what jobs can you get with a business degree ?

what jobs can you get with a business degree

What can I do if I study business administration? Discover the skills that will show off your potential

Surely you are wondering: “What can I work if I study business administration?” Although it is one of the careers most demanded by students, there are still several doubts about it, especially those that have to do with the job opportunities that the business administrator has.

Therefore, in this article we will solve this question and you will learn about the labor field of business administration . But we go step by step. First of all, we will tell you what business administration is and why you should study it. Then we’ll give you some job options for a business administrator that you can do.

Finally, you will find some courses and specializations that will make you an extraordinary business administrator. In this way, you can make use of the best  tricks to manage your own business  or venture.

What is business administration? 

Much is said about this career, but what is business administration? Well, business administration is the science in charge of studying the organization of companies , in addition to the procedure for managing not only financial resources, but also material and human resources.

Speaking of organization, if you don’t know what a flow chart is, we recommend using it to plan your tasks more effectively. To carry out this management, people who study business administration will be able to finish their degree with the ability to analyze and evaluate results, as well as to act and decide based on them. 

business administration jobs

Although business administration is directly linked to economics and finance, the career requires its professionals to have knowledge in other areas , such as marketing or accounting, for example. 

If you still do not decide to study business administration, but it catches your attention, then we will tell you some reasons that may convince you to make this important decision and you can answer the question: “What can I work on if I study business administration? ? ”.

Why study business administration?

The stability and / or future of an organization depends on a business administrator . Does this challenge excite you? Then business administration is your thing. But there are more reasons that can drive you to study this incredible career. 

1. You will be a born leader

They say that we all have an inner leader. If you decide to study business administration, the degree  will help you exploit this quality . A business administrator is a leader par excellence , so they will teach you methods to awaken this ability and you can manage teams successfully.

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2. Responsibility will be your seal 

Studying business administration will allow you to assume many responsibilities and positions in an organization . This career will teach you to carry out these challenges efficiently and to carry out your work based on the policy of any company. 

3. The power to optimize and maximize 

What if the company you work for did not have enough resources to meet its objectives? This is one of the great challenges that can be presented to a business administrator . So before asking yourself: “What can I do if I study business administration?”, Consider that one day you could be in a similar situation. 

When you study business administration, you will be taught to create various strategies to meet objectives regardless of the resources you have. Thus, you can optimize costs, but maximizing results at the same time. 

business careers

4. You can create your career line 

Get ready to grow in a company! As I mentioned above, a business administrator will have the ability to access different areas and positions of an organization.

So a business manager could join a company as an assistant and eventually become the leader of some area . This will help you develop different strategies according to the position or area in which you work. 

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So every time you ask yourself: “What can I work on if I study business administration?”, Keep in mind that you will be able to climb different positions in an organization.

5. You will boost your entrepreneurial mind 

Your experience as a business administrator in different companies  will make you know perfectly the operation of an organization and the strategies that you must implement to obtain positive results. With this, there will come a time when you will decide to start and create your own company with the standards of a multinational.  

In short, strengthening your entrepreneurial mind can help you with the answer of: “What can I work on if I study business administration?”

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These are some of the reasons why you should study business administration, so if we base ourselves on these points, we will inevitably come to the following question: ” What can I work on if I study business administration?” You will find the answer in the next point. 

What job opportunities does a business administrator have?

If I study business administration, can I work in a bank? This is one of the most common doubts of those who are thinking of studying business administration. In this case, the answer is yes: you will be able to work in banks .

But the field of work for a business administration professional is not just limited to banks . So what can I do if I study business administration? To begin with, you will be able to perform your functions in both public and private entities and in various areas that can be : 

  • Management.
  • Projects management.
  • Finance.
  • Logistics.
  • Marketing.
  • Human Resources.

In fact, within these sectors we can find some professions linked to business administration, such as financial management and talent management, which have changed the current job market and have become the professions of the future , according to the iProfesional portal. .

business jobs

In all these areas, as your experience increases, you will have the necessary knowledge to occupy managerial or leadership positions . 

To expand your field of work in business administration,  you will have a full range of specializations and / or master’s degrees , which will make you the one indicated for one area or another.

Next, we will show you  some online courses and specializations that you could complement while you study business administration or even before you start doing it.

How do I complement my career in business administration?

The quintessential option to complement your business administration studies is to take a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) ; however, there are other options that, in the same way, will help you add value to this career. 

Within these options we can find various online courses and specializations that you could take while studying business administration or at the end of the degree, before taking an MBA. You could also go for a MicroDegree . Next, we will present some interesting alternatives

1. Specialization in Work and Team Management

This specialization is perfect if you are looking not only to expand your knowledge, but also to improve your field of work in business administration . You will learn to develop a collaborative vision, as well as to improve your performance, communication and conflict management. 

