Things to do with family – best 30+ ideas

Things to do with family

There are many activities that you can do with your family on weekends without spending money and with objects that you probably already have on hand at home. You just have to be creative. The truth is that we spend a large part of the year buying items that we may never use later, so a weekend using those things can save you a lot of money.

Likewise, these days when we can’t leave the house like we used to, these ideas are perfect for planning and spending fun weekends at home. You can even try to get everyone involved in the plan so that they are interested in the activity that they normally do not like to do. In addition, you can assign each child a weekend in which they are responsible for choosing the activity or assign a different part of the planning process. Read on to see the different activities you can do as a family.

20 great ideas to enjoy the weekend with the family without spending a penny

You can play a new sport together.

It doesn’t have to be completely new either, but if your children play on the baseball or soccer team you can look in the storage room for the items they need to do other sports they haven’t practiced for years and spend the weekend that way.

activities for family

You can look for a new path to explore.

Going out and exploring new paths is a great way to spend time together without spending any money. You can search the internet for routes you don’t know and explore them together for a whole day.

activities for kids

You can make a camping in the middle of the room.

Turn your living room into a camp for the weekend. If you don’t have a tent, you can use a sheet and a blanket, as well as cushions to make a fort. At night, turn off the lights and put on a movie. Of course, with popcorn.

activities for kids at home

They can read stories and recreate them at home.

You can choose books for your children to read or let them select them themselves. This way they can have a fun family activity by taking turns reading or recreating books during an hour of “family theater.”

activities kids

Look for workshops or virtual classes.

These days when families are not going out as much as before, virtual classes are a great option. Sites like Udemy offer several free drawing classes. They can also take a free dance class, either virtual or on video.

activities with kids

Creating a time capsule is always fun.

You can have your kids collect various things that they feel represent this time period and with a box create a time capsule. You can write letters in which you tell the most important things that the people of the future need to know. When you have the box ready, bury it somewhere that is important to your family.

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at home activities for kids

Discover a new park.

My kids love exploring and finding new parks to play in. Prepare food for a picnic with what you already have in your pantry and spend a couple of hours watching your children have a great day without spending a penny.

fun stuff to do

Teach them a new game.

Search the deepest part of your closet and take out the dominoes or that box of cards that you haven’t touched for years. You can even look for that board game that someone gave you and that you never opened. I recently taught my son to play checkers and we played almost two hours together. He loved it!

fun things

Prepare your own photoshoot.

Technology makes it possible for you to produce your own family photoshoot and make it look professional, even if you don’t have the best camera. Get everyone to dress the same way, find the best place in the house, and get your camera or phone ready to do the shoot. Remember that light is key, so take as many photos as possible and then choose the best one.

fun things to do on weekends

Get free tickets to a museum.

Many public libraries can give you free passes to museums. Find out in the one in your area. If you live in a small city, many times you can use them that same day, but in large cities you will have to book in advance.

fun things to do at home

Get the whole family to color.

My kids love to color, but they enjoy it so much more when I sit with them and we do it together. Although they like books a lot, what really catches their attention is when I print designs that I get from the internet and we color them as a family.

fun with the family

Organize a treasure hunt game.

You can plan a treasure hunt inside the house, without spending a penny and in no time. Just think of a couple of things that can be found at home and send the little ones to look for them. Whoever wins can choose the movie that will be seen that night or choose what will be for dinner so that you do not have to spend money on the prize either.

fun activities to do at home for adults

You can also organize it in the garden.

If the weather is nice, you can even do a scavenger hunt outside and make it count almost like a family hike. You can have them look for flowers of a specific color, a strangely shaped leaf, or a bird feather, for example.

family fun night ideas

Make dinner with everyone’s help using what you have in your pantry and refrigerator.

You don’t have to leave home to eat something new. If you look in your pantry or your fridge and cook together as a family, you can surely prepare something delicious together. Use only the ingredients that you have on hand and thus you will not spend any money.

family fun night

Build a fire in the garden.

Have the children help you collect some firewood in the garden or around the neighborhood and teach them how to make a fire in the safest way. Then you can cook hot dogs or marshmallows and enjoy them together.

family fun ideas at home

Dance with the whole family.

