Which computer is the best ? ( full guide )

Which computer is the best

Undoubtedly, the computer has undergone a great variety of modifications since its first model appeared in history: the Z1, produced by Honrad Zuse in 1936. Today, they are really powerful computers with an impressive calculation capacity and a multitude of applications in various areas of human daily life.

Despite the fame of laptops and smartphones , desktop computers are still a tool of choice. In addition, they surpass the consoles in performance and graphic quality. Choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming, as there are many technical issues to consider. Therefore, we have prepared this guide

The most important

  • Desktop computers are much more powerful than a next-generation laptop or console. They are easy to repair and your motherboard can be expanded.
  • Today we can find three operating systems: Windows, Apple and Linux. Each of these with its own version of the updated system.
  • Before acquiring a computer you should know well what you are going to use it for, in this way choose the technical considerations that interest you, such as the processor, RAM, graphics card, motherboard and storage units.

Best Computers: Our Recommendations

The best desktop for gamers

SUPERSTORE New Generation Computer i3 10100f 8GB DDR4 1TB 500W LED Source 20

best business desktop

It has an AMD Ryzen 3 3200g processor with 4 Cores at a speed of 3.6 GHz (4 CPU + 8 GPU), this indicates greater capacity. Your A320 motherboard, with USB 3.0, VGA and HDMI ports. An 8 GB DDR4 RAM memory, along with a hard disk with a storage capacity of 1 TB at 7200 rpm. And, an APU Radeon Vega 8 iGpu video card.

The desktop computer with a powerful graphics card

2020 Flagship HP 14 Chromebook Laptop Computer 14 “HD SVA Anti-Glare Screen Intel Celeron Processor 4GB DDR4 64GB eMMC Backlit WiFi Webcam Chrome OS (Renewed)

best business desktop computers

An 8 GB DDR4 RAM memory, which offers you a speed of 2400 MHz. With a storage capacity of 1 TB and a mechanical hard disk at 5400 rpm. Your AMD A9. The monitor measures 21.5 inches FULL HD, with a resolution of 1366 x 768. An AMD Radeon 530 graphics card with 2 GB GDDR5 graphics memory.

The desktop computer with speakers included in the monitor

Asus Monitor ProArt 27 “PA278QV, WQHD (100% sRGB, IPS, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D, Mini DP, Calman Verified, Eye Care, Tilt Pivot, Height Adjustable)

best computer for small business

It has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 8250U processor, with a boot speed of 3.4 GHz. 12 GB DDR4 2400 MHz SATA hard drive and reaches 1 TB or up to 5400RPM. With a 23.8-inch FULL HD monitor, 1920 x 1080 pp resolution, with LED lighting. In addition, it includes high-quality stereo speakers.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Computers

Ideally, before buying your computer you have a number of issues clear. Do not forget that there are different models of computers and that not all offer the same features or are designed for the same type of user. In the following sections, we aim to answer the main questions you may have in this regard.

best computer for work

What exactly is a computer?

We also know it by PC ( Personal Computer , in English). It is an electronic machine that receives and processes data and information with which to perform different actions. It is made up of a set of integrated circuits and components, which make up what is known as hardware or physical structure.

Without forgetting that computers usually use a series of software programs , among these the operating system stands out, which is in charge of managing system resources. You can find a large number of programs for different applications, from text editors and spreadsheets, to video games or music players.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computers?

One of the great advantages of desktop computers is that they have great power. Not only do they outperform laptops and other cell phones, even some next-gen consoles. In addition, due to their physical and technological form, they can be repaired or expanded more easily.

As if that were not enough, its price is usually much better than that of a laptop that offers the same functions. Of course, they are heavier equipment, which cannot be moved lightly. They need much more space and must be constantly connected to electrical current. If you want to know all its advantages and disadvantages, see the following table.

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They are usually more powerful teams.They take up more space than laptops.
Current computers offer better graphic quality than consoles.They cannot be easily moved.
They can be updated.They have a higher energy consumption.
Its price is usually cheaper than that of a laptop.They need to be constantly connected.
They are easier to repair than laptops.They need external peripherals such as keyboard, screen and mouse.
They have a greater storage capacity.They are often louder.
They are easier to expand as the motherboards have expansion slots.
You won’t have to worry about the battery running out.
In general, they have more connection ports.
They allow you to connect many more peripherals

Who is it advisable to buy a computer for?

