Reading: Small Living Room Layout Ideas: 15+ Ways To Maximize Your Space

Small Living Room Layout Ideas: 15+ Ways To Maximize Your Space

Small living room layout ideas : best 15+ ideas

If you live in an apartment, chances are your living room will be smaller than your kitchen or bathroom—so finding ways to maximize its space can be tricky. Thankfully, these small living room layout ideas will help you find ways to put this less-than-spacious area to work. There are no rules when it comes to how your living room should look, but there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you maximize the space and enhance the aesthetics. Follow along as we show you some of our favorite small living room layout ideas that make the most of this limited space.

small living room layout ideas

1. Dare the corner sofa in the small living room

No, corner sofas are not exclusively reserved for large living rooms! A reduced living room can very well accommodate a sofa with chaise longue, if its size is adapted to the available surface. Here, the corner seat is narrow and fits easily into a corner of the living room, not far from the dining area . Topped with a series of cushions , the sofa is then a cozy cocoon to laze about. However, avoid weighing down the relaxation area with imposing furniture and prefer a mini coffee table or a pedestal table. Also, be sure to invest all available corners – such as the window sill – for your small decorative objects.  

Small living rooms... big ideas!

2. Isolate the small living room with a shelf

In a multipurpose living room where the spaces merge, it may be a good idea to isolate the living room from the dining room and the kitchen. Studios that rarely have two separate rooms for the living room and the sleeping area face the same problem. But rather than partitioning – which would darken the space and make it all the more cramped – opt for a light visual separation . Claustra , curtains, there are many economical solutions such as graphic shelves. This very simple system makes it possible to preserve the luminosity while increasing the intimacy of the place.  

small living room layout ideas-2
Fantastic Frank

3. Choose dark colors for the small living room

It is possible to adopt dark shades in a small living room. If black , navy blue and anthracite gray darken the space, they are also a major decorative asset. These colors bring an intimate and opulent note to the style of the living room. So when it is narrow, just counterbalance the dark paint with bright colors. Like this small living room where a pink and white wall responds to the black wall. Similarly, the ceiling has been covered with an immaculate paint, enough to underline the height of the room and highlight the moldings. We particularly like the daybed as a seat.Ultra trendy and above all compact, it can replace any sofa! 

small living room layout ideas-3

4. Assume style in the small living room

Just because your living room is small doesn’t mean its style should be overlooked. The living rooms are a reflection of our personality, so they have the right to marked atmospheres. In this relaxation area, the furniture, like the materials, breathes a resolutely vintage atmosphere . On the floor, old tiling responds to the moldings of the ceiling. In terms of decoration, the sofa and the coffee table seem to have been antiqued and revamped to the taste of the owners, the same observation being made for the shelves filled with retro trinkets. In short, it doesn’t matter how big the living room is, as long as you like it! 

small living room layout ideas-4
Bethlehem Imaz

5. Install smart and space-saving storage!

The lack of storage is certainly the downside of small living rooms. Storage furniture and other bookcases are too imposing to find their place in this kind of living room. Fortunately, there are many systems so that your living room does not look like Ali Baba’s cave! Be resourceful and invest in multifunctional furniture. Basket coffee tables like these accommodate linens such as magazines and some sofas have built-in drawers. Solutions for tenants, who are rarely allowed to drill into the walls to fix shelves.  

small living room layout ideas-5
Only Déco Love

6. Play with the architecture of the small living room

Do you live in a pocket square? Do not panic, even in a studio, there is always a place to arrange a lounge area. An alcove, a recess, an unoccupied corner… small open areas often offer unsuspected potential. Wedged between the window and the wall of the kitchen, this mini living room is ultra optimized and benefits from a beautiful light. A few cushions, a thick mattress and an extra pedestal table, a bench has even emerged in the blink of an eye on the clearance from the wall. Proof that a little imagination is enough to create a real living room! 

small living room layout ideas-6
Martha Stewart

7. Opt for chairs in the small living room

Comfort is the priority in a living room. Room of relaxation and conviviality, it must welcome all your guests as it should. Not obvious in a small living room? Forget the club chairs and other bulky sofas, opt instead for chairs as seats. Of course, we choose a slightly design model, with an openwork cutout like these Bertoia chairs, a flashy color or a noble material. And to give them a cozier look, just throw in a faux fur throw or a fluffy cushion.  

small living room layout ideas-7
Apartment 34

8. Accessorize the small living room like a big one

Accessorizing the living room is THE key to transforming it into a practical and aesthetic living room. So when the floor space is limited, it is better to invest the walls. Picture frames and wall shelves are your best friends! Ideal for energizing a white wall, they bring style to the living room in the blink of an eye. If nothing prevents you from varying the formats, choose noticeably similar colors in order to avoid the carnival effect. A few indoor plants are also welcome to bring a note of freshness. You can place them on the windowsill, on a pedestal table, or choose the option of pots suspended from the ceiling.  

