What size baseball bat do i need ? ( full guide )

What size baseball bat do i need

We all know that baseball bats have different applications beyond sports. However, in this case we are going to focus precisely on this sporty character, which is really the one that requires a specific use. A good bat has to be adapted to our size, be light and allow a pleasant and controlled game. Among the most prominent models we mention the Optimum Velocity , which has a length of 81.2 cm, so it will serve for children and young people who are training baseball. In the same way, it has a robust design that will offer durability, so that the player can enjoy it for several seasons. Another interesting product is the Barnett BB-1 model, care both in the hitting area and grip, improving the sensations and reducing the discomfort when playing.

Comparison table


OPTIMUM Velocity Baseball Bat, Wood, 32 “, Unisex-Youth

baseball bat


It is made of robust and durable wood, so that the user can play with it for a long time. In addition to this, it is designed with the natural color of wood and a glossy varnish that makes it elegant at first glance.


It does not have a special material on the handle, so that it does not slide with sweat while you play, so, if you wish, you will have to purchase this accessory separately and assemble it on your own.


This is one of the most versatile bats, since it is quite light, thus providing greater speed when swinging.


Barnett BB-1 Aluminum Baseball Bat, Size 31, 24 oz

world's largest baseball bat


The holding area, unlike other products, is not made in a system of crossed strips, but rather has a mesh designed to offer a good hold of the bat in any hit, reducing discomfort and damage to the skin at the time. to play.


Although the hitting sensations are good, the product has a hollow design in the hitting area, which may take some time to get used to, especially if you are used to solid models.


An approved, quality product with which you can play like the professionals.


Latinaric Wooden Baseball Bat, Self Defense, 54cm, 64cm, 74cm, 84cm, Extra-Large

best baseball bat


One of its main advantages is that the same bat model has 4 different sizes, 54, 64, 74 and 84 cm, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Also, its design is useful for training baseball or playing competitive games.


It would be better if it were lighter, since the 84 cm, for example, weighs 870 grams. This fact may not satisfy everyone, however, it is useful for adults with more experience in this sport.


If you want to have a sturdy bat for self defense, this might be the most suitable, as it is made of solid wood.

What is the best baseball bat ?

If you want to jump into the world of baseball, the offer of bats that you can find is almost as wide as what you could need. So much so that you may be able to get lost when looking for the best baseball bat on the market or at least according to what you are looking for. To solve the question we offer you some of the best baseball bats , with options for all tastes, preferences and budgets.

Recommended Products

Optimum Velocity

best baseball bat for 8 year old

Main Advantage:

It is a very practical product, since you can use it in your training routines or to spend some recreation time with the family. In addition, it is a bat for both experienced and beginner baseball players.

Main disadvantage:  

It is necessary that you bring a storage case to transport it to the pitch or when traveling to a game outside your city. In this way, you would not have to purchase this accessory separately.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

If you want to have a light bat that you can use with greater control and speed in each game, this may be the one that best suits your requirements. 



It is a model made of wood, being one of the most used materials in making a bat, apart from aluminum or plastic. Of course, this last material is generally useful in some models of children’s bats.

This means that the Optimum Velocity is made of a material that allows it to be resistant, offering greater durability. In addition, we mention that it has a sober design, since it has preserved the typical color of the wood and does not have any type of decal compared to other models. Rather, it has the brand and model name stamped across the top of the bat.

Likewise, it does not have a special cover on the handle to hold the bat more safely, which can be an advantage for some baseball players, as they can buy it in the color or material they prefer.

best baseball bat for 10 year old


The bat can be used in training games, tournaments or simply to spend a different time with your children. However, we recommend using it with caution, as a blow with it could seriously injure anyone.

This is a bat that has been designed for both boys and girls youth and children’s leagues and those who are just starting out in baseball on an informal basis.

Even if you are looking for a lighter and shorter bat, this product could fulfill your expectations. In addition, it is very well suited to give to a child who wants to play baseball, since it measures 81.2 cm long.


Years ago, baseball players made their own bats, which were flatter, but today there are many brands like Optimum that make them a little more cylindrical. Despite this, this company complies with the MLB regulations to manufacture the Velocity, as it is made from a single piece of wood.

Similarly, the brand complies with the standards by making this bat with less than 106 cm in length. This is very important, because if a bat exceeds this size it cannot be legally used in a professional baseball game. 

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As if that were not enough, the bat does not have any color, but its finishes are shiny and transparent, revealing the natural tone of the wood. That is another reason why this product can be used in a professional game.

Barnett BB-1

best baseball bat brands

The Barnett BB-1 model is another model made of aluminum, which as a novelty expands the contact area with a wider thickness than that of other equivalent products. This allows for a much more effective hitting when playing.

All this following the bottle format typical of many of these models. Its aluminum construction makes it light, but also resistant, being designed more for newly arrived adult users.

