Which country is best for education ? Top 17

Which country is best for education

Have you ever wanted to study abroad but find it difficult to make a better selection of the best countries to study in? The good news is that you have come to the right. study abroad portal. We have specifically prepared this article for those who find it difficult to make a proper or better decision in study abroad destination.

Studying abroad is what many students want, especially when they study in the best and cheapest country. This content will cover everything you need to know about studying abroad on every continent you want.

Deciding where to study is a complicated decision. It can seem overