What size baseball glove do i need ? ( full guide )

What size baseball glove do i need

One of the sports that is most practiced worldwide is baseball, which has been on the rise in terms of athletes who play and fans who enjoy it. In order to practice it, you need a baseball glove. The brands and models of baseball gloves are so vast that everyone can find the perfect model for their style of play, both for their hand size and what hand they throw with and the position in which they play.

You need to know what each one offers and its characteristics so that your choice is the best. In this article we will let you know which model is recommended for each playing position, what are the purchase factors, where you can find them, the best sellers and their value. We hope this information is useful to you!

First things first

  • The baseball glove is an accessory that complements the uniform of any player who is on the defensive and is essential to help and protect the hand when capturing the ball that is thrown by his teammates or hit by the opposing team. You need 1 glove per player, no matter where you play.
  • Depending on the position in which each player is placed, it is the glove model that they need so that their performance on the playing field is optimal. In addition to that it also depends on the size of the player and what is his strong hand, to find the right glove. It is important to know what each one offers.
  • The most relevant factors that must be taken into account when purchasing a glove for this sport are: what is your strong hand, manufacturing materials, position in which it plays and frequency of use. Buying a glove based on design alone can cause wrist injuries or just not fit.

Ranking: The 3 best gloves

  • 1st Place – Rawlings Sandlot Series – Baseball Glove
  • 2nd Place – Mizuno Youth Prospect – Ball Glove
  • 3rd Place – Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

1st Place – Rawlings Sandlot Series – Baseball Glove

Rawlings Baseball Glove 12-3 / 4 “H Web 12-3 / 4”

best baseball glove

A model made for professional baseball leagues, it is backed by the Rawlings brand, which provides great quality and durability. It is made for right-handed, that is, it is for the left hand since the right uses it to throw the ball. This model is used in the first base position.

It is a glove for men made of leather, with an oil finish of the same to give an aesthetic and durable touch. It has a Palm pad that protects the hand from the impacts of the ball when caught. The model comes in brown with black.

2nd Place – Mizuno Youth Prospect – Ball Glove

Mizuno 312089.RG90.08.1075 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 10.75-Inch, Right Hand Throw

best baseball glove brands

It is the suitable glove for those who start in the sport, since it helps to facilitate the capture of all types of throwing and hitting. Because of the tightness of his strap, which is commonly used for the pitcher position. It is a Mizuno brand model patented for “power close” that ensures its durability and resistance.

It is made of leather with a brown suede finish with black stitching and strap, it has a clasp that allows you to have the perfect fit on the wrist. It also has the delimitation of the fingers to obtain an optimal grip in each catch. It is designed for right handed players.

3rd Place – Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

RAWLINGS Softball Series Glove, Navy, Lime Green, 31.7 cm

best baseball glove in the world

The Wilson model allows adaptability to any type of hand and game. It has quality standards that provide safety and comfort in each training. This glove is for left-handers, which allows you to throw with that hand for what it is in the right hand. You can find it in different sizes.

It is made of synthetic leather and leather seams that give it resistance and good grip in each catch. It is black with white highlights. It has pads on the palm that help prevent injuries, as well as provide comfort when using it. The upper part is wide, it is used in the pitcher position and sometimes in the outfielder position.

Shopping guide

Being immersed in everything related to baseball gloves, it is not enough to find the one that fits you perfectly to acquire it. It is necessary to consider different criteria to find the right one for your needs and characteristics, such as what is your strong hand and that it is not just a compulsive purchase.

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best baseball glove for 10 year old

What is a baseball glove and what advantages does it have?

The baseball glove is an important part of the uniform of any player who is on the defensive and is essential to have good support and protection in the hand when catching the ball that is thrown by his teammates or hit by the opposing team. Only one glove is used per player, no matter where they play.

Most of the gloves are made with leather and synthetic leather that provide great support when placed in the hand, it also has technology that allows it to absorb the impacts of the ball, as well as ensure its grip so that it does not get fall once the player closes the hand.

Depending on the position in which it is used and the category where it is occupied, are the characteristics and measurements of baseball gloves. In addition to the weight and model of it, it provides the ideal complement to each player when they are on the defensive in a competition. We will mention in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the product.


  • There is the right measure for each position and player
  • Wide range of models and brands
  • Minimize the impact of the ball
  • They are comfortable and provide security
  • They are of high resistance and durability.


  • It is used in the weak hand
  • since with the strong the ball is thrown
  • Not using the correct one can cause injury
  • They make the hand sweat excessively
  • They can generate bad odors.

Catcher, Pitcher, First Base, or Outfielder Baseball Gloves – What You Should Pay Attention to

Having the perfect glove for you but especially for your position, generates the right incentive to start in the world of baseball, as well as giving you the right tool so that your performance on the pitch is optimal. That is why it is necessary to understand what each one offers and how it adapts to you in every aspect.

Catcher’s glove. It is one of the most demanding positions in this sport due to the great physical and mental effort required. This one has thick padding that allows you to catch balls at high speed without causing damage, which is around the palm of the hand and has no divisions for the fingers.

