What dogs are the most dangerous ? ( full guide )

What dogs are the most dangerous

Throughout the centuries, man has been crossing and selecting different breeds of dogs based on the work they needed to perform. When it has been necessary to take care of the cattle, work has been done on the breeding and selection of shepherd dogs.

In the same way that when it has been necessary to rely on protection, breeds of dogs of great strength , size and power have been bred and selected , dogs capable of giving a great bite and that unfairly over the years have been cataloged how the most dangerous dogs in the world.

These breeds are characterized by their spectacular physical understanding and defensive qualities, but they are not dangerous dogs if they do not receive a bad education. However, in the wrong hands…. they can become real weapons.

Top 10 most dangerous dogs

We must clarify from the first moment that there are no bad dogs, but irresponsible owners. A bad education can make a Boxer just as dangerous as a Pitbull, however one is classified as a dangerous breed of dog and the other not, injustices of life.

If a person gives a dog a bad education, mistreats it or simply leaves it tied to a chain for the rest of its life, it can acquire very bad habits and become a dangerous dog , whatever breed it is.

However, there are dogs that at a genetic level are superior in strength and bite to the rest of the breeds, obviously if these dogs receive a bad education they can become a real potential danger. Obviously because of the irresponsibility of the human who takes care of them.

Normally, it is the prey dogs that are considered the most dangerous dogs, since they have been bred and selected to have a strong bite and a large muscle mass that helps them to block their prey.

In order to have many of these , it is necessary to have a PPP license . This does not mean that these types of dogs are bad, it simply means that if they receive a bad education … they can be lethal.

Any of these breeds can make excellent companions, as long as they receive a good education from a young age.

English Mastiff

dangerous dog lists

In the first position of the Top of the most dangerous dogs on the planet we find the English Mastiff, a gigantic molosser that can weigh up to 100 kilos . Its enormous size, its strength and its bite make it a real lion.

The English Masstiff is a dog of principle who does not like to be pressured or scolded, so his education must be very strict from puppy to avoid acquiring bad habits.

However, its abilities make it an excellent guard dog, it is affectionate with its owner and calm in general, but always attentive to possible dangers. With a bad education he can be a deadly dog.


dangerous dogs

In the second position of the list of most dangerous dogs we do not find the well-known Rottweiler, a large dog that can weigh up to sixty kilos. Today it is the dog with the strongest bite in the world , above any other breed.

The Rottweiler is a self-confident, intelligent, very protective dog. However with a bad education it can be an extremely aggressive and dangerous dog, capable of killing any other animal including humans.

With a correct education from a puppy, he can be an excellent companion with a great heart, somewhat stubborn when it comes to learning but very respectful of his family. It is a powerful but noble breed at the same time.

Pitbull terrier

deadliest dog

In third position we find the famous Pitbull Terrier, possibly the strongest and most powerful of all Terriers. It can weigh up to thirty kilos in its adult stage, although its low weight is not a problem to attack hard.

This breed has great strength and is very active , it needs to exercise daily to expend excess energy so it is not recommended for small flats or people who cannot dedicate time to it. The person educating you should have a lot of experience in the canine industry and present great authority.

It is highly recommended to educate Pitbulls well from puppies to prevent them from developing bad habits or being carried away by their instincts, they are medium-sized but very powerful dogs and can be aggressive if they do not receive a good education.

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German shepherd

dog breed aggressive

In the fourth position of the Ranking of the most dangerous dogs we find the famous German Shepherd, who heads the list of dogs that have attacked humans or other animals globally.

The German Shepherd can reach 40 kilos in weight as an adult and has an extremely powerful bite. Well-mannered can make an excellent companion dog or perform herding or guarding duties, but bad mannered is a potential danger.

They are a very intelligent breed capable of reasoning and thinking before attacking, catching their prey completely distracted. In the wrong hands it can become a double-edged sword.

Fila Brasileiro

dog danger

The Fila Brasileiro is considered one of the fastest and most dangerous dogs in the world , reaching a weight in its adult stage of sixty kilos. This breed of dog is very faithful and super protective of his family.

His attack speed and the power of his bite make him an extremely dangerous dog if not properly educated and socialized. It has always been one of the favorite breeds in dog fighting.

However, it can be a good companion if it is educated from a puppy, but we must always be attentive to it since it is not a dog that warns or barks, it simply throws itself on its prey and bites it to death.

Argentine Dogo

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In sixth position on the list of the most dangerous dogs we find the Dogo Argentino, a dog that can weigh forty-five kilos in adulthood, endowed with a large jaw.

The Dogo Argentino is a strong and highly resistant dog , completely immune to pain, which makes it an excellent prey or fighting dog. It is very faithful to its owner but distrustful of strangers, so we must always pay special attention.