small living room layout ideas-8

9. Homogenize the style of the living room with that of the studio

The owners of studios and studettes will recognize each other. When the living room and the bedroom cohabit in the same room, it is difficult to imagine a homogeneous but differentiated atmosphere. Here, the choice fell on the same color palette: the dominant mouse gray , mauve and woody notes in small touches . The Nordic style extends throughout the studio with rattan armchairs and a tree trunk coffee table. The goal ? Create visual continuity to enlarge the room and give the impression of a large living room. A carpet has nevertheless been installed to delimit the living area from the sleeping area. 

small living room layout ideas-9
Erik Olsson

10. Choose modular furniture

In a small living room, it is better to do without fixed furniture, which weighs down the space and is not practical. Modular furniture is a friend of small surfaces. Apart from the sofa, consider putting casters on light furniture. The coffee table in pallets can thus change places according to your desires, freeing up space when the number of guests exceeds that of square meters. Also swap the armchairs for dining room chairs, or, better yet, foldable seats that you put away once the apartment is deserted. 

small living room layout ideas-10

11. Dress the small living room in white

It is well known, white is a luminous color which has the advantage of enlarging the space . It is obviously the most suitable color in a small living room . Most of us will choose to leave the walls and the ceiling immaculate, but for an incomparable result, we must dare the total look. Sofa, lamp, shelf, carpet, not to mention the coverings, everything is covered in white here! Are you worried about the North Pole effect? A natural wooden coffee table and a few throws are enough to warm up the atmosphere. For a small living room with a Scandinavian spirit . 

small living room layout ideas-11
Fantastic Frank

12. Invest in modular furniture

Who says small living room, says small furniture. Forget the XXL sofas right away, you won’t even be able to move around the living room. We adapt the size of the furniture to the configuration of the space , by choosing mini two-seater sofas, nesting coffee tables or easy-to-move poufs, so circulation will not be congested. Be careful, however, with the look, practical furniture should not come at the expense of aesthetics. Light or pastel tones are the most suitable because they increase the brightness. A touch of brass and bright neon, your small living room will make envious! 

small living room layout ideas-12
Monika Hibbs

Some questions and answers

How do I rearrange my small living room?

1- First, ensure that every piece of furniture in your living room can be moved safely.
2- Second, make sure you have a plan: Don’t just begin pushing and pulling at random—it will cause more confusion than help. Create a vision for how you want your space to look and stick to it.
3- Next, start moving. Start by moving larger pieces, such as an entertainment center or sofa.
4- Finally, consider what to do with items you’re not using in your living room anymore: Put them in storage; donate them to charity; or sell them at a yard sale. You can even give away items for free through sites like Craigslist. If you can’t find space for it—out of sight is out of mind!

Where should I put my sofa in small living room?

While it’s tempting to put your sofa right in front of your TV, don’t be afraid to mix up your living room layout a bit. Put your tv at an angle rather than dead center and put seating near one wall so people can chat while they watch tv or movies. Find out where you spend most of your time watching television and make sure there is easy access to snacks, drinks, remotes, and additional seating. Also consider putting a small side table for magazines nearby for added convenience.

How much seating should a living room have?

It’s a common misconception that you need lots of seats in your living room to make it feel complete. That might have been true decades ago, but now families are smaller and most people entertain in other rooms of their home. So what is enough seating for a living room? The answer: two armchairs, one sofa and maybe an ottoman or two. These pieces can be arranged in many different ways to create different looks; experiment!

Which sofa is best for small living room?

A sofa is a must-have for living rooms, but not all sofas are created equal. If you have a small living room and are looking to buy one, we recommend opting for a small modular sofa.

1Yorkville Sleeper Sofa – SetteeFurniture – 50 in. L x 32 in. W Sleeper Sofa, Recycled Polyester Fabric, Wool Blend Fill (Graphite) by Yorkville Furniture. One of top seller sofas on Wayfair!

2Modern Black Fabric Sleeper Sofa With Metal Legs. This sofa will make a great conversation piece and its compact size is perfect for apartments, lofts, offices, or dorm rooms. Upholstery Material: Polyester Blend; Cushion Fill Material Details: Polyester/Wool. This Copperleaf Black Modern Sleeper Sofa is popular product from many online store.

3*- Grey Bench Seat. This Grey Velvet Fabric Bench is popular product from many online store. This is a right time to order Grey Velvet Fabric Bench I hope you can buy this Grey Velvet Fabric Bench at very low price.

