Wedding dress alternatives ( best 35+ ideas )

Wedding dress alternatives

The wedding dress is one of the best kept secrets of the wedding and also one of the most important elements for the protagonist. To a certain extent, we have to recognize that without a wedding dress, the wedding loses a certain charm, since it is one of the things that generates the most expectation for the groom, the bride’s friends and, in general, all the guests of the wedding. celebration.

The wedding dress is one of the most important things to take into account when preparing and organizing a wedding. It is the first thing that comes to mind after our better half has asked us to marry. It is from that moment when we begin to ask ourselves thousands of questions of the type; “And now, what atelier am I going to?”, “I have to look for inspiration on Pinterest because I don’t know what style to choose”, “I have to make an appointment with my favorite designer and get advice”, “assess budgets”, and so on. a long etcetera.

Yes, all women dream of that dress that makes us look more radiant and spectacular than ever, that has that special something that makes it unique and exclusive, and enhances our style and personality. That is why today we want to share with all of you different alternatives to the traditional wedding dress. Designs that exude elegance, femininity, magic, romanticism and character, so that you can find the one that best suits you.

different alternatives to the traditional wedding dress

Rosalie Jacquard Slip – Spell & The Gipsy

affordable wedding dresses

This midi dress with a v-neckline and a silhouette of the most chic and sexy is ideal for those modern and carefree brides who get married in summer in the city. Pair it with layered chain necklaces and white booties for a fashionista touch. Available from size XXS to XXL.

Beach Bliss Maxi Dress – Free People

alternative dresses for weddings

This dress with flared sleeves and natural fall is ideal for those bohemian brides who will exchange their vows barefoot on the beach. Available from size XS to XL.

Asymmetric long jumpsuit – Mango

alternative to wedding dress

Of course we couldn’t stay without adding a jumpsuit to this list. With its straight legs and ruffled asymmetrical sleeves, this model is ideal for those alternative brides looking to make a style statement wherever they go, even at the civil registry.

Tiered midi dress in fringe sequin – ASOS

alternative to wedding dresses

This dress is ideal for brides who want to put a fun twist on their alternative bridal look and enjoy their day to the fullest. A model that is not only a great option for a civil wedding , it is also a perfect option to dance the night away at your wedding reception. Available from size 0 to 14.

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Rylan Dress – Lovers + Friends

alternative wedding dress

If you are an alternative bride who likes simple and elegant things, then this dress is a very good option. A classic silhouette with satin fabric and pearl straps that give this dress a feminine touch. An ideal option for your civil wedding or for your rehearsal dinner. Available from size XXS to XL.

V-neckline and long-sleeved dress – Zara

alternative wedding dresses

A casual but modern option for a wedding in the civil registry , complement it with the correct accessories and you will have a look of the most fashionista. Available from size 24 to 34.

Dylan’s Debut Dress – Free People

alternatives to wedding dresses

This off-the- shoulder wedding dress with lace flare sleeves is ideal for those bohemian brides who celebrate after their civil wedding . An ideal option

Racerback Faux Wrap Evening Dress – Nordstrom

cheap wedding dress alternatives

An option of the most elegant and chic that will highlight your figure to the maximum. An ideal wedding dress for a civil wedding or for a celebration with minimalist style. Available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X.

Fallen Shoulder Prom Dress with Tie Detail – ASOS

inexpensive wedding dress

This midi dress with impact sleeves is ideal for all those fashionista brides who like to take risks. A wedding dress that is unlike any other and that will surely remain in the memory of your guests, even at your civil wedding you cannot miss the opportunity to catch eyes. Available from size 0 to 14.

The Nancy Dress – Fame and Partners

inexpensive wedding dresses

The polka dots and ruffles on the skirt of this dress give a touch of the most flirtatious and feminine to this dress. An ideal model to use if your civil wedding is in a garden in the morning. Available from size 0 to 22.

Digital Double Breasted Blazer Dress – Judith & Charles

second dresses for wedding

If you are a city girl and fashionista who loves to make a fashion statement without much effort, then this blazer type wedding dress is the perfect option for your civil wedding . Available from size 8 to 12.

Batwing midi dress in sequin – ASOS

second marriage wedding dress

If we talk about catching glances, then this dress cannot be left behind. If you want to give your wedding look a totally alternative twist and full of rock & roll then we find the perfect dress for your civil wedding . Available from size 0 to 14.

Dawn Lace Gown – Spell & The Gipsy

second marriage wedding dresses

This bohemian lace wedding dress can be a very good option not only for your civil wedding , it can also be a very nice option to wear in a relaxed elopement wedding in the middle of the forest. Available from size XXS to XXL.

