Reading: 68+ Tiny Bedroom Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

68+ Tiny Bedroom Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

Tiny bedroom ideas : best 68+ ideas

Looking for Tiny bedroom ideas ? You are in the right place. Today we are going to discover how to decorate a small room to make it look bigger. To make up for the meters you lack with inspiration, creativity and style.

It is a fact. If you live in a big city, your home most likely doesn’t have many square meters, and your bedroom is rather small.

But do not suffer, the style does not depend on the size, you will see that with a handful of good ideas, you can transform any small room into a cozy space that you will not want to leave. 

Before starting with the best ideas for decorating small double rooms, I summarize the key measures that will save (or complicate) your life when distributing a small room.

Remember that around a double bed the ideal is to have at least 70 centimeters of step . If you have a closet next to it, the distance between the bed and the closet should be at least one meter to be able to open the doors if they are hinged (while you stand in front of them). If they are sliding with 70 centimeters it would also suffice. And the smallest tables you can find are usually around 35 cm wide (some are even 25, but few).

This will help you get an idea of ​​the size of mattress that you can fit in your small room. Although sometimes the meters are so scarce that you may be forced to place the “double” bed (or whatever) attached to the wall. Or under the window. Or maybe the bed takes up most of the room.

No problem. 

First of all, the bedroom is called like that, its main function is that you sleep comfortably in it. Almost all other vital functions can be carried out in other spaces of your home.

1. How to decorate a small room: get the colors right

Tiny bedroom ideas 1
| Kvarteret Machines |

It is one of the most important decisions, and not only what color will the walls be, but also the textiles and the headboard.

The easy advice is to opt for light tones, which visually enlarge the spaces. But this is not exactly the case. What enlarges a space is that the edges between the walls, the floor and the ceiling are “blurred”. And this is achieved by painting everything the same color, whatever it is. 

While it is true that dark colors seem to “bring” the walls closer, the most powerful effect they have is to create drama.

If you opt for light tones you will get a serene and energizing room in the morning. On the contrary, although the rooms in dark (neutral) tones can be just as serene, they convey a feeling of relaxation and seclusion that is more appropriate for late afternoon. Painting a small room in a dark shade is a brave decision, and it is not for everyone.

Tiny bedroom ideas 1hh
| The Nordroom |

The key question is what are you more … owl or lark? Do you prefer an intimate and cozy bedroom that relaxes you at night? Or something bright and luminous that invites you to get up in the morning? 

In any case, if you want to maximize the amplitude, I recommend that you take the chosen tone to all the surfaces you can: walls, floor, ceiling, radiators, doors and even headboard. Thus the boundaries between some things and others are blurred, and the space seems larger than it really is.

Tiny bedroom ideas 1y
| Coco Lapine |
Tiny bedroom ideas 1yyii
| Fantastic Frank |
Tiny bedroom ideas 1q
| My Scandinavian Home |

2. The right headboard for a small bedroom

In a small room the headboard will become a very important focal point, which will attract all eyes. 

If you don’t have too much space, you may be tempted to add a tiny headboard. ERROR. As it happened to us with color, in this continuity is also important.

So forget the obvious, and try maximizing the headboard, placing a large wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling headboard .

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Tiny bedroom ideas 1yyyt
| Coco Lapine |
Tiny bedroom ideas 1z
Tiny bedroom ideas 1g
| Emmanuelle Simon |

You can even use an accent wall as a headboard , either by laying down wallpaper, vinyl, or by applying trim.

Tiny bedroom ideas 1s
| Kvarteret Machines |
Tiny bedroom ideas 10
| The Modern House |
Tiny bedroom ideas 11
| Boråstapeter |
Tiny bedroom ideas 12
| Grandpa |

How to decorate a small room if you don’t have the space or budget for a large headboard? Don’t worry, a mid-height coat of paint can come to the rescue. Just make sure it protrudes 50 or 60 centimeters above the mattress.

