What is the best Antivirus for Windows 10?

What is the best Antivirus for Windows 10

Years go by and the threat of viruses from the internet continues to grow exponentially. Antivirus software companies block millions of attacks of different types every day. Viruses, zero-day exploits, ransomware, crypto-jacking, and other hacks have become commonplace. No one is spared and this concerns both individuals and larger companies.

To secure data on a computer, tablet or even a smartphone, it is mandatory to take the best antivirus on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android . Our antivirus comparison includes all the industry giants around the world like Bitdefender, Intego, Kaspersky, McAfee or AVG. The free antivirus are excluded because they are limited and sometimes unreliable.

best Antivirus for Windows 10

This antivirus comparator will help you find the right solution that effectively meets your security needs, regardless of your device. In the list, they’re all compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The only exception: Intego, which has long been available exclusively on Mac. Since 2021, it also has a version for Windows. However, it is not on mobile.

In 2021, it is advisable to take an antivirus to protect against the threat coming from the Internet on a computer. Whether it’s Apple or Google (Android), phones are also vulnerable to attack. Below you have our list with the best antiviruses available . Sometimes the associated prices are for the antivirus alone, and sometimes for a full security suite.

As you can imagine, a free antivirus is not the right solution for tackling security. In this case, there is always a consideration and often, it is your data. It is therefore better to agree to pay a subscription of a few dollar for software in order to ensure the reliability and the economic model of the company behind the antivirus.

AntivirusAnnual rateQualityLien
Bitdefender 16 $★★★★★TO VISIT
Intego19,99 $★★★★★TO VISIT
McAfee29,95 $★★★★★TO VISIT
Kaspersky48,99 $★★★★★TO VISIT
AVG59,99 $★★★★TO VISIT

If you have not yet subscribed to a quality and effective antivirus, nothing serious: in fact, antiviruses not only allow prevention, but they also allow to identify and clean the viruses already present on a device. electronic – and quarantine them. This applies to a computer as well as to a tablet, smartphone or any other connected device – which today are also victims of computer attacks.

As soon as you have installed the software, you will then have to perform a full scan of all the files on your computer to find the malicious files and put them in quarantine (i.e. separate them from the others so that they do not come not infect them). This is all the more crucial if your computer is a bit old and slow.

Once this task is over, the best antivirus that you can find in this comparison will then take care of prevention by alerting you in the event of a sensitive file discovered on your computer. It can also analyze your PC in depth as well as your other connected objects such as smartphones, fridges or tablets for example.

Comparison: who offers the best antivirus?

Today, the main cybersecurity companies like Kaspersky, Intego, AVG, Bitdefender or McAfee have 2 categories of solutions to protect themselves against the Internet threat. We first have the traditional solution, which is the basic antivirus.

Then there are more comprehensive security suites, often referred to as Total Security , which go beyond a simple and better antivirus. It is the latter that we recommend because they allow you to fully protect yourself, and not just part of the traffic. A classic antivirus is sometimes too restrictive and it is better to add a few dollar to have full coverage.

These add useful features to protect all sensitive activities on a computer or smartphone. Secure webcam, secure banking transactions, password management, social network security, anti-phishing, anti-fraud system, etc. However, they will not reduce the speed of the PC (Windows or Mac) thanks to resources optimized to the maximum.

The price difference between a basic antivirus and a “Total Security” security suite is not very significant. We therefore advise you to go for a complete solution to take no risk on your data. If you are ready to take out some cash, you might as well cover yourself completely to obtain maximum security for your data. Data loss can come at an inestimable cost and it is better never to be too careful. This is all the more true as these offers represent only a few tens of dollar per year.

Below is the comparison of the best antivirus and security suites in 2021.

1 – Antivirus Bitdefender Total Security

antivirus for free
  • Antivirus Plus price: $ 196 per year (instead of $ 39.99)
  • Total Security rate: $ 40 per year (instead of $ 79.99)
  • Visit the site: bitdefender.com

Number 1 in the antivirus market and with more than 500 million customers worldwide, Bitdefender is enjoying enormous success for its Total Security solution. We have been using it for a long time, without difficulty. The company also has a classic antivirus which is only available on Windows computers (PCs) and for a single license.

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The Bitdefender Total Security suite is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, and it can be installed on 5 devices simultaneously. The “Family Pack” version allows unlimited use of the number of devices for what is one of the best antivirus available on the market.

