Tips for storing towels and avoiding mistakes

Tips for storing towels and avoiding mistakes

One day you start buying towels and when you least think about it, you need advice to store them optimally so they don’t get out of control. We give them to you!

Follow these tips to store towels and avoid mistakes so that the closet where you put them is not a disaster. More, because these are elements that you need to always have on hand , since they are changed several times a month. Which is why we have multiple games.

Like other clothes such as bedding, they must be very well organized , so they will not take up extra space and, when needed, they will be well cared for, without wrinkles and clean. We tell you more, so keep reading.

Tips for storing towels

Hand towels, beach or bath towels are some of the different types of towels that it is normal to have at home. If you have between 3 and 4 sets of each type, depending on the seasons, colors or material, it is normal to lose your head when organizing them.

It might even seem that there is no place for all of them , but with these tips it will be much easier to do so.

Classify them

Tips for storing towels

The first of the tips for storing towels is the classification of them. Depending on the type, they have different measures , which you should consider when ordering them . In addition, some are not for continuous use like shirts, so you should not prioritize them.

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Thus, classify them in such a way that when they are needed they are together , use guides as colors or types of material to make it easier to locate and remove them, without disorganizing the rest of the towels.

Keep them rolled

When you store rolled towels you optimize space. So, after classifying them, fold them in half and roll them up , in this way you can put them in the closet or in the baskets that you can place in the cabinet under the sink.

Do you remember that when you buy the towel sets they come with some ribbons or bows? You can lean on them to secure your rolled towels , so you can give them better handling when they are enough.

Organize them in the different cabinets

If you do not have a single closet for storing towels and the bathroom cabinet is insufficient, apply the advice given and leave the set ready in the closet of each of the family members . That’s right, organize the towels and give each one their towels and tell them which ones to use each week.

Now, if there are no spaces in these places to keep them rolled up, another tip to keep the towels is to hang them. Since you don’t have to leave them all in the same space, you can lean on a couple of hooks, fold them in half and hang them in the closet.

Create your own spaces to save them

The last of the tips for storing towels is to create the right spaces for it, if you do not have them. A good option is the shelves, there you can locate baskets or organizers to accommodate your rolled or folded towels.

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Depending on the location of the shelves, choose baskets that match your décor.

Avoid mistakes when storing towels

Avoid mistakes when storing towels

Now we are going to give you some tips that will help you avoid making mistakes when storing towels:

  • Never keep them wet: after washing it is essential that you make sure that the towels are completely dry, as the humidity will lead to the appearance of fungus and a bad smell.
  • Store them without folding or rolling them: If you put towels in the closet aimlessly, you will create clutter and your closets will not suffice with all the games.
  • Wash the ones you don’t use regularly: the fact that we don’t use a certain set of towels does not mean that we shouldn’t wash them, over the months, it can smell bad or get dusty, something inconvenient when using them.
  • Leaving them unprotected in the bathroom: this act constitutes an error when we leave the towels in the bathroom and “in the air”, that is, outside the furniture or the baskets, for a long time, because by not using or washing them often, they start to accumulate bacteria from the environment in them.

Go ahead and follow these tips to store towels

We hope these towel storage tips are helpful and you can easily implement them at home. So your towels will be at hand, organized and always clean to use, both you, your family and your visitors.

Remember that washing is an important part and that is where the care of these garments begins , so you should do it at least once or twice a month.

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