what business can i start with 10k

what business can i start with 10k

It is a mistake to think that to start a successful business we need a lot of capital, there are quite a few profitable businesses that we can start without having a lot of money and perhaps we have ever seen them, but we never thought that we could make money doing the same.

Being our own boss is something anyone wants to be but unfortunately it is a bit complicated. The main mistake is not creating a business plan and consequently we make a serious mistake in our investment of time and many others of money.

To avoid so many problems I have decided to divide them into 4 sections .

In the first part we will see some tips for scams or problems that we can see in our businesses in order to avoid problems in the future

In the second part we will see the most popular and profitable businesses that we can do at home, some of them just need time and a lot of dedication while others may need a small investment, including selling products by dropshipping, creating your own website and earning. money with advertising, it can be the famous cryptocurrencies and other models that we can always make from our home.

In the third part you will be able to access an entrepreneur test . Once done, it can guide you on your business path. The Test is not going to tell you what business you should carry out if not points that many times we do not take into account and that we must analyze before starting any project.

Finally in the last part we will show  you some models with which you can start a business with very little capital or with a normal investment that with your commitment and our experience, I am sure that you will turn it into a high profitability activity in a very period of time. little. I divided it into two because we don’t all have the same starting money, so I divided it into 4.

The first one that is from 0 to 200 dollars that you can continue reading if you continue a little further down, because this article is a business without initial or very small investment. In the second it will be from 200 to 1,000, the third from 1,000 to 5,000 and finally the fourth from 5,000 to 30,000 Euros to Dollars. If you want you can make the change with your local currency.

Without much more to add, I think it is time to see all the most profitable businesses with investment and without initial investment.


Scams, theft and problems within your business or company

Earning money in a simple way is something we all want but on many occasions we will find that they are scams. We must be careful because making money without effort is very unlikely and worst of all, many people fall for internet scams or job thefts that are not paid. That is why we want to add some useful tips that will help you detect these types of criminal acts when you do business online or prevent problems if we offer jobs.

Always agree on the value of the service that we are going to offer from the beginning: many times we do not make clear the value that we are going to receive for our working time, so it is essential to know that we are going to win to avoid problems and especially if it is possible to have it written. Having something in writing can give us professionalism and have proof to avoid problems in the future.

Charge 10 to 50% in advance: If we are going to walk the elderly or walk dogs, maybe everything is not right the first time, ask for a percentage at the beginning, but if we have to invest something in material or transport it is always good to ask for a small forward in case customers back down at some point, not to lose the little money we have.

Know who you work with: we cannot always know what our clients will be like, but do research, especially when they are small companies to see if they are good at paying, if they do fraud or any dirty rags that we must take into account if we work with them

Be careful with any profitable business without risks: on the internet you can find many jobs where they tell you that many times you do not have to invest or perhaps you invest very little money and generate absurd benefits that without logic do not take you anywhere, we must be very, very careful because things without effort or without work 99% of them are scams or frauds to other people where the only one harmed will be you.

Unfortunately you will find many problems and scams that you can always escape us, so always be vigilant and distrust if you see things that you do not find logical. Remember it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Six profitable businesses to work for on the internet

20k business ideas

Create a blog

Earn money by creating an ad-supported website

best business to start with 10k

From home

Earn money working from your own home step by step

best business to start with £10k


Earn money by investing in Bitcoins, Ethereum among others

business to start with 10k

Sell ​​products

Earn money selling
online without a physical store

business under 10k

Sell ​​Services

Earn money selling what you can do from home

business you can start with 10000


Earn money by investing in difference contracts

Other business ideas for investors with seed capital

businesses to start with 10k


From 200 to 1,000

If you are a small investor with a small initial capital between $ 200 to $ 1,000, this is your section

businesses you can start with 10000


From 1,000 to 5,000

If you are a medium investor who has an initial capital between 1,000 to 5,000 dollars this is your section

start a business for 10k


From 5,000 to 30,000

If you are a small investor who has an initial capital between 5,000 to 30,000 dollars this is your section

If you want to start a business and you do not have money to start, do not worry, continue reading and you will learn more than 30 profitable business ideas without initial investment or with a very small capital .

Before seeing the 30 profitable business ideas, you may be interested in doing a small entrepreneur test , you can do it in a minimum period of only 90 seconds and a maximum of 4 or 5 minutes. This entrepreneur test will never tell you how much money you are going to earn or anything similar, it will only help you see some mistakes we make or who knows you may need to take more time to train before starting it. I recommend that you do it.

Best profitable businesses from home or store with little investment

This article is for entrepreneurs who have a zero initial capital or a maximum of $ 200, if you want other types of businesses you can go back a little and see other types of profitable businesses with a greater capital.

Dropshipping business – sell items without investing money

start a business with 10k

One of the business models with the highest growth and profitability is dropshipping. This sales technique based on electronic commerce consists of the sale of articles and products through the internet where as an entrepreneur, you will only have to publish articles (photos, videos, descriptions, price), get the attention of customers and once you place an order, the supplier of the item will have to ship the product. It basically works as an intermediary between the supplier and the buyers.

How it works: You must set up an online store or participate in an online sales platform , carry out advertising campaigns to attract the attention of your customers in relation to the product you have chosen and later notify the supplier of the sale, he will be in charge of carrying out the shipping of the product you sold, while you will receive a percentage for the sale of it.

Possible problems: It is very common for dropshippers, as entrepreneurs in this business are known, to have problems with the supplier. This may be due to factors such as ignorance of the product, delays in delivery, additional prices, etc., which can cause the customer to return the product and request their money back.

Key: For this type of business to be profitable, it will be necessary to build good advertising campaigns and strategies that allow us to find the audience we are looking for according to the item we want to sell . Remember that we can choose almost any product and to be safe, if possible, we must request a sample product to verify the quality of what we offer. 

Mining or buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies

To understand this type of business we must start from the fact that cryptocurrencies are an investment method in which we have the possibility of knowing how much money we earn or lose prior to investing. Although, although this type of investment is subject to risk, operating in a planned and strategic way, we can take advantage of its high profitability of up to 1500% . 

On the other hand we have the option of only spending electricity in our home leaving working only 24 hours. We are not going to become millionaires but you may be interested in the option of mining,

How it works: The first thing is to choose the trading platform, broker, in which we are going to operate, for this you must investigate very well about those that have the greatest prestige and recognition in the market, in addition to the tools and their performance. Subsequently we select the financial asset and then we indicate whether its price will rise or fall (PUT or CALL).

Possible obstacles: One of the biggest mistakes of the operators who start in this market, is the permanent greed. It is necessary to eradicate the idea that we will get rich in a short time , since this, although it is a risky business that can leave us significant profits, is subject to the strategies we carry out to make it effective.

Key: According to the previous situation, it is key to investigate very well and accept advice from those who can offer it in the brokers, since they usually provide training resources for traders who do not have experience in the market. Taking advantage of all this information and planning each process will be a solid help in this business.

Profitable business selling gluten-free food

what business can i start with 25k

Many people have celiac disease, a disease that prevents gluten from being consumed in their diet, however, there are still not many profitable businesses that pay attention to this audience and there are no options, so it may be an opportunity for you in the sector of food.

How it works: You can choose between preparing gluten-free foods yourself (for which you will need to know how to cook) or contacting a supplier of this type of food to sell them at retail to the demanding public.

Possible costs: In principle we do not need a lot of money, we may already have it, so for this we will need kitchen utensils, ingredients and products for food preparation, packaging material for packaging, clothing for staff, promotion and advertising for business.

Possible drawbacks: Many people who suffer from the disease are wary of businesses that offer gluten-free food, since they mostly do it only for the purpose of selling them.

Advice: It is extremely important that you make sure of the quality and conditions of the food that you are going to offer to this public. Also take into account the advertising of the business and the creation of a business plan ,

Message service for seniors

best business to start with 10k

Shipping businesses have been one of the most useful services for hundreds of people who are in distant places and that offers the possibility of receiving their packages in the comfort of their home. A similar service proposes the message service for older people, for whom the displacement is a complex process or for people who do not have freedom of movement.

How it works: The service will allow errands, document shipments or particular shipments that the person receives or needs to send, can be carried out without the person having to leave their home while you will receive a portion for your work. As you can see, the money to undertake services for the elderly is very basic and suitable for young people without initial capital.

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Possible costs: Travel from one place to another for errands and the person’s domicile and advertising for the business.

Possible difficulties: Travel time from one place to another, possible use of means of transport and distances.

Keys: With a good network of contacts this type of services and businesses can increase your profitability, especially if you have personnel for the work. 

Cost-effective makeup service at home

a business idea

Whether for an event, a party, a meeting, appointment or any other type of situation, makeup is one of the most important essentials for the female audience. However, not everyone is fluent in the latest makeup trends and techniques, or they simply don’t have enough time to do a perfect makeup. This is where this profitable business idea for us was born .

How it works: This service includes your travel to the place where the person who hires you is, preferably they should have told you beforehand the type of event for which it is directed and the time, since they will be important aspects for the creation of makeup .

Possible costs: All kinds of makeup and cosmetics in different shades and colors for the tastes of all customers, makeup items that cannot be reused, cleaning products for applied elements, false eyelashes, makeup carrying case, brush belt , mirrors, alligators for hair, bands to collect hair, makeup removers, moisturizers, personal clothing and business advertising.

Possible obstacles: If you do not plan to invest, this idea may not be for you, since you will have to acquire makeup items and of course cosmetics for general use, so you will have to keep them in good condition for your clients.