They can be used by all types of people. However, there are users who need or prefer a laptop, netbook or a convertible. In particular, desktop computers are ideal for people who need powerful equipment, whether for playing video games or for video or photo editing.

Speaking in a particular way towards the field of video games, desktop computers allow you to enjoy a higher graphic quality and a greater range of games, especially in some genres such as strategy games. Likewise, they are especially suitable for companies, offices or architecture or engineering studios.

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”

Bill gates : Founder of Microsoft

What peripherals does a computer need?

In order to use a computer correctly, a series of peripherals are necessary. To start, you need a screen, keyboard, and mouse . This would be the most basic. If your intention is to play multimedia content, you will need speakers or headphones. If you are going to video conferencing, you will need a webcam and a microphone.

If you only use the computer for office automation tasks, you should have a printer that also has the function of a scanner. In the event that you want it to play, it may come in handy to have a gamepad . And, depending on the type of game, some specific peripheral like a steering wheel or a pistol.

What types of computer are there?

It is undeniable that there are a wide variety of desktop computers on the market. From the most conventional models, to workstations, followed by gaming equipment So that there are no doubts about it, you can learn more about some of the most common types of computers in the following table that we have prepared.

Conventional desktop computersGaming computerMini PCWork stationsAll in one
Main purposeGeneral purpose.Play state-of-the-art video games.For office automation and web browsing.Engineering, science, technical and scientific tasks.General purpose.
FeaturesAll kinds of functions, although they are limited for more demanding tasks.They can perform all kinds of functions.Perform more basic functions.They can perform practically any type of function.They can perform all kinds of functions, this depends on the model.
Scope of useDomestic and professional.Domestic.Domestic.Business or scientific.Domestic and, to a lesser extent, professional.
HardwareThey are usually not very powerful computers and with the graphics card integrated into the processor.Very powerful processors and graphics cards, and with 8 GB of RAM or more.They tend to have very limited specifications.They are optimized for maximum performance and high reliability.The hardware is built into the screen, which is usually touchscreen.

What care does a computer require?

Like other electrical devices, desktop computers require a number of care. First of all, it is important to install an antivirus, as well as other types of programs to protect it from viruses, Trojans or spyware. It is also recommended not to install programs from unknown sources or visit unsafe web pages.

Preferably, place them away from heat sources and avoid overheating so that their components are not damaged. It is convenient to try to clean the dust from the vents and even from the interior of the tower. Logically, since they are electrical equipment, they cannot be in contact with water or other liquids.

best computers

Purchase criteria

We are about to conclude with the reading, so it is important that you have clear a series of purchase criteria. To make the selection process more bearable, we have selected those that in our opinion are the most important. We have done it with the aim that you have a practical buying guide that allows you to adjust the value for money as much as possible.

  • Using the PC
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Microprocessor
  • Graphic card
  • Storage capacity
  • Tower and power supply
  • Connectivity
  • Operating system

Using the PC

As we mentioned before, before choosing a computer you must be clear about what use you are going to give it. It is logical that, you will not require the same type of equipment just to surf the Internet and use the most basic Office tools, as to play next-generation video games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

If your case is to play video games, the ideal is that you look for a computer model designed for this purpose and that has a very powerful graphics card. In case you are looking for a computer for graphic editing, Apple Macs are a great option. For this type of task you will need a computer with a lot of RAM and a good processor.

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best computers for small business


The motherboards of a computer is the place where all its components are connected, making it the central element of any computer. In general, motherboards are usually named after the chipset they integrate, which, ultimately, is what determines the connectivities and their orientation, which can be normal, gaming or overclocking .

It is unusual for there to be a difference in quality between a higher priced motherboard and a lower priced one. The difference, usually, is related to the connections and the possibilities of expansion. This last aspect is important if you plan to expand, renew a component or improve the equipment in the future.


This is the second most important component in a computer, since it is the site that is used as working memory. For this reason, it is essential that you opt for a computer with sufficient RAM memory and that, in addition, offers the possibility of future expansion. To do this, there must be fixed slots on the motherboard.

