Reading: Where to put mirror in bedrooms ? ( Full Guide)

Where to put mirror in bedrooms ? ( Full Guide)

Where to put mirror in bedroom

Do you fall in love with mirrors and are you thinking where to put mirror in bedrooms? Well 4 simple technique have the solution, in the market we can find a wide variety of types of mirrors , not only in different sizes, but also in different styles, colors and shapes , so you will surely find the one that best suits your decoration.

However, there is something that we must take into account and that is that we cannot hang mirror as we want, but we must follow specific guidelines to be able to achieve not only a cozy effect, but also a beautiful decoration.

mirrors are decorative elements that can be placed in practically any room, however in the article that we bring you today we are going to focus on bedroom mirrors and there positive and negative energy that can affect our room and best place to put them.

Where to put mirror in bedrooms

Advantages of placing mirror in the bedrooms

Although we are going to focus below on explaining best mirror placement in bedroom, we must point out that all mirrors have a series of advantages in common, regardless of where we place them.

The most characteristic thing about mirrors is that their placement brings more light to the bedroom and therefore gives us a feeling of more spaciousness, visual depth and clarity, something that is very beneficial in cases of having a small room.

55-mirrors for walls

On the other hand, another reason why a bedroom mirror is usually placed for decorative reasons, since placing this element can help us create very personal environments with great charm.

Also, if we are guided by feng shui, mirrors will provide positive energy in our home instead of negative energies

Where to place mirror in room?

The placement of the mirrors in the bedroom will not only provide us with light in the room and a great decorative thrust, but it is also very practical, especially if you change clothes in the room.

54-mirrors for the wall

Well, to place mirror, if we are guided by feng shui or we follow vastu shastra tips, we must know that they must be strategically located in order to obtain the desired energy. Specifically, we will not be able to place the mirrors in front of your bedroom door or windows, because otherwise the energy will be reflected and will leave our home again. Likewise, they cannot be placed in front of the bed, since if we see ourselves reflected it is believed that our energy will run out at night and we will wake up more tired.

So Where to put mirror in bedroom? Well then we reveal it to you.

Where to put mirrors in room ? is it On the headboard of the bed

Exemple 1 : One of the places Where to put mirror in bedroom is above the head of the bed. It is recommended that the mirror have the same extension as said headboard, although a composition of several mirrors that occupy all that space is also very good.

If we follow feng shui, it is ideal to place round mirrors above the headboard, as this will promote creativity, communication and sleep. It is important whenever we place a mirror that we follow the decorative style of the room.

Exemple 2 : It is not very common, but the truth is that you can also place a mirror on the headboard . What’s more, you can choose a mirror that acts as such. Ideally, in this case, the mirror in question should be the same length as the bed. Also, it is a good idea to choose a design that fits in with the rest of the decoration. For example, for minimalist bedrooms, you can go for a frameless design. You can also choose to create a composition with mirrors of different sizes and styles, which you can place on the headboard.

53-decorative wall mirrors

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it Above the dresser

Exemple 1 : If your room is large and allows you to place different furniture, we recommend that you incorporate a dresser, since it is a very practical storage element and also an ideal place to incorporate a mirror. Of course, the mirror that we incorporate must follow the type of decoration of the room.

52-mirror on the wall

Exemple 2 : The dressers are very useful furniture to gain storage space, so if you have enough meters in your bedroom, you should not do without this piece of furniture. On the dresser you can place a mirror, preferably in the same decorative style, although if you want to create contrast, you can also choose a different mirror. Of course, in the market you can find the comfortable mirror , so you will have it very easy when it comes to finding a decorative balance. In the following image you can see an example of a double bedroom with a dresser and a mirror.

51-full length mirror

Exemple 3 : Are you lucky enough to have a large bedroom? Well then we recommend that you do not dispense with the dressing table, a piece of furniture that is not only practical for putting on makeup and combing your hair, but also adds a touch of style to the room. If you opt for this piece of furniture for your bedroom, you will not be able to forget to place a mirror . Otherwise, the part would lose functionality.

50-design a bedroom

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it next to the dresser

It can help you create a special decoration. To do this, pay attention to the shape of the mirror and its style: round, square, with a metal frame, vintage, designer, large … The dresser is a good piece of furniture that help you to place a mirror in the bedroom, it will complement that part of the room very well and it will make it shine.

49-bedroom mirror

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it in the Dressing table

You can create your dressing room and vanity area within the bedroom itself. It will surely depend on your needs and the reality of the day to day you live as a couple. It will not be the same to get up to go to work at similar hours than to have different work schedules.

But, without a doubt, wherever you choose to put it, a dressing table creates a special atmosphere, and if you decorate it with as much care as this one, it will be the most of the best.