The Venice Dress – Fame & Partners

second wedding dress

A-cut dresses never go out of style, and that is why this model with a tulle skirt is ideal not only for your civil wedding, it can also be a very nice option for your rehearsal dinner or even for your bachelorette party. . Available from size 0 to 22.

Maya wrap front floral embellished maxi dress in white – ASOS

second wedding dresses

If you are looking for a long dress but with an original and different touch, then this maxi dress with sequined flower applications is a super modern and feminine option that will make you feel the most beautiful at your civil wedding. Available from size 0 to 24.

While white is a perfect option for your wedding dress, some people may want to change it up a bit . Many popular bridal shops are starting to sell wedding dresses in colors like ivory, cream, pink, red, and really, any color you can imagine. Colored suits are already one of the fashionable alternatives to the traditional wedding dress. Leave tradition in favor of personality and style. You can also choose an alternate color dress because the hue has some special meaning, or maybe you just look better in blue. The most important consideration is making sure that you feel comfortable in your dress.

unique dress for wedding

Play with prints

Solid colors are so dated. Throw away the traditional white dress and wear something that lets your personality shine through. Floral prints are always a hit , and embroidery and sequins can give the dress a glamorous or rustic touch, depending on the theme you choose. Mandatory to include them as one of the fashionable alternatives to the traditional wedding dress. Playing with patterns is also a great way to match your wedding theme. Adding textures and layers can give your outfit an extra dimension that will help you shine on your special day.

wedding cheap dresses

Vintage wedding suit

Love is timeless. It is special and unique. Why not show it off with a vintage wedding dress? These dresses allow you to channel another era of your choice ; complete with all the romance and classic beauty of days gone by. The style of these dresses often features lace, a higher neckline, or a full skirt. If you have a vintage wedding, you have one of the fashionable alternatives to the traditional wedding dress.

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Short wedding dress

Short dresses wrap all the beauty and elegance of a traditional wedding dress in a more convenient size. These dresses are especially perfect for beach weddings . They have the potential to provide a flirty and carefree vibe, and you can prevent sand from accumulating on your dress with the shorter hem. Your dress can still incorporate elements of traditional wedding dresses while retaining the versatility of a beach dress.

Short dresses also tend to be priced lower than traditional dress. If you have a budget reserved for your ceremony, one of these could be the best.

wedding dress alternative

Suit, tuxedo, bathing suit or overalls

A dress is not your thing? No problem! Leave the rules behind and wear a suit! Or maybe a smart, tailored pantsuit is more your style. These can be used to create lines and flatter the natural shapes of your body. Feeling comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day is the most important part of shopping for your outfit. This day will be one of the most monumental moments of your life, and you should wear something that makes you feel validated as the beautiful person that you are.

Back to the 70s

It is no secret that by 2021 we will be back in the 70s, and for this, what better than this Halston dress that you can use without problem as your second look at the reception, or at the cocktail party. If we love something about this, it is that the movement is brutal thanks to the fringes and the asymmetric ends of the skirt, in addition to the halter neckline being great to show off a great body and top accessories.

wedding dress alternatives second marriage
wedding dress for older bride

The bohemian air of the 60s

If it’s about taking a trip back in time, this design is perfect for your wedding day. Vanessa Cocchiaro is inspired by the great fashion icons of the time: Mia Farrow, Yoko Ono and Audrey Hepburn to create this alternative to the classic bridal look, which is ideal for a rehearsal dinner or a very intimate ceremony. The high neck blouse is amazing, as are the long sleeves for a more elegant vibe. Anyway, a great option.

wedding dress older bride
wedding dresses alternative

Nothing compares to a camisole

Instead of having an extra long veil or an impressive cauda, ​​why not choose an accessory like this? The XL camisoles look spectacular, especially when you combine them with baggy pants and a top lencero very cool; A great look not only to stylize the figure and look taller, but to break with tradition and opt for a modern styling that you can enhance with interesting accessories. We love!

white non wedding dresses
affordable bridal gowns

A dress with asymmetric ruffles

If you realize it, it is not necessary that you break your head thinking about how to innovate in your bridal look; sometimes you just have to choose a design that, with just one detail, breaks the norm. For example, this Rosie Assoulin dress with asymmetric ruffles designed in silk charmeuse, is great so that you can wear it from the beginning of the wedding to the end of the party, you just have to change the shoes and you can adjust it without problem. the vibe of the moment. Love it!

affordable wedding dress
bridal gowns affordable

Shoulder pads for contemporary women

If it is about giving structure to your figure, this dress is what you were looking for. A mini, super minimalist design, with long sleeves and shoulder pads, perfect for those who love fashion. This alternative to the classic bridal look, instead of playing with many details, opts for austerity and simplicity, without the need to abandon the chic touch completely. Best of all is the mega revealing back neckline. A jewel!