If you need something larger, the product is offered in sizes from 29 to 32 inches to choose from. The hollow format improves hitting while reducing the weight of the product for better mobility.

A model that joins an adjusted price, so this product has been considered the best baseball bat for value for money of the moment, according to users.

If you have doubts about which is the best brand of baseball bat, take a look at the advantages of this model.



This bat model is made of 6061 aluminum, which makes it highly resistant and could avoid possible dents when using it. It also works for people who are just starting out and need a bat to practice.


Due to the good grip it has on the handle, a good handling of the bat is provided, thanks to the high quality it has and the lightness when using it, a good feature for those users who are learning to play.



A person who has already used this baseball bat indicates that the rubber on the handle may peel after a while and this could cause some discomfort for some buyers.

Latinaric Wood

best baseball bat in the world

It is a useful bat for playing baseball games or training in a club, as it comes in different sizes so that each person can choose the one that best suits them. For example, it is available in the dimensions of 54, 64, 74 and even 84 cm. In this sense, there are for children and adults of various ages.

In the same way, we mentioned that in the thickest part it measures 5 cm in diameter and in the area of ​​the handle 3 cm, so it is not as thick as other bats.

Also, it is important to know that it is suitable for beginners or baseball professionals, so many people will be able to purchase it for their personal use or with the purpose of giving it to a family member or friend. If you are an adult and you have small children and you want them to learn to play, you can buy this bat for them.

It may be the bat you are looking for for the game or self defense, so we present its most important advantages and disadvantages in the next section.



Regardless of the size you choose, this bat is made of solid wood, so it will be very strong when hitting the ball.


It comes in 4 different sizes, so you may find in this bat model the product that best suits your age and sport level.


The package includes a tape for you to install or remove it whenever you want. This piece is rolled up on the handle and makes holding the bat more precise.Self defense:

You can not only use it to play, but also for self-defense, because you never know when an intruder wants to enter your house.



This bat is only available in wood color, so there are no other options to choose the one you like best.

MidWest MS407

best baseball bat for 7 year old

If you are already an advanced player or want to leap forward in your game, the MidWest MS407 bat is your best option. We are talking about a wooden bat of conventional design and tight measurements with which to offer better control over the hitting of the ball.

Its full wood construction helps to have a resistant and long-lasting product, which is also reminiscent of the same old models.

This bat is offered in different sizes, with an excellent balance that helps you hit better. Something that also helps its grip area, wide and varnished to have a good grip on the bat.

The product is presented in models from 28 to 32 inches, so you can choose the perfect size according to what you need.

The MidWest MS407 could be the best baseball bat of the moment. So analyze the following points to know if this model works for you or not.



This model of baseball bat is specifically designed to be played since it has a support and precision for this sport.


It is made of natural wood, which translates into firmness and durability at the time its use is required. It comes in brown and with the brand’s logo that is MidWest.


This bat is 34 inches long, that is, it measures approximately 87 centimeters, which means that it is long enough to be used by any user without any problem.



A user who has already bought and used this model of bat indicates that it has been broken after a few occasions, but it may be an isolated criticism or opinion, since the bat does not have more negative comments.

Widmann AC5311

best baseball bat for 11 year old

If you need a bat to accompany your baseball costume for those fun carnival activities, this could be the right one, since it is inflatable, that is, as a toy. Just fill it with air and go to a party with your friends.

In the same way, being made of polyester, it will not be dangerous for children, even those of 1 year, since, although they are naughty, they will not hurt themselves with this bat. In short, if you want to give a safe toy through which children will become familiar with baseball, this product could be the one you need.

It has dimensions of 82 cm and its design is light brown with dark veins, so it imitates the classic wooden bats very well, so that the fun and entertainment are greater.

If you do not know which of these bat models to choose, perhaps this will meet your expectations, since it is an inflatable toy for the use of adults and children.



It is an inflatable bat, so you can use it in costume parties or recreational activities with your children.


Although it is not a professional bat, it has adequate dimensions to play baseball with toy balls, since its length is 82 cm, in this way it may serve to motivate your children to train baseball.

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It is made of polyester so it will be safe for anyone. That is, even if someone accidentally bumps into it, they will not get hurt.



It is quite thick at the top where the ball is hit, so it may not satisfy some buyers.

What is the best baseball bat on the market?

Baseball bats have as much parameters and characteristics almost as users. From measurements to materials and from formats to grips, the options are multiple. That is why any comparison of baseball bats must begin by adapting to our specific characteristics and also to our preferences, to find the perfect product. And if you don’t know where to start, we offer you the guidelines of our guide to buying the best baseball bat on the market, which will surely be very enlightening for you. Whether you are looking for cheap options or if you prefer to stretch your pocket a little more.

best baseball bat for 12 year old

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

Made of aluminum, wood or even plastic. These are the three main materials with which the different baseball bats that we find in the market are made. The choice of material will have to do, on the one hand, with our own preference, but also with the end user of the bat, since the weight of the product has a lot to do with the materials, even within them.