Tiny bedroom ideas 13
| The Estate Trentham |

3. Bedside tables for small rooms

In the case of bedside tables for small bedrooms, the ideal is that they meet two requirements:

  • That are visually light
  • Have some storage space

It is important that they leave the floor clear, so that the “walkable” space appears larger than it is. So suspended tables are also a good option (in fact the best if you have or plan to buy a robot vacuum cleaner).

But you will also need a little extra space at hand where you can put down your phone, book and / or glasses when it’s time to turn off the light.

Tiny bedroom ideas 14
| TLC Interiors |
Tiny bedroom ideas 15
| Coco Lapine |
Tiny bedroom ideas 16
| Fantastic Frank |
Tiny bedroom ideas 17
| H&G Designs |
Tiny bedroom ideas 18
| Better Homes and Gardens |
Tiny bedroom ideas 19
| Homes to Love |

4. Think vertical: add flown shelves

If you want to learn how to decorate a small room to get the most out of it, you must think vertically, and take advantage of every available surface. Starting with the walls.

Narrow shelves are a good solution to take advantage of the walls if you don’t have space for a shelf. They are visually light and can also help you kill several birds with one stone. You can use them:

  • To take advantage of small holes in the wall.
  • As a headboard, supporting on them photos, paintings and art objects.
  • Like holding a clamp lamp, like this one from Ikea.
  • To support small objects such as the alarm clock or the mobile.
  • If they have a little more depth, such as a small desk and table for the laptop.
Tiny bedroom ideas 2
| @maggiemillerinteriors |
Tiny bedroom ideas 21
| My Scandinavian Home |
Tiny bedroom ideas 22
| Fantastic Frank |
Tiny bedroom ideas 23
| Entrance Mäkleri |

5. Maximize the ceiling lamp

Giving prominence to the ceiling lamp and making it the focus of your bedroom is a better idea than it sounds. A large lamp will direct your gaze to where there is free space: the ceiling. By raising your eyes, you will hide the large amount of space that the bed takes up. 

But beware. If the lamp is large, it is better to find one with a shade made of a light , translucent or light-letting material. Like paper, wicker or a light fabric …

Tiny bedroom ideas 24
| My Scandinavian Home |
Tiny bedroom ideas 25
| White Duvet Covers |
Tiny bedroom ideas 26
| Style by Emily Henderson |

6. Choose lamps that do not take up space

When it comes to choosing reading lamps, both wall sconces and small lamps suspended next to the bed are one of the essentials in a small room. With them you will get ambient light (or illuminate your night reading) without taking up extra space on the table.

There is no middle ground, you can opt for large appliques, or with a contrasting color, with a clear desire to be the protagonist. Or place lamps that practically blend into the wall, and leave the spotlight to the ceiling lamp. 

If you are only looking for ambient light, you can even try putting lighting under the bed. This is also a fantastic option if you have children, because you can use it as a bedside table for breastfeeding or when they are sick.

In any case, make sure that all the lamps in the bedroom that are visible have something to do with aesthetics , and that they fit in with the general style of the room. They should not be the same but they should (to explain it in some way), from the same family.

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Tiny bedroom ideas 27
| Zil-Art via Behance |
Tiny bedroom ideas 28
| Therese Sennerholt |
Tiny bedroom ideas 29
| Vintage Home Decor |
Tiny bedroom ideas 3
| Olea All Suite Hotel |
Tiny bedroom ideas 31
| Coco Lapine |
Tiny bedroom ideas 32
| Tali Roth |
Tiny bedroom ideas 33
| Amber Interiors |

7. How to decorate a small room without overloading it?

How to decorate a small room without overloading it with objects? With transparencies. And I’m not talking about nightgowns. Transparent objects will be your allies.

That’s how it is. When it comes to placing things in the room, which should be as few as possible, take advantage of the transparency of glass and plastic . Objects that become invisible take no place, at least visually. 

Transparent vases, chairs and lamps become chameleons that blend in with what is behind them.