Bitdefender Total Security antivirus includes a large set of tools that are easily controlled from a clean and efficient interface. Among them, continuously updated antivirus, ransomware management system, free support, Wi-Fi security assistant, really very secure system for online shopping, anti-phising system . fraud, a quality firewall, a parental control system or even a digital safe. In 2020, it was voted “best antivirus” for the 3rd consecutive year by AV-Comparatives, an Anglo-Saxon benchmark in cybersecurity.

2 – Antivirus Intego Mac Internet Security X9 (Mac)

antivirus free
  • Tariff : 19.99$ par (promo)
  • Total Security rate: $ 34.99 (instead of € 84.99)
  • Visit the website: intego.com

In 25 years, Intego has become the go-to antivirus for all Mac users. Today it is the only security solution on the market to detect 100% of malware on Macs. Unlike its competitors who carry their Windows antivirus on the Mac, Intego has been directly optimized for the macOS operating system.

Since May 2021, it also offers an ultra efficient version on Windows and we were won over. On the other hand, if you have a smartphone running iOS or Android, it will not be possible to use this premium antivirus. It’s a shame because it’s an excellent antivirus. In terms of value for money, you can not find better.

It is therefore the best antivirus on the market for Mac – whether in terms of threat detection or value for money. By default, you can get Mac Internet Security X9 Antivirus cheaply. On the same principle as its competitors, it offers an even more complete security solution called Mac Premium Bundle X9. This includes the famous antivirus, a firewall, Mac cleaning software, a parental control solution as well as back-up management software. The whole thing is priced at $ 34.99 per year instead of $ 84.99.

3 – Antivirus McAfee Total Protection 2020

antivirus free software

Another giant in the antivirus industry: McAfee. The security software publisher has developed a whole suite similar to those of the other players in our antivirus comparison. This ranges from the simplest antivirus to the Antivirus Plus solution (compatible on all devices and all operating systems) and up to the Total Security 2021 suite. The latter is the most complete and it is available on 1 to 10 devices. (evolving price).

With more than 325 million users worldwide, McAfee is able to quickly detect large-scale threats, and respond to them with real-time updates. Taking an antivirus McAfee offers guarantees as to the security of his personal data. Beyond the simple and best antivirus, there are also classic anti-spam filters, parental controls, digital safes, web traffic monitoring and other anti-phishing systems.

4 – Antivirus Kaspersky Total Security

antivirus software

Kaspersky is a company that has stood out for years with its antivirus, and it is on the podium with 35.5% market share for its excellent product. Here too, there is a standard antivirus as well as a complete Total Security security suite. It is the latter that we strongly recommend to you in order to have its entire ecosystem secure.

By default, Kaspersky Total Security comprehensive antivirus provides protection against all types of viruses, malware and other malicious scripts with real-time, and comprehensive update and coverage. This computer suite is compatible with all Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices – unlike the basic antivirus which is only available on Windows.

Among the effective tools of this Kaspersky antivirus suite, there is a system for secure online banking transactions, a password management system or even parental controls. Finally, we will appreciate that Kaspersky allows you to choose the number of devices you want to connect (the price varies according to the quantity) for each of its products. In short, Total Security software has everything to be among the best antiviruses.

5 – Antivirus AVG Ultimate

antivirus software free
  • Tariff : 59.99$ par (promo)
  • Visit the website: avg.com

AVG is also a heavyweight in internet security, like the other players in this comparison, and its global AVG Ultime solution will have everything to seduce you. Beyond the really well-crafted design and the exceptional speed of the software (with the TuneUp module), this solution is also among the most complete on the market. It comes with the use of an unlimited number of devices, whether they are Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. However, there is no iOS version – the latter being in Apple’s protected ecosystem, and still quite immune to viruses.

The AVG Ultimate global antivirus system obviously offers a virus detection system, ransomware management, payment protection, webcam, spam filter for emails, digital safe or anti-theft. All with automatic updates that allow you to be permanently protected from any risk of threat. AVG is one of the best antiviruses out there without a doubt, but it’s not our favorite.

6 – Antivirus Avast Premium

antivirus softwares
  • Tariff : 55,99$ par (promo)
  • Visit the website: avast.com

Avast stands out for its free solutions (like the other publishers in this antivirus review which also have a limited free version) which is installed by default on some computers. The company in question also offers a complete security suite for Windows called Avast Premium. However, it is not compatible with MacOS, iOS, or Android. As you can easily imagine, the best antivirus solution pays off – Avast Premium is much more complete than the free version and it is more secure.

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Beyond its basic antivirus, Avast Premium adds a protection system for the webcam and against ransomware, a firewall, an anti-spam and anti-phishing filter (Real Site) etc. Note the feature called CyberCapture which allows you to send a suspicious file to the Avast Cloud to be able to analyze it in real time. The interface is simple to manage, the tool is fine for use on a Windows computer. He is not our favorite either.

