Valuable tips for growing vinca and how to use it in decoration

Valuable tips for growing vinca and how to use it in decoration

The vinca or Catharanthus roseus is an ideal plant for those who want to have their garden in bloom all year round. With unique and very charming flowers, it is resistant and easy to maintain, being ideal for beginner gardeners. Next, check out tips from an expert to grow this beautiful flower and compose beautiful environments at home.

5 characteristics of vinca

Known as Goodnight and Mary-Shame, Vinca is a common plant in gardens due to its ease of propagation. Originally from Madagascar, the plant has adapted well to the tropical climate and, therefore, is increasingly present in ornamentation and landscaping projects . Next, agronomist Henrique Figueiredo brings the main characteristics of this beautiful flower:

  • According to Henrique, the vinca plants are easy to grow and adapt well to different environments. In addition, they are flowers that need little maintenance and do not require much care on a daily basis;
  • The plant is known for its flashy flowers and is easily found in white, purple and pink colors;
  • The vinca is considered a “garden invasive” plant, as it reproduces easily and spreads quickly through its seeds;
  • Because they are easy to grow, they adapt well to pots, planters and open gardens. In addition, they are tolerant of poorer soils without many nutrients;
  • Finally, vinca has medicinal properties. Its flowers and leaves are used to treat hypertension and diabetes. However, the agronomist remembers that it is necessary to use the plant only under medical supervision.

With a variety of colors, vinca is a very versatile plant. Its features are striking and will not go unnoticed in your garden. Curious about how to have it at home? Then, move on to the next topic that holds valuable tips on growing the flower.

How to take care of the vinca

Despite being an easy-to-maintain plant, the vinca needs care, just like any other plant. Therefore, in order for it to grow healthy and remain beautiful, it is necessary to know how to cultivate it correctly. Next, check out tips from agronomist Henrique Figueiredo about growing this beautiful flower:

1. Irrigation


According to Henrique, the vincas are “rustic plants and can only be irrigated when the soil is dry”. You just have to be careful not to soak them, which can cause problems caused by high humidity.

2. Fertilization

“Vincas are undemanding plants in this regard. A well-prepared soil already provides optimal growth. We can fertilize them on average 3 times a year”, said Henrique.

3. Lighting


To ensure success in cultivation, Henrique advises that the plant should receive a few hours of direct sunlight a day. In addition, “it must be in a well lit and airy environment”.

4. ideal soil

Vincas can be planted in almost any type of soil. However, when planting, choose a soil with a little manure and a commercially prepared substrate.

5. Seedlings


“The flower can be propagated through seeds. The seedlings, on the other hand, can be made using the cuttings of the plant”, oriented the professional.

6. Flowering

According to the agronomist, “Vinca blooms with greater intensity in spring and summer, but it is a plant that flowers almost all year round”.

7. Toxicity


“Vinca is considered a toxic plant, so the ideal is to avoid its contact with children and pets”, he said.

8. True Vinca

Finally, the plant is part of the Catharanthus genus , but is confused in Brazil with the Vinca genus , which made it popular with that name. In fact, true vinca is not very common in the country.

With these accurate tips from Henrique, your creases will be healthy and with beautiful flowers! Following all the guidelines, you will be able to grow them in pots, gardens and thus enjoy all their charm!

Learn more important tips about vinca

When it comes to having a new plant at home, it’s always good to be surrounded by useful tips and information about it, isn’t it? So, check out a selection of videos with more guidelines and curiosities about vinca. Tips can help you care for the flower and increase your desire to grow it. Follow:

Tips on how to plant vinca in pots

In this video, you will find out about great tips for growing vinca in pots and learn step-by-step how to plant them. The vlog provides guidance on the ideal substrate for the plant, as well as basic care for your daily life. It’s worth watching, because the tips are useful and will help you plant and replant the flower, whenever necessary.

How to make vinca seedlings

If you are thinking of increasing the variety and number of creases in your home or garden, you definitely need to watch this video. In it, the gardener Carlos teaches good tips on how to make a plant seedling in a simple and easy way. In the vlog, you will learn how to multiply the plant through cuttings. In addition, you will know how to maintain the flower so that it grows beautiful and showy.

A little more about the vinca varieties

In this video, ornamental plant specialist Murilo Soares brings information and curiosities about vinca. In the vlog, you will get to know the main characteristics of the plant and its varieties, colors and types. It is worth watching, as Murilo also teaches how to care for the flower with practical tips.

How to plant vinca from seeds

Finally, in this vlog you will learn how to plant vinca through its seeds. The video provides a step-by-step guide for the entire planting process, as well as guidelines for monitoring the germination and growth of the future plant. Although it seems simple, the sowing process requires some special care, so be sure to check it out.

With all this valuable extra information, you’re sure to be successful in planting creases. And now, how about knowing how to ornament it in your decoration? The next topic brings great suggestions for your home!

10 beautiful vinca photos to inspire your decor

Finally, to further increase your desire to grow the plant, check out beautiful photos of decoration with vinca. Each decoration is unique and will surely make your home even more charming and beautiful:

1. With beautiful, delicate and very elegant flowers


2. Vinca is a plant that brings charm and color to the decor


3. It is very common in gardens, due to the ease of planting.


4. But it also looks beautiful in vases, which makes it perfect to compose different environments


5. Lover of good light, the flower propagates easily


6. And, therefore, it is perfect for those looking to have a flowery house all year round


7. Vinca also has some beautiful varieties


8. Presenting your charm also outstandingly


9. And through species with varied and very elegant colors


10. Without a doubt, it is a striking flower that will not go unnoticed in your home or garden!


Did you like the tips? So, now just cultivate the creases and enjoy all their beauty in decoration. Another plant that can also bring charm to your home is Gloxinia , as it has delicate and very beautiful flowers!

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