Tips to identify and fight mealybugs and keep your garden healthy

Tips to identify and fight mealybugs and keep your garden healthy

Cochineal is one of the nightmares of garden plants . Although it is a small parasite, it is capable of taking nutrients from vegetation and causing a lot of problems. So check out valuable tips from an agronomist to eliminate the insect from your home.

What is cochineal?

According to agronomist Henrique Figueiredo , cochineal “is a small parasitic insect that sucks the sap of plants and uses the nutrient as a food source”.

According to the specialist, they are originally from Mexico and have the most varied appearance and coloring. Thus, they can be found in brown, green, red and sometimes in white shades.

What causes mealybug to appear on plants?


Despite being a common pest in gardens and plants of all kinds, the mealybug is a parasite that prefers to return to vegetation that already has some problems.

According to Henrique, the mealybug prefers plants that are in trouble in some aspects. According to the engineer, the parasite can appear in plants that have “lack of nutrients and in plants that receive low light, as this promotes their weakening”.

How to identify cochineal?

According to the specialist, the best way to identify cochineal is by observing the plant in your daily life. The tip is to be aware of “small spots of different coloring on its leaves and stems”. In addition, Henrique says that the plant can also present other symptoms, such as “withering and wrinkling of its leaves”.

Tips to get rid of cochineal

Cochineal infestation can bring a lot of damage to your plant, but know that it is also easy to fight. Below, check out 3 methods by agronomist Henrique Figueiredo:

1. Simple method with cotton and alcohol



The mealybug is one of the most common species in gardens, which develops intensely on the leaves and stems of plants. According to Henrique, the best way to combat this variety is to use cotton soaked in alcohol. In this method, it is enough to “clean the plant carefully, removing the parasites”, guides the engineer.

2. Recipe based on mineral oil and detergent

Cochineal mealybug is another variety of the insect, so it’s important to know how to eliminate it. Henrique advises that for this species, the ideal is “to use a mixture of mineral oil (10 ml) and detergent (10 ml) diluted in 1 L of water. According to the expert, this method is simple and works by spraying the liquid on the mealybugs.

3. Natural prevention with Neem oil



Neem oil is a product that has the ability to fight insects, fungi and pests. According to the specialist, the product is a good option to combat the insect, as it offers preventive and natural control. In this method, simply spray the liquid over the mealybugs. “The tip is to apply it at the beginning or end of the day”, says Henrique.

From these tips, it was easy to fight mealybugs, right? The guidelines show that, through simple products, it is possible to eliminate pests from your garden.

More tips to protect your plant from mealybugs

To ensure success in combating mealybugs, it’s always good to take tips from experts and people who have already gone through the problem, isn’t it? So, check out a selection of videos with more guidelines to fight this little insect:

Simple tips to fight mealybug

In this video, gardener Randall teaches two methods to eliminate mealybugs. In addition, he brings tips on how to prepare homemade recipes and apply them correctly to plants. It’s worth watching as the techniques are simple and don’t require a lot of homework.

How to identify mealybugs

It’s not always easy to identify the mealybug, is it? In this video, gardener Henrique Buttler teaches how to find the insect in plants and also lists some reasons that can lead to the emergence of this pest. Be sure to watch the video, as it will guide you when watching your plants at home.

Homemade recipe to eliminate mealybug quickly

Here, you will learn a sure tip from the gardener Vitor to eliminate mealybugs once and for all in a simple way and without spending a lot. In the vlog, he teaches a recipe with apple cider vinegar and detergent. Curious? It’s worth watching!

Learn how to remove mealybug from the root

Root mealybug lives underground and is therefore not always easy to find. Plus, she’s a silent problem for plant lovers. In this video, you will learn tips to eliminate them, without causing damage to your plant.

After eliminating mealybugs, your plant will certainly need some special care to recover. So, prepare a homemade fertilizer and replenish the nutrients that the plant needs.

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