This breed of dog is not the most recommended for a family environment due to its characteristics, although with a good education it can be an excellent life partner on a par with a guard dog.

American Staffordshire Terrier

list of dangerous dog breeds

In the seventh position we have the American Staffordshire Terrier, another breed of Pitbull dog characterized by its Terrier origins. In its adult stage it can reach forty kilos in weight, although what it really stands out for is its bite.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is characterized by being a sociable and protective dog with children, well educated from puppyhood it can be an excellent companion although we must pay special attention when there are strangers.

However, if it falls into the wrong hands and receives bad education or mistreatment, it can become a lethal dog , capable of jumping on its prey from more than three meters away to finish them off.


mean dog

We reached the eighth position of most dangerous dogs with the world-famous Doberman, which is capable of reaching forty-five kilos of weight in adulthood. It is not a very big dog but it is pure muscle ready to attack.

The Doberman is characterized by being an energetic and active dog , pride and self-confidence, very attached to his family so it is not advisable to leave him alone for long periods of time.

However, it is also a very impulsive dog, so if it receives a bad education it can become a very dangerous dog. This breed has been used as a watchdog for centuries.

Akita Inu

mean dogs

In the ninth position we have the reckless Akita Inu, a dog of Japanese origin capable of reaching fifty-five kilos in weight as an adult. It is a breed that has been used by Japanese warriors as an attack and watchdog.

The Akita Inu is a very reserved but affectionate dog at the same time, very attached to its owner. He is loyal and friendly but if he barks we must activate all our alarms because it is only the indicative that precedes the attack.

In the wrong hands it can become a really dangerous dog, given its physical conditions and its strength it is not recommended to be in front of one of these dogs when they are defending.

Neapolitan mastiff

most dangerous dog

In the tenth position of the list of the most dangerous dogs in the world we find the Neapolitan Mastiff, a breed that can reach 70 kilos of weight in its adult stage, almost nothing.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a dog of enormous dimensions, a great guardian, a faithful, peaceful and stable dog. He knows how to interpret the real dangers and defend accordingly when necessary. Well-mannered, he becomes an ideal companion.

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But if he receives a bad education, he can turn into the opposite, an extremely aggressive and dangerous dog given his size and strength. This type of dog is capable of imposing simply by standing up.

Brazilian row

most dangerous dog breed

The Brazilian row is one of the most recognized Brazilian dog breeds globally, either for its great physical build or for being part of the lists of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. These dogs are possessors of a strong personality and their temperament is a bit complex, but this does not mean that they are aggressive. Do not confuse a behavior problem, such as aggressiveness, with a personality trait of a dog.

In its family nucleus, the Brazilian fila is an affectionate and devoted dog to its loved ones , also showing great patience in the tract with children. But in the presence of strangers, these furry ones are suspicious because of their strong territorial instinct and protector of their family. Therefore, it is a dog breed recommended only for experienced tutors who have the time and patience to provide them with an optimal education from their first months of life. In addition, early socialization will be key to the behavior of a row, allowing it to interact positively with the individuals and stimuli in its environment.

Tibetan Mastiff

most dangerous dog breed in the world

The Tibetan Mastiff or Bulldog of Tibet , is a very old giant dog, whose birth is associated with ancient nomadic herders of the Himalaya and Tibet’s monasteries, where they used to be trained to perform functions of custody and protection . Its strength, robustness and abundant coat are possibly the most striking characteristics of this canine breed, whose official FCI standard characterizes as being of solemn appearance and majestic strength.

If you are evaluating the possibility of adopting a dog of this breed, you need to know that the Tibetan bulldog is an independent dog . Logically, this does not mean that you do not enjoy the company of your guardians or family. Quite the contrary: it is a calm dog, whose protective spirit leads him to experience a relationship of extreme loyalty with his family, but who will never act like a “lap dog”. You will need us to respect your autonomous character. Also, early socialization will be key in raising a Tibetan Mastiff, as it tends to be a barking dog and somewhat territorial due to its past as a guardian.

Presa canario

most dangerous dogs

Another dangerous breed of dog is the Presa Canario. The Presa Canario is a breed of Spanish dog that is considered the national symbol of the Island of Gran Canaria . Later, as early as the 18th century, these native dogs were selectively crossed with bull-type dogs brought from England. It is estimated that the current standard is very far from the original presa canarios.

In this case we are dealing with a very large, calm dog, which in the past was selected and developed as a fighting dog. We also speak of a dog shy with strangers , but faithful with his guardians. He is usually independent on a day-to-day basis, something that we must respect, without neglecting of course his socialization and education.