Recommendation: Getting clients according to the sector of the public with which you prefer to work is one of the keys, however it is necessary that you know several makeup techniques and everything you need to know for this type of business

Invest in the stock market or in currencies

best business for investment

The Forex market, also known as the currency market, is an open field for experienced and beginners in which the opportunities are very wide, only because it is the largest and most important market for futures and securities with more than 5 trillion dollars. newspapers . It is important to bear in mind that in this financial market, as well as in stock market operations, the operation is subject to a risk that we must prevent and recognize. To start we only need about $ 100 here is a broker where you can create and practice with $ 10,000 without deposit in a Demo account . If you are interested right now they are giving away $ 25 to new users .

How it works: To start investing with this type of business, after having informed yourself about it, you should choose a broker that as far as possible has recognition and prestige in the market, as well as that has the established regulations. Later you need to open your account in the broker and activate it. After performing analysis on the states of the currencies, and knowing your margin, you will begin to create orders, which consist of actions on the investment you have made.

Possible drawbacks: Among the most frequent problems when investing and operating the Forex market, are losses due to the volatility in which currencies are, in addition to operating in unregulated brokers that promise more than it really is possible to win.

Key: Regulated brokers offer the possibility to beginners, to operate with a demo account in which, without endangering real money, they can enter the market and learn how operations are carried out, apply strategies, and in general, know their functioning. This is a basic and necessary help that we definitely recommend that you use before you start investing your money,

Start a coaching business

best business investment

If you have knowledge in the area of ​​psychology and with it personal growth, you can dedicate yourself to offering coaching services for different sectors of the public that require it, especially entrepreneurs, although the area you focus on will depend on your preferences.

How it works: What we will do is advise and motivate people to achieve their objectives, whether in the professional or personal sphere. Usually this service is offered in a personalized way, however, there are companies that contract to give conferences and talks to their staff.

Possible costs: Creation of a website for services and advertising on social networks, use of paid platforms for group conferences and general business promotion. The necessary money should not be very high, even so it can be free but this leads to reaching fewer people.

Possible obstacles: The coaching service is not a job that is established as a regulated or certified profession, so they do not offer official titles that accredit a person as a coach. However, focusing on this branch can be done through the area of ​​psychology.

Recommendation : The key to the effectiveness of your work as a coach is in the motivation and stimulation that you give to each of the people you work with, in addition to increasing your experience with them. On the other hand, it is essential to promote the business through different channels, both physical and digital, since it is undoubtedly a demanded work today.

Open a clothing repair business 

best business investments

Before buying a new garment for a simple mismatch in their favorite garment, which can be fixed, many people choose to leave these in the hands of a person who knows how to fix clothes. In fact, most of these tasks consist of fixing an unstitched area, gluing a button, etc. As simple as it may be, not everyone has the time to do it, so the clothing repair service has its chance.

How it works: With the necessary elements and a suitable space for it, you can receive all kinds of garments that require an arrangement of people close to the place where you are. It is important that you invest in a sewing machine when orders start to grow.

Possible costs: Purchase and / or maintenance of a sewing machine, supplies for the machine, utensils such as scissors, clothesline, pencils for clothes, pendants, shelves for clothes, adaptation of the place and advertising of the business.

Possible obstacles: If you want to maintain a fixed work schedule, perhaps this business idea is not for you , because on many occasions clients will need their arrangements urgently, making you dedicate more time to them.

Recommendation: Your business depends on advertising, but not all strategies will be suitable for you,

Undertake in distribution of company advertising

best business startups

Advertising strategies and channels are by far one of the most necessary aspects for established businesses, those that are just starting out and those that are just considering going to market. Without promoting the business or service we offer, we will not be able to reach our clients or they reach us, so it is a work of high need.

How it works: What we will do is distribute all kinds of advertising in a traditional way, that is, flyers, billboards, brochures and business cards of a certain company or of several directly to its target audience. You can dedicate yourself to this business as much time as you want, organizing your schedules with those of the company for the work.

Possible costs: Moving the company to the area where the business flyers and advertising will be distributed. If we have some money we could buy a bike to make more deliver and be much faster.

Possible obstacles: With the rise in the use of technological tools, you may find few companies that choose to also use traditional advertising for their businesses, since they understand that both channels are necessary and they want to make sure that their customers have the advertising .

Key: To achieve better outreach to businesses and companies that actually seek to distribute advertising, it is necessary that you also promote your business and approach companies to offer your advertising distribution services .  

Toy and entertainment repair business

best business to start

Perhaps one of the objects in the market in general that most tend to be damaged are toys and this does not have to do essentially with the quality of the product, but with the interaction with children, because sometimes they use it so much that the toy ends for being damaged. If you know how to fix toys and fix them to make the child happy again, then you should focus on this type of business.

How it works: The daily occupations and overhead can cause families decide not to direct part of their capital to buy new toys , thereby repairing them will be more feasible, especially when children grow attached to one in particular. The arrangements can be from the sound of the toy, to the arrangement of fabric or structure.

Possible costs: Hand tools, new paint, fabric and toy supplies, cleaning supplies for toys, and business advertising.

