Reading: 35+ Perfect TV Room ideas

35+ Perfect TV Room ideas

TV room ideas : best 35+ ideas

Are you looking for tv room ideas ? then this article for you

The spaces for the houses seem to be more and more narrow, and it is even more limited when we choose to buy a pre-designed house. But that does not mean that we have to live in a decoration maze, nor in a narrow space, it actually implies that we have to look for more functional and practical solutions that allow us to have a good distribution of the furniture, and a free space so that we can circulate comfortably through our home.

And the room is a very important point, as it becomes the social heart of our spaces. It is there that we meet to discuss important and not so important issues, to enjoy each other’s company, and to relax for a while watching television. 

That is why in this idea book we have gathered 30 examples of small TV rooms that show us that more than size, what they need is comfortable and functional furniture, adequate lighting, and some details to have the perfect room. .

1. Bet on white

TV room ideas

White is always a good option for small spaces. And you can use accessories in vibrant colors to give it more energy, or in dark colors to make your rooms more elegant.

2. For shared spaces

TV room ideas 2

Shared areas are an excellent solution to the problem of small spaces. Well, you remove the walls, and you gain a few extra centimeters. And to divide the zones you can use some tricks such as furniture or carpet. Just like they did in this example.

3. Control the lighting

TV room ideas 3

Take control of the light in your room, and you can regulate the levels and create perfect atmospheres for each movie. Or modify the design a bit, illuminating certain areas, every day.

4. Mix the colors

TV room ideas 2E

The atmosphere of a small room will be achieved by the colors you use. And if you have little space, then it is best to use bright and contrasting colors, so every detail will be a color bomb, no matter the size.

5. Planned storage

TV room ideas 2EU

When the spaces are small we need to add some areas that help us contain everything we need. A cabinet in panels, or that covers the entire wall, like the one in this example, will help us organize everything, and give uniformity to the design.

6. Industrial style

TV room ideas 2Q

The advantages of the industrial style in this type of room are that you do not need to add many elements, and that the elements that you add do not have to be very large, since the materials take the focus of attention.

7. Like in the movies

TV room ideas 2I

Having a home theater is not as complicated as it sounds. You only need a corridor, or an empty room, comfortable chairs, few windows or thick curtains, and well-controlled lighting.

8. A scale of colors

TV room ideas 2AA

The shades of gray, along with black and white always get along. They also help you build an elegant environment, and a quiet environment, but be careful not to get bored. To avoid this, you can take advantage of the light, or the textures.

9. Decorating up and down

TV room ideas 2S

In this example we can see how dividing the area by zones will help us maintain a visual balance in the room, and obtain an elegant decoration.

10. Urban style

TV room ideas 10

In this case, beyond the elements that have been decided to add, the important thing about the design is the ceiling. A space that many times we leave forgotten, and that could rescue the decoration of any room.

11. Contemporary and cozy

TV room ideas 11

The decorative styles are not mutually exclusive. You can get a design that is contemporary, and give it a special touch with rustic materials, and vertical lighting, as in this example.

12. Minimalist

TV room ideas 12

In small spaces, less decoration is more free space to enjoy them. That is why we need to take care that the little or no decoration that we add has the necessary weight to dress our room.

13. Dress up your living room

TV room ideas 13

Textiles not only serve to dress us, they are also a smart way to decorate rooms. In the case of this room, they are used to decorate the armchairs, make the design elegant with the carpet on the floor, and control the lighting.

14. For design lovers

TV room ideas 14

For those who love fashion and design objects, this layered decoration option is perfect. In the first plane we can see the covers in gray tones, and in the second geometric figures, textures and different colors are added.

15. With shelves

TV room ideas 15

To save space on boring walls, we can create a simple division with a high shelf that can serve as a bookcase, a toy rack, to place souvenirs, or a bit of everything.

16. A focal point

TV room ideas 16

When you enter this room, you will not be able to avoid feeling captured by the piece of art that is on the back wall, in addition, there is an arrangement of things that make your gaze travel the room, until you get there. It is like a beautiful magnet that holds everything together.

17. Spot lighting

TV room ideas 17

Spot lighting in a TV room will allow you to have better control of the light, and manage the visibility, both of the TV, and of the rest of the room.

18. Functional furniture

TV room ideas 18

In these types of rooms, the most important thing is that things are functional, and that we know how to take advantage of them. In this example, we can see how an estate becomes a base for consoles, and a desktop.

19. Classic and elegant

TV room ideas 19

The combination of materials will help you decorate your spaces without noticing it. That is why it is important to choose carefully, but if you don’t want to risk it, you can use the classic combination of wood and glass. It never fails.

20. Join spaces

TV room ideas 20

The TV room is a space for fun, and it will most likely be a space that your children will enjoy a lot, so why not combine it with the play area.

21. A wooden panel

TV room ideas 21

The panels allow you to decorate the walls of the room, and be able to decorate it from there. In this case, the panel also works as a recessed base for the TV, leaving a better distance between the chair and the screen.

22. Textures

TV room ideas 22

The combinations of textures bring dynamism to the rooms. You can use them to separate the functional areas, without having to add other types of barriers.

23. Invisible decoration

TV room ideas 23

Glass furniture allows you to furnish your space, without adding visual elements. The only thing you need to be careful of is not to trip over them.

24. A personal touch

TV room ideas 24

Do you remember that collection that you have stored in your bedroom? You could turn it into a nice, personalized decoration for your living room with the help of a shelf.

