shoe painting ideas : step by step + 20+ ideas

shoe painting ideas : step by step + 20+ ideas

Surely there are some fancy sneakers stored there that you have stopped using because they are worn, stained or their color combination already bores you a bit. It’s time to give them a new chance!

In the next project I will show you how I painted my white fabric sneakers that were already very dirty and even after washing their stains would not go away. I got tired of trying to keep them clean and wanted to try painting them with  Golden acrylics and  Golden’s Gac 900 , since when mixed they transform into textile paint. and after that 21+ shoe painting examples to inspire you

shoe painting ideas : step by step

Materials you will need

  • A pair of slippers
  • Golden Acrylics  (you can use any of its formats, Heavy Body, Fluid or High Flow).
  • Medium  Gac 900 Golden
  •  Straight and round brushes of different sizes.
  • Lidded jars for mixing.
  • Maskingtape  and transparent packing tape.
  • Scissors or cut cardboard.
  • Alcohol, cotton or cotton wool.
  • Dryer.
  • Airbrush (optional)
  • Pencil (optional)
  • Paper larger than 200gr (optional)

Step by step to paint your sneakers

1. Faced with the big question: What color palette am I going to use? My first recommendation is to look for references. This makes it a lot of fun since you can play with models that are not exactly the same as yours. I invite you to imagine and look for different options. For this I checked:

– color palettes on Pinterest or Google.
– shoe brands that interest me and their old or current models.
– The shoe model that may also exist in other colors.

Step by step to paint your sneakers

2. Once you have a range of possibilities, you have to adjust them to reality, since sometimes it is difficult to decide. Taking a paper test will help you a lot to see a more tangible and closer result. For my part, what I did was draw my shoe model three times and then paint them with my selection of palettes. If the drawing does not suit you or you want a more realistic result, you can look for the model online and print it in black and white to paint it on top or also use higher programs such as Photoshop and more basic programs such as Paint.

Step by step to paint your sneakers

3. Once you have made your choice, prepare the colors on your palette again to mix them with the gac 900 and use them as you go. It is important that you can save your color mixtures for later final details or second layers, it can be in small containers or cream containers, they are ideal since they have a lid. Prepare them in proportion to the amount that you are going to use in the shoe. For example, as my predominant color will be that light gray-blue, I will prepare more of this and the rest equally. To prepare your textile paint, follow these steps: Place the acrylic paint in the pot and mix it until the color is achieved. Then apply the same amount of GAC 900, since the ratio of this medium is 1: 1.

Step by step to paint your sneakers

4. In order to start painting, we must clear the areas of the shoe that we will paint first and seal those that have not yet been painted. Here I recommend using clear packing tape for larger areas and masking tape for fine-tuning details.

Step by step to paint your sneakers
Step by step to paint your sneakers

5. Now to the painting! In this test I used my airbrush and brush to test both techniques. The truth is that both work very well and leave a very good finish if the acrylics you use are covering. The airbrush works for larger areas and hard-to-reach places, and the brush works great for more linear details. The airbrush allows you to save paint, since it distributes it much better. The only downside to it is that it is quite tedious to clean. I used it to paint the gray parts and to apply the light pink on the laces and on the back tape. I recommend using Golden high flow acrylics, which have the perfect consistency for the airbrush. If you don’t have them, apply a little more Gac 900 to achieve a consistency similar to liquid cream.

Step by step to paint your sneakers

6. Once the general painting process is finished, the final touches come. For example, areas where the brush or airbrush did not reach and that, when removing the packing tape, appear. Here you must touch up with a much finer brush.

Step by step to paint your sneakers

7. It is very common for the areas that you want to leave without paint to stain a little. In my case it was the nike check and the sole. But with a cotton swab and alcohol you can clean it.

8. After the paint has dried, the Gac 900 has to set and for this we need heat. If it is clothes you can iron 3 to 5 minutes on the reverse and it is fixed. But since they are shoes, I recommend using the clothes dryer for 30 to 40 minutes and then they will be ready to start using them again.

Step by step to paint your sneakers

I hope you liked your result!

As a restorer and curator I love to restore the value of objects that are deteriorated, and also doing it with my personal things at home has always been a good hobby. The good thing is that also with these types of challenges we help to take care of the environment. It is our task to be more aware of initiating small actions that can be part of great changes. So I invite you to dare and try!

20 designs to paint your shoe

Designs to paint espadrilles easily

designs to paint espadrilles 1
Source: flickr

It is the simplest but effective method to change the appearance of our shoes. The idea is to cover the shoe with masking tape, leaving only one free area. This area will be where we apply our paint.

Paint by sectors

designs to paint espadrilles 2
Source: wp

Another of the designs to paint espadrilles, consists of following the seams of the shoes, painting each of these areas in a different tonality. At the end we will have a mosaic of colors that will offer a very striking result.

