Reading: Sofa waterproofing: why to do it, how much it lasts and how to do it at home

Sofa waterproofing: why to do it, how much it lasts and how to do it at home

Sofa waterproofing: why to do it, how much it lasts and how to do it at home

Buying an upholstery means bringing comfort and style to your home, but how to keep your sofa always clean and free of impurities that it will surely absorb over time? Investing in sofa waterproofing is a solution!

This is a process that can be done by professionals or even yourself. Learn more about the details of this service and decide if this is what your sofa needs!

Why waterproof?


Most fabrics used to make upholstery absorb dust and liquids, and can stain easily. The upholstery waterproofing process occurs by applying a product that protects the fabric fibers, creating a type of cover that surrounds the fabric and keeps any liquid on the surface.

Check out below the advantages of this procedure so you don’t waste any more time and waterproof your sofa:

  1. Prevents stains caused by liquids;
  2. Keeps the sofa looking like new for longer;
  3. Facilitates the cleaning process;
  4. Makes the fabric more resistant to sunlight;
  5. Restores old sofas;
  6. Keeps the surface free of mites, fungi and other bacteria.

If you have children and/or pets, waterproofing is highly recommended. Even if you have to redo it from time to time, your sofa will have a much longer lifespan.

How long does waterproofing last?


There are many factors that influence the duration of a waterproofing. It depends on the frequency of use, if there is a periodic cleaning, if many accidents spilling liquids happen, and if the sofa is receiving direct light or not.

On average, the duration is 2 to 3 years when used very often, and can last up to 5 years if the sofa is used little.

You also need to understand if the fabric of your sofa can go through the waterproofing process. Fabrics such as polyurethane or synthetics cannot be waterproofed.

How much does it cost to waterproof a sofa?


As with any service, the cost of waterproofing your sofa can vary greatly depending on the region and the size of the furniture. Most of the products used help maintain the color and do not change the texture of the fabric. Unlike what many think, hiring the service is not that expensive, but doing it at home is always a way out for those who want to save money.

The average for a two-seater sofa ranges from $240 to $300. If the process is done at home, this price can decrease considerably, depending on the product chosen.

How to waterproof a sofa at home?

Before starting the process of waterproofing the sofa it needs to be very clean, as a layer is created to protect the upholstery and, if it is dirty, impurities will remain.

How to waterproof sofa at home quickly

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