Wedding proposal ideas ( best 20+ ideas )

Wedding proposal ideas

Surely you have imagined a thousand times how they will ask you to marry . Before “yes, I do”, that moment when your boy looks you in the eyes and tells you that he wants to spend his whole life with you is one of the happiest and most exciting you will live in your life . For this reason, we have all fantasized about how beautiful it would be if it happened in one way or another, and in all of them romanticism is usually a key element.

we bring you a list of the most romantic ways to ask for marriage … Which one would you choose?

The most romantic ways to ask for marriage

With a flashmob

It is one of the most fashionable forms in recent years but… we love it! It does not matter if you are a good dancer or not , as in many other fields, here the intention is what counts. Almost impossible to say no!

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Proposal on the beach 

It is one of the classics of romantic proposals. Let your boy kneel before you while you walk on the beach under the stars and moonlight and take out a personalized and made- to-measure ring . It will be  a magical experience  that we have all dreamed of living!

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On a trip 

A trip to your favorite destination or that city you always wanted to go to is the best excuse for him to get down on his knees and ask you to marry him. It will be a trip that you will have to plan in detail, since there is no possibility that something will go wrong or leave a loose end. 

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One of the most popular destinations to ask for marriage is Mallorca , the magical island of the Balearic archipelago that is home to some of the most special enclaves. In it you will find Park Hyatt Mallorca , the perfect setting to enjoy a few days of vacation with your partner that you will never forget. This hotel offers endless possibilities so that you can also celebrate the wedding of your dreams with the mountains and the sea ​​in the background . They have several terraces and rooms such as Sunken Garden surrounded by olive trees, the patio of The Residences or the Ca Nostra Room to celebrate a great day in style and very personal

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Engagement with music

A string quartet, the tuna, the mariachis, a rociero choir … If your boy hires some kind of musical entertainment to ask for marriage, surely there will be tears of emotion when you give him your answer. 

Engagement at the cinema

An ad before a movie in a movie theater can be a good excuse to ask for a marriage. It is not something so easy to achieve but if it is possible if you work it and of course, that would be an incredible surprise.

The place where you met

That first date always has a special magic. Why not repeat it in your marriage request? It will be a precious memory to return to that place, whatever it is and your partner will appreciate that you remember perfectly where you were and what you did that day.

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In gold and chocolate bonbons

Who would not like to receive some chocolates? It is a sweet and most romantic detail. And for a moment like the marriage proposal, the best thing you can do is be original by giving  Ekhi Gold Chocolates . These chocolates bring the authentic experience of eating two of humanity’s most desired pleasures: gold and chocolate. Your partner will be surprised! The products with which they are made are of the highest quality and committed to sustainable development, they bet on raw materials from fair and ecological trade. A luxury snack that you can order online !

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In a mirror

Simple but very very romantic, imagine your astonished face if you go to a hotel (that always adds a chic touch to the request) and has written your statement on a mirror … Your surprised face will be priceless.

Projecting lights on a building

It is another of the shocking requests that have been released on video. Imagine that you go down the street hand in hand with your partner. It is night and the lights in the buildings are off, but suddenly, those of one of them strategically turn on until they ask you: ” Do you want to marry me?”  Ideal no? Would you resist saying yes?

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In the air

message in the sky is one of the most romantic and unforgettable formulas to ask for marriage, it is more complicated than writing it in the air but not impossible. Your mouth will be open!

In writing

If the above formula is out of your budget, you can always choose to  write the message in the sand on the beach  or even on the ground of the street. Romantic and original! And if you want a more elaborate way but in which words are the absolute protagonists, you can always do it through a personalized book with your love story . A book that tells how you met, fell in love and how you have reached the special moment of the proposal. It will surprise and thrill you in equal measure!

With the help of your pet

If your pet has a fundamental role in your lives, why make it also have it in your proposal? Putting the ring on your necklace is an ideal way to ask for marriage.

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With the help of your children

If you have had children, nothing better than asking them to participate at this time. It will be a precious memory for everyone!

Balloons with messages

A set of balloons that have the message Will you marry me? It is a great and romantic idea to ask for marriage. If the idea of ​​them flying doesn’t convince you, fill a room in your house with balloons with this message for a special occasion.

Via mobile

New technologies are so present in our day to day that they are a good way to ask for marriage. Record a video with your statement and send it to him by whatssap . You will never imagine or forget your proposal!

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Now that you have solved the problem of finding a beautiful and super original formula to ask for marriage, take the big step and celebrate a beautiful wedding.


Sometimes the simpler the better. Asking your partner for a hand during a romantic dinner at a restaurant can seem boring. However, if you and your partner are conservative people, this option may be ideal for you.