Tosa Inu

most dangerous dogs in america

The tosa inu , also called “Japanese tosa”, is a large, remarkably robust dog with well-developed musculature and powerful jaws. Their tall body and harmonious lines give them an elegant appearance, but due to their strength and morphological characteristics, the tosa inu is considered one of the most dangerous dogs in the world.

However, his character is balanced, daring and affectionate with his relatives, and he tends to interact very well with children, as long as they receive a good education that allows them to assimilate the rules of their home and games. But in the presence of strangers, the protective instinct causes the tosa inu to behave suspiciously , so socialization is one of the most important care to keep in mind when adopting a furry of this breed.

Caucasian Shepherd

vicious dog

The Caucasian Shepherd , also known as the Caucasian Shepherd, is a breed of Russian dog of the Molossian type that has originated in the regions crossed by the Caucasus Mountains, being particularly recognized in Russia, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. These furry animals were initially trained as sheepdogs to protect and order the flocks, as well as guard and defend the property of their owners.

We close our list of the most dangerous dogs in the world by highlighting that the Caucasian Shepherd is not a recommended breed for inexperienced guardians, since its education requires time, patience and certain knowledge about dog education and training 

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Questions And Answers

How to Protect children from pets

Any dog, regardless of its breed, can be potentially dangerous for children, since, as pointed out in the aforementioned study, “Little ones are especially vulnerable to dog bites because they have trouble noticing the subtle signals of a dog that it’s going to bite. “

For this reason, it is vitally important to educate the dog since it is a puppy , to make the child and the animal know each other and both respect each other. In addition, there should always be an adult who supervises the encounter between the child and the dog , since, at any given moment, an unexpected response may occur.

In addition to the dog, it is also advisable to teach children to identify the signs of canids. Knowing the body communication of the animal can warn us of the mood of the dog and know how to act.

How do you know if a dog can be dangerous?

More specifically, the rules apply to breeds on a list that includes their crossbreeds and mongrels of similar characteristics, in addition to all dogs bred for attack and defense . In this sense, the typology defines:

  • more than 20 kilos of weight
  • torso between about 70 centimeters
  • pronounced musculature
  • big head
  • powerful jaw.

What care should dangerous dog owners have?

By law, to go out for a walk, the owners must take the dogs out with a muzzle , a short leash of two meters in length, a daily rabies vaccine and a badge with personal data.  the law requires owners to go to a veterinarian to have a subcutaneous identification microchip placed on the animals.

Lombardo, who has been attending shelters where he is involved with these breeds for more than six years, said that the law stigmatizes these certain types of dog. For her, the registry is ineffective, although it does seem useful to insist on training for responsible tenure, since the focus should be on the owners.

world's deadliest dog

Critics of the law insist that if a registration is chosen, then it should be universal, so as not to discriminate, since any unstable dog can bite and attack , regardless of the severity of the injury, and because of a irresponsible owner, it can trigger the reaction of another dog that would not have done anything otherwise. The breed list excludes common and similar breeds, emphasizing selective stigmatization.

“This law has no biological or ethological basis and I would tell you that it is legal. I believe that the fundamental thing that the State should do is castration and with that the proliferation of animals in the street would be avoided. Unfortunately, responsible ownership depends on society and I believe that we are not sufficiently fit in that aspect, then we opt for registration, fines, confinement, cruelty, especially towards these breeds, when in fact any animal can be dangerous at some point, “he said.

Step by step to legalize dogs considered dangerous

The regulation obliges, both for new owners and retroactively all current owners, to register in a Register of Owners of Potentially Dangerous Dogs , which is processed online, with a period of 180 days from the entry into force of the law.On the same virtual platform, they must take an interactive course on responsible ownership within the first three months from registration, which lasts one year and must be renewed periodically.

To complete the process, they must present a proof of insurance policy for civil liability against possible damage to other people or animals and the current certificate of vaccination against rabies, which is universally mandatory.”Education is fundamental. My dogs were always educated with love, patience and respect, I never had to raise my hand or hit them. They have to know who is the head of the pack, and that has to be the owner, the dog occupies the second step. Teaching has to be positive, not punishing them but rewarding them every time they do something well. They recognize many words and the tone of voice is also important, “he commented.


While it is true that there are breeds of dogs that are not recommended for family environments due to the danger that they can pose if they are poorly educated … it is also true that at general levels all dogs are good if they are educated correctly and socialized with other dogs and people .

The only ones responsible for the existence of dangerous dogs are humans , who due to ignorance or bad practices can turn a beautiful dog into a real murderer. There are breeds like the Caucasian Shepherd that are potentially stronger and more dangerous than those mentioned, although they are not cataloged within the known PPP.

If you are not able to train your dog, you can always go to a professional trainer. They are cheap and very, very practical, in fact we always recommend going to a trainer if you live with a bulldog or with a dog that shows bad habits

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