The 8 best floors for your bathroom

The 8 best floors for your bathroom

Among the best floors for your bathroom are those that have anti-slip and anti-humidity characteristics. In addition, they are resistant and go with your decoration.

When you are renovating the bathroom, you have to think very well about what are the best floors for this area. This, taking into account that it is a humid space and that it must always be kept clean.

Therefore, the material that is chosen must be resistant to water and non-slip , as well as beautiful and in accordance with the decoration that has been established.

The characteristics of the bathroom cause bacteria and fungi to accumulate . Believe it or not, it depends on the floor to facilitate cleaning, since the joints are the favorite place for these microorganisms . So the less there is, the better.

The 8 best floors for your bathroom

We are going to tell you which are the 8 best floors for the bathroom, which are very different from each other. Knowing them a little more thoroughly will make you make the right decision, depending on the type of bathroom you have.

1. Hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic tiles are quite resistant to the conditions of the bathroom . They are also known as hydraulic mosaic and they began to be manufactured in the 19th century.

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Today the industry offers imitations of this type of floor for the bathroom, although its price is lower, the result is not always the same. If you are looking to have a renovated bathroom, but in the best vintage style , this is the best option.

2. Microcement floors

The microcemento is one of the most modern materials and trends, which fits very well to the floor and other finishes of the bathroom. It stands out because it is resistant, non-slip and hygienic, since it does not have joints , facilitating its cleaning.

In addition, this type of flooring is waterproof, which is very interesting to install in the bathroom.

3. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring

It is known as vinyl flooring or PVC flooring. It has the great advantage of imitating finishes such as wood, hydraulic tile or cement. This is a floor that, being plastic, repels water very well.

It is a floor that is easy to install and does not require changes compared to the one you already have, you can place it on top. To avoid leakage of liquid, it is necessary to ensure that the joints are very well sealed.

4. Ceramic tile

Ceramic or stoneware tile is a type of floor suitable for the bathroom, easy to clean and long-lasting . You can find tiles in various finishes, multiple colors and even with textures.

It has two disadvantages to consider. The first is that strong blows can easily damage it. The second, that due to its size you will get a floor with many joints. Although if it is the one you prefer when comparing quality and price, it will be enough for you to avoid forceful blows and use the appropriate cleaning products.

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5. Tiles


Tiles are the most popular bathroom flooring option. They are durable, anti-humidity and offer a wide variety of colors , patterns, textures and sizes. Prices vary depending on which one you choose. There are even in stainless steel.

6. Porcelain floors

Porcelain floors are non-slip, so you will be sure that you will not slip. It is also very resistant and is available in multiple finishes such as wood, marble, stone and granite, among others.

7. Wooden floor

Wooden floor

The wooden floor is also known as parquet and offers a very beautiful, warm and welcoming finish. Still, it turns out to be a very delicate material to install in the bathroom.

It does not get along well with humidity, so you must be sure that the floor you have chosen is treated wood and resists humidity . Such is the case of the type of wood that is used in spaces such as the sauna.

8. Marble or granite

We finalize this list of the best floors for the bathroom with marble or granite. This material is very popular in bathrooms because they are elegant and beautiful.

They are durable, resistant and anti-humidity. You can find this floor in different colors. The biggest problem with this one is that it has a high price , compared to others.

Of the best floors for your bathroom, which one did you like the most?

This list of the best floors for your bathroom consists of eight options that are the most popular and resistant.

Choose the one that fits the characteristics of your bathroom both in size and decorative style. Of course, also that it fits the budget you have defined for this renovation.

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