You must bear in mind that not all RAM memories are the same or that they offer you the same benefits. The most current type of memory that offers the best features is DDR4. If you want the computer for basic use, you can have enough with 4 GB. For much more demanding tasks, you can consider looking for a computer with up to 16 GB of RAM.


This is considered the brain of the computer. It processes the information and executes the operations of the programs. Therefore, it is a key element in the operation of the team. Currently, the two main manufacturers are Intel and AMD. Overall, AMD processors tend to offer great value for money.

Its performance will be influenced by its internal architecture. On the other hand, the number of cores a processor has tells you how many processes it can perform at the same time. The operating frequency is another issue that you must consider, both the base frequency and the turbo.

Graphic card

It is also known as a video card. It is in charge of processing the different operations that are related to the image and the video. They manage the information it receives from the processor and transform it so that it can be displayed on the screen. It is a fundamental component in graphic editing and for playing video games.

The graphics card market is very changing and new models with better features are constantly coming out. The main manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD. However, some computers come with the graphics card integrated into the processor itself. These are designed for more basic tasks, since they do not have as much power.

best desktop computer

Storage capacity

It is common not to know whether to choose a traditional hard drive or an SSD storage unit, the great thing about this is that it is possible to find the combination of both. SSD drives offer faster data access speeds. This makes them ideal for installing the operating system on them and thus offering a much faster computer boot speed.

Well, the only drawback with SSD drives is their expensive price, so their benefits do not reach everything. For this reason, today, many computers integrate an SSD drive, to install the operating system on it, and a hard disk HDD in which to store the largest files. This, at a minimum, should be 1 TB.

Tower and power supply

Its size can be very varied. Apart from choosing a design that you like, it is important that you choose one that has enough expansion slots. The power supply has the function of reducing the voltage from the 220 V of the electrical network to the 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V with which most of the computer components operate.

In order to reduce energy consumption, a good power supply is essential, to prolong the life of the rest of the components as much as possible, since they will suffer less wear, since they will heat up less. The first thing you should consider is its power in watts.

In addition, you should opt for one with the 80 Plus certificate, which ensures greater energy efficiency.


Whether in graphics cards or motherboards, it is possible to connect different types of devices such as keyboards, mice (mice ) , speakers and displays. In general, the more USB ports you have, the better. In addition, it is convenient for you that some of them be USB-C type. Some computers integrate Thunderbolt technology into the USB-C port itself.

Obviously, you must have a Wi-Fi connection and an Ethernet cable. Also connection by Bluetooth. If you are into photography or video, you must have a microSD card reader. As for the video outputs, it is convenient for the graphics card to have DisplayPort and HDMI outputs. The DVI output, nowadays, is backwards.

Operating system

The software and hardware are managed by the operating system. Currently, you can choose between Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, which is Apple’s operating system. Linux offers you an open source system, free and with a much faster boot. Windows, for its part, offers a higher degree of compatibility.

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Among the updates, the latest version is Windows 10. It stands out for offering complete integration with other devices, since it also works on tablets and mobiles. The latest version of Apple’s operating system is Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. It is a dynamic, simpler and faster system.

What computer to use according to what you work on?

The work of hundreds of people has a direct relationship with computers, so it is important to know which one to choose or demand in the company.

Most of the people who work today must have a computer or laptop in order to carry out their daily activities, so it is very important to know which one to use.

This is said because if the necessary tools are not in the computer, the goals or projects that have been requested will not be able to be fulfilled.

It can be said that this does not directly influence worker performance, but ask a graphic designer, architect or systems engineer if it is not extremely important to have a good computer on your desk.

Based on this and taking into account some of the professions that are most practiced in Mexico , some of the laptops that can be used or required in the company will be listed.

Business Administration

best desktop computers

Knowing the responsibilities that a business administrator performs (planning, developing, organizing and controlling what happens in the company), an Asus Vivo Book Flip TP501UQ laptop can be recommended .

This is said because its tools are adequate for this type of work that all the time requires lightness and efficiency, since its weight and the way it can be bent will help to better explain the graphics in meetings with managers or other personnel. .

