25 Stylish And Functional Small Entryway Ideas

Small entryway ideas : best 20+ ideas

The entrance hall is an area of ​​the house that usually comes last when it comes to renovation . First comes the living room, bedroom , kitchen and even the bathroom , but the not-so-important hall is usually left for later. This is where guests get their first impression of the house or apartment and the space can also be very functional, as well as beautiful, of course. With that in mind, we have selected ideas of different styles for you to transform your hall into a creative and charming space. 

20+ Small entryway ideas

Colors in high spirits

Small entryway ideas-1

A good way to spice up your entryway is to choose a vibrant color to paint the walls . If you don’t want to paint everything, just paint half the wall . In fact, this technique is a decoration trend. In the photo, a citrus yellow tone also spreads to the carpet in the shape of a treadmill.

metal frames

Small entryway ideas-2

In this hall, black metal frames support wooden shelves. With varied formats, the pieces form a delicate geometric arrangement. The space was used to support books, vases and objects dear to the owners of the house. 

wall painting

Small entryway ideas-3

In the entrance hall of this apartment, signed by the  SuperLimão office , visitors are welcomed with an explosion of colors . The colorful painting of the wall dialogues with the rest of the decoration of the environments. And, to complete the space, a wooden furniture serves as support for shoes. 

Hooks help organize

Small entryway ideas-4

Wall hooks are a good alternative for decorating the entrance hall. Nowadays, there are hooks of different shapes and colors in stores, which makes it possible to create a harmonious look. In this case, they were installed side by side and serve to support coats, bags and bags for residents and visitors. That way, the rest of the house is more organized.

furniture for shoes

Small entryway ideas-5

There are those who prefer to take off their shoes before entering the house and also usually ask guests to do the same. For this, it is necessary to have a corner set up especially for this right in the entrance hall. A piece of furniture is capable of keeping shoes well organized and don’t forget to put a stool so guests can lean on them when putting on their shoes and taking them off. 

Round mirror + shelf

Small entryway ideas-6

Another combo that usually works very well in the entrance hall decor is the mirror with shelf underneath. That’s because it’s always good to take a look at the look before going out. And the shelf is the ideal place for you to leave your keys and wallet and not forget about them when you leave the house.

boho inspiration

Small entryway ideas-7

A patterned rug , a metal chandelier and a natural fiber basket added a boho flair to this foyer. As this style is marked by the mixture of several strands, it allows for infinite combinations. That’s why the acrylic table and the golden metal vase fit so well in this mix.

pallet furniture

Small entryway ideas-8

If you are a do-it-yourself fan , how about creating a pallet furniture for the entrance hall? Here, five pieces were arranged in varying positions and some received white paint. Others were left au naturel, in the same pine tone. The space serves as a support for shoes while round hooks were installed on the wall to support coats and bags.

support for everything

Small entryway ideas-9

In this hall, half of the wall received a work of art : a  painting in an orange tone, which brought the space to life. A narrow shelf and hooks, painted in the same color, made everything more organized and functional. The simple design stool completes the environment.

Corner well used

Small entryway ideas-10

Is your foyer so small that it only has one corner? So take advantage of the space with a shelf like the one in the photo. Made of woodworking and fitted in the corner, it serves to hang your purse and keys, in addition to supporting your glasses and wallet. That way, you avoid leaving these things scattered around the house and having to look for everything before leaving.

put plants

Small entryway ideas-11

Bet on the urban jungle look to give new air to your entrance hall. In the photo environment, plants of different sizes brought color and made the climate more cozy. The rug and colorful chair also contributed to this. Note the shoe shelf installed directly on the wall.

playful look

Small entryway ideas-12

Two colorful boxes are enough to store shoes and support children’s toys right at the entrance of the house. Two coat racks can support the backpacks and the blue gradient walls add extra charm to this entrance hall.

neutral and chic

Small entryway ideas-13

Neutral colors can also render a chic decor for your entrance hall, like this one in the photo. A basket of wefts, natural wood stool , cotton rug, sideboard , round mirror and coat rack form a minimalist and elegant ambiance. 

Some questions and answers

What can I do with a small entryway?

A small entryway is one of those rare spaces in your home that can provide you with plenty of storage and still have space for an area rug. Let’s explore what you can do with your small entryway.

1- Use your small entryway as an extra coat closet.

2- Use it as a shoe storage space for guests.

3- Add hooks for keys and bags and anything else you need to hang up in your entryway.

4- Add a bench or footstool so that people can sit down while they put on their shoes.

5- Put in an area rug and add some seating options like stools, chairs, and even poufs.

6- Add artwork and mirrors to make your entryway feel more open and inviting.

7- Keep it simple with just a bench, mirror, shoe storage, and area rug.

8- Use a console table as an entry table for keys, mail, etc., with baskets underneath for storage.

How do you make an entryway with no space?