Tiny bedroom ideas 34
| Alvhem |
Tiny bedroom ideas 35
| Driven by Decor |
Tiny bedroom ideas 36
| Schweitzer Linen |
Tiny bedroom ideas 37
| Pinterest |
Tiny bedroom ideas 38
| Eclectic Trends |
Tiny bedroom ideas 39
| Pinterest |

8. Hang the curtains from ceiling to floor

That the curtains cover the window from as high as possible , and are similar in color to the wall, will help you give visual continuity. And as we have already seen, continuity is good, because it visually expands the spaces, as fewer changes in color and material are perceived. 

If, due to size or personal preferences, you are going to put a blind (it is slightly less than a curtain), or a Venetian blind, try to match it with the wall that surrounds it, and place it as close to the ceiling as possible. 

And if the views are nice, opt for sheers made of light, semi-sheer fabrics . Good views are the best way to visually expand a small bedroom.

Tiny bedroom ideas 4
| Riikka Kantinkoski
Tiny bedroom ideas 41
| Bo Bedre |

9. Minimum room, maximum carpet 

In a small bedroom it is better to opt for a rug that covers a large part of the floor, rather than one or two small side rugs… could someone in the living room tell me why?… CON-TI-NUI-DAD.

I know. I am very heavy. But the reality is that the fewer visual changes you make in a space, the larger it will look … how to decorate a small room with changes in color or material every two by three? It can not. Think that each visual interruption will reduce its size.

And also, rugs are a great opportunity to get a room with style. And in which it will be a pleasure to get up barefoot.

Make sure that they stand out at the foot of the bed and on the sides , it is not necessary that you carry them under the nightstands. The continuity effect will be similar, and you will even give more emphasis to the headboard area.

Tiny bedroom ideas 42
| Our Food Stories |
Tiny bedroom ideas 43
| Style by Emily Henderson |
Tiny bedroom ideas 44
| Entrance Mäkleri |
Tiny bedroom ideas 45
| Home-designing |

Have you noticed the last photo? What has caught your attention the most, the large circular rug, or that the double bed is attached to the wall?

Well that 🙃

Large carpet, walk or not.

10. Keep order: less is more

I would tell you to embrace minimalism, to throw away what you don’t use / don’t love, and that every time you buy a garment you will throw away another … but we already know each other 😂

So it seems more practical to recommend that you set up an intelligent storage system. And that you follow two little tips, fundamentally:

  • Group and you will win. First of all, if you usually have small objects scattered around the table, accept them and gather them on a nice tray so they don’t roll around. Or look for a side table with trays, directly. The Råskog trolley from Ikea will go to the movies, if it fits.
Tiny bedroom ideas 46
| A Pair and a Spare |
Tiny bedroom ideas 47
| Ikea |
Tiny bedroom ideas 48
| Rock my Style |
  • Hide and you will win. The boxes are your great ally. Especially those that fit under the bed, if you don’t have one with a sofa underneath.
Tiny bedroom ideas 49
| Ikea |

11. Small bedrooms but with a lot of art

The best interior designers know well how to decorate a small room deceiving the eye with what they hang on the wall.

Adding pictures, posters, or photos to the walls also helps create the illusion of a larger space , especially if:

  • They are maxi size
  • The image has some depth

Filling your walls with art is a good way to create a false window through which the gaze will escape, so the larger the sheet, the better the better.

And if you can’t resist setting up a gallery with several paintings, try to keep them of a good size in any case. A gallery wall full of tiny paintings will create a feeling of crowded space.

Tiny bedroom ideas 5
| Amber Interiors |
Tiny bedroom ideas 51
| The Bower |
Tiny bedroom ideas 52
| Juniper Home |
Tiny bedroom ideas 53
| Maison Trouvaille |
Tiny bedroom ideas 54
| Adore Magazine |

12. How to decorate a small room with mirrors

A full-length mirror can do wonders with light and space. Also, if you lean it against the wall slightly inclined, it becomes thin … can you ask for more?

Tiny bedroom ideas 55
| Entrance Mäkleri |
Tiny bedroom ideas 56
|Style by Emily Henderson |
Tiny bedroom ideas 57
| Hunker |

13. The best cabinets for small rooms

The closet issue in a small bedroom is a thorny one. If you choose to leave the clothes in view on shelves and bars, in principle you will gain visual amplitude and the room will appear larger. 

