Reading: Small Bathroom Ideas With Shower: 100+ Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Look Stunning

Small Bathroom Ideas With Shower: 100+ Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Look Stunning

Small bathroom ideas with shower : Over 100+ ideas

Are you looking for Small bathroom ideas with shower ? then this article for you

Optimizing space is one of the key characteristics of modern architecture, due to the concentration of the population in large cities where the luxury of having spacious homes is less and less common. 

That is why the current trend is towards small and compact bathrooms, bedrooms and auxiliary rooms that allow more space for large open spaces that join the living room and dining room as living areas. Even in luxurious houses, architects already seek maximum comfort and accessibility and prefer to design two or more small bathrooms instead of just one, even if it is very broad. 

These specific to modern houses are an interior decoration challenge looking for ways to make the most of all rooms and turn them into cozy and relaxing environments. 

Today we present some tips on how to decorate small bathrooms with a shower and not let limited space prevent you from feeling comfortable and relaxed in this very important room in your home.

Corner cabins are a great space-saving option in small bathrooms with showers

small bathroom decor, exposed brick wall with white hanging pots, corner shower stall, wooden floor, contrasting colors

When decorating any interior, the first thing to consider is light and colors. It is known that with a timely choice of light and shades each space can appear much larger than it actually is. 

Choose light colors and make the most of natural light. If you want to include curtains, screens or any other type of dividers in the bathroom, make sure they are light and transparent. 

Owners of houses with small dormers can take advantage of this space to place the bathroom there since the presence of a sloping window in the roof will create the feeling of more space. 

If you only have a small window, the best option is to choose a decoration that places the shower area around this window. Thus there will be conditions of interesting reflections caused by water and metal elements. In addition, there is nothing better than showering in a place with a lot of natural light that gives energy, creates the feeling of freshness and improves the mood.

Artificial lighting can also be used to create a visual illusion of more space. Opt for multiple light sources to add depth to the space. 

You can place recessed lights on the floor and around end units and use pendant lamps as an accent. Apart from using strong light combined with light colors, you can also choose a different strategy and place only a dim light source. In this way you will create a more mystical environment and divert attention, hiding the exact dimensions of the bathroom.

Modern blue and gold decor with wall niches

original royal blue bathroom decor with hexagonal tiles wall niches rain effect shower gold metal modern bathrooms

Theoretically, small bathrooms with showers can look good in every style of decoration. However, with a rustic or vintage decoration you risk using more solid materials as well as furniture and accessories that can reduce space. On the contrary, the modern or contemporary style that bets on laminated surfaces and clean-lined furniture, is a more elegant and functional option.

The wise use of patterns on tiles can also be an important helper in expanding the space. Prefer vertical striped patterns to add depth to the bathroom, and make sure the tiles on the walls are perpendicular to the floor.

 A trend that is gaining popularity lately in decorating small shower rooms is creating accent walls with complex patterned tiles. Normally the best option is to choose a wall that is in the shower area (in cases where the bathroom has a built-in shower) or in the space around the sink at the top of the wall.

Make the most of natural light to enlarge small bathrooms with showers

bathroom in Japanese style, natural light, window with matte glass, white tiles, wooden bathtub, wall with niche, decoration of small bathrooms

When it comes to small bathrooms with showers, logically the most important question is what type of shower to choose? and how to integrate it into a small space?

 The choice between a walk-in shower or a shower cubicle depends on personal preferences, but also on those specific to the room. 

Walk-in showers are undoubtedly the best option for two main reasons – they are an integral part of the interior and can remain almost invisible, leaving room for sight and movement. 

On the contrary, shower cubicles are visually heavier and create the feeling of an other room in the bathroom, which gives the impression of an even smaller bathroom. In addition, even the most elegant cabins contain various elements of plastic or metal that do not always fit perfectly with the environment.

 Even so, If you like booths, we recommend choosing one with completely transparent walls so that light passes freely and does not create the sensation of a barrier. Angular shower cubicles can help you save space. However, it can be difficult to find a design that exactly fits the dimensions of your bathroom.

Interior with clean lines and warm artificial lighting

Small modern bathroom, decoration with marble and hanging lamps, walk-in shower with niches in the wall, large mirror, modern bathrooms
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 9TH JUNE 2014;Contestants of the Block 2014 reveal room 8 (En suite) on the 9th of June 2014 in Melbourne Australia. (Photo by Martin Philbey) *** Local Caption ***The Block

On the other hand, the built-in showers can be separated from the rest of the bathroom through screens or curtains.