6 – Antivirus Norton Security Deluxe

antivirus the best

The Symantec company publishes the Norton antivirus, which is one of the best on the market. This also has a range of more or less sophisticated versions. While the base version of a single-PC (Windows) limit for a single user, the Norton Security Deluxe version is the most popular of the US publisher’s security suite.

This is none other than a security suite that integrates the antivirus with updates carried out in real time, an online data encryption system, a firewall as well as a “100% promise” . Norton helps you against viruses or gives you full, unconditional reimbursement. As with Bitdefender, the Security Deluxe suite which includes the best antivirus can secure 5 devices in parallel – Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS. A “Premium” version can secure up to 10 devices and add parental controls and 25 GB of cloud storage.

How to avoid a virus on Mac or Windows?

In recent years, we have heard a lot about “ransomware” attacks, which have experienced a strong growth: these software come to take control of a computer and will encrypt all your data on the device and completely block your PC. The user will then have to pay a ransom in crypto-currencies (anonymous electronic currency) to recover the contents of his computer if he does not have an antivirus like those of this comparator. And again, often it ends in blackmail

It is not only individuals who have been the victims of these hacks. Large companies have sometimes spent several hundred thousand dollars to recover their data. In some cases, even millions have been paid by the biggest companies in the world – for lack of having the best antivirus.

Every year, large industrial groups spend billions of dollars on their security to avoid viruses at all costs. For example, in May 2021, the Colonial Pipeline company, which has one of the most strategic pipelines in the United States, was attacked by Darkside hackers . For several days, the pipeline was shut down and the entire computer system blocked. The company was eventually forced to pay $ 5 million in cryptocurrency to be able to regain access.

This type of attack is a classic example to illustrate the threat that can be found on the internet on a daily basis. Tens of thousands of individuals get hacked every day, but no one is talking about it. A better antivirus like those presented in this comparison makes it possible to reduce as much as possible the risk of losing all of its stored data. You should know that the threat is always present, it is never zero. But we can organize ourselves to put as many chances as possible on our side.

best antivirus

Unfortunately, viruses are constantly evolving over time, so you have to know how to adapt. Without surprises, they are also always more sophisticated. If the ransomware was very popular in 2017, it was dethroned during the year 2018 by what is called crypto-jacking. In 2019, the publisher of the best antivirus McAfee announces that the ransomware is making a comeback, so beware and always remain suspicious. 2020 has seen even more hacks. 2021 promises to be even more complicated. The US government has also made cybersecurity a national issue.

According to data published by the cybersecurity software publisher Kaspersky, no less than 13 million incidents related to this type of hacking (+ 400%) were recorded in 2018. Without a good quality antivirus, these Malicious programs use the computing power of a Mac, Windows or smartphone (and ultimately increase electricity consumption – and the monthly bill) to mine cryptocurrencies. If your Mac is slow , this is a reason to consider.

The cost can be significant. It is better to equip yourself with a better comparative antivirus for a few dozen dollar per year rather than seeing your bill increase drastically without knowing why. Once again, just because your computer is fast doesn’t mean that it isn’t infected with a virus either: you should always be vigilant and use a good antivirus. This is especially true if the computer is old.

This can apply to computers as well as smartphones, tablets, televisions or any other product connected to the Internet. Our antivirus comparison will allow you to avoid all these risks from the internet, without having to really worry about it. To secure your data, you can also have a good external hard drive that allows you to store your sensitive files far from the web. Protection with one of the antiviruses in our comparison is an effective supplement.

A security suite, the best antivirus

When you want to offer maximum protection to your computer or smartphone, you shouldn’t do it halfway. Indeed, a classic antivirus is not sufficient enough to obtain complete protection of its connected devices. To be clearer, let’s now compare the excellent McAfee antivirus with the Total Security solution from the same company.

If the former is confined to acting as an antivirus on PC and an anti-spam filter for emails for 1 user, the Total Security suite offers complete coverage. It includes an antivirus and web-advisor (analysis of downloads and suspicious URLs) on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile with an unlimited number of devices, a resource optimization system for each electronic device. The latter is composed of a firewall, an anti-phishing tool, a password manager, a file storage solution and also an anti-spam filter.