Possible problems: With little publicity or without reaching a large audience, we run the risk that our profitability is very low, since it is not a need that will be covered every day by the same people.

Tip: We recommend that you look for a partner with businesses such as gardens, schools and colleges where there are a large number of toys that can be repaired for children , for example. Remember that it is important that you have the necessary material and tools to repair the toys. 

Set up a jewelery workshop, start in beauty

best business to start with 100k

With very little capital, we could start to launch this type of profitable business , which is in good demand in the market, since accessories of this type are not only purchased for our own use, but also for gifts and surprises. For this reason, if you like crafts and you know how to combine and make necklaces, bracelets and all these types of items, it is time to start your business.

How it works: You can adapt an area of ​​your house as a workshop for creating your accessories , where you have all the material you need. You can create different types of accessories with different materials to offer variety to your customers. Having some sample items will be a key point for them to see your creations.

Possible costs: Material for making accessories, all kinds of supplies for costume jewelery, utensils for making costume jewelery and promoting the business in different channels.

Possible obstacles: If you are not clear about the money that you are going to allocate to the purchase of material, it is possible the initial investment will alter its movement and with it, that the other issues that we must deal with, such as advertising, are affected.

Recommendation: Look for suppliers that offer you the material you need and, if possible, buy in bulk, since the long-term retail cost will be higher . Do not forget advertising using various channels, because currently accessories are sought both physically and on the web. 

Set up a business as a personal shopper 

business idea

If the world of fashion is what you are passionate about and you have style to wear, then perhaps it is convenient for you to be a personal shopper and make a profitable business with what you like the most. With a good network of contacts and the necessary knowledge to offer your service to different types of people, you can make this a good business for you.

How it works: It consists of a person who ompra items, especially clothing that will be used by others who are customers . The people who need or require more of this service are mostly people with many occupations who cannot take care of it or prefer to leave it in the hands of an expert.

Possible costs: Customer search and business promotion.

Possible obstacles: Reaching out to clients can become a difficult job , since these people are usually from high strata with considerable financial capacity. And this is the sector you should go to to get customers.

Recommendation: Although these people do not remain on the Internet, it is worth creating advertising through this medium, but making physical visits to these people will possibly be a more efficient strategy. Do your research to find out what is in fashion and what suits each type of person. 

Set up a home hairdressing business

best business investment

If you have knowledge about haircuts or similar services that should be taken into account for this type of service and at the moment you do not want to open your own premises, the home hairdresser may be the alternative you are looking for to carry out your work and not leave it sideways.

How it works: With the necessary implements for the hairdressing service, such as a cape, hair clippers, cleaners, combs, etc., you will have to travel especially to your clients’ homes so that you can perform your service there.

Possible costs: Hairdressing machines, combs, hair alligators, hair fixer, bottle machine, cleaning brush, client cape, mirrors, suitcase for hairdressing supplies, clothing for staff and business promotion.

Possible drawbacks: Although although you can increase the cost of the service because it is at home, it will not in itself be able to cover what you spend on moving from one place to another, especially if they are removed from your area.

Tip: Given the possible inconvenience above, it is best to start in your own territory, later, the means of transport of displacement you can pay for it so that your earnings do not remain largely in your transfers.

Start a Business Intermediary business

best business startups

Many people with private goods or special objects decide not to opt for online stores for the sale of these, but prefer to make the sale privately. Basically you can be a commercial intermediary in any field and with a good network of contacts the possibilities increase.

How it works: This work can be done in different fields, in fact, almost anybody. What the commercial intermediary does is put people who are selling a particular item in contact with those who are looking for it or who might be interested in acquiring it.

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Possible costs: Customer search and business promotion.

Possible disadvantages: The most important challenge for the commercial intermediary is, perhaps, in the construction of his network of contacts, since this will be the base of the execution of the work. For many clients the sale of their goods is an urgent process, so if they do not have timely solutions, the client can choose another intermediary.

Tip: Before launching, choose to know the market conditions, meet with people who attend auctions and buy particular items, in this way you will build your network of contacts for when you start executing sales.

Profitable window cleaning company

business invest

Many businesses and companies with local establishments hire private individuals who have the necessary equipment for 13. glass and window cleaning. Without the need for experience but with a good use of products, you can offer this service to do it at home in stores and companies where they request you.

How it works: You will have to go to companies, businesses or other types of sectors where they request the cleaning of glasses and crystals that they have. You can charge a cost for it taking into account the travel and the products that you must purchase.

Possible costs: Cleaning chemicals, glass racket, glass moistener, glass cleaner, glass scraper, telescopic glass pole, glass cleaning rubbers, feather dusters, glass soap, utensil bag, instrument belt, glass bucket and wringer, personal clothing, travel and business advertising.

Possible drawbacks: The products, implements, clothing and cleaning utensils should be your investment for the business.