The palm size of these types of gloves is commonly smaller than others, and the strap is closed. The small palm allows the catcher to transfer the ball from the glove to the throwing hand faster and more efficiently, which is very important when trying to catch a runner trying to steal a base.

Pitcher’s Glove. The gloves in this position are generally the lightest and thinnest, what they are looking for is to be completely closed from the seams and strap, which allows you to hide the ball while preparing to throw. The grip they give to the ball is given in the glove and is relevant to the type of throw that is made.

Pitcher gloves are generally made of synthetic leather specially designed for this position and for the constant contact with the ball and the throws made by the receiver. It is important to mention that the safety and comfort provided by this glove is incomparable since they are of vital importance in each launch.

First Base Glove. They are the largest of all gloves, usually 12 inches long. They have a short palm and a long open strap that helps catch any hit or throw with greater ease, regardless of whether it comes from above or at ground level. They are one of the most used in this sport.

It also works well for catching balls off the ground without going through the hand, helping the player to shoot faster and thereby preventing runners from scoring easily. This model is made of leather and does not have divisions for the fingers, giving greater flexibility due to its size compared to that of the receiver.

Gardener Glove. These types of gloves are also used by players in the center box. They are large gloves that make it easy to catch the raised balls. They usually have a deep palm and a closed strap. Both the palm and the strap are designed to prevent balls from bouncing out of the glove.

The strap and fingertips are extremely flexible, allowing gardeners to catch the balls without the need for them to reach the palm of the glove. As you master the game, it becomes easier to catch the hits or throws with this technique also called “snow cone catching.”

ReceiverPitcherFirst baseGardener.
Glove topThick and undivided on the fingersThin and with splits on the fingersThick, long and with splits on the fingersSlim and long with divisions on the fingers.
PalmShort and thickMedium and thinLong and thickLong and thin.
costTall for its thicknessHigh for its qualityMedium for its high productionMedium for its resistant materials.

How much does a baseball glove cost?

The cost of the gloves will be divided by the position where they are used since each one has a different cost, all models are suitable for any athlete regardless of their age or hand size. These are:

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Catcher’s glove. This model, being the thickest, is one of the most expensive. On average you find them at 125.67$. Although the price varies depending on the brand.

Pitcher’s Glove. The value of these gloves ranges from 50.27$ to 113.11$ and this variation is given by the different leagues where it is used.

First Base Glove. You can find them between 45.24$ and 75.40$. They are the most resistant gloves and the most used, so you can find out-of-stock brands.

Gardener Glove. They are the thinnest, however, the longest. Due to their characteristics, you find them at 87.97$ on average. Without a doubt, it is the model that is used the most in a baseball game, but not the ones in greatest demand.

Where to buy a baseball glove?

If you are a beginner in the world of baseball or you simply have no idea of ​​the glove you need for this sport, we recommend you attend Wallmart or Mister Tennis if you are in europe. There you will find brands and models for every athlete. There are other options on the internet, such as amazon.

A great option with the best offers, a wide variety of models and brands of baseball gloves, unbeatable delivery times and the best opportunities, you will undoubtedly find them on Amazon.com! In addition to receiving your product in the comfort of your home.

best baseball glove for the money

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of baseball gloves.

If baseball is your favorite sport and you often practice it, you need to consider that the glove used in this sport has to be analyzed under several important factors to acquire the correct one and minimize the possibility of injury. Next we will show you the most important ones to guarantee the success of your choice. These are:

  • Manufacturing materials
  • Strong hand
  • Position in which you play

Manufacturing materials

Today we can find two types of materials with which a baseball glove is made, as you know what each material offers you and make an objective comparison, you can be sure that your choice will be successful. We will explain each one below.

Leather. This material is the most used in professional leagues, as it provides security and meets the highest quality standards when manufactured. Commonly 20 pieces of this material are used, some softer and others more resistant so that as a whole a great glove is obtained.

Synthetic skin. It is undoubtedly the most common material in children’s and youth leagues, being a substitute for leather, the same results are obtained in terms of quality, the only issue is that it is not so resistant to high impacts from throws and hits. Being a synthetic product, it is also cheaper than leather.

Strong hand

It is very important to bear in mind that derived from the hand with which you commonly perform any activity, it is the glove that you require for your training in this sport. Wearing a glove that does not go hand in hand with your strong arm will result in your performance on the pitch being impaired.

Right handed. If your strong hand is the right hand, you need to use a glove on your left hand, so that your strong hand (the right) is used to throw the ball.

Left handed. Unlike the right hand, lefties use the glove with the right hand. The other hand is solely and exclusively for throws.
Position in which you play

For this criterion there is a glove made for each specific position, so if you are a player whose strength is in several positions, you will need both gloves and positions you play in each competition. So it is essential to know the characteristics of each one. These are:

Receiver. It is made with a thick padding that gives good support when catching balls at high speed without causing damage, this padding is around the palm of the hand and has no divisions for the fingers.

Pitcher. It is a completely closed glove at the seams and strap, which hides the ball while the player prepares to throw.

