Reading: How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Colors ? ( Full Guide )

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Colors ? ( Full Guide )

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Colors

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Colors ? is that what you are looking for , here you find full details guide

The paint color of a room is sometimes enough on its own to create the whole decoration of the room. It is therefore essential to think about it and to choose it well, in particular according to the style in which one wishes to decorate his room. A place of calm and rest, the bedroom must inspire serenity … hence the importance of the colors that we choose in this room, where warm and bright colors such as red are generally not recommended in favor of colors rather cold and soft in rather natural tones. So to feel good in your room, here is our selection combining chromotherapy and decoration trends!

The general atmosphere of our bedroom and especially its color influence our sleep and our mood. This is why the choice of color is even more important in this intimate space dedicated to long nights of well-deserved rest. With just a few well-placed brush strokes or wallpaper, your room can completely change its face. Conducive or harmful to falling asleep, what tones to avoid or on the contrary to favor, this is what we will explain to you in pictures and give you sound advice.

Tips to know How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Colors ?

Colors to avoid

It is preferable to favor neutral tones such as gray in a bedroom: colors that invite rest and are soothing, however color is not excluded. It is recommended to respect a certain balance in order to make your intimate space a real haven of peace and a little cocoon that you like to find in the evening after tiring days. The two colors to avoid are red and orange. Red has arousing properties that do not make you fall asleep. However, if you like these tones, you will see that it is possible to use them as long as you observe certain proportions. In this case, opt for 80% blue, green, white or other hue and 20% more dynamic colors. And there, their virtue will be erased by the tones that surround them.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the conditions under which you can add this tonic touch.

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Colors

In the first photo, it is the colors of the walls, of the bed linen, conducive to sleep that play the calming effect while the red lamp brings the little energizing touch. On the right, we have declined the blue and muted tones that the plaid carelessly placed on the bed awakens! Two examples that demonstrate how to use these strong and vivid colors in this room.

32-bedroom color ideas

Red, orange and bright yellow have found their place in this bedroom without disturbing the quality of sleep. Indeed, the neutral gray on the walls is enough to completely calm the atmosphere. The tone of the ground also helps to calm the dynamics of these strong colors.

Natural shades for a deep night’s sleep

Natural shades are perfect for a bedroom or master bedroom, they are enveloping and soft and the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and falling asleep. Choose shades of white, beige, sand and cream, for example enhanced by a hint of brown. These colors go very well during all seasons, in summer as in winter. The lightest tones make it possible to enlarge and brighten a small space lacking in light. Whether on the walls, bed linen, a rug or decorative accessories, the choice of these tones ensures a serene, zen and calm environment that suits this room very well. You can mix them with some color tips like blue or soft green.

31-idea for room decoration

This bedroom combines colors and natural materials. The atmosphere is calm, it looks like time has stopped its course here. We also notice the style which is minimalist and refined so as not to overload the room and rather play on the peaceful side!

30-decorating room ideas

Natural tones and materials once again, all the same enhanced by the presence of a slightly bluish gray on the bed in particular. Carpet and wooden stool play with authenticity!

Blue: the color of appeasement

Unsurprisingly, you certainly expected it, blue is the color that inspires calm, relaxation, travel, infinity (of the sea and the sky!). It comes in different tones that are perfect for the bedroom where rest is king. If there was only one, THE shade for a sleeping area would be blue! Pale blue, duck blue, indigo, sky, night, periwinkle, ultramarine, peacock, turquoise blue … The palette is very wide and allows both shades and the choice of a single tone associated with a more neutral color such as gray and the White. You can completely indulge in the total look that forms a pleasant cocoon in which to take refuge for a good night’s sleep.

Gray and blue are two colors that give a very contemporary and elegant atmosphere to your room. Dare to use darker tones if your room benefits from a beautiful light! Your space in this fashion will not lack character, so you can add a little gold on the accessories to make the ensemble even more refined. The lighter tones are easier to use in a small space and will make them bigger. Blue is sedative, it is a color that has a strong calming power and which lowers the pulse as well as the blood pressure, it has therapeutic virtues, and this is how some insomnia is treated with chromotherapy. Midnight blue symbolizes darkness and rests the eyes, it invites you to fall asleep more easily.

29-decor for bedroom

Here the blue symbolizes the headboard, creating a graphic design that sits the bed and sounds character to the room. The brass lamp matches this color perfectly. We notice the comforter in another tone that soothes the effect of the flatness

28-color in a room

Pastel blue is perfect for an attic bedroom with certain character and charm. The light, slightly bleached wood and the revisited old trunk bring a cocooning aspect to this room. A beautiful unit which induces a lot of softness!