Key: It is crucial that you are always in search of clients to offer your service, in this way your network of clients will potentially grow and in terms of advertising, strategies and everything you need to know about this type of business,

Bicycle maintenance and repair business

business investing

More and more people are joining bicycle transport, which is why the demand for repair, repair and maintenance sites for these types of items has also grown. If you have knowledge in this area and can prepare a place to set up your own bicycle maintenance shop, what are you waiting for?

How it works: What you will do is offer a service, in this case, bicycle maintenance. This area includes several areas, from the arrangement of the chain to the painting of the means of transport. Over time, you will be able to expand your business and sell accessories and all kinds of bicycle parts that increase your profits.

Possible costs: Tools: torque wrench, nozzle tensioner, air pump, spare pins, wrenches, chain cutter, stripper, cassette wrench, bicycle stand, cable cutters, bicycle lubricant, chain gauge, cleaning supplies, clothing for personal and business promotion.

Possible drawbacks: It is possible that if you do not expand your target audience and advertising , you will be affected by aspects such as seasonality, as many people go out on a bike for a walk or to exercise, an activity that they will not do if the weather conditions do not allow it.

Recommendation: Work and promote your business, because with good publicity, people who use this means of transport will come to you to travel to their places of work or study, a means that they use most of the time.

Get started organizing weddings and events

business investment

If the organization and decoration of spaces is a special and simple activity for you and you make very striking, creative and beautiful creations, what are you waiting for to turn it into your own business? You will find many people looking for an event organizer to be in charge of fulfilling events, parties of 15, weddings, etc, actually.

How it works: You will be in charge of organizing all kinds of events, although initially you can dedicate yourself to a specific sector, since the celebrations and parties that take place are many and varied. The organizer must take care of areas such as: the food or food to be distributed, waiters, obtaining tables and chairs, kitchen implements, decoration of the place, order of the event and protocol, etc.

Possible costs: Travel in the solution of requirements and business promotion .

Possible disadvantages: If you do not have experience in the business, making mistakes and not innovating is one of the most frequent situations that can occur and consequently, the client will not be satisfied.

Tip: The best thing is that you initially associate with an expert in the sector to learn how these types of activities are carried out and everything you must take into account to carry them out. Investigate and innovate in each of the events so that customers feel their special and unique party. 

Dog walker as a successful business

business investments

If you like dogs, how about being a walker? Daily occupations mean that many people with these pets do not have enough time to take their pets for a walk and keeping them locked up all day is not an option, so this is a business with opportunities that you can enter without having experience. .

How it works: You will have to contact several people close to where you are to offer your dog walker service. Promoting your advertising will be the key to getting more people to contact you. Remember that you need to have implements for your work.

Possible costs: Bags for excrement, safety chains and collars, cup for drink and food (optional), muzzles, clothing for personnel and promotion of the activity.

Possible problems: Safety for the walker regarding the behavior and attitude of the canines.

Tip: Having all the materials ready for your business is an extremely important key, as well as the advertising you use to reach your customers. 

Start a business as a personal fitness trainer

business to invest

This is one of the businesses with the highest demand today , as more and more people care about their physical condition, making it one of the most profitable businesses today. So, if you have knowledge in this area or want to start your training in it, you have quite a few opportunities.

How it works: It’s about offering your services as a personal fitness trainer to people who are interested. You can focus on women and men of different ages and conditions, however you can focus on a particular type of audience to dedicate yourself to them specifically, this will depend on the sector with which you feel more comfortable working.

Possible costs: Training supplies: ropes, weights, mats, balls, weight balls, supplies for sports conditioning and business promotion.

Possible drawbacks: There are many people who, although they start out with great motivation to change their lifestyle for a healthy one, they quickly abandon it. So that this does not happen or the risk is reduced, you can apply several techniques.

Tip: It is key that you are always motivating your clients, in this way they will feel more challenged and with more energy to continue. 

Conduct door-to-door surveys

invest a business

Many businesses and companies , even other types of sectors, need to know the opinion of their potential customers or target audience about the references they have of a product, a place, an article, an event, etc. Therefore, many are willing to pay for this service, which does not require you to have experience or extensive knowledge in any particular area.

How it works: With a type of form that is usually provided by businesses or those who hire you, where there will be space for data that they want to know particularly from the public, you will go to this sector to get the answers they need.

Possible costs: Printing of survey forms, staff travel and business promotion.

Possible drawbacks: Difficulty finding potential clients to offer your service, working time in obtaining answers and displacement.

Offering childcare as a business

business invest

Parents’ daily occupations have allowed childcare businesses to emerge while they are not in school, which has solved this issue for parents who are unable to care for their children during the day. Therefore, if you like children and have knowledge about their main care, this business idea could be for you .

How it works: With a suitable space for children, you will offer this space for their care and stay while their parents arrive from their respective work responsibilities. You can focus on children of different ages, although you will mostly receive children between the first ages.

Possible costs: Stationery for activities, games and toys, desserts and food for children and advertising the service as a business .