We start with wood, one of the most common materials in these products. Generally the bats are made of a single type of wood, carved directly from a solid block, which gives it stability and resistance. The actual weight depends on the type of wood chosen.

In the case of aluminum bats, the function of the product is external in its layer, but it also has an internal counterbalance system in order to maintain the stability of the bat’s movement. Finally, in the case of plastic, we are talking about products basically for children or for those who are just starting out. Obviously the resistance and quality is not the best but there is also a difference in how much the product costs.

Measurements and dimensions

Following our advice, another element to consider has to do with the size, measurements and dimensions of the chosen product. In this case the question has to do with personal preferences, but also with what we may need, since a bat is not the same for a child as for a teenager or an adult. Fortunately, the market covers all needs almost without exception.

As with cycling jerseys or Nike shoes, for example, we also have sizes for baseball bats. These sizes are distributed based on the inches that it has from the base area to the toe. Specifically, we can have measurements ranging from 24 inches for children’s bats to 32 inches for those designed for adults.

As a last question, within this section, we cannot forget the weight of the bat. We have already seen that much of the weight of the bat has to do with the materials with which it is made. The different manufacturers are already in charge of offering different weights for each measure, always balanced according to the size, although we can choose more or less heavy bats according to our preferences or needs.

best baseball bat for 9 year old

Final format of the barrel and whisk

As a last element, entering the line of work for the most purists or those who want to optimize the performance of the bat, we have to talk about the shape of the bat and the impact zone. This zone comes in different formats, beyond the traditional bat design with a finer grip zone and thicker hitting zone.

The selection of the grip area is one of the elements to consider. This area of ​​grip must offer adequate play to be able to hold the bat in an optimal way. If we also have a wide area, we can adapt the hits to what we need depending on the development of the game.

As an additional element for our game, we also have to talk about the dimensions and characteristics of the hitting area. In this case we can count on linear and increasing formats, bottle style formats and other different or more exotic formats. In this case, the choice is more a matter of personal preference than anything else, since unless you play professionally you will not have problems when choosing.

How to use a baseball bat

For all baseball practitioners or even those who want to get started on the playing field, it will be necessary for them to have the ideal accessories to carry out a comfortable and complete game or training. That is why the bat should never be missing from your sports bag, since without a doubt, apart from the glove, the bat is one of the most important accessories in baseball.

It should be noted that, today, there is a great demand for baseball bats in the market, so you can find them in different colors, materials, designs and brands, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. be it as a professional hitter or a beginner.

what is the best baseball bat

Verify that the bat is in good condition

Once you have purchased your baseball bat, you will need to unpack it and verify that it is in good condition and ready to hit the home run ball. In the case of bats made of aluminum material, you will have to verify that there are no dents. Well, if that is the case, the force of the hit would be less. Now, if the bat is made of wood, you should verify that it does not have any cracks and that it is totally solid, capable of giving you a long useful life.

Make sure the bat is the one for you

Just as you must verify that your bat is in good condition, you will also have to verify that it is the right one for you in terms of weight and size. Well, it should be noted that there are bats of different weights and dimensions, ideal for each type of person.

So that you can be sure that the bat is your ideal size and weight, you simply have to take its weight by holding it in a batting position. If it is very heavy, you will tend to tire quickly and, in turn, you will lose strength in both arms. Now, if you find it comfortable and easy to handle, then you will have been successful with your purchase.

Wear gloves to hold the bat

Every time you use your baseball bat, it would be ideal that you try to have a proper grip to avoid any type of accident. The use of batting gloves, in addition to increasing the comfort of the bat’s grip, will also help maintain good adhesion between your hands and the bat. Thus preventing the bat from escaping from your hands when making contact with the ball.

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best baseball bat for 10 year old boy

Hold it correctly

To achieve a comfortable and effective grip, you must position your hands correctly when using the bat. To do this, you will have to grab it from the bottom, just above the knob with both hands. In addition, it will be necessary that you manage to keep the bat steady with the help of your fingers and not with the palms of your hands, since you will not be able to flex or rotate your wrists with ease to achieve a great hit.

Clean the bat after each use

Keeping your bat well-cared for and in excellent condition would be ideal to extend its useful life, and doing a little maintenance on it won’t take up a lot of time. You just have to clean it with a damp cloth to remove the dirt. In the case of aluminum baseball bats , it is not recommended to use metal polish or abrasive cleaners, since you could damage both the paint and the varnish that gives it shine, while in the case of wooden bats , it may corrode and discolor.