25. Sliding doors

TV room ideas 25

The sliding doors help you create boundaries in the spaces, and even close them completely, but without spending centimeters on walls, doors or traditional occupying the open space.

26 TV room and study

TV room ideas 26

The living room and study are not a good option if you are one of those who like to procrastinate, but otherwise, you can take advantage of controlled lighting, and the clear space to work from home.

27. Retro style

TV room ideas 27

Choosing a style will help you give your room personality  , and surprise everyone. Industrial, retro, vintage, minimalist, and eclectic styles are best for small spaces.

28. Use all the centimeters

TV room ideas 28

The decoration you choose for the back wall is very important, as it is almost always the center point of the room. And you could take advantage of it to place a different area, such as a workspace, a bookcase, or even a reading corner.

29. Few furniture, but consistent

TV room ideas 29

You do not need to add a lot of furniture, what you need is that the few that you have have their own personality, and that they become protagonists of the environment with ease.

30. Design vertically

TV room ideas 30

For small spaces the best designs are those that are made vertically. Because they allow you to better divide the area, take advantage of all the centimeters, and create an illusion of altitude in the area, making it larger and better ventilated

Where and how to place the television in the living room to make it another decorative accessory

Integrated in the library

A perfect option in large living rooms , where the bookcase occupies the entire main wall. In this Project proposal , the TV is right in front of the sofas and is perfectly integrated, due to the color of the furniture, which, although not black, is a dark gray that blends in with the screen. Of course, no cables in sight.

TV room ideas 31

Hidden behind a door

Hidden or in plain sight? Et Voilà  gives a twist to the typical wall composition with a solution that, depending on the moment, makes it possible to ‘hide’ the TV behind a fabric door that moves on invisible rails and is closed by means of a magnet that tightens completely the fabric. Open, the door reveals the interiors with light, shelves and space for the television. The sound absorbing properties of the fabric also contribute to the acoustic comfort of the environment.

TV room ideas 32

In the spotlight

Sometimes the best way to integrate television into the room is to give it its own space , so that it does not conflict with the other elements. In this classic lounge  , with curved sofas (one of the trends decoration seasonal) in red, blue chairs, table golden center and chandelier, television is like a fish in the water hanging on the wall with moldings .

When looking for the ideal location, keep windows in mind . These should always be perpendicular, never in front of the device, to avoid reflections on the screen that prevent you from seeing properly. Having good curtains is also a solution. If you have doubts, make sure that lighting comes from behind and at night turn on a light so that your eyes do not get tired.

TV room ideas 33

In a low cabinet

Placed on a low cabinet, the television conceals its dimensions and is not cumbersome, as it helps to maintain order in the living room . In this proposal by Maisons du Monde it has been placed on a ‘vintage’ model with a lot of personality, which leaves the TV in a decorative background. Another good idea is to opt for a cart or auxiliary with wheels , so that you can move (very carefully) the television according to your needs. Thus, when it is turned on it is located in the center of the living room, while when it is turned off it is taken to a corner of the room. Practicality above all.

TV room ideas 34

Like a mural

In modern living rooms , hanging your XL screen on the wall not only optimizes space , but also adds a minimalist and design touch to the TV corner, especially if you play, as in this Sony proposal , with the contrast between the immaculate white wall and the black television. When it is off it gives the sensation of being an abstract work. And the height ? Ideally, the center of the screen should be at eye level.

TV room ideas 35

Hanged on the wall

It is the best option in small salons , where every inch counts. The idea is to free up the soil and design a lighter set , as in this Knowhaus project . For this to be a success, make sure the stand will support the weight of the television, especially if it is larger than 42 inches. If it is a plasterboard partition , it is best to find the metal profile with a magnet to hook it there. Anchors are also important.

TV room ideas 36

From ‘remove and put’

If you’ve always had a friend on television and you can’t live without it, you’ll find Samsung’s The Serif (at DomésticoShop) your perfect ally for your home routine. With legs , which allow it to be moved wherever you want, this Bouroullec design turns a device into an object with soul and life, since the black screen has been replaced by the ambient mode , which evokes images full of poetry such as infinite fields or drops of rain. It fits us in the living room, but why not in the kitchen?

TV room ideas 37

Like a work of art

Sometimes it all depends on the environment in which you place it. Thus, in this Dust & Soul proposal it is integrated, almost like another work of art, into a wall full of paintings with a free composition that mixes formats, frames and motifs, although all are abstract. The result is surprising and effective. In order not to break the wall decoration , it has been placed on the floor . Of course, keep in mind that for this option to be comfortable you need the TV to have legs or the sofa to be low, so as not to end up with neck pain.

TV room ideas 38

A DIY option

Although there are furniture and modular solutions that are perfect for housing the television in the living room, a good idea, much cheaper, is to create the ideal composition yourself. To do this, all you have to do is hang the television , place a shelf underneath to store the controls and speakers and complete the set with a basket or a piece of furniture to store. And the cables ? You can leave them in view , hide them under a gutter of the same color as the wall as in this environment (an intermediate solution) or do a small work and hide them inside the wall , a much more ‘deco’ alternative.

TV room ideas 39

Well surrounded

The modular shelves allow endless possible combinations to suit every need and use. In this Ikea proposal , the TV base unit has been surrounded by shelves creating the sensation of a unique composition, offering, at the same time, great capacity for storing books, but also for storing, thanks to the lower area with doors. To lighten the whole, the space around the TV has been left free.

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