You can even choose to make dinner yourself at home with candles and music. You stay within your comfort zone, but the atmosphere is still romantic. There, the key point will be the ring, make sure you choose a ring that your partner likes.


Like the previous idea, asking your partner to marry you on the exact day you met for the first time can be very exciting. Also, you can relive moments and reflect on how things have changed since then. How many beautiful moments have you lived together and what remains for you to live.

If you are to celebrate dates, you can even take it to another level by ignoring it all day or pretending not to remember the anniversary date. When she gets tired of waiting for your attention, surprise her by showing up at the last minute. At that moment he will understand that you really did remember everything and the surprise will be twofold.


Another creative option is marriage requests through poetry . If you know how to compose poems, dedicate one to your partner and recite it during a romantic dinner. You can also write it by hand and have her read it herself. Then the magic will be that, as she is reading the poem, she will realize what it is about and the emotion will skyrocket.


If instead of writing poems or composing songs, you have a talent for drawing or painting then Paint! Dedicate a painting to your partner and give it to them when there is an opportunity. The best thing is that this painting will stay with you forever as a memory of that beautiful moment.


If you have no talent for any of the three options above, you can go to the practical and ask your partner for his hand through a commercial banner . There are ad companies that do that. You can embed your message and the million dollar question on the banner and bring it up for them to see.

Where to expose the banner? Depending on your budget, you can go from placing it in a showcase to hiring a mini plane to show it in the air.


Sometimes asking for a hand in the most unexpected place, like your workplace, can have a positive effect. Many people associate their work with a routine very separate from their private life, so catch your partner by surprise showing up with flowers and a ring.

Of course, it all depends on where you work, it is better to consult with your boss or at least notify your colleagues in advance. If she has a good team, they might even help her throw a mini party.

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If you don’t like the idea of ​​going up a few meters above ground you can go in the opposite direction, under the water. You can organize a very nice proposal while diving. For this you have to prepare a message on a waterproof surface (since you will not be able to speak) and leave it under water.

The good thing about this idea is that if he doesn’t want to marry you, he has nowhere to escape


If the two of you are to celebrate and give a lot of importance to Valentine’s Day, it can be a perfect occasion to ask your partner’s hand. In many countries that day is celebrated in a big way: florists fill the streets with their small stalls and musicians take to the streets with romantic songs.

Also, many hotels make special offers for that day. Prepare him a romantic getaway and everything else will come naturally.


One of the most romantic things is taking a simple coffee to bed in the morning. Make your partner a very rich breakfast with a final surprise.

A mug with the question “Will you marry me?” It is a very original way to ask your partner for marriage. You can even personalize the mug with your partner’s name. Any company specialized in writing can make you a mug of this type.

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If you are an adventurous and intellectual couple, you can prepare a clue game with riddles and puzzles scattered around the city so that she has to find the final destination where you will be waiting for her with flowers and the ring. It might be a good idea to provide a helper to make sure she gets to the end and doesn’t get overwhelmed along the way. It would be like an open and original escape room.


The request for a hand does not have to be something serious and solemn accompanied by tears of joy. If you have a partner with a lot of sense of humor, you can make the proposal very fun, so they will remember it for their whole life.

  • In an amusement park
  • Instructions on a kindergarten egg
  • On movie tickets
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Proposal in camp.

Few things are as romantic and intimate for a couple as a day camping in nature, away from civilization, forgetting all the hustle and bustle of the city, work and social networks. Just you and your partner.

A night out at the camp is a great way to propose to your partner.

Tip: We recommend a wooded place with a slightly cold climate so that you can light a bonfire at night and already being embraced and under the heat of the fire, kneel down and ask for his hand.

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 Proposal at your best friend’s wedding.

If in itself a wedding is a very special and fun event for all the people who attend it. There is always a feeling of illusion between all the people in love, and what better time to take advantage of the occasion for you to commit yourself and ask the hand of the person you love.

Take advantage of the occasion and that many of her mutual friends are in the place to surprise her.

Tip: At weddings there is always live music; Ask the group to play a special song for both of you or why not, get on top of singing with them. When the song is over, go to the person you love, kneel down and give him the ring.

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Proposal at a concert.

If you both enjoy music and are used to going to concerts or festivals, it would be an ideal occasion to ask for your hand in the middle of your favorite song.

The energy that exists in a concert or festival is very high and what better way than to take advantage of all this energy to tell the person you love that you want to spend the rest of your days by their side.

Tip: If you are brave enough, you can ask the band to let you go on stage to propose to the person you love in front of everyone.

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Proposal in photo booth.

In a majority of “special” events there is always a photo booth, take advantage of it on an occasion when both are dressed up and enter the booth.

When the photos start, take out the engagement ring and surprise her. There is no way you can hide your shocked reaction and you will have the entire moment captured in the photos the cockpit took.