Possible problems: Competition with day care centers is high, as many parents prefer these places because they not only take care of them, but also learn and do various activities during the time they are there.

Recommendation: With respect to the previous situation, what you can do is help the child in learning while you are with them, promoting different activities will make the child have a better time and you stand out. It is key that if you do not take care of the child at home, you have the appropriate conditions for their well-being and care at home, in addition to other points that you need to take into account,

Online sales consulting successful business

british business investments

The growth of online sales continues, and as it is a tool of opportunities for new and emerging entrepreneurs, more and more people are launching to create their businesses to sell online . However, many of them fail because they do not know everything they should do in online sales. Therefore, if you have extensive knowledge in the area, you can make this your own business as a consultant.

How it works: You will offer your knowledge about online sales to people who want to start a business in this medium. In this sense, it will be necessary to know from the best platforms to enter, as well as the best marketing strategies according to the needs of the entrepreneur, where they will find their target audience, SEO, and others.

Possible costs: Acquisition of paid tools and platforms for the sale and advertising of the business.

Possible difficulties: The growth of online sales has made this an increasingly simple task, so many entrepreneurs may not see the need for the consulting service.

Recommendation: You can expand the tasks of online consulting to increase your possibilities . For example, you can agree to take care of sales while the entrepreneur is away, dedicate yourself to advertising the site, offer regular reports on the progress and movement of the business, etc. 

Consulting in a specific area such as your own business

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If expert or specialist in something you definitely should use this to onvertirlo in your own business . This type of consulting almost applies to any area: from the musical area, to sports, business, aesthetics, labor, etc., the possibilities are many. Every day many people search the internet for what you are an expert in, so what are you waiting for?

How to start: Start by determining the area you master and why not, investigate more about it to update yourself on new techniques or options to perform, since everything evolves every day. Then you can start looking for your target audience and determine what methods you want to use to offer it.

Possible costs: Acquisition of paid web tools (optional) and business promotion.

Possible drawbacks: Possibly at the beginning you experience long and / or messy work hours, especially if you are with one of your first clients, which will leave you without much time available especially if they have constant meetings. However, you should focus on organizing and optimizing your time.

Recommendation: It is important that the search for future customers focuses on a specific segmentation to find those who are really interested in learning what you offer, so you will have a better chance of turning them into final customers. 

Vegetarian homemade food to sell

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Vegetarian food has long been one of the most marked food preferences, even not only for those who also eat meat. This has generated a high demand for vegetarian food due to changes in nutrition and eating habits that consumers are having. If you like cooking, you can consider starting this type of business.

How it works: What you will have to do is prepare different dishes of vegetarian food with that unique homemade touch that you can offer at home, for example, in different areas, so I recommend you create a product catalog with specific descriptions to offer variety to your clients.

Possible costs: Kitchen utensils, products and ingredients for food preparation, quality recipes, packaging material for product packaging and business promotion.

Possible difficulties: In general, with businesses that offer addresses, the public expects their orders to arrive in a very short time.

Tips: Having the entire logistics area prepared is the best way to start your business , yes, promoting your activity should be one of your priorities.

Get started as a mystery  analyst customer

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Although you probably have not heard of this type of business, the truth is that more and more people, especially companies, are turning to it as one of the best techniques to analyze the competition. This allows companies to have better operating strategies to increase their efficiency.

How it works: As a mystery client, you will have to visit competing companies for the company that hires you by filling out a form with specific data and topics that those who hire you would like to know. These can be: promotion mode, product presentation, price, etc. All this should go in a report that you will present after your investigation.

Possible costs: Travel , obtaining data in formats and forms, acquisition of the product or service in question (optional) and business promotion.

Possible obstacles: You will have to act as a normal consumer of the product in question about which they are finding out and as you know, each product is aimed at a specific type of audience, so you should focus on a type of product that fits with your characteristics as a consumer.

Set up your business to create  a monetized Blog

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Thanks to the important level of communication that the Internet has facilitated with people from different countries and continents, important profitable business opportunities have emerged that have been connected by interests, especially. Therefore, if you are interested in a particular area, be it beauty, art, literature, music, video games, etc., creating a blog focused on it can be a business that brings you significant income.

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How it works: The creation of a blog consists of opening a space with an efficient platform on the web where you publish content related to a particular interest on any subject that is to your liking. In it there will be written content, but also images and audiovisuals. With a high traffic on it, you will be able to work with companies to put in advertising and start receiving money for the people who see the ads .

Possible costs: For this type of business, the costs will apply in the future if you want to have a blog on your own website, as well as paid advertising.

Possible drawbacks: To achieve the profitability you are looking for through a monetized blog, it is necessary that if or if you have a high traffic on the web so that this process is feasible both for you and for the company you work with.