At some point, most homeowners with little space will find themselves asking how to make an entryway with no space. You can turn a boring and cramped space into something unique and impressive by making some small changes and adding new features. Let’s see how you can transform your dull entryway into something great without breaking your budget.

1- Choose furniture that fits your space. Your entryway is not a room and it does not need furniture for every function. Choose pieces that work well in your space and make sure they match your style. For example, if you have an antique armoire, don’t buy modern stools or chairs for it. You can use small tables instead of cabinets if you want more storage but do not have enough space for large ones.

2- Add lighting. Lighting is essential in any room, but it’s especially important in an entryway. You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable when they enter your home, so make sure you have enough light for them. Choose lamps that match your furniture and paint colors and add some art on your walls if you have enough space.

3- Add artwork. A great way to personalize your entryway is by adding artwork that reflects who you are or what inspires you. You can hang it on your walls, place it on small tables, or use it as part of your decor. It’s also a good idea to add mirrors in different sizes and shapes if you have enough space. Mirrors reflect light and make rooms look bigger than they really are, so they can be very useful in an entryway with little space.

4- Add plants. Plants add life and color to any room, so they can be very useful in an entryway with little space. You can use them as part of your decor or add them on shelves and tables for some greenery. If you have a small balcony, you can also add hanging plants outside your door for an extra touch.

5- Add storage space. If you want more storage but do not have enough space for cabinets, try using hooks instead of hangers for your coats and jackets. You can also use baskets or small tables if you don’t have room for bigger ones. You can even create some extra storage by building shelves on top of your cabinets or in corners where there is no floor space.

What should I put in a small entrance hall?

Entering your home through an entrance hall is more common in Europe and Canada than it is in North America. An entrance hall serves as an intermediary between your exterior and interior living space, acting as a buffer zone during inclement weather and as storage space for coats, shoes, umbrellas and other gear that you may want to stash before entering into your home. If you have an entryway or plan on building one, consider using these 5 creative ideas for small entranceways for inspiration!

1- Use Your Entrance Hall as an Art Gallery: If you have wall space in your entrance hall, consider using it as an art gallery. Framed photos and paintings are great ways to add color and personality to your home. This is also a great way to utilize works of art that you may not have room for in other areas of your home.

2- Use Your Entrance Hall as a Wine Cellar: A small entrance hall is also an ideal place for wine storage. Wine cellars are usually quite large and may not fit in your home’s architecture, but with a small entrance hall, you can make use of your available space. If you have room for wine bottles in your entrance hall, consider installing shelves or cabinets.

3- Use Your Entrance Hall as a Mudroom: If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your entrance hall, consider using it as a mudroom. This can be done by installing hooks and hangers for coats, backpacks, umbrellas and other items that you may want to store in your entrance hall. You can also use baskets or bins for smaller items like shoes or gloves.

4- Use Your Entrance Hall as an Office: If you have room in your entrance hall, consider using it as an office. This is especially useful if you need a quiet place to work or study and don’t have space for an office elsewhere in your home. You can also use your entrance hall as a guest bedroom or children’s playroom if you don’t have space for those rooms elsewhere in your home.

5- Use Your Entrance Hall as a Dining Room: If you have room in your entrance hall, consider using it as an informal dining area. This is especially useful if you don’t have space for an actual dining room elsewhere in your home. If you plan on using your entrance hall as a dining room, be sure to install a table and chairs that are easy to move around.

How do you decorate a narrow hallway entryway?

A small entryway is not hard to decorate—it just takes some creativity. Here are 11 fabulous ideas that will prove it

1- Use decorative mirrors. Mirrors make any room appear larger and more open, so they’re an excellent choice for small entryways. Choose a mirror with an interesting frame or one that incorporates other design elements, such as plants or art. Hang it in your entryway above your coat rack for a striking look.

2- Add a small table. If you have space, adding a small table can help keep your entryway organized. Choose one that’s large enough for mail and keys but not so big that it crowds your entryway. Place it near your coat rack or just inside your front door for easy access.

3- Install hooks on walls and doors. Hooks are an excellent way to add storage without taking up much space in your entryway.

4- Hang small shelves. Shelves can also add storage without taking up much space. They’re especially useful if you have items that you want to display but don’t want to put on your entryway table or wall hooks.

5- Add a small bench. A bench is an excellent addition for entryways with limited space, as it provides seating and extra storage in one piece of furniture. Bench styles vary widely, so choose one that fits your style and matches your other furniture pieces well.

6- Use wall art. Wall art can add color and design to your entryway without taking up much space. Choose pieces that are small but interesting, such as abstract prints or paintings with bold colors. Consider hanging one piece of large wall art over your coat rack for an interesting focal point in your entryway.

7- Add mirrors above shelves or hooks. Mirrors can help brighten any room, so they’re an excellent choice for entryways with little natural light.

8- Add plants. If you have space, adding plants can add life and color to your entryway. Choose small plants that are easy to maintain, such as succulents or air plants. Place them on shelves or hang them from hooks for an interesting look.