First base. They have a short palm and a long open strap that makes it easy to catch any hit or throw, especially balls that come overhead.

Gardener. They are large gloves that have a deep palm and a closed strap that make it easy to catch raised balls. They have a design on the palm and strap that prevent the balls from falling out of the glove once caught

best baseball glove under 100

How to use a baseball glove

Baseball gloves are specially designed so that you can catch the ball at high speeds and not hurt your hand or wrist in the process; since the leather will absorb the impact and its U shape will keep the ball in the glove that you must squeeze so that it does not fall to the ground.

In addition, these have specific sizes to be adapted to the hand of each player, whether you use the right or left hand for your catches. For that reason we will mention some steps to follow so that you can use your baseball glove properly and get the most out of it.

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best baseball glove brand

Softens the leather of the glove

When a new baseball glove is purchased, they have a representative hardness of dry leather that if you are not used to it, it could hurt you and the same stiffness will also do it when you catch the ball. The glove will soften with time from frequent use but if you don’t want to wait that long, it is also valid to speed up the process with steam. In this way, the leather will become more flexible and you will be able to move your hand more comfortably and most importantly, without hurting yourself.

Additionally, in some places steaming is done for free as long as you have purchased the glove there, but otherwise you can also do it at home. You will only need water, a stove, two pots and several wooden sticks.

First, add water to a little less than half the pot’s capacity and turn on the stove. Then, place several wooden sticks in such a way that they form a kind of grid, it is advisable to use wood since these will not heat up excessively and will not affect the glove. In addition, they will not melt due to heat compared to those made of plastic.

Place the glove on top of the wooden rack that you previously made with the sticks and cover the glove with another pot. This will help trap the steam that the water will emit when it is boiling; You will also have to turn the glove every 5 minutes and massage it to help facilitate the process of softening the leather.

After 10 minutes, you should feel that the leather is already soft, in case the glove does not have the flexibility you want, carry out the same procedure one or two more times until you can obtain the expected result.

what is the best baseball glove

Put on the glove

Whether you did the above step or not, there is no problem. But, it is time for you to put on the glove. In its lower part it has a space where you must introduce your closed hand and you must open it while you are introducing it, in such a way that each finger is located in each of the spaces intended for them. Additionally, you will have to make sure that the glove you have chosen is the correct size and type depending on which hand you will use to catch; In most cases, the left is used to catch the ball and the free hand is used to make the throws.

General recommendations

These products can get dirty inside and outside with dirt, dust, mud and sweat, so it is recommended to carry out constant maintenance to increase their useful life. You can use a brush to rub the edges where it is tied with the leather cord that you can also untie when you need to deepen the cleaning.

You should not wash the glove in the washing machine, detergents and excess water damage the leather of the glove and can leave irreparable stains or cracks. The best alternative to clean them is to use a leather conditioner, you can also consult with professionals in the area to obtain more information.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to care for baseball gloves and what to clean baseball gloves with?

The care of baseball gloves, as well as their storage, will have a direct impact on the durability of the sports piece. For their preservation it is necessary that, after each game or at least once a month, they are cleaned and hydrated. To do this, the remains of impurities must be removed. In case they are wet, they should be dried with a dry cloth. Leather models can be coated with petroleum jelly and, to store them, it is recommended to leave them in a dry and moisture-free place.

To clean them, the cord must be removed and the surface and folds should be rubbed with a nylon brush. If you cannot access a specific cleaning product, you can make a homemade one with water, lemon juice and white vinegar and then apply with enveloping movements.

Q2: How to fix the baseball gloves?

Repairing a baseball glove will depend on the level of damage to the structure, as in some cases it will be necessary to dispose of it and purchase a new one. Now, if they are basic repairs, these can be solved. For example, the laces can be tied or replaced according to the threading pattern, through the holes with a needle, and thus mend the broken seams. If it is padding, you can unstitch on one side and add the padding to the inside of the glove and then sew again. 

Q3: How to soften the baseball gloves?

The easiest way to soften a baseball glove is to apply conditioning oil to the piece. This agent, which is usually special, will soften and preserve the properties of the glove, while keeping it hydrated. If you don’t have oil, you can use lanolin shaving cream. On the other hand, some Major League Baseball players recommend that you first moisten your glove with plenty of water and then microwave it for about 60 seconds. Then it should be placed in the hand and start catching and throwing balls. 

Q4: How many types of baseball gloves are there?

First, it is necessary to differentiate baseball gloves from softball gloves, since they are usually similar, but their manufacture and characteristics are different, because sports disciplines are also. Once this is clear, five types of gloves can be distinguished in baseball. These change according to the position that is played. There’s the pitcher’s glove, the catcher’s glove, the infielder’s glove, the outfielder’s glove, and the first baseman’s glove.

Q5: How to paint the baseball gloves?

If the model is made of leather, to paint it you should only use the paint that is used to color the shoes of this same material. In doing so, it should be applied evenly, carefully rubbing all areas of the glove so that they acquire the color. Some people suggest that, after finishing the process, the glove is smeared with animal fat to keep it hydrated and repel moisture.

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