This specialization is made up of four online courses that will teach you to lead thinking about adding effectiveness, well-being, interpersonal skills and others. So part of the secret to answering the question: “What can I work on if I study business administration?” Is knowing how to manage face-to-face and remote work teams.

Therefore, in this specialization you will enjoy personalized advice from your expert mentor through a private chat in which you can answer questions and carry out an incredible project to become certified. 

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2. Leadership Specialization 

Taking a specialization in Leadership, you will master the latest innovation, team management and productivity methodologies , which will help you improve the job opportunities that business administrators have. In this way, you can make your team achieve all the objectives remotely efficiently.

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3. Specialization in Business Innovation 

How to revolutionize a business? With this specialization in Business Innovation, a business administrator will be able to design customer-centric strategies to find opportunities . 

In this specialization, perfect for those who study business administration, you will find five online courses that will teach you to apply techniques such as Design Thinking or Service Design. 

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4. Online course on Digital Transformation: accelerate your company 

The digitization process has not been easy for companies. And, given that digital evolution is constant, it has to go beyond new technologies.

An introductory course in case you want to expand your knowledge in business administration. Wearing it, you will discover the basic concepts of digital transformation and you will begin to apply all these pillars in your company. 

5. SCRUM online course: managing work teams

This online course is one of those indicated if what you are looking for is to improve the employment opportunities that the business administrator has . The SCRUM framework is a tool that will allow you to successfully complete all your projects and in this course you will learn how to use it.

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Likewise, you will learn a little more about the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and increment to be able to apply it in a final project with which you can become certified. 

6. Online course on Emotional Intelligence for leaders 

You already know that business managers are leaders by concept ; however, they must have the ability to self-reflect and understand the connection with the socio-emotional to achieve results in the company.

This online course, precisely, will teach you the way to understand and measure emotional intelligence, authenticity, leadership and how this can influence the transformation of management models, knowledge that, without a doubt, will open more doors in the labor field of business administration .

emotions move people and people move results . In this regard, mention the following:

“Emotions are the door that you must open to get where you want in the current context of continuous change.”

What are the trends in business administration?

In today’s business climate, organizations face a more complex and challenging environment than ever. As a result, the competencies of business managers who thrive in the business world are also changing.

Therefore, below, we will tell you about the new trends in business administration that are dominating 2021 . In such a way that, if you are starting in this career and you are asking yourself: “What can I work on if I study business administration?”, You are prepared for the future.

1. More collaborative communication

The days of the “hero” leader, or “the smartest person in the room,” who must know everything and micromanage his direct workers are long gone. After the arrival of the pandemic, organizations have begun to follow a constant feedback approach , where business administrators are needed who can move in a collaborative and cross-functional environment.

2. Greater participation of millennials in administrative positions

It is important to note that leadership styles have evolved with ways of working and culture in many settings and therefore business managers must be aligned with this. In that regard, training strategies will need to be developed now to ensure millennials are ready once they enter the field of business administration.

This means that if the business world seems attractive to you and you want to know what job opportunities a business administrator has, the context is very favorable for you. It’s just a matter of finding the area that best suits your skills and abilities!

3. Greater integration of technology in organizations

This is one of the management trends that we have been witnessing for a few years now and we are sure that it will shape the future of business administration.

For example, artificial intelligence has come to save thousands of businesses time while focusing on providing quality service. While these chatbots or “smart robots” can answer basic questions, it still takes a strong presence from a customer service team to keep them happy. 

However, this management trend can be very useful when responding to a large influx of public and, therefore, freeing up your work team.

4. Remote work is here to stay

While the onset of the pandemic has intensified this business management trend, the power of technology, social media, and communication platforms have allowed business managers to float smoothly in the face of this new reality.

Remote working offers not only greater flexibility and a better work-life balance for collaborators , but also allows you to employ people from different backgrounds and even countries, making the talent pool you are looking for much more enriching, which in turn will help you grow your organization.

jobs in business management

As you can see, the field of business administration can be very broad, but it takes constant preparation to take an organization to the top . For this, it will be essential to develop your soft skills and leadership. 

See ya!


What does a Business Administrator do?

A business administrator is that professional who obtains results through the correct functioning of all the parts in a business. It is he, who is in charge of carrying out the basic functions of a company so that it is directed to the delimited goals. 

What subjects does a Business Administrator study?

Within the Bachelor of Business Administration you will take very diverse subjects, from accounting, law, marketing, finance, logistics, planning, international trade, entrepreneurship, etc. since your training must be multidisciplinary

How many years does it take to study Business Administration?