27-color for room

A nice marriage of midnight blue with a touch of pinkish gray for a very beautiful bedroom conducive to sleep. Simple, but elegant, it is also very relaxing.

26-designing bedroom

The rather present blue of the wall is slightly attenuated by the sea green cushions and the gray and white sheets. The whole is therefore soothing and very pleasant, because it is full of freshness. We also notice the simple lines of the bedside tables and lamps

25-design a bedroom

A black blue paint evoking the depths of the night can only help you fall asleep. The whole thing is lit by a light parquet, white and pink bed linen, a white chair and a touch of peach pink on the table which acts as bedside. A harmonious and subtle ensemble, soft to the eye and perfectly soothing!

Green: Zen color par excellence

Like blue, green is a cool color. It’s because it’s soothing that it more than deserves its place in your bedroom. Evoking nature, it refreshes you and gives you the opportunity to find the calm you need to fall asleep. It is also anti-stress and this is a plus to take into consideration at a time when we tend to be invaded by this scourge. Green helps your blood pressure to drop, an important condition for good sleep.

It is quite simple to create a beautiful harmony with the palette of greens. It is recommended to combine green with blue as a secondary color and add white for freshness. Pastel blue and aqua green are a combination that works particularly well in a bedroom, especially for the softness that emanates from it. You can also go for a deeper, darker green, which is very trendy right now. In this case, bring it by touches on your accessories, some cushions, bed linen or your carpet and especially add natural and clear materials. Sage green, for example, enhanced by a hint of powder pink or gray blue, has all its raison d’être. Subtlety and harmony are then at the rendezvous!

24-bedroom color schemes

A deep green on the wall associated with gray on the bed linen and the parquet, a harmonious whole for this pretty room. We note the touch of natural wood on the chair placed there as a bedside table!

23-designer bedrooms

Aqua green forms the basis of the room here, punctuated by touches of gray, blue, natural tones with the furniture and wooden floors, as well as white to illuminate it. A haven of peace where it is good to take refuge for soothing and calm nights!

22-design of bedroom

Neither quite green nor quite gray, this sage green brings a lot of sweetness, further accentuated by touches of pale and darker pink. A plant branch in a transparent glass vase recalls the nature seen through the window. A quiet room that invites you to rest!

White: freshness and serenity!

White is a shade that suits your intimate space perfectly. Bright, fresh and neutral, it perfectly reflects the atmosphere needed to sleep soundly. The only downside to imagining a white room is to obtain a result with an impersonal and sanitized ambience effect. This is why it is preferable to add a few touches of color on accessories or bed linen for example. So choose pastel colors such as powder pink, pale gray, light blue or sea green.

This is the best way to keep your room all its charm and freshness. If you’re more in the mood for depth, go for darker, more muted tones like a hint of midnight blue or pine green. In this case, it will of course be necessary to find an intermediate shade to bind everything together. In a white bedroom, the furniture can also make the difference: forget about cold materials and opt for warm materials such as wood or wicker which warm this style. It is then possible to adopt a total white look or to decline it in monochrome.

21-bedroom ideas

Lots of white for this bedroom, personalized by the sea green on the wall and the cushion, as well as the greenery of the plants. This extremely refined, but simple piece offers a cocoon conducive to rest.

20-bedroom painting ideas

A night space where white dominates and creates a beautiful harmony with the presence of light wood which warms. We notice the work on the materials with the wall symbolizing the headboard, the faux fur on the floor and the large ceramic vases. An absolutely perfectly successful set!

19-bedroom paint colors

The total white look is nuanced and warmed by the contribution of natural materials. We love the simplicity of this room and its uncluttered side. The touches of plants and green further enhance the freshness of this room!

18-bedroom colors

White, powder pink and natural materials for a flawless and very soft atmosphere. We play here on simplicity and the result is up to expectations.

Purple: color associated with sleep

Purple is a calming shade, it’s been proven to help the brain rest and slow down the metabolism. It is also very elegant and gives the asset charm and femininity to the whole. You can go for a dark purple as well as a softer shade like lilac or parma. It is easy to associate, blending perfectly with green, but also with pale pink or off-white to bring more luminosity to the room. On the other hand, it is necessary to use it in small doses so as not to lock up and overload the room. One wall is sufficient for quality sleep and falling asleep. You will stand out with your purple night space, this color is still not very present in our interiors. Add some green and flowering plants and play with the light colors to brighten it all up! Parma is particularly harmonious with light blue.