The most popular brands

Baseball is a sport that is played for recreational and professional purposes, but to perform at your best you must have the necessary equipment, such as baseball bats. In the event that you do not know the best brands that offer this product, we invite you to read this article.

the best baseball bat

Barnett is a French company founded in 1991 that manufactures and distributes sports equipment for all types of athletes worldwide. The company is headquartered in Savoy, France and has six other subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States and Canada.

The company works according to three broad product categories: team sports, Nordic skiing and skiroll and cycling. Within the team sports category you can find excellent products for these types of sports such as American football, soccer, baseball and rugby; being the number one company in Europe in the manufacture and production of lines of baseball bats, gloves and balls, where the brand is positioned as one of the favorites by consumers.

Within the cycling category, you will have the best products for this sport such as racing bikes, wheels, gloves, sunglasses, helmets, bicycle spare parts and many others.

The Nordic and Skiroll categories are not far behind to offer the best products, where you can find: ski poles, boots, gloves, wheels, hats, among others.

best baseball bat for self defense

Overmont is a trademark registered by a Chinese corporation, filed on December 1, 2016, which manufactures and markets various product categories, including sports goods and toys, clothing, leather products, outdoor life. free and computer products.

The category sports goods and toys is one of the largest, since the brand manufactures and sells a large number of products and accessories for sports that belong to various branches. Within this range of products you can find boxing gloves, fencing masks, golf gloves, knee pads, billiard balls, surfboards, skateboards, bats, baseball gloves, rackets, swimming jackets, swimming caps, swimming nets for tennis, ski boards and a host of spare parts and sports equipment.

The baseball bats of this brand are in high demand, due to the quality of the finishes, since the vast majority of them are made of aluminum alloy. These main characteristics of the brand make Overmont one of the best brands offering quality baseball bats at a low price.

best baseball bat for high school

Midwest is an American company headquartered in Wisconsin, founded in 2010, whose field of expertise is the manufacture of sports and outdoor goods for the enjoyment and recreation of the American and global public.

The company was born from the idea of ​​a man and son to supply amateur players in the community and local teams with handcrafted wooden bats or custom maple wood with simple workmanship.  

Due to the great acceptance that the brand experienced, the company decided to launch a line of wooden bats, beginning with the manufacture of only two models. After five years of success, the brand offers seven different models of wooden bats along with the respective customization.

In the product range of this brand, an aluminum alloy bat model was recently included, being a light but robust product, which has been quite accepted by users.

Frequent questions

Q1: How do you grip a baseball bat?

To grasp a baseball bat, you need to use both hands, placing them on the handle of the structure, that is, the thinnest area of ​​the bat. It is important to be careful that there is little space between the lower edge of the club and the little finger that is located closest to that area. Also, avoid holding the bat with the palm of your hands, as this will prevent the natural rotation of the wrist and therefore limit your movements. The correct thing is to catch it with your fingers and without exerting much force, until the impact against the ball occurs.

Q2: How to choose a baseball bat?

The selection of a baseball bat should be made according to the age of the person, thus varying the length of the structure and the diameter of its thickest part. For example, children ages 3-4 and 5-6 will need a 25-inch and 26-inch bat respectively, 2 ¼ thick. 

On the other hand, the 29 and 31-inch bats with a thickness of 2 ½ are suitable for the group of 7 to 8 and 9 to 10 years, while for adolescents from 11 to 12, 13 to 14 and 15 to 16 years , the ideal is a bat 2 bate thick and 32, 33 and 35 inches long correspondingly. Finally, we have the adult bats, whose diameter must be 2 ¾ and the length must not exceed 42 inches.

Q3: How to make a baseball bat?

Get a block of ash or maple wood, a lathe, a pencil, a set of chisels, sandpaper, special wood paint, and a gauge. Check the dimensions corresponding to each section of the bat on a specialized website and mark them with the pencil on the piece of wood. Place the wood on the lathe and turn it on, to begin the respective cutting process.

With the help of a chisel, you will have to rough the wood to round it as necessary. Then, you will have to carve the base of the bat and, with the help of sandpaper, you will have to create a completely even smooth surface, removing any irregularities. Finally, varnish the bat and let it dry for a day and then wax and polish it.

Q4: What kind of lever is the baseball bat?

The baseball bat is a third-class lever, since, through the structure, the mechanical force applied by our hands is amplified to increase the speed of travel of another object, which in this case would be the ball.

Q5: How to paint a baseball bat?

If your baseball bat is made of wood, you should start by carefully sanding the entire surface, removing the worn varnish and leaving its body completely uniform. Thus, you can apply a new coat of wood lacquer, letting it rest for at least a day to start using it. In this way, you will seal the porosity, improve its appearance and extend the useful life of the bat.

But if the equipment you have is metallic, you can apply professional anti-scratch spray paint after sanding the structure. This will allow you to protect it from corrosion and leave it looking like new

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