48-bathroom mirror ideas

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it in the Dressing area

If you also create a dressing area in your bedroom, it is ideal to use the mirror by placing it on the floor. This way you will have a decorating mirror and you will gain practicality by being able to look at yourself when you dress. You can take advantage of a corner and place it at that angle. Which will offer another perspective of the room.

47-designing bedroom

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it In front of a door or window ( not advised )

They help reflect light that enters through windows or doors. So they create a cozy atmosphere. Especially to take into account if your bedroom tends to be rather dark, and also to assess if you have enough light input. Enjoy it!

46-decor for bedroom

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it On the closet or shoe rack doors

Taking advantage of the same furniture to give it use of organization and storage of our clothes and shoes, and at the same time, having a mirror on its doors is wonderful.

Thus, the advantages that placing mirrors will bring you are:

  • Brightness
  • Feeling of spaciousness
  • Decor
  • The possibility of reviewing your look before going out
  • Reflect beautiful exterior landscapes, if you are lucky enough to enjoy one from your window

45-room decor ideas

Where to put mirror in bedroom ? is it In the closet or even inside

Exemple 1 : If, on the other hand, you do not have a very large bedroom and space is scarce, do not worry, you will not be left without a mirror in your bedroom. You can incorporate this mirror either on the outside of the closet or on the door of it, on the inside. This type of mirrors will allow you to see your entire body, something impossible if we place the mirror at the head of the bed, for example.

Exemple 2 : If you don’t have a lot of wall or floor space for mirrors, it’s also a good idea to use mirrored cabinets . Not only because they are super practical, but they will allow you to make the room look more spacious and bright. And it is that, although the cabinets usually have a lot of visual weight, thanks to the mirrors this weight is reduced. In addition, thanks to this piece of furniture you can see yourself in your entire body, something that you cannot do with a mirror on the headboard, the dresser or the dressing table.

44-design of bedroom

Mirror leaning on the floor

Exemple 1 : Undoubtedly one of the most common ways to place a bedroom mirror and which has also been a trend for several years is to place a mirror resting on the floor (floor mirror ). Placing it in this way will allow us to see ourselves in full figure, something very practical in our day to day.

43-decorating room ideas

Also, by incorporating a mirror in this way you can do it anywhere, for example next to the dresser or standing in a corner where you have it useless. Of course, remember that you should not place it in front of the bed.

As you can see, you have multiple options where to put mirror in bedroom and that can be really useful, and also decorative! Go ahead and give your bedroom more space and give it a more sophisticated touch with a mirror!

Exemple 2 : You may not know it yet, but placing mirrors on the floor is one of the trends of the moment, also in the bedroom. If you like the idea, you can place the mirror, for example, next to  the chest of drawers . If so, the ideal is that the mirror and the furniture have the same decorative style, as you can see in the next double bedroom . Of course, you can place the mirror in any other area of ​​the room. Of course, if you trust Feng Shui, remember the recommendations that we have given you at the beginning.

42-bedroom designs

Mirror in a contemporary room?

The mirror is an essential decorative element for the arrangement of a beauty corner, a wardrobe or a dressing room in the bedroom. Skillfully used, mirrored surfaces also offer us the possibility of enhancing our resting space and making it brighter or visually increasing its size. We wanted to know what the decor options are with this fascinating accessory and explored the options for using a mirror in a contemporary adult bedroom.

41-bedroom ideas

The mirrored door of a closet or wardrobe is arguably the best way to introduce a full-size mirror into a contemporary style bedroom. This solution takes up very little space, making it ideal for small rooms and for studio or loft-type spaces.

Where to put mirror in bedroom and How to place a mirror in a bedroom to increase its size visually

40-mirrors for wall

The large mirror placed on a sliding or classic door is one of the best ways to play with volumes in your bedroom. In fact, you can double the visual size of the room by placing the mirror in front of a window or door, especially if you like large mirrored surfaces.

Use a large mirror in a contemporary bedroom to make the space brighter

39-mirrors for the wall

Use this trick in the arrangement of a small bedroom for adults and enjoy a brighter space! To accentuate this effect, try making your mirror reflect natural daylight and artificial lighting in the evening.

Sliding door with mirror in a Zen room

38-mirror wall

Go for a sliding mirrored door if you like clean, well-organized interiors. Avoid installing this type of door in front of a crowded area as it may make your room appear more messy than it actually is.

Opt for a large mirror door to double the volume of your bedroom quickly

37-mirror for wall

Like large windows, large format mirrors are more demanding from a maintenance standpoint. This is an aspect that should not be overlooked if you want to have a welcoming and pleasing room. Having a mini cleaning squeegee on hand would therefore be a good idea!