Tip: Have all your loved ones and friends waiting outside the cabin for an even bigger surprise.

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Find the treasure.

Organize a treasure hunt where your partner has to visit different places to find clues and has to follow them and in the end, wait at the last place on the road with a beautiful engagement ring.

You can do it in your own house or neighborhood, depending on how big you want to do your treasure hunt. You can accompany your partner on the search yourself or ask a mutual friend to accompany you.

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Tip: Taking this person through places that are important to you will help them relive those moments and encourage them to continue on their treasure hunt.

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Outdoor proposal.

If you both like to go running or climbing, why not plan a route on the outskirts of town with a Will you marry me? in the end.

Remember that the weather can affect your plan without prior notice, so it is better to have a plan B if necessary.

Tip: It is advisable to look for a place with spectacular landscapes that set this special occasion.

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With a drone

Technology has advanced and we cannot be left behind even in such personal situations, if you do not have access to this type of technology, you could hire a specialist and in your favorite place, which could be the beach, a park, an open-air restaurant, arrive the drone with the ring and the little sign … “Marry Me”, it will be an occasion they will never forget.

On the plane

Invite her or invite her to a trip, on the plane when she is at the top, you tell her that you are going to the bathroom and through the loud voice, you make the proposal, all the passengers will surely celebrate with you.

Phrases for a proposal

Asking for the hand of your partner is usually somewhat complicated, you just need to have a mixture of sensitivity, honesty and planning along with enough love, belief in the promise of a wonderful future next to the person you love.

With us you will see a list of some proposals to ask for the hand that can mark the perfect beginning of a journey of a lifetime. You may be original, try to write your own heartfelt lines, seek inspiration to generate your correct notes.

To choose the words when asking for your partner’s hand, you must be careful. The words must make them meaningful, do not limit yourself to common phrases, be creative when expressing your feelings before pronouncing the four words.

The intention is that they will remember that moment for a lifetime, so every word counts. We will help you with some phrases that you can use to start your proposal, but you should not stop adding your own, to make it very personal.

  • You are the only person I want to share and be with all my life.
  • Our love is starting, let’s write our own happy ending.
  • I can be happy in life, but what I really need to complete it is you.
  • In your eyes I see the reflection of us and the life that we will share together.
  • You are important to me and I have many reasons why I can no longer live without you.
  • You allow me to be that person that I loved and respected you with all my heart.
  • From the first time I saw you, I realized that you were the one and time has proven it.
  • I am thankful for having found each other, you let me prove that you are the one with whom I can spend my life.

These are just a few of many phrases, considering that some people express themselves better than others, and you find it difficult to find the right words, try some of the phrases quoted, and try to rehearse your speech, yes, do it with your heart.

Ask for marriage in Paris

A unique and romantic place to make a proposal that will transform your life. Couple love is a feeling that has no measure, for many it is difficult to get those words that show your feelings, and what better way than to do it in Paris.

Paris offers multiple scenarios where you can ask your partner to marry you , but you should not only limit yourself to letting the stage speak for you, you must be creative, original and break the cliche. An example of the most outstanding places in Paris is the Tour Montparnasse viewpoint, it offers wonderful views, ideal for the proposal.

In Et mon dieu, a love proposal is a special event where asking for marriage becomes easy, you can count on horseback or carriage rides, city tours, cruises, private dinners, it will only depend on your taste and how passionate you are to propose marriage.

Although the marriage proposal could be the same anywhere in the world , it would be very significant, as well as romantic for your partner, if you do it in the city of light and love, where the magic of romance is the order of the day. .

Request marriage without ring

A marriage proposal may seem like a misstep, but some couples find it the better alternative than choosing the wrong ring or focusing more on one piece of jewelry than romance and commitment.

Although it is hard to believe, a wonderful marriage proposal is possible and worrying after getting the ring, the important thing is the creativity you use.

There are reasons to consider proposing without the ring, including personal, financial, or emotional concerns. You wonder why? Some couples prefer to use the money for their wedding or other financial obligations.

But don’t worry, the ring may arrive later, perhaps on a special date for the couple or an anniversary. As a couple you should make sure you are on the same page, so that there are no hurt feelings or surprises, enjoy your proposal to the fullest with your partner, which is a unique and unrepeatable moment.

Final recommendations.

Without a doubt, when they propose to you, it is one of the most special experiences that a person can live. This is the moment when you ask the person you love that you want to spend the rest of your days by their side. It is worth the effort as it will be something that both of you will remember for a lifetime.

The best advice we can give you is to give your marriage proposal a personal touch. Do something that you both like, that goes with your personality, and that involves your loved ones if possible. Do not forget the photos and videos to be able to relive this special moment.