 We recommend opting for a shower without a threshold, especially in narrow and long bathrooms. The threshold is more appropriate for environments with a more square structure where you can differentiate different areas (sink area, beauty area, shower area, etc). 

When choosing your screen, consider a clear glass partition that can be framed or unframed depending on the decorating style. 

The best option will be a folding divider. The curtains are a less practical variant, but on the other hand they create a more welcoming atmosphere that recalls the interiors of the past. You can choose neutral curtains or make them a focal point in your decor. 

Our advice is to find a way to tie them up or make them more compact when not in use, this way you will adhere to the basic rule of decorating small spaces – all the included elements must have a clear function. 

In our photo gallery you will find multiple proposals for decorating small bathrooms with showers that will help you find an original and beautiful way to furnish your home. We wish you luck!

The combination of white and gray is very elegant and relaxing

bathroom with tiled accent wall parallel pendant light bulbs gray and white decor modern bathrooms

Scandinavian-inspired decor

Scandinavian decoration, decoration small bathrooms, shower with curtain, round mirror, hexagonal tiles and blocks, brown and white

Idea of ​​combining different black and white patterns

walk-in shower with glass screen in black frame, modern decoration, picture on the toilet, small window, small bathrooms with shower

Tiles will help you visually expand space in very small bathrooms

modern bathrooms, bathroom with beige and brown shower, tiled walls, small square window, vanity unit with wooden countertop, walk-in shower with glass door

Small bathroom decorated in eclectic style with spa inspiration

ideas small bathrooms, bathroom with lots of natural light, golden shower, glass door and screen, different size tiles, checkerboard effect floor

Black and white decor idea with gold accents

small bathrooms modern decor with black accent wall round mirror mini sink gold metal

Minimalist bathroom with small salmon colored tiles

contemporary decoration, bathrooms, walk-in shower with tile and glass screen, salmon color combined with black
ideas small bathrooms, shower with tray, large round mirror, wall with gray-blue clover wallpaper, wooden washbasin cabinet, lamp with arm

A tiled accent wall will bring originality and good vibes to your bathroom

bathroom in eclectic style, blue tiled wall, shower with glass door and gold handle, round mirror, large washbasin cabinet with cyclamen flowers

Small bathroom with home sauna 

modern small bathrooms tile floor walk-in shower with glass door home sauna with windows white wood slat wall

Very small bathroom with mirror and shower in vintage style 

walk-in showers, decoration idea for very small bathroom, coppery shower and mirror frame, rectangular mirror, mini sink, black and white tiles
modern style, washbasin cabinet with gray wooden doors, shower with bathtub, rope and wood shelf with green plants, large mirror, small bathrooms
paintings for bathrooms, small bathroom decoration with lots of natural light, small sink with built-in shower, abstract painting, small bathroom ideas
eclectic style, vintage bathroom mirror and furniture, natural light, venatan with curtain, built-in shower with grid, gray decoration, bathrooms,

Almost invisible glass enclosure that creates a greater sense of space

black and white bathroom, yellow fixtures, walk-in showers, glass partition, floral pattern tiles, recessed ceiling lights

Luxurious decor in contemporary style

contemporary style, small bathrooms, mini square sink, marble and laminated wood, rain shower, large mirror, black and white photo

White bathroom with metal fixtures that reflect light

vintage bathroom in white and beige, large window, decoration with orchid, walk-in shower combined with bathtub, small bathrooms with shower, silver mirror,

Small bathroom with laminate surfaces and aquamarine accents

small bathroom in contemporary style with accent wall long narrow space, walk-in shower, glass partition, small bathroom ideas
small modern bathrooms, spa-style décor, large mirror, walk-in shower with high glass screen, sink without cabinet, large mirror, rectangular tiles

Cozy bathroom in natural tones

Cozy bathroom in natural tones
walk-in shower with small window and glass door, small bathroom ideas, environment with sloping wall, niche with shelves, black and white decoration

