25+ Vanity Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Like A Spa

Vanity bathroom ideas : best 25+ ideas

No bathroom is complete without a fabulous vanity. Helps you get ready in the morning and get ready for a fun night out. Knowing its importance, below I am going to unveil captivating Vanity bathroom ideas.

The materials, colors and shapes of the bathroom vanity vary drastically. You can go for a traditional or minimalist dressing table. Without further ado, let’s dive into these vanities!

Vanity bathroom ideas

1. Build dresser with open shelves

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 1

This bathroom is perfect for a couple. It has two sinks and illuminates a full-width mirror. Therefore, they no longer fight for space.

The wooden dressing table with an open shelf conveys a feeling of spaciousness. Rolled towels and wicker boxes create a spa atmosphere.

2. Cool bathroom vanity ideas

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 2

In the bathroom of this cabin, you can see an unusual vanity. It is made from an old soapstone cow feeder and blond wood lids.

Additionally, the powder room adds a Barnhouse vibe to the space. The whitewashed mirror above it produces a shabby chic look.

3. Antique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 3

Here the black distressed vanity gives the bathroom an incredibly worn look. It also features a drawer, recessed doors, and metal knobs.

The white marble countertop creates a luxurious scene. Meanwhile, a black-framed mirror injects a touch of cohesion into the room.

4. White bathroom vanity ideas

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 4

Upstairs is a pure white bathroom vanity. Not only does it keep the area open, but it also offers plenty of storage space.

The charcoal concrete countertop presents a visual drama. Two brushed nickel and frosted glass wall sconces illuminate the vanity.

5. DIY farmhouse bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 5

The wall-mounted raw wood dressing table employs wrought iron handles. In an instant, it fills your bathroom with a modern farmhouse vibe.

In addition, the marble countertop provides plenty of space for vase flowers and bathroom essentials. The black towel ring is a great contrast to the white wall.

6. White corner bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 6

Are you working with a small space? It is no problem. This white painted corner vanity fits perfectly in the corner of your bathroom.

Vanity legs, faucet, and cabinet fixtures create a more traditional look. The gray shag rug, rattan laundry basket, and black countertop bring layers of texture to the area.

7. Dressing table with towel rail

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 7

This asymmetrical bathroom vanity is super stylish. The white cabinet hides bathroom trinkets. A metal rail under the wooden countertop displays a clean towel.

Both the vanity and the rectangular sink look striking against the charcoal background. The only shelf above the dresser has a hairbrush and skincare product.

8. Solid wood bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 8

The white color scheme makes this little bathroom appear larger than it is. In addition, it brings lightness to the bathroom space.

The floating vanity is reminiscent of the unfinished woods on the floor mat and freestanding table. It also supports folded and rolled towels.

9. Separate bathroom cabinet

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 9

The brown wall and laminate wood floor evoke a homey feel. The freestanding wooden dressing table takes center stage due to its rich tone.

The white sink and tap develop a contemporary appeal. Fresh flowers spice things up in no time.

10. Rustic bathroom vanity ideas

10. Rustic bathroom vanity ideas

Do you have a compact bathroom? If so, furnish it with a small wooden dresser. The iron hinges and door ring enhance the rustic atmosphere.

The white countertop and bowl sink enhance the vanity’s appeal. The mirror above the dresser bounces the light into the room.

11. Home Depot L-Shaped Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 11

The L-shaped vanity is attached to the bathroom wall. This piece of furniture draws attention for its natural wood and its combination of gray colors. Meanwhile, the vegetation gives life to the area.

12. Modern bathroom vanity ideas

12. Modern bathroom vanity ideas

Without question, the wall-mounted black vanity, streamlined stainless steel drawer pulls, and white sink bring a modern aesthetic to the bathroom. Green and flowers bring the space to life.

13. Bathroom Vanity Ideas Pinterest

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 13

Both the slim vanity and framed mirror give the bathroom shades of blonde wood. Together with the cream wall and white floor, they create a harmonious environment. Lastly, the glass bowl sink provides a clean feeling.

14. Vanity storage drawers

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 14

This bathroom is so peaceful, thanks to the subdued tones. The black dresser stands on the light gray floor. It comes with metal cupboard doors, drawers, and pulls. A slim cabinet tower ensures plenty of storage space.

15. Dressing table suspended on the wall

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 15

Here’s another modern bathroom vanity. Its drawers have no hardware for a stylish look. The chrome rail next to the dresser is used to hang the towel. The two-tone cabinet above the vanity introduces a light-reflecting texture.

16. Melamine bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 16

Marble countertops and subway wall tiles add to the glamorous bathroom scene. The white vanity has several drawers for storing bathroom necessities, while the dark-toned hardwood floor provides a welcome contrast.

17. DIY bathroom vanity ideas

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 17

Unpainted wood dresser includes open shelf and drawer with iron pulls. Both the dresser and mirror look exceptional in a muted color palette. The faucet, apron sink and wall sconces exude the charm of a modern farmhouse.

18. Barrel bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 18

Square marble tiles cover the wall and create a grid-like appearance. The old wooden barrel has been recycled into a charming bathroom vanity. Lastly, the greenery, the wood-framed mirror, and the armchair bring nature indoors.

19. How to make bathroom vanity drawers

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 19

The gray floor allows the white dressing table to take center stage. Not only is it unique in shape, but it also features multi-toned countertops and dual sinks. Drawers with streamlined silver pulls project a contemporary style.

20. Floating bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 24

A handleless driftwood vanity gives the bathroom an ultra-modern feel. It’s also a perfect accompaniment to the pure white countertop, stainless steel faucets, and glass sink in a soothing color palette.

21. Double Sink Vanity Sizes

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 25
84 torrington double vanity

Muted tones reassure your bathroom with a calm atmosphere. The deep pile rug and curtain add a cozy touch to the space.

The light taupe background lets the black dressers stand out. These pieces of furniture also add some depth to the room. Black framed mirrors and white rectangular sinks keep you from stepping on your spouse’s toes.

22. Cheap bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas 29

For you who are dealing with a tight space, steal this idea. Reclaimed wood dressers are just as cheap and dazzling. They are combined with iron drawer pulls.

White sinks and stainless steel taps give the vanities both visual and textural contrasts. Wood-framed mirrors deceive the eye into thinking that the bathroom is larger.

I hope that a lot of bathroom vanity ideas listed above can motivate you to change yours. Choosing an ideal bathroom cabinet can be a daunting job, but it’s worth it.

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