Recommendation: Before publishing advertising, I recommend that you promote your website so that it reaches a significant number of readers and visitors and thus, the ads that are published on it have greater opportunities to be visited. To learn more about this business, follow the link below:

Tip: Initially, search for clients that are according to your consumer profile, later you will be able to get more staff that fits with what companies are looking for to open your business. 

Translation agency for companies or individuals

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If you have a complete command of another language in addition to the native one, we tell you that many companies are looking for people with this knowledge for translation services , especially those that operate internationally or seek to expand to other countries, such as online stores.

How it works: By contacting companies and businesses, you will offer your services as a translator of a particular language to fulfill this task either in the area of ​​documents, interviews or other face-to-face relationships where they require it. If you focus on online stores, for example, you can offer your services from home.

Possible costs: Advertising of the business, creation of a service website (optional).

Possible drawbacks: Especially in online businesses, they also want freelancers to have some experience in multilanguage projects in order to avoid hiring another freelancer to take care of it, so it will be of great benefit to know these types of topics .

Recommendation: Expanding your horizons should be one of your priorities in the medium or long term, because by gaining experience in the sector you will be able to set up your translation agency for companies where you have large staff to respond to projects and needs of different companies. .

Rental of a venue for events and parties

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If you have a large space where you could comfortably celebrate parties and carry out events, exhibitions and meetings, why not start taking advantage of it? Surely at some point you have found yourself in the need to look for a space for a party or any type of situation that requires a space like this and as you know, finding it can be a very long task.

How it works: Basically what you will do is prepare and arrange this space to offer it as a rental of premises or living room. It is key that it is a visually pleasant place and that it preferably has spaces such as a bathroom and kitchen, especially if it is rented for a party or family gathering. Remember that to promote it you can go to different people and mechanisms, from advertising in your neighborhood or area of ​​location, to on the web.

Possible obstacles: It is possible that there may be damage to the structure of the people who are renting a place towards the premises due to different causes or unforeseen situations.

Advice: It is extremely important that at the time of taking the place for rent, an agreement is signed between both parties where the responsibility of the person taking it for damages caused during the time of use is established .

Start a business offering virtual assistant services

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With the growth, use and advancement of technological tools, many tasks that were previously carried out in an office and jobs have been transferred to the digital channel, allowing people not to have to travel to this place, but to carry out their work from their houses . This is the case of a virtual assistant.

How it works: Basically , agenda tasks and eventualities will be fulfilled for a specific person . In reality, daily occupations make a virtual assistant more and more required. So if you have a talent for organization, this would be a good business idea for you. You can have several clients with different hours, for example.

Possible problems : Although there may be many people who are looking for a virtual assistant, the process of finding clients is most likely a bit difficult, especially since there are many who are unaware of these types of jobs.

Key: It is important that you work on promoting your business, in different media, from web channels with an online site, social networks and participation in workspaces in this modality, as well as presenting yourself with a card to companies and businesses to offer your services. 

Selling items in a marketplace

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Internet sales are a trend that promises to stay and thanks to this , a significant number of opportunities have emerged for entrepreneurs, such as marketplaces. A marketplace is a technological platform that is created to make sales over the Internet, among them are Mercado Libre, Amazon, eBay, among others.

How it works: To start selling in a marketplace, it is necessary to first choose the product or item that we are going to sell . If you are a manufacturer, if you want to sell something that you no longer use, if you buy a product wholesale and sell it, retail, etc. Later we choose the platform in which we are going to sell, we register and we start selling. All platforms allow different sales processes, some are paid, others allow you to advertise for free.

Possible drawbacks: Some marketplace platforms offer free plans, while in others all plans can be paid. Paid plans offer necessary services so that the advertisement we make remains in the publications for longer, reaches a greater number of clients or potential buyers, this can be a problem if among your plans you do not have budgeted to start paying on a platform of these, since dedicating yourself to this type of business, it will soon be necessary to start investing.

Key: One of the main keys for those who sell items on the marketplace is the quality of the images they publish. I recommend that you be very careful with each image and take care that each one of them has the best possible quality and that it allows you to visualize everything that the client needs to see, likewise, be clear and sincere in your description. Selling in a marketplace is not a simple process,

Cloth bag making business

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The reuse of materials and recycling are currently a need of high value in commerce and all the activities that we carry out daily, for this reason cloth bags have emerged, which allow us to use them as many times as we need them for different tasks that they complied with the plastic bags.

How it works: It will be necessary to have the production materials, the sewing machine and the fabric, then to get the pattern and create various sizes of cloth bags of different colors. Later, with the publicity of the business, we could be selling our cloth bags to almost any business, from the corner store to supermarkets with larger orders.

Possible costs: Purchase or maintenance of one or two sewing machines, fabric for bags, sewing machine supplies, fabric scissors, fabric pencils, fabric ruler, workbench, fabric finishing sealer, packing material for distribution and transportation and advertising for the business.

Possible obstacles: The correct organization and distribution of money can be a problem and a fundamental aspect in the use of investment capital, since in manufacturing you will have to focus on obtaining the material and machinery, in addition to advertising for the business and others. production instruments.