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The best antivirus comparison table above on this page details the prices for full security suites, and not for antivirus alone: ​​you can however see them directly on the sites of security software vendors. Below you have an example of the Total Protection suite provided by the McAfee antivirus vendor. It protects a maximum of devices with its antivirus, including those around it to obtain effective coverage at all risks.

antivirus download free

The price difference is not significant since the classic version of the best antivirus is at $24.99 per year at the moment, against 34 $ for the Total Security version. In other words, for $24.99 more per year, you have full protection on all your devices and on all sensitive points – which you don’t have in the default version.

It’s the same at Intego: if you opt for this antivirus from our classic comparator (for Mac only), it will cost you $ 19.99 per year. On the other hand, if you take the formula with 5 software (including a cleaning tool) Mac Bundle Premium, it will cost you $ 34.99 per year. If you want to take a security solution, better spend those few extra dollars to get the best antivirus for all your data.

A few years ago, Bitdefender released an ultimate solution for its antivirus: the Bitdefender Box. What is that ? It is a router (which takes the place of an internet box, on the same principle as Google Wi-Fi) which will encrypt all the traffic. In addition, the box secures incoming data to block any risk of hacking. Because it is a router, all devices are protected at once. In our opinion, this is the best antivirus you can have right now. Rather than security by electronic device, it is complete network security.

Antivirus comparison: Bitdefender, Intego and Kaspersky

Today’s internet security ogres have the greatest means to fight off mass IT attacks, so the race for size among antiviruses is strategic. Their great advantage is that they have millions of customers around the world and so they can quickly find out about a new virus by comparing suspicious snippets. They can also update live their best antivirus to respond in the most effective way to new malicious and intelligent cyber attacks.

Unsurprisingly, the leading players capture a large part of the market: in usa, the antivirus giant Bitdefender has no less than 36.5% of the antivirus market share on the market according to a recently published study. Then follow Kaspersky with 35.5% market share, and Symantec with its best antivirus Norton which has 27.5% market share – which is huge. Intego has long been in the Mac niche, until mid 2021 when it diversified into Windows. It’s our favorite at the moment.

Outside of usa there are other editors of better antivirus which have a strong presence and which are also of very good quality: AVG, Avast or ESET are well-known brands . All these players on the market still stand out in the well-known ranking carried out by the American laboratories AV-Comparatives and AV-Test, renowned in the tests for the best antivirus. They have a critical size to identify the slightest malicious code (with a hidden virus), which makes it possible to offer a rapid and effective response to a risk.

They make a comparison of the best antiviruses on the market and they give marks according to their performance after having had them in test. Very clearly, the names that we have quoted to you above in the page are the references in data protection. We advise you to go for one of these solutions to secure your ecosystem. Our comparison of the best antiviruses is updated every month according to the latest offers, special deals and the quality of the players present in usa.

Antivirus faqs in usa

In our guide above, you’ve probably learned a lot about the best antiviruses. Intego, Bitdefender, McAfee, so many names that have been in the market for decades and offer quality services. Still have questions but don’t know where to find the answers? Below we have listed a few. They will be updated over time.

What is the best antivirus in 2021?

Depending on the computer or smartphone you use, the best antivirus won’t be the same. Bitdefender for example is a global benchmark on all devices with over 500 million customers. That said, Intego is a safe bet if you have a Mac. This antivirus is not available on other OS.

To make sure you find the right software for your needs, our antivirus comparator will give you all the information to protect yourself. Most of the players also offer you a complete cybersecurity suite.

Are free antiviruses the solution?

No, free antiviruses are not the answer. Indeed, either they are very limited, or they use your data to resell them. Free service is unreliable to protect customers. If the company that publishes the antivirus does not make a turnover, it will not be able to invest in security either.

Are cybersecurity suites useful?

Often, antivirus companies offer several formulas. There is the basic antivirus, but also a formula around a cybersecurity pack. It is a solution that goes beyond the simple antivirus. At Intego for example, this allows you to clean up and speed up your Mac. At Bitdefender, you will have access to anti-fraud, anti-phishing software and even a parental control system. The price difference is minimal, better to go for the complete solution.

How much does a quality antivirus cost?

Recognized antiviruses like Bitdefender, Intego or McAfee have offers that are fairly standardized. A classic antivirus will cost you around 20 dollar per year, or a little less than 2 dollar per month. This applies to a license.

Very often, these cybersecurity specialists offer alongside a formula that includes all the software that it publishes. We are now talking about Total Security. For the latter, which also include the antivirus, it takes around 40 $ per year, or about 3 $ per month.

What is the best antivirus for Mac?

Intego is the best antivirus for a Mac. The company publishes since 1997 a tool which is exclusively reserved for Macs. It takes into account the specificities of the OS (macOS) unlike other more general editors. You therefore have maximum security for a price that remains very competitive.