17-bedroom color

Boudoir atmosphere for this gray and purple bedroom, on a lighter wall, but in the same tones. The gray-green carpet goes perfectly with this rather dark set with light parquet so as not to overload the whole!

16-paint colors for bedrooms

This time, it’s a softer and lighter version of purple, parma that we find here married with white, blue and natural materials for great freshness.

15-paint colors for bedroom

Purple is used in an original way, forming a real painting. The interest of this composition lies in the fact that it is tempered by the white on the wall as well as on the bed and a touch of light brown.

14-paint colors bedroom

The solid purple solid effect sits the bed in gray tones. Natural wood tempers everything!

Pink: for a delicate universe!

Pink resumed its rights this year and is proudly displayed in our interiors. In the bedroom, it is a vector of softness and good nights. Be careful, however, to her very feminine side which can be boring in the parental room. Do not panic ! Distilled in small touches and toned down with shades of gray or creamy white, you get a very pleasant cocoon that the couple appreciates. Bright pink or fuchsia should be avoided, which are more energizing. Pale or powdery pink goes well with virtually any shade. You associate it as well with a sea green as with a darker or muted color. As she is cheerful, it is pleasant to get up in this environment. Pink and pastel tones in general are perfect for the cocooning and calming effect and it naturally finds its place in the space dedicated to sleep.

13-master bedroom colors

Very successful association of pink and gray. This relaxing universe is based on natural and soft materials for a cocooning atmosphere. Simplicity and refinement are the order of the day in this sought-after decor.

12-bedroom design

Pink appears here, in small touches, accompanied by various shades of gray and blue, it is neither too much nor too little. It is cleverly dosed for a subtle, elegant and refined result, further accentuated by the driftwood sculpture which serves as a headboard and which gives character and originality to the room.

11-room colors

A very soft bedroom with this mixture of pale pink and cream. Two shades that go very well together and invite you to rest and sleep. Very luminous, it remains cheerful thanks to the tips of darker pink!

Our advices

  • You can opt without problem for the tone on tone which ensures a calm and very relaxing atmosphere. In this case, bet on light shades and different materials.
  • It is recommended to use matte paint which has two significant advantages: it is soothing and it hides any flaws that there may be on the wall.
  • When you put color, if you do not want to make a mistake, it is better to respect this rule: the dominant constitutes 80% of the colored surface, the second tone, 15% and finally the third occupies the remaining 5% . This is then present on a cushion, a vase or accessories.

Bedroom: Inspiration gallery

10-color in a room

Beautiful combination of gray, purple and purple for a room that is a little dark, but very soothing and relaxing. In this cocoon, you are sure to fall very quickly into the arms of morphea. Subtle and daring, the touches of white awaken and illuminate the whole.

9-color for room

The deep blue area draws all the attention to the section of the wall that houses the bed. It is there to give character to the whole and a few blue touches remind us of this shade in a most successful shades. The ladder, the raw and aged stool are elements that reinforce the warmth!

8-paint colors for bedrooms

Two different and equally attractive atmospheres. On the one hand, the bedroom is available in shades of blue lit by a whitewashed floor, while on the other the green on the wall has the same soothing effect.

7-paint colors for bedroom

A very bright room, predominantly white, where only a few touches of light and dark brown are present. The fireplace brings a cocooning and cozy side which allowed this almost total white look.

6-bedroom color

Blue in all its forms, from the lightest tending to slightly green to duck blue, for these two worlds that encourage calm and sleep! We can easily imagine a combination of these two shades in the same room this time.

5-bedroom paint colors

A very beautiful emerald green on the walls to which we have added a few more vibrant touches of color.

4-bedroom colors

A very warm room (and the fireplace is not for nothing) all dressed in white and charcoal gray on the floor and lighter elsewhere.

3-paint colors bedroom

Purple and blue for these perfectly decorated and cozy night spaces!

Very pretty palette of colors for this soft and relaxing room. Note the presence of the trunk which acts as a bedside table and which contributes to the charm of this room with a slightly bohemian spirit.

2-colors for bedrooms

A magnificent blue gray creates the right atmosphere for sleeping in this attic bedroom. A few touches of white, pure blue and black on the floor complete this set presenting a beautiful harmony.

1-best bedroom colors

A solid purple color recalled on the cushions, curtains and bedside tables. Pearl gray linens and a touch of white as well as natural hardwood floors tone down this hue for a calming atmosphere.

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