My kids love it when I turn up the volume on the radio and start dancing with them. It gives them the opportunity to burn a lot of energy and is a great way to share with them. Plus, you don’t have to prepare anything … or spend money.

activity with kids

Invite friends to a virtual dinner using Zoom or Facetime.

So that the family can socialize in a safe way, plan a virtual dinner with your relatives or friends. You can put a challenge or theme and the people who join would have to meet the “requirements” for the dinner.

activity for kids

Change the decoration of the house!

You don’t have to buy anything to redecorate the house. Many times, just moving the objects around you end up creating a space that looks completely different and you will have a good time with your family.

activities with kids

Organize the house!

Do you remember all that you had to clean and organize? Well, spend a weekend with your whole family fixing the home without spending money. The good news is that you will have a gleaming house when you are done.

activities kids

Spend the weekend planning a trip.

Although for now traveling seems like a distant concept, soon the world will return to normal and we will be able to travel as before. With all that you are going to save, you could plan a spectacular journey with the people you love the most. Weekends are the best to organize and plan your next trip. Get the family together and start thinking about where you want to enjoy your next getaway together.

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activities for kids

Create your own book club

Encouraging a love of books can be a very entertaining family task. Book clubs are a way to share literary tastes and a meeting time to read and exchange opinions about the chosen book. In this activity, it is essential to take into account the age of all the members of the house to create meetings with different themes. It is also important to establish it in a good place, such as a spacious room with light or in which books are especially important.

100 family fun night ideas

Play in team

Group games are a way to cooperate without the need to convey a feeling of competition. It doesn’t matter who is the winner because fun is the main objective of this activity to do at home. You can choose board games or create them from scratch, in which the whole family is involved in their realization and rules. The games of a lifetime also have a place: the ‘I see-I see’, the ‘pilla-pilla’ or hide-and-seek. Why don’t you ask them to tell you what they play at recess? Maybe they can be adapted to make them yourself!

things to do with the kids

Make a mini urban garden

This activity is ideal for young and old, as it is a way to maintain contact with nature at home while encouraging participation among all members of the family.You can start with something easy: buying a small seedbed with the seeds of the chosen plants. Of course, it is very important that the little ones know what type of plant they have, its cultivation and maturation process … and thus be able to take care of it successfully.

things to do with the family

Organize a family ‘Olympics’

One option to encourage movement at home is to hold a kind of ‘Olympics’ in which each member of the family teaches the rest what they can do with their body to practice movement: jump, carry run a race, dance… To make it more fun, you can apply a score of one to ten and the loser has to do some action for the others: prepare lunch or dinner; take the dog for a walk or clean some part of the house …

things to do with kids on weekends

Write a story

Sometimes, the little ones and also the teenagers do not like to tell how their day has gone or what they have done at school. One option so that they can share what they want in a creative way is through a story. A creative writing workshop can be proposed with a prize (it can be symbolic) for the participant who writes the best story. For this, there are many online resources to write , step by step, a story and customize it in a simple way. You can also apply a time to carry it out. In this way, the motivation and curiosity of young people is fostered. 

things to do with kids on the weekend

Make a family tree with family photos

To carry out this activity, you just need to have all the family albums at hand and that the smallest of the family are in charge of collecting a series of data necessary to create the family genealogical tree: dates and places of birth, professions … Once Since such data is available, you just have to decide how big you want that tree (making use of some of the templates that can be found on the web) and gradually incorporate photographs that the smallest ones can also look for. In this way, emotional ties with all family members (close or distant) are strengthened and respect and empathy towards the elderly are fostered.

things to do with family this weekend

Encourage recycling

There are many everyday objects found around the house that can have a second life. In addition, in this way the little ones are taught to recycle. To do this, you just have to look at some of these objects, such as the cardboard tubes of toilet paper (with which you can make the arms of a possible doll); An empty can to transform into a handy pencil or pen pot or turn a clothespin into a bookmark. 

things to do with family outside

Becoming ‘ booktubers ‘ for a day

The booktubers are usually young people who love reading and using YouTube to share recommendations of their favorite books. Following this same premise, at home children can become ‘booktubers’ for a day: they choose the book that they like the most or that they have read recently and review it on video so that everyone can know what it is about. Also and if they like the experience, they can make other videos with reading recommendations, for example.