Bathroom decorated in white with gold accents 

bathroom decorated in white with gold accents natural light walk in shower with glass door small bathrooms with shower
modern bathroom with corner shower cubicle, large window, bathrooms, round mirror, round black coffee table
ideas small bathrooms, gray and pink decoration, walk-in shower with bench, spa style, floor with pebbles, glass door
modern small bathrooms, decoration ideas, walk-in shower with glass door, walls with niches for cosmetics and towels, gray decoration

Decoration idea with a large sink cabinet and walls with horizontal lines

walk-in shower with glass door and curtain, sink with marble countertop and large cabinet, flowers, decoration of small bathrooms,
small luxurious bathroom with shower and bath, tiled floor, large vanity unit, wall with niches, large windows, wicker tapestry
minimalist decor, modern bathrooms, wood slat accent wall, hexagonal tile floor, round mirror, pendant lamp, glass enclosed walk-in shower
bathroom with window, wooden floor, walk-in shower with matte glass door, lots of natural light, small shelves, small bathrooms with shower

Very small bathroom with vintage accessories

shower with bathtub, matte window, small round hanging mirror, geometric tiled floors, gray painted wooden base cabinet, blue trash can
small bathrooms, black and white decoration with glazed exposed brick wall, slate gray tiles, shower with glass enclosure, hanging light bulb and green plant
Moderne Badezimmer Klein 07 Wohnung Ideen In Bezug Modernes Badezimmer Klein – KachinaSchool
small bathroom with folding shower screen, white marble decoration, small bathroom decoration, large mirror, rectangular washbasin
small bathroom ideas with shower
small bathroom with a rustic touch, large wooden bathroom cabinet with shelves, large mirror, bathrooms
small bathrooms, white and gray decor eb shower with tray, glass partition, tiled wall halfway, laminated washbasin cabinet with drawers

Idea of ​​combining tiles of different shape and type

bathroom with checkerboard floor small bathroom with walk in shower recessed lights small bathroom ideas
bathrooms, small bathroom with walk-in shower, black and white decoration, glass partition, recessed ceiling lights
gray tile with white lines, walk-in rain shower, glass enclosure, modern small bathrooms
white and gray decoration, floor with hexagonal tiles, large mirror, rustic wooden stool, small bathrooms with shower, branches with green leaves
bathroom with built-in shower, painted glazed exposed brick, poster with phrase, woven basket, shower with shower effect and glass door
shower cabin with metal frames, laminate floor, small closet with flowers, blue and white walls, rectangular mirror, small bathroom decoration
bathroom in gray and lemon yellow, shower and bathtub, curtain in circles, wooden table and upholstered chair, small bathrooms with shower, lots of natural light,

Attic bathroom – space optimization to the maximum

window on sloped roof, bathroom with shower head, cream tiles, modern small bathrooms, basket with green plants
small bathroom with shower and bathtub, black and white nordic decoration, washbasin with wooden countertop, wall with niche, small bathrooms with shower
open bathroom, shower with tray and glass screen, laminate floor, windows, decorative palm tree, wall with niches ,.  modern small bathrooms

Inspiration for a home decor with marble floors and walls.

bathroom with shower and large window decorated with immortelle, marble walls, mosaic floor, rain shower, modern bathrooms
bathroom with shower and bathtub, contemporary style, white and beige tiles, orange wall, chair with newspapers, small bathrooms with shower,
modern small bathroom with lots of natural light, blue wall, white wooden table, red tiles, small bathrooms, walk-in shower, glass partition
bathroom with large windows with shutters, marble, gray and white decoration, silver shower with rain effect, glass partition, black and white photography on the toilet, ideas small bathrooms
bathroom next to the bedroom.  classic decoration, walk-in shower, mirrored wardrobe, small bathrooms, double room

Natural light always creates a greater sense of space

small bathroom with lots of light, white and gray decoration, walk-in showers, floor with floral pattern tiles, wooden stool, shower with curtain
ideas small bathrooms, loft bathroom, ceiling window, mint green accent wall, shower with tray, glass partition
Modern Bathroom Showers Inside Stunning 85 Modern Bathroom Shower Design Ideas Homevialand In Modern Bathroom Showers –
contemporary style bathroom, dark colors, walk-in shower, matte glass screen, large mirror, recessed ceiling lights, rectangular washbasin with blue candles
small bathrooms with shower, combination of white with cream color, large mirror, decoration with flowers, enameled exposed brick wall, shower with glass screen, floor with parquet