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cheap wedding dress
cheap wedding dresses

Like red carpet

To shine like never before, you only need a good wedding dress with applications, but with a more relaxed silhouette. If you want an alternative, this Galvan design will be your best inspiration because of the way it is built, the details in the neckline and, of course, the paillettes that stand out from head to toe. Ideal for the moment of the reception, especially if you plan to have more than two looks. You’ll feel like you’re at the Oscars, no doubt!

dress of wedding
bridal dress

Midi, please!

Nothing as cool as a midi dress. Believe it or not, this alternative to the classic bridal look is great, because you can not only use it at the wedding, but also on a thousand other occasions. Dresses like this you can lift it up with accessories, or make them more relaxed with a good pair of mules. An excellent option for the banquet, and more if it will be held on a terrace or in an art gallery. By the way! The neckline at the back is the best surprise.

bridal dresses
bride dress

Playsuit to see you unreal

We are delighted with this Self-Portrait playsuit , because it is a mega elegant, fun and unique option for contemporary brides. Of course, this look is not for everyone, but for those who seek to experiment with their image, taking as a reference Lolita Jacobs , for example, and other celebrities who have broken the rules at their wedding. The contrast with the classic silhouette of the suit is great to play with accessories, plus the V-neckline is the best to look more elongated. Uff!

bride dresses
bride's dress

With pants is better

And more if they shine like these. The roll of wearing a crop top to the wedding is now cooler, and to give you an idea of ​​how you can transform your bridal look, this set is terrific. The top is the sexiest, plus the bell sleeves, the appliqués and the knot make it a star of styling; Not to mention the pants with which you can dance for hours while still looking cool and which, being high waist, ensure a more stylized figure.

cheap wedding dress
cheap wedding dresses

Give me some Carolina Herrera

This tented dress is a jewel that completely transforms the bohemian wedding looks that we have seen so far. An alternative to the classic bridal look that does not completely break with the scheme, but that does make it more interesting with the help of the volumes, the dropped shoulder neckline and a body that is close to the figure. A perfect bet to see you relaxed and with an impressive style on your wedding day.

dress of wedding
dress wedding

Dusty pink for the most romantic brides

If you want to have a ceremony with a romantic air, one of the colors that can best fit precisely with this style you are looking for is dusty pink. You can find long dresses and also shorter versions: you decide. Ideal for fair-skinned blonde brides who like this shade like a glove. Dare with it!You may also like

dresses wedding

Patterns and asymmetries, anything goes!

If, rather than changing the classic tone of traditional wedding dresses, you are looking to give your bridal look a twist, perhaps betting on asymmetries and patterned garments may be the best way. Polka dots and 3D flowers are a trend so if you are looking to precisely combine design and fashion, these will be the patterns you need

elegance wedding dress

Dare with a mini dress!

Short dresses have many advantages. They look great to all kinds of women, especially those of average or even shorter than average height. Short wedding dresses feel like a glove as well as being much more comfortable. There are few occasions that we have daily to wear a long dress and the lack of habit can make you end up feeling strange, something that will not happen to you with a short dress.

Gold for glam brides

Do you like metallic tones? Gold bursts into bridal fashion so you can make this tone the main ingredient in your wedding dress. Of course, keep in mind that how powerful this color is and use it better if you get married late.

From beige to gold

elegance wedding dresses

If off-white had become one of the most sought-after options for brides who preferred to flee from radiant white, beige or champagne are just other rungs on the same scale that are just as elegant but very different. For those who dare to go one step further, there is the option of golden tones, which you can wear sprinkled with applications or choose gold as the protagonist of the dress. You will dazzle.

From gray to silver

suit for wedding

There are shades of bridal white, such as ice white or pearl white, which have shades of blue and gray, so a slightly higher shade of gray is not a crazy idea if you want a different wedding dress. The important thing is that, depending on your skin tone, you choose the range of grays that best suits you: cold for lighter skin and warm for a darker complexion.

At the end of the day, your wedding is yours and yours alone . Wear what makes you comfortable and happy . The individuality and uniqueness of your relationship can be conveyed through your wedding design and outfit, and that’s a beautiful thing! Let your personality as a couple shine through your wedding attire, and it is sure to be a day to remember!