How do you make a small living room look bigger?

When you have a small living room, there’s always a temptation to put everything in it and make it look bigger. But, if you have stuff cluttered in every corner of your living room, you are actually making it smaller rather than bigger. Follow these simple tips on how to make a small living room layout look larger . . .

1- Declutter and make your living room feel bigger: It might sound obvious, but if you have a cluttered living room, it will look even smaller. When designing a small living room layout, make sure you clear everything away from your center of activity. For example, if there’s a coffee table in front of your sofa, move it to another part of your home. Similarly, take away any bulky end tables or other furniture that are close to one another.

2- Keep your small living room layout simple: When you have a smaller space, it’s tempting to fill every corner. However, if you don’t know what else to do with your large TV and all your books, try scaling back on them. Use something simpler and instead add more stylish decorations like pictures and frames that are full of color . . .

3- Incorporate natural elements in your small living room design: A lot of people think that nature is only for big homes.

4- Light up your small living room design: Lighting can make any room look bigger. Be sure to use light colors and pendants that give off a lot of light. You can also add other elements that are transparent or let in natural light, like frosted glass panels, windows and skylights. . . .

5- Add bright accent pieces to your small living room layout: While you don’t want to add too many elements to a small living room, one fun decorating idea is adding brightly colored decorations. If your walls are white or light, consider a colorful rug or vase of flowers.

Is it OK to put a sofa in front of a window?

This is one of those questions that can be hotly debated, but I think it all comes down to your personal taste. With a sofa in front of a window, there’s less floor space for other furniture and some may feel as though there’s no room to walk around. Personally, I don’t mind if my sofa faces a window because it adds depth to my decor, but only if my seating area is large enough (or wide enough) to allow for adequate movement.

Which wall should TV go on?

Most living rooms place a television on one of three walls: a flat screen TV can go almost anywhere. From there, it’s all about personal taste and functionality. If you have a small living room layout ideas, for example, it’s wise to place your TV against an outside wall so that you don’t block doorways or windows as well as making sure to put in wide enough entertainment center (or other piece of furniture) that allows space for speakers or A/V equipment.

How far should a sofa be from a wall?

If you’re tight on space, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room between your sofa and any walls or adjacent furniture so that there is enough room for people to walk comfortably. There are no hard and fast rules about exactly how far apart these items should be from each other, but we generally recommend anywhere from 18 inches to 3 feet of space between items.

What can I put behind my couch in the middle of the room?

If you have a large amount of space behind your couch in your living room, consider a center table or display stand. This will allow you to use all of that empty space to its full potential, as well as providing an extra surface for decor. It’s also one of our favorite ways to improve a living room without taking up any extra floor space! There are so many things you can put on your new center table. Here are some ideas for small living room layout ideas

Can you have two sofas in a small living room?

In a small living room you can have two sofas as long as they look good together. A good tip is to always use complementary colors when decorating your small living room, whether that’s choosing 2 sofa sets or 2 different styles of sofa set. It is also a great idea to combine different textures in order to create visual interest in your small living room and on top of that it helps bring everything together in one room. So don’t be afraid to mix it up!

How much space should be between sofas?

The amount of space between two sofas will determine what type of look you want to achieve. When you have a small living room, it’s especially important to avoid overcrowding as it can make your space feel smaller. The general rule is to leave about two feet between each sofa and any surrounding furniture, but there are other factors that can change that equation. If you want an intimate look or if you have very small children, opt for a space closer to three feet apart.

Is there an app to help me rearrange my room?

The IKEA Home Planner is a free app that lets you drag and drop virtual furniture to a 3D view of your room. You can make unlimited changes until you get it just right, even moving walls around (IKEA’s hardware only works with some smaller items). If you need more help, try arranging your items in pairs: for example, group two chairs together, then put them next to each other in three different arrangements.

What is considered a small living room?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to defining a small living room. However, as a general rule of thumb, if your space can comfortably fit four or more pieces of furniture, including your TV, you’re good to go.

How do you place furniture in a rectangular living room?

The key to decorating a rectangular living room is to use furniture placement to break up your space. Play around with where you place items like sofas, coffee tables, and dining tables—especially in rooms that are longer than they are wide. For example, instead of placing two sofas parallel to each other along one wall (that’s what you’d do in a square room), try placing two small couches perpendicular to each other in opposing corners.

Does a couch have to be centered in front of TV?

No. And it’s actually better if it isn’t. Centering a couch in front of your TV will make it seem like you have more space than you do, and because most couches are already quite bulky (there are three people on a couch after all), they tend to take up a lot of real estate. Instead, put your TV against an exterior wall or slightly off center in relation to the sofa—that way there is more room for furniture arrangements on either side of your television set.

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