Open bathroom with well separated shower area

bathroom with lots of light and window in the ceiling.  brown and yellow decor, shower with tray and seat, modern small bathrooms, metal towel rack, modern bathtub,
bathrooms, bathroom with blue and white walls, tiled floor with flower pattern, walk-in shower with glass partition,
small bathroom with lots of light, walk-in shower with matte glass door, mint green decor, paintings, walk-in showers
long and narrow bathroom, small bathroom decoration, marble, double sink, glass partition, black towel rack, wall with niche

Modern small bathroom designs with shower

bathroom great design

A suitable coating can cause visual effects of greater depth and breadth, so we must take into account factors such as the natural lighting of the bathroom and the colors of the decoration. This original design that appears above has very modern elements; the furniture with simple lines helps to gain space and the original mosaic of tiles creates a sensation of movement.

Small retro style bathroom

original retro bathroom design

The retro trend looks great also in small bathrooms with showers. The design above shows this style in a modernized version where white is contrasted with some vintage-shaped metallic accessories. White is undoubtedly the best option to achieve more intense lighting.

Modern small bathroom

nice modern small bathroom

The bathroom that we see above is equipped with the necessary elements to make it functional and efficient. Rectified coatings are the perfect solution if you are looking for easy maintenance and a really elegant finish.

Small bathroom in modern style

modern style bathroom decor

Another way to play with the visual space of a small bathroom is to cover walls and floors in such a way that the different areas are delimited. Above we can see a design in which the tiles cover the areas with the highest humidity. The rest of the wall is painted white, forming a very attractive contrast.

Beige bathroom tiles

beige tiles shower cabin

In conclusion, you can get the most out of small bathrooms with showers in many ways, but the simplest are to illuminate and eliminate unnecessary elements. In addition, the glass in the cabins does a good job opening the interiors, since if you choose a cabin without glass, the interior will appear smaller.

White tiles of different designs

bathroom tiles shower tray

One of the ways not to use glass is by using curtains. However, curtains in most cases create interiors without much style and elegance. Instead, you can also choose more modern curtains. On the other hand, to complete the interior decoration you can use colored tiles.

Bathroom with modern shower cubicle

bathroom shower cabin deco modern

However, you have to bear in mind that in small bathrooms with a shower it is better to opt for light colors. For that you can use the tiles in light tones and you can also use the modern glass cabinets. Another way to enlarge the interiors is by introducing more lighting. For that you can also put a window.

Bathroom with modern gray tiles

bathroom shower gray tiles

On the other hand, to increase the modernity of your interior you can use brown tiles in combination with gray tones. However, you have to bear in mind that when it comes to small bathrooms with a shower, you don’t have to go overboard with dark tones. That is why you can bet on white furniture.

Small bathroom with modern beige tiles

small bathroom beige shower

On the other hand, the beige color is also very appropriate for these interiors and to decorate them you can also use tiles a few shades darker to create an interesting and original decoration. On the other hand, the wood in the bathrooms will also look good but you have to bear in mind that it is more sensitive to humidity and water.

Bathroom with wood laminate and hydromassage cabin

wood laminate bathroom hydromassage cabin

The wood can also be reserved for the decoration of the floor by opting for a laminate. However, you have to be careful that the water in the cabin does not leak out.

Modern bathroom with mosaic wall

modern minimalist bathroom mosaic wall

On the other hand, if you want the white color to predominate in your small bathrooms with a shower, you can combine it with other light shades of other colors. In this way you can also create some interesting mosaics that will serve to complete the decoration of the walls.

Modern bathroom with gray wall

bathroom modern design gray wall

On the other hand, in small bathrooms the wall designs of a darker color are also very good compared to the color of the other walls. In this way you will be able to create interesting contrasts and also create a feeling of depth inside.

bathroom small box flowerpot cabin shower
small bathroom large shower
Bathroom Remodel Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas –
bathroom small screen glass shower
small bathrooms with shower screens
small bathrooms with tiled showers
small bathrooms with small cabin shower
small bathrooms with deco tile showers
small bathrooms showers cabins screens
shower cabin with two black sinks
wood laminate washbasin shower cabin
modern bathroom shower cabin
bathroom shower cabin modern
bathroom furniture wood
modern toilet design shower cabin
modern bathroom tiles design
design bathroom small shower cabin
design bathroom modern shower
bathroom design mosaic colors
great design small bathroom
great bathroom small shower
minimalist style bathroom cabinet
laminated wood washbasin cabinet
original modern style small bathroom
original design shower cabin
original design small bathroom
original bathroom design

With shower for an elongated plant

A narrow bathroom with an elongated floor plan can be decorated with both a bathtub and a shower. The idea is to organize the elements in line taking advantage of the longest wall. Here, as in the photograph that opens this report, it is Ritmonio that shows us an organized environment with a shower. The black and white binomial has been played with and a shower with a screen is arranged at one end of the bathroom with the sink below.