Watermelon style espadrilles

designs to paint espadrilles 3
Source: coplusk

Some time ago, we published an entry of fruits and vegetables with surprising shapes . Well, following that idea, we can design our shoes as if it were one of those fruits. As an example, we leave you these sneakers inspired by watermelons.

Slippers already stained

designs to paint espadrilles 4
Source: bloggers

We bring you the perfect solution for already stained shoes. If you can’t get rid of the dirt, team up with it. What we propose is that you keep staining them with paint until you get something abstract. This way people will not notice that annoying stain.

Shaped templates

designs to paint espadrilles 5
Source: styleshare

If you do not like what you have seen so far or it seems very complicated, this other option may be the solution. It is about the use of templates and different colors to personalize the footwear. Triangles have been used in the image, but anything else could have been used.

Use spray paint

designs to paint espadrilles 6
Source: blogspot

We don’t want you to become street artists , but we do want you to use their tools. You cannot deny that this form of customization is very simple.

Design for the little ones

designs to paint espadrilles 7
Source: elmeme

In our list of designs to paint espadrilles, we also have space for the little ones. In this case it is shown how red sneakers have been used to paint the face of the adorable Elmo.

Pokemon fashion

designs to paint espadrilles 8
Source: pstatp

On our site we talked a few days ago about the risk of the game Pokemon Go . Despite this, if you consider yourself a fan of him, he can always get you more on paper by drawing Pikachu on your slippers.

Zombie feet

designs to paint espadrilles 9
Source: avito

If we have previously seen an idea for children, in this case it would be for adults. It’s about creepy zombie feet. Surely you will not leave anyone indifferent.


designs to paint espadrilles 10
Source: elmeme

Why not? Now that superhero movies are so fashionable, with this type of design you would not clash anywhere.

Flowers with a touch of the Marimekko company

designs to paint espadrilles 11
Source: trucsetbricolages

Marimekko is a company whose designs stand out for the use of flowers. Based on it, we can design beautiful espadrilles with floral touches that occupy the entire surface.

Flowers with more details

designs to paint espadrilles 12
Source: pinimg

Without leaving aside the floral world, we show you this other one with fewer flowers, but much more detailed than the previous one.

Many more flowers

designs to paint espadrilles 13
Source: Pinterest

If we want to complicate ourselves a lot, the solution is this that we bring you. Large amount of flowers that occupy the entire surface of the shoes that we are customizing.

Mario’s Adventures

designs to paint espadrilles 14
Source: upremium

I am a huge fan of Mario and his brother Luigi. I’ve grown up with them, so it’s no wonder these sneakers are my weakness. How I would like to have them!

Disney’s Little Mermaid

designs to paint espadrilles 15
Source: blogspot

In our list of designs to pine espadrilles, we could not forget Disney. In this case we have brought you the Little Mermaid, but we could have used any other character.

Imitating a road map

designs to paint espadrilles 16
Source: sneakernews

Although paper maps are not as widely used as they were some years ago, they are still a source of inspiration for certain things.

Where the monsters live?

designs to paint espadrilles 17
Source: shechive

Another idea is to use our favorite movies to decorate our shoes. The example that we have brought you is based on the movie Where do monsters live?

Oxford style sneakers

designs to paint espadrilles 18
Source: folk-media

Surely you have seen this type of design in shoes, but now you can take it to the world of sneakers without much effort.


designs to paint espadrilles 19
Source: vansky

A classic that always offers good results. They can be made bigger or smaller, it depends on our tastes.

Galactic slippers

designs to paint espadrilles 20
Source: dailywt


With textile paint . .
It’s quite simple finally, we put masking tape in a parallel way and we paint (after removing the laces!). Also protect the soles with the masking tape so as not to paint on them. Admit that the result is bluffing and immediately, we get a little sailor atmosphere.


All in degraded

Use dye and dye with gradations. It is pretty and fresh.
In addition to the dye, you will need petroleum jelly, baking soda, and an old toothbrush. This type of dyeing is done in several stages to obtain the desired gradient. The petroleum jelly is used to protect the sole (and the sodium bicarbonate to remove the petroleum jelly once the dye has set).

All in degraded

With markers

If you have a pair of white sneakers, draw on them! To do this, make sure they are as clean as possible. And the driest possible too! Take some sharpies, those indelible markers, and draw on your shoes.
It is better to test first on paper before reproducing it since you cannot erase these markers. And if you want to make the design waterproof, take a candle and rub some on the surface of the sneakers then use a hair dryer to set the wax. Wait 5 minutes before putting on the shoes.

With markers


To finish our review of designs to paint espadrilles, nothing better than taking a trip through space but without separating our feet from the Earth.

Of all the designs to paint espadrilles that we have brought you, which is the one that has caught your attention the most? What other designs can you think of to personalize your shoes? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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