Tiny bedroom ideas 58
| Amber Loves Design |

But of course, this idea is fine if (and only if):

  1. You are able to maintain order at all times and …
  2. You don’t fill the shelves and bars to the top

That is why although the clothes in sight are very cute on Instagram and Pinterest, I recommend that (if possible) you put a closet no matter how small it is . 

The doors will allow you to have everything in order (at least in appearance), and to prevent them from eating the room you can always choose to put them:

  • The color of the wall , so that they blend in with it. And with discreet handles. It is the best option if the cabinets are built-in, so that they go unnoticed.
  • Made of materials that reflect light or are half translucent , such as glass, or even rattan. 

And if they can be sliding, better than better, you will gain almost a square meter. 

What I will NEVER, NEVER recommend to you will be mirrored closet doors. It’s some kind of personal trauma, they remind me of gym walls. And to the movie Poltergeist

3. And I don’t know what scares me the most.

Tiny bedroom ideas 59
| Miriam Barrio |
Tiny bedroom ideas 6
| Echo Design+Architecture |
Tiny bedroom ideas 61
| Boffi |

Finally, if the budget is really low, opt for some curtains to put a little order … at least visual. Better of a color similar to the wall, and if it can be from ceiling to floor.

Tiny bedroom ideas 62
| Alvhem |

14. Your office in a corner: every inch counts

Every corner of the room is an opportunity. A corner can be the perfect place to place a mirror. A strange hole in the wall can be used to put some shelves. And if you have room for a ledge in front of the window, you have a work table.

Your imagination is the limit. Well, and your budget, too😉

But the great advantage of a small room is that the budget required to furnish it is proportional to its size.

Tiny bedroom ideas 63
| Rock my Style |
Tiny bedroom ideas 64
| Bolig Magasinet |
Tiny bedroom ideas 65
| Danish Femina |
Tiny bedroom ideas 66
| Bolig Magasinet |
Tiny bedroom ideas 67
| Pinterest |

In summary… 

Well, I think that’s enough for today. Now you know how to decorate a small room, and how to furnish it to get the most out of it. Of course, do not use all these ideas at the same time. They are not set in stone. Use common sense and stick with the ones that suit you best depending on the case:

  1. Use a light or dark color, but that unifies the whole room and blurs the boundaries. Neutral or slightly saturated ones are the ones that convey the greatest serenity. 
  2. Look for a headboard that extends from wall to wall , like a plinth, or takes up the entire wall . Remember, the headboard in a small room doesn’t have to be small.
  3. The perfect nightstand for a small bedroom is visually light, and allows you to leave your essentials next to the bed.
  4. Think vertically: add flown shelves to take advantage of the walls without overloading it.
  5. Maximize the pendant lamp , so you will direct your eyes towards where there is space: the ceiling.
  6. Choose reading lamps that do not take up space on your bedside tables: wall sconces are a winning bet in small bedrooms. Hanging lamps by the bed, too.
  7. Transparencies are your allies in the bedroom. And I’m not talking about nightgowns. Choose glass or plastic objects that let in light.
  8. Hang the curtains and blinds the higher the better . And if the view is good, make sure they are made of light fabrics.
  9. Minimum room, maximum carpet. A large rug can fill a small room with style. 
  10. Keep order: less is more. Suppress or hide visual “junk”.
  11. Use large paintings and photos and better with depth, so that the gaze is lost in them.
  12. Double the size of your small bedroom with a super mirror .
  13. The best closet for a small room is … the one that fits. But once you find it, make sure it is a closet with translucent doors, the color of the walls and / or that reflect light (no mirrors, please). 
  14. Take advantage of every corner: in a small room every inch counts.
Tiny bedroom ideas 68

Last but not least… do you already know where to find the best furniture and accessories for your bedroom online? Just in case, I leave you the names of some of the best multi-brand stores on the net. Aim, aim … 

And now that you know EVERYTHING tell me … what is it about the perfect little bedroom that you miss in yours? 

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