Tips on how to grow wax flower and have a delicate environment at home

Tips on how to grow wax flower and have a delicate environment at home

The wax flower, or Hoya Carnosa , is an ornamental plant that is successful in interior decoration. She is known for bringing charm and delicacy to environments. In addition, it has beautiful pendant flowers. Next, check out the characteristics of the flower, its species and tips for harmonizing it in the decoration.

Types of Wax Flower

Native to Asia, the wax flower is a hanging plant that has adapted well to the tropical climate and, therefore, has a variety of species in Brazil. It can be found in different colors that bring even more charm to the environments. Here are 8 types to include in your decor:

  • Wax flower Hoya Carnosa: this species is the most common in gardens and grows pendantly forming beautiful clusters, mostly pink.
  • Wax flower Hoya Carnosa Tricolor: it has beautiful flowers, but it draws attention for its leaves, which have variations in green, pink and yellow colors.
  • Bella Wax Flower: This variety is more delicate, perfect for indoor environments. It has sensitive leaves and white flowers.
  • Compact wax flower (Krinkle Kurl): it has a slow growth, however, it has curved leaves that make up beautiful bunches of flowers.
  • Hoya Kerrii Wax Flower: This type also grows slowly. Its highlight is the large leaves in the shape of a heart.
  • Cumingian wax flower: with delicate, round leaves, this variety is very charming. It stands out for its yellow flowers with a red center.
  • Obscura wax flower: it is ideal for indoor environments, as it has flowers with a soft scent. Also, curls are always full.
  • Hoya Pubicalyx wax flower: finally, this plant is originally from the Philippines and is therefore considered a rare species. Its charm is in the black tone, which makes it unique and ornamental.

With several varieties, the wax flower is a plant capable of adapting to any environment and style. But it is worth remembering that it needs care in cultivation. In the next topic, check out great tips to take care of this beauty.

How to care for wax flower

Despite looking like a fragile plant, the wax flower is durable and very resistant. However, like any ornamental plant grown in a pot, it needs care. Below, see 7 tips from the gardener Angela Cristina to avoid making mistakes when growing the plant:

  • Cultivation: according to Angela, the wax flower does not need a large pot, as the plant likes to have its roots compacted. “The ideal is to use a plastic pot with holes to facilitate drainage”.
  • Lighting: “Wax flowers with whitish leaves need more lighting. Those with greener leaves can be a little further away from the sun”, guides the specialist.
  • Watering: According to Angela, the best way to know if the plant needs watering is through the condition of the soil. Just place two fingers in the soil to feel the moisture. If it’s dry, you need to water them.
  • Ideal soil: “the ideal substrate for the plant can be made by mixing soil, carbonized rice nut, vermiculite and also charcoal”, says Angela.
  • Seedlings: can be produced by pruning branches planted in the substrate. Angela advises that it is ideal to leave the future plant in partial shade.
  • Fertilization: Fertilizer is essential, as it contributes to the health of the plant. According to Angela, the best fertilizer can be natural, such as cattle manure.
  • Pruning: Finally, the gardener remembers that the wax flower grows slowly, so it is not necessary to prune it often. If necessary, pruning should always be done on the branches.

With these tips, you can now grow wax flowers and compose a unique environment at home. In the next topic, see more care and guidelines about the flower.

Learn more about the wax flower

The wax flower can be the star of your decor. For this, it needs to be cultivated with great care and with all the care that this type of plant needs. Here’s a selection of videos that go into more detail about planting, growing, and flowering:

How to plant wax flower

10 beautiful wax flower photos to inspire your decor

It’s time to check out how to make your decor spectacular with the presence of wax flowers. Here are 10 inspiring options to compose your home or garden:

1. The wax flower is a delicate and very beautiful plant


2. The wax flower is known for its charm


3. With star-shaped flowers and a sweet scent


4. It brings life and joy to ornamentation


5. Not only do you like the indoor environment, it also makes the space more beautiful


6. Outdoors, the wax flower is just as wonderful


7. Because it is natural, its ornamentation is always a surprise


8. Undoubtedly, it is a flower that guarantees a delicate atmosphere at home


9. A unique contact with nature


10. And it still brings color, life and charm to the decor!


With all these tips and inspirations, you can now include the wax flower in your home decor. Choose the species that best suits your style and routine. If you have more space at home, get to know the beauty of orchids that are also ornamental and have beautiful flowers.

Tips On How To Grow Wax Flower And ...
Tips On How To Grow Wax Flower And Have A Delicate Environment At Home