Where to put mirror in bedroom and How to decorate an atypical bedroom with a wardrobe mirror

36-mirror a wall

Contemporary bedrooms are often rooms of atypical shapes that require more effort from a decoration point of view. A hallway-type room will appear more spacious thanks to a sliding door mirror, especially if the latter occupies a good part of its wall in length.

Where to put mirror in bedroom and what mirror in a contemporary bedroom: freestanding models how to use them in your relaxation area

35-wall mirrors

Freestanding mirrors and freestanding models are a nice solution for those who prefer an accessory that is easy to move. Choose this type of furniture if you like to rearrange your interior from time to time.

The freestanding mirror comes in several styles to suit your interior

34-wall mirror

Freestanding models are also a great option for decorating a rental apartment or, quite simply, for those who don’t fancy a full-size mirror installed on their wardrobe door.

The large mirror placed on the floor is a beautiful decorative option for small spaces

33-idea for room decoration

Like the first category of mirrors seen above, these models can help you increase the size of your room and make it brighter. But they’re also easier to put in a corner of the interior and that’s an advantage you shouldn’t forget if you’re already running out of space in your bedroom!

Enjoy clever storage with a free-standing mirror made of light wood and fitted with shelves

32-decorating room ideas

The mirror being a decorative object like any other, it should be selected according to the atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. A mirror with a wooden frame would be a natural addition to a Scandinavian-style interior. In fact, some free standing models also have small practical storage space; use them to place your accessories on your way home, before putting them away in your drawers.

Where to put mirror in bedroom and How to use a mirror in a bedroom with a beauty corner?

31-decor for bedroom

In a corner of beauty, the mirror is a woman’s best friend! But how do you decorate such a corner in your bedroom and, what is more important for us in the context of this publication, Where to put mirror in bedroom and how to integrate your mirror into it?

Where to put mirror in bedroom and How to decorate a contemporary dressing table with a freestanding mirror?

30-designing bedroom

If you have a dressing table in your bedroom, you may think Where to put mirror in bedroom? well , simple answer put your mirror directly on its tray. It would be a good way to organize this area around a pretty object that would serve a decorative and practical function at the same time. In this case, do not hesitate to select a large gold mirror or another female model.

Use a large wall mirror to complete a small dressing table and benefit from more storage space

29-design a bedroom

For smaller dressing tables, choose a wall mirror. You will thus save space for storing your makeup and jewelry, while enjoying a large sophisticated mirror!

Where to put mirror in bedroom and how to use a it as a decorative element?

28-design of bedroom

If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet next to your bedroom and it has enough room for a large mirror and a dressing table, you may not need a mirror. imposing near your bed.

Invent an original wall decoration for your bedroom with a series of small mirrors

27-bedroom design

But even then, you can enjoy some small mirrored surfaces, to use as purely decorative elements in your bedroom interior. In fact, like large mirrors, small models have the ability to reflect light and help light up our interiors.

Create a decorative composition with a wall mirror in a contemporary bedroom

26-room decoration

The larger size models will help you to highlight a particular area of your dining space like, for example, a vintage fireplace.

The freestanding mirror turns into an original headboard for a chic DIY decor

25-bedroom ideas

And if you dream of making your original headboard, the large format mirror can be a good place to start!

Where to put mirror in bedroom and What mirror in a contemporary bedroom: the dressing room mirror, instructions for use

24-feng shui for bedroom

The dressing room mirror, as its identical name, is an object intended to help us during our daily beauty rituals. Choice of clothes, makeup and hairstyle, all this happens in front of this type of mirror!

The dressing room mirror a practical accessory for the adult bedroom in a contemporary style

23-feng shui

To fulfill this function, this model is usually characterized by its large surface area which should correspond to human size.

Decorate your bedroom with a large contemporary and sleek mirror for a trendy look

22-bedroom sets

The classic wardrobe mirror is an object designed to serve us when choosing our outfits and that is why it is characterized by a clean and functional look. This is a way for manufacturers to offer us a product that fulfills its mission without distracting us!

Select a mirror with an original frame to highlight the personality of your interior space

21-bedrooms with mirrors

But, while most models found in stores fit this description, there’s nothing to stop you from opting for another mirror that goes better with decorating your interior space.

For more comfort, place your mirror near your dressing room or your closet

20-bedroom with mirrors

To enjoy a practical and comfortable resting space, select where to put mirror in bedroom according to the arrangement of the furniture in the room and, more particularly, that of your storage for clothes and your accessories.

Where to put mirror in bedroom according to the organization of the room

19-feng shui mirrors in bedroom

You will be able to change and choose the best accessories without making unnecessary trips back and forth in the room.