Key: The wholesale and as a manufacturer, includes a network of contacts with movement and very productive, which you will achieve as you promote your business. How to promote the sale of cloth bags? You have many options, including web presence, as well as flyers and more. 

Sale of beauty accessories

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Beauty accessories are by far one of the most attractive items, especially for women who wear them all the time. This has allowed the business to present a constant movement and also create different sales channels that entrepreneurs can access.

How it works: Get in touch with a direct distributor of accessories and beauty supplies that will be the items you are going to sell. Initially, in order to reduce costs you can start selling them door to door or offer them to friends, neighbors, relatives and close people through social networks, in this way you will create and get your own clients.

Possible costs: Purchase of accessories, transportation or shipping costs of beauty accessories and business promotion.

Possible disadvantages: The investment may suffer some changes or inconveniences if we are not aware of the prices of the items we are buying, since these vary in costs depending on who we buy them from, so it is necessary before buying them, research the market and suppliers.

Key: Customer loyalty is an extremely important aspect in a field like this due to the high amount of competition that this type of business can experience, therefore, offering innovative articles and having the best relationship with all customers could make a difference for your business. 

Manufacture of toys for dogs and cats with recycled material

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In addition to other types of pet businesses, the sector has allowed the emergence of other types of business in the market, such as toys. One of the main advantages for a pet toy factory is that they are items that we can make many times with recycled material and we only need to add some details and of course, count the necessary instruments and equipment.

How it works: We will be dedicated to the manufacture of entertainment items and toys for pets, which is not so complicated if we take into account that on the Internet we will find a lot of information about these types of items and their production. We will have to initially acquire all the materials, instruments, utensils and food that are going to be incorporated in each of the elements, since some toys have food inside. You can find ideas on the Internet

Possible costs: Bottles, tubes and in general recycled material that can be bought from recycling centers, stationery material and products, paints, paint sprays, ropes, tapes, adhesives of different materials, bases, wooden boards, hand tools, pencils, business promotion and advertising.

Disadvantages that may appear: Conventional toys for pets have gone out of style and no longer surprise the public, who are mainly who we must reach. Therefore, you need to research new toys and be innovative in each creation to attract the attention of pet owners.

Key: Starting from the previous point, it is necessary to put our imagination and creativity into play to take an idea from each toy option that allows us to create a dynamic and fun toy that is attractive to customers. 

Preparation and delivery of snacks for children

With parents’ daily activities, little or no time is left for preparing their children’s daily lunchbox, however, they are concerned that their children will eat unhealthy and nutritious food at school, allowing us to create a good business idea in this field.

How it works: With an important part of the investment fixed to the purchase of fruits, cereals and other nutritious products that the children like, we are going to create lunch boxes or snacks that we will take to the children’s school with the help of a market cart , for instance.

Possible costs: Purchase of the lunch box products, market cart to carry it, packaging material for the distribution of each lunch box, promotion and advertising of the business.

Difficulties that may appear: With how easy it is today to buy food for children’s snacks, especially when they are the ones who receive the money and spend it on whatever they want, you could face strong competition and children who are reluctant to a lunch box nutritious if you are not very creative when presenting them.

Recommendation: In addition to the promotion and advertising techniques , it is key that you focus on making the presentation like the children so that they want to try your product, in this way the lunch box is pleasant both for the child and for parents, adding a surprise toy once a week, for example. 

 Crafts to decorate for any occasion and season

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The arrangements for parties, events, special dates and in general to decorate for example at times for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and others that vary according to the region, are one of the most acquired items, therefore, if you have skills to create and elaborate this type of articles whose processes you can easily find, then you should consider this idea.

How it works: With resources that you will find on the Internet, books, videos and others, you will create crafts for decoration at different times of the year, by request for special parties and events, which you can offer through the web on a site or social network ( if you want) and close people with very good publicity.

Possible costs: Sewing machine, stationery, decoration accessories, decoration lights, candles, paper, scissors, glues, fabrics, fillers, meter, etc. Promotion and advertising for the business.

Obstacles that may appear: It is important to emphasize the organization and registration of each order or item that you must have ready, as these businesses have the reputation of being very unfulfilled, so you must make a difference with each order that they make to you.

Key: Offer your customers the possibility of creating personalized items that bear their names, family surnames, etc., this will broaden your scope and soon you will be able to create other crafts for other occasions. To learn how to get started step by step, keep reading here: set up your own craft store

What profitable business should I start with little money?

As we have seen, these are business ideas that you can start with nothing or very little capital, but which, following the appropriate steps and the recommendations that you will see in each link, have a really considerable potential that we cannot ignore. However, beyond the techniques, tips, steps and recommendations that we offer you, the most important tools are found in each entrepreneur, as you will need commitment, effort, perseverance and a lot of passion so that you will soon start to see how your own business begins to develop. growing up.

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