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things to do with family at home

Act out a role … in the classroom

Through theater, children put communication into practice, express their emotions and lose their fear of speaking in public. At home you can create a play from scratch: choose a children’s story and create a theatrical script in which all family members have a role to play. Then you have to think about the duration of the play, the wardrobe and the day of the premiere (to which you can invite other relatives such as grandparents).

things to do with a family

Set up a homemade escape room 

Since escape rooms have become fashionable even inside the classroom, why not create one at home? It can be done with different levels of difficulty depending on the age of the children. If they are young, some clues can be hidden throughout the house (on paper, with bright colors that include written messages or drawings) and that will lead them to find a treasure: an entrance to the movie that they have so much desire to see or an exit all together to a place they would like to go. If they are teenagers, they can be entrusted with the mission of creating a plan of the whole house by drawing all the elements that compose it and hiding the ‘treasure’ themselves through different tests, which can also be invented. 

Ideas for a fun night at home with the kids

things to do near me with family

With most places closed due to the pandemic, parents have faced the great challenge of increasing our creativity so that our little ones do not miss their favorite places so much. Thus, outings to the movies, playdates with friends, bowling nights or trips to the centers with inflatable games have had to be replaced by activities at home that somehow make the little ones smile back.

The good news is that all those efforts will pay off, without a doubt, since several studies indicate that spending time playing with our children has several benefits. Among them are that it favors learning, nurtures intelligence, nurtures the development of critical thinking, improves vocabulary and communication, promotes control of emotions, reinforces empathy as well as improves physical and mental health.

Spending a fun night at home with the kids will be easy with these ideas. Take note!

things to do near me for family

Table games.

Among the most popular are Disney’s Party & Co, designed for children ages 4 and up and consisting of showing who knows the most about Disney characters through mime and drawing. The traditional Monopoly for children over 8 years of age is also a great game to help in the development of the little ones. The famous Uno card game is perfect for children over 7 years of age. And you can’t miss Gestures, another classic that will give you hours of laughter and fun.

things to do for kids

Pizza night.

This culinary activity can be more or less elaborate, according to the ages of your children. If they are smaller, you can buy individual dough crusts so that they can put the tomato sauce, grated cheese and the accompaniments of their choice, such as pieces of salami, sliced ​​olives and vegetables. If they are larger, they can start from scratch by preparing the dough and then adding the ingredients of their choice.  .

things to do for fun

Movie at home.

Recreate the movie going experience from start to finish. You can design the tickets online and print or draw them at home on white sheets of paper. Children can use toy bills and a play cash register to play different roles. You can place stickers with the prices of the products on packaged snacks so that they learn to count. If you want to take the experience further, you can invest in a projector and screen to make them sit in the theater.

things to do at home

Disco night.

Make a playlist of each family member’s favorite songs so that everyone has a turn to listen to what they like. Use wands with fluorescent lighting or glow-in-the-dark clothing for children to see your movements. If you have a portable disco ball better. Children will be fascinated by all those lights!

things to do as a family

Camping at home.

If you have sleeping bags, put them in the living room, turn off the lights, and put on nature sounds. They can use a star projector to pretend they are outside and tell fun stories for the children. They can make s’mores at home and pretend to cook with toy grills. Another idea is to hide objects and create missions for children to search for them with flashlights. They will have a lot of fun!

things for kids to do

Motor games.

The game of hide and seek and blind man have passed from generation to generation and continue to be a hit with the little ones. They can also play ghost dress up and chase each other around the house. Another entertaining game is the king asks, which consists of obeying the orders of the person whose turn it is to be the king. There are online roulette tools that can give you random orders and include a timer to limit the time missions are completed.

kids activities at home

Art night.

If you have large cardboard boxes, you can work as a family to design a car or an airplane. Children can paint the boxes and decorate them with their favorite characters. Another fun activity is to wear old t-shirts and make hero capes out of them. The little ones can decorate them with paint . Another idea is to search for drawing tutorials on YouTube and let everyone draw the character of their choice.


Enjoying the company and activities to do with the family is very positive! With a little ingenuity, activities can be devised that end up being a wealth of enriching experiences for parents and children. You just have to propose it and carry it out .

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