Bathroom with double shower cubicle

With double shower

Why not enjoy a shower with your partner? There are bathrooms that are left with the option of distributing the space with a shower area instead of a bathtub, but with a maxi cabin that houses double taps . This is what has been done here, conceiving the shower as a spa-like cabin with a bench and a niche for boats on the wall. The transparent glass partitions delimit without interfering in visual continuity or in the distribution of natural light.

Bathroom with whirlpool bathtub in black and white

With hydromassage bath

This bathroom with hydromassage bathtub is a proposal by the decorator Lourdes Martínez Nieto ( with mosaic on the walls of Hisbalit. Because the bathtubs can be embedded with the coated front, they can be exempt and it may happen that it is a design with hydromassage, as in this case, embedded in a surface accessed by stairs . This type of bathtubs require specific installation conditions that arise in the reform to have the water and electricity connections necessary for their operation. In this case, a fixed glass panel has also been installed between the bathtub and the washbasin cabinet to avoid splashing when using the shower.

Bathroom with bathtub and black and white mosaic on the floor

With low height shower

The Quefalamaria studio ( signs the decoration of this bathroom with white walls and mosaic on the floor. It has a low bathtub, which is light. The black plinth that continues on the washbasin cabinet accentuates the suspended effect . This type of bathtub with a coated front allows you to enjoy a lying bath or a daily shower.

Bathroom with shower area and sink front with herringbone tiles

Very modern aesthetics and with a lot of practicality

A shower area that is located after the washbasin area and that is delimited not only by the use itself and its elements but by the coatings. Slow and Chic ( has played with the gray of the shower and some herringbone tiles in shades of blue to demarcate. The result is a modern and contemporary bathroom that combines contemporary details in black with metallic brass.

Microcement bathroom with window, bathtub and shower

Without giving up anything: pure continuity

In this bathroom, the Ábaton studio ( proposes not to leave anything out. That is to say, bathtub and shower share space. When the dimensions allow it, there are many that have a shower area for daily and a bathtub for calmer and more relaxed moments. In this project, microcement is the coating chosen to give unity to the entire space, without joints, and creating a sense of continuity between each area. The shower is installed at ground level, with no other delimitation than the screen.

White bathroom with black screen shower

Possible layouts in the bathroom

When distributing a bathroom with a bathtub or shower, you have to think about the space and, at the same time, about the placement options it offers. It is common to place the shower on a back wall, to make good use of the space in the rest of the plant , as long as it is not too narrow a space. Following the shower can be the washbasin cabinet or, as in this project by Acana Interiorismo (, the toilet. The window is that this element is “hidden” by the furniture.

Custom designed bathroom with bathtub

Bathtub behind a wall

This is another example where the bathroom cabinet grants privacy to the bathtub, in this case. Nice Home Barcelona ( has organized the custom space in this bathroom. Following the main cabinet, a wall that separates the bathtub and, in turn, this is prolonged on a bench under the window . It is practical, bright and warm thanks to the combination of natural white with soft wood.

Large bathroom with freestanding bathtub

The jewel of the bathroom: the freestanding bathtub

In this generously sized bathroom, it is undoubtedly the bathtub that is the eye-catcher. A design free of rounded lines with wall-mounted and floor-standing taps, which are located in front of the washbasin cabinet . The study in charge of the project decided to move the bathtub away from the windows and gain amplitude in the space chosen to place it with a large mirror glass on the furniture.

Bathroom with rectangular shower area

In parallel and with shower

A bathroom distribution with a shower in parallel with respect to the sink cabinet and the cabin at the bottom of the floor with the toilet . It is the organization devised by The Room Studio ( for this project. The continuity is achieved through the veined material of the walls and floor, interrupted only by the front of the washbasin in blue with linear motifs.

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