The degree lasts between three to five years, depending on the university in which you study it and the modality in which you are. At UNITEC, you can study your Bachelor of Business Administration in three or four years, in face-to-face, executive or online mode.

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What does a business administrator work on?

With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you can work in almost any organization, especially in the retail trade, in manufacturing industries, or in government and international agency activities . 

According to OCCMundial, the largest virtual job bank, the competencies / skills that are sought in aspiring graduates of this career (so that you take it into account!) Are:

  • information analysis
  • focus on customer service
  • management for results

Some examples of vacancies offered are: budget administrator, administrative assistant, administration and purchasing leader, and administrative manager.

Here list of jobs :

  1. Strategic manager
    Taking a degree in Business Administration will allow you to dream big. For example, you can set a goal for yourself to reach positions of great relevance, such as the possibility of being a strategic manager.

By giving you a broad vision of the corporate world, this career will allow you to apply for this important position within any company. If you get that job, you will be in charge of performing functions such as:

Evaluate the decisions made by the different department leaders.
Set general and specific objectives.
Detect market opportunities.
Identify failures in operational and production processes and design lines of action to overcome them.
The work experience as a strategic manager, added to the knowledge provided by the degree in Business Administration, will give you technical and conceptual tools that you can apply if you decide to start your own business career.

An experienced business manager in strategy has the tools to excel in the world of entrepreneurship.

  1. Human talent manager
    Human resources are a fundamental part in the training of graduates in Business Administration.

If you study this career, you will be able to select, train and manage the human talent of any company.

For this reason, the curriculum of this academic option has subjects aimed at improving students’ communication skills, which will allow you to establish a healthy relationship with the different members of the company and promote an adequate organizational climate.

  1. Technology manager
    If you think that human resources is not the right area for you, don’t worry! The Bachelor of Business Administration will also train you to work with technological tools.

Technology managers are responsible for implementing and developing information systems that allow optimizing and perfecting certain processes.

By focusing on scientifically developing techniques that can solve traditional business management problems, this area of ​​work will help you improve your ability to create and innovate.

In addition, this field of action of the Business Administration will require you to integrate technology into the general objectives of the organization and carry out studies on the results of the application of these resources.

  1. Marketing Administrator
    Another benefit of the Bachelor of Business Administration is that it can train you to improve marketing and increase demand for products and services, a highly valued skill in the business world.

In general, the educational program of this career has chairs directly related to Marketing, such as Marketing Administration.

If you specialize in this area, you will be in charge of supervising and evaluating the marketing strategies applied by the company you work for.

In addition, you will participate in the process of designing action plans in promotional and advertising matters.

  1. Finance manager
    Finance is a traditional area of ​​work for professionals in Business Administration.

If you work as a financial manager, some of your missions will be to find sources of financing for your organization, design sales projections and interpret financial statements.

This area also regularly approves or rejects the investment projects of companies.

  1. Manager of public organizations
    The public sector will also be a source of jobs for you if you decide to study a degree in Business Administration.

The knowledge that this career will give you will enable you to manage departments of public organizations related to the economy, finance and productive development.

  1. Consultant
    Knowing about finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and business management technologies will give you the ideal professional profile for you to work as a consultant.

In this work area you can work for large consulting companies or privately and independently.

Large and small businessmen, investors and new entrepreneurs will need your services to be able to develop their business plans in an organized and, above all, profitable manner.

By having knowledge about macroeconomics and other external variables that influence, positively or negatively, business, you can help entrepreneurs to make much less risky investments.

This academic option will even teach you about laws and tax aspects, which will allow you to provide advice on compliance with regulations.

Good! These are 7 of the jobs to which you can apply if you decide to study a degree in Business Administration, which will also provide you with the technical and conceptual tools to become a great entrepreneur.

Remember that regardless of the area in which you want to work, the Bachelor of Business Administration is characterized by having a wide field of work and offering numerous opportunities.

How much does a business administrator earn?

However, salaries vary greatly depending on the professional’s functions and where they are employed. The average salary of a business administrator is $55943. 

However, if you study this career and specialize with a master’s degree, you can increase your salary income by 101%. Only 6% of those who study Business Administration specialize with a postgraduate degree, which leaves you with a good panorama of employability if you study this career and specialize. 

What can a business administrator specialize in?

A Business Administrator can specialize in business, accounting, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, even business management and administration. 

You could study any of these master’s degrees: 

  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Master in Project Management
  • Master of Manufacturing Business Management
  • Master of Finance
  • Master in Digital Marketing
  • Master of Public Administration 

In summary, being a graduate in business administration can be a great advantage in the world of work , broadening your professional horizons and giving you the necessary tools to function successfully in any industry.