9- Add rugs and runners. Rugs and runners can help define your entryway space while also adding warmth and softness.

10- Add small decorative objects. Decorative objects, such as bowls or vases, can add color and interest to your entryway without taking up much space. Choose pieces that are small but interesting, such as ceramic bowls with interesting patterns or glass vases with colorful flowers. Add them to shelves or hang them from hooks for an eye-catching look.

11- Hang wall art above your coat rack.

How do you style an entry way?

Most entryways, small and large, fall into one of two categories: charming and classic or modern-meets-contemporary. Where your style falls will depend on how you want guests to feel when they walk in. If you’re into modern design, clean lines and polished accents are key. If your style leans more traditional, classic details like crown molding and wainscoting can make all the difference in making an elegant statement.

How can I make my entrance beautiful?

Keeping your entrance small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. To create a stylish entry, follow these roles

1- Choose furniture that fits your space. Avoid large pieces that will overwhelm your small space. Instead, opt for smaller pieces like console tables or wall shelves. You can also choose items that are multifunctional and can be used as both decor and storage.

3- Keep your color scheme neutral. A small space can feel even smaller when it’s filled with bright colors. Instead, choose neutral tones that will make your space feel larger and more open. You can also add pops of color through accessories like vases or pillows.

4- Add mirrors and lighting fixtures to reflect light throughout your space. Mirrors are great for reflecting light from windows and skylights, making your entry appear brighter than it is.

5- Incorporate artwork. Adding artwork to your entry is an easy way to add color and style without adding clutter. Choose framed prints or photographs that are small enough not to overwhelm your space. You can also hang mirrors, which will reflect light throughout your space.

6- Add greenery. Plants are a great way to add life and color into any room of your home, including your entryway.

7- Use flooring that’s easy to clean. Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can be difficult to keep clean. If you have hardwood floors in your entryway, consider adding area rugs or runners that can be easily washed and vacuumed.

8- Use lighting fixtures with dimmers. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room, including your entryway.

9- Avoid clutter. Clutter can make your entry feel smaller and more cluttered. Keep your entry organized by storing seldom-used items in other rooms of your home.

10- Don’t forget about storage! Many small entryways lack storage space, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with an overstuffed coat closet or shoe boxes stacked on top of each other. Add built-in shelving units or wall hooks to create extra storage space for your coats, bags and shoes.

How do you make a front entrance welcoming?

Let your front entrance be an extension of your living space by incorporating decor and design ideas that you would use in other areas of your home. These entryway ideas are designed to take advantage of smaller spaces and help you bring together all those little touches you’ve been wanting, without overwhelming one small area. There are no right or wrong ways here, just choices that help make up what works best for you!

How can I make my entryway look more expensive?

Making your entryway look more expensive is very easy if you know what you’re doing. We’ve pulled together 10 simple ideas for how to make an entryway look more expensive with just one trip through your local home improvement store. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars on new furniture or décor – but with these tips, your friends and family might think you did!

1- Hang art in an unexpected place. If you have a blank wall, try hanging art or photos in that spot. It’s an easy way to give your entryway some style and color, without having to spend much money. Try using large pieces of art or photos that aren’t necessarily framed – they can be hung directly on your wall with thumbtacks or nails!

2- Upgrade your flooring. If you have carpet in your entryway, consider upgrading it to hardwood or tile. Hardwood is much more expensive than carpet, and can really add an air of luxury and style to your home. Tile is another great option – it’s durable, easy to clean, and looks great in most entryways!

3- Add some greenery. It’s easy to go overboard with greenery, but adding just one or two plants can really make your entryway look more expensive. Try using plants that you can keep in pots – they’re much easier to move around and take care of than larger plants, and don’t require as much maintenance!

4- Add a coat rack. If you have space in your entryway, adding a coat rack is an easy way to add some style and function. You can find lots of unique and interesting coat racks online – just be sure that it fits in with your home’s decor!

5- Hang framed photos on your wall. One of our favorite ways to make an entryway look more expensive is by hanging framed photos on your wall!

6- Try wallpaper. Wallpaper is an easy way to add some color and style to your entryway without spending much money. It’s also very easy to remove if you decide you don’t like it – so if you’re worried about making a big commitment, try wallpaper!

7- Add mirrors. Mirrors are an easy way to make any room look bigger and more expensive – try adding one or two in your entryway for an instant update! 8- Use unique vases.

7- Add mirrors. Mirrors are an easy way to make any room look bigger and more expensive – try adding one or two in your entryway for an instant update

8- Use unique vases. Vases don’t have to be boring and plain – they can be just as stylish as any other piece of décor in your home! Try using fun, colorful vases that you wouldn’t normally use in another room of your house.

9- Hang a chandelier. Chandeliers are an easy way to add some glamour and style to your entryway – they’re perfect for large spaces, and really help make your home look more expensive!

10- Add lighting. Lighting is important in any room of your house – but it’s especially important in an entryway!

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