decide to incorporate it into it, and when it comes to decorating a workspace at home , they may also be an ideal complement.

shelves for home III

Using wooden boxes

Whether they are made by yourself, bought, rescuing old wooden boxes or joining any type of box for secondary storage , making shelves for the home, joining them using screws, it could be a fantastic idea and the sea of ​​functional if what you want is to give forms a shelf with ample visible storage capacity. If at the same time you want the idea of ​​being versatile, incorporating wheels will give you a lot of play both when cleaning, as if you want to divide spaces or change the room when you see fit.

shelves for home V

Hanging shelves

They are very topical! And the fact is that,  whether you use a cord or if you choose to hang them using leather strips, the effect achieved will be in any case super showy, original and very different . Supporting them against a wall may be an option. The shelf will have more stability by having a fixed and completely vertical support point such as the wall on which they support, but another idea that does not go unnoticed results from suspending the shelf from the ceiling without having any more fixed support point. than the one that holds her from the ceiling. Although it is very attractive, it is true that this last option is more viable in the case of simple shelves, not shelves that have different levels.

shelves for home VI

Recycling pallets

What cannot be done with pallets? There is no piece of furniture that can resist its charms! And it is that, by using imagination and responding to a specific need, pallets can become practically any piece of furniture worth its salt and the creation of shelves for the home could not be less.

shelves for home VII

Shelves with fruit boxes

An element to which we all have easy access, and with which we can give rise to cheerful and fun compositions, which in addition to being showy will play a valuable role in our home if we know how to take full advantage of them . Playing with colors, at the same time, will allow us to merge them much more in any environment while giving a fun and original touch to our rooms.

shelves for home VIII

Simulating the honeycomb

Squeezing the ingenuity, and with simple slats, we can give rise to original and showy shelves for the home. While they fulfill the function for which they have been materialized, they will divinely decorate the wall in which we decide to incorporate them , and if not, look at the image that I show you below.

shelves for home IX

With old drawers

Among the ideas to recycle the drawers  you can also contemplate that of making a shelf that will get you out of a tight spot. Above all, in those spaces where you need to have some auxiliary furniture but the depth with which you have is clearly scarce .

shelves for home X

As you can see, with these simple, fast and inexpensive ideas, shaping a bookcase made by yourself, with which you give the original and personal touch to your home, will be a piece of cake. It only remains to decide which of these ideas you choose to shape yours!

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