In the same way, it contains a processor that will execute any program that is installed and that is necessary to develop and expose the plans that are had for the company.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6500U up to 3.10 GHz
  • Screen: 15.6-inch Multi Touch LED
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940MX
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB
  • Ports: USB Type-C, USB 3.1, USB 2.0, HDMI and SD Card
  • Weight: 2.2 kg


best pcs

The activities of an accountant, whether he works in the public or private sector, are of the utmost importance, because they are in charge of ensuring that the financial status and accounting books of the individual or company are in order so that there are no legal problems.

In the same way, they take care of the payroll of the companies, which makes it necessary to have an integrated numeric keypad and an extensive memory capacity for each of the employees.

Another of the characteristics that the laptop should have is lightness because it must be carried constantly with it as it is in constant movement to see the clients in question; accordingly, it is advisable to use an HP-15-bs101la .

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U 1.6 GHz up to 3.4 GHz with 4 cores
  • Display: 15.6-inch HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit
  • Video Card: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 8 GB of DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)
  • Storage: 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA
  • Ports: 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (for data transfer), USB 2.0, HDMI and RJ-45
  • Weight: 2.04 kg

Industrial Engineers

business pcs

One of the degrees with the greatest demand is Industrial Engineering, because they are necessary elements for most companies due to the tasks they perform, since they are in charge of evaluating and implementing systems that will optimize production performance.

Accordingly, and in order to be better in the industrial sector, they must have a powerful laptop, with a long battery life and that can carry out several activities at the same time without getting stuck.

Based on this, you can have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series , which although it is for people to play, can be of help for engineers who need to work part-time on a project that needs to be highly detailed.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ 7th Generation 6MB Cache, up to 3.80 GHz
  • Screen: 15.6 inch FHD
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB GDDR5
  • RAM: 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz
  • Storage: 2.5-inch 1TB 5400RPM with 8GB Cache
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0, 3 USB 3.0 ports, SD (UHS50) / MMC 2 in 1 and RJ-45
  • Weight: 2.62 kg

Systems Engineers

computer for business

Without a doubt, systems engineers are the foundation of all companies, because with them you can design, program and maintain the systems of your current websites and future projects.

Keeping this in mind, and knowing that they can create software and hardware, it follows that they must have efficient, fast and resistant computers on their desktops that can withstand all kinds of programs such as Java and Arduino, to name a few, in order to program.

Therefore, a  Dell XPS 13 is the right choice for systems engineers, or at least the elements that it has in it.

  • Processor: 8M Cache 8M Intel Core i7-8550U, up to 4.0 GHz
  • Screen: 13.3 inches with three IPS panels
  • Video Card: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3
  • Storage: 512GB PCIe
  • Ports: 2 Thunderbolt 3 with power delivery and DisplayPort (4 links of PCI Express Gen 3), USB-C 3.1 and microSD card reader
  • Weight: 1.22 kg

Human Resources

good computer

Another of the bases that companies have focuses on the human resources department, because they determine who enters or leaves the company, their training within it and that everyone has the necessary tools to carry out their work.

In addition to that they must have everything in order, that is, that they know the names, contracts, benefits and services that each of the workers of each of the different areas that make up the organization has.

So according to this, you can have an Acer Aspire E5-571 , because it is easily portable, its battery lasts too long, it is resistant and has all the necessary elements to develop the aforementioned activities.

  • Processor: 5th Gen Intel Core i5-5200U
  • Display: 15.6-inch HD LED-backlit
  • Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 5500 300MHz
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR3L SODIMM (1x4GB) but expandable up to 16 GB
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • Ports: 2 USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Weight: 2.50 kg

Remember that this is a guide and that it serves as such so that people realize the characteristics that their main tool should have to work.


Without much to lose, once laptops and Tablets appeared , as well as the evolution of cell phones, desktop computers continue to have a large market. There are many reasons why they continue to be so popular. For starters, they are much more powerful equipment, which makes them ideal for more demanding applications.

In addition, we can say that they are cheaper and easier to repair. Currently, there is a wide variety of models with different performance and technical specifications. Therefore, it is important that you are clear about what use you are going to give it and that from there you consider the most important technical specifications, such as the processor, RAM and motherboard.

Finally, if you consider that this guide has been useful in your selection process, you can leave us a comment or share it through the different social networks. Thanks. See you soon!

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