Where to put mirror in bedroom and What mirror in a contemporary adult bedroom to spice up its interior?

18-feng shui mirror bedroom

Besides all the examples already mentioned, there are also mirrors which were invented to impress and to function as a decorative accent in their own right.

Decorative mirrors allow us to customize the look of our interiors

17-feng shui bedroom mirror

These mirrors are in no way reserved for fitting out a living room or an entrance; they are also perfectly suited to a bedroom.

The wooden mirror, a beautiful decoration option for a relaxation area in the bedroom

16-mirror feng shui

If you have a reading corner or a small relaxation area, complete its look with a wooden mirror and accentuate the Zen atmosphere of your room!

The mirror with original wooden frame is an ideal addition for a space full of character

15-feng shui mirrors

Bet on a mirror with a worn or floating wood frame for a space with shabby chic style decoration or for a seaside design bedroom.

Customize your decor with a large oriental mirror and let yourself be transported to an exotic country

14-feng shui mirror

And if it’s the oriental atmosphere that appeals to you, treat yourself to a mirror with a richly decorated frame, worthy of an exotic palace!

What accessories to accompany a mirror in a contemporary adult bedroom?

13-feng shui bedroom layout

Of course, the mirror is not an isolated object from the rest of your bedroom interior design.

Where to put mirror in bedroom so you can create a decorative composition around a mirror, mission possible!

12-bedroom layout feng shui

For this reason, it would be a good idea to accompany your mirror with some decorations that facilitate its harmonization with the rest of the interior space.

Imagine a decor with a mirror in an adult bedroom around a mirror and a bedside table

11-mirror in the wall

It can be a small nightstand with some chic accessories that will be reflected in its surface.

Use art objects to harmonize your mirror with the rest of your decor

10-bedroom with mirror walls

Or, an elegant figurine or sculpture placed directly in front of the mirror.

Design objects combine with decoration with contemporary design mirror

9-bedroom with mirror wall

For an even more sophisticated atmosphere, consider a composition with several modern style objects, such as a mirrored pedestal table or a designer armchair.

Enjoy the organic surfaces reflected in a contemporary-style adult bedroom mirror

8-wall mirror in bedroom

Pendant lights and organic surfaces like wood and stone are other examples of objects that anyone can use to enhance their decorative mirror.

How to invent an original bedroom decoration with round and square mirrors

7-hanging a mirror

And if you like original solutions, consider this interesting option: store several mirrors on the floor and play with their frames of various colors!

How to highlight a decoration with a contemporary mirror?

6-mirrored bedrooms

To highlight the mirror in a contemporary bedroom, try a light frame with built-in LED lighting. This solution will be even more impressive if your mirror is in a dark corner of the interior.

Make your own lighted mirror with a garland to beautify your interior

5-mirror bedroom

Moreover, you can create your own light decoration using a garland or several bulbs to attach to the frame of your mirror.

Combine contrasting surfaces to create a focal point in a contemporary bedroom

4-feng shui for bedroom

Another easy way to enhance the presence of your wall mirror is to play with different surfaces. Put your model on a wall and bet on the contrasts!

Separate the room using a large format mirror and enjoy a sophisticated interior

3-feng shui bedroom

And, finally, here is how to accentuate a decoration with a mirror by opting for an original frame whose appearance is harmonized with that of the interior of the room:

Adapt the frame of your mirror to the style of decoration of the contemporary bedroom: design idea by Jonathan Raith, Inc.

2-bedroom feng shui

Associate your adult bedroom mirror with accessories in the same materials

1-decorating with mirrors

What do you think? Does the idea of ​​Where to put mirror in bedroom seduce you? Or are you more of leaving them for other rooms in your home? Perhaps you do not like them at all and it is not in your plans to put mirrors at home, or to have the minimum possible. You can tell us everything you think in comments. We read you.

brief about famous tips for hang mirrors in your home

Others informations : vastu shastra tips

As per Vastu tips for bedroom, the main entry point of your room should face the north or east or northeast direction. It must be built in a manner that when you step out, you face the north, east, or northeast direction. Before buying or renovate a room, make sure the plan focuses on these particular directions

Others informations : feng shui tips for hang mirrors

Ensure any mirrors that are on your walls reflect things you want more of, such as beautiful views, gardens or natural light. placing mirror should only be somewhere along the length of a hallway, not at the end of it, otherwise is can ‘slow’ the flow of energy in your home

Tips : If you do some bad idea in the decoration of your bedroom and you don’t know what to do , don’t wary that because you don’t have any experience in interior design , you can contact any interior designer just for tips not to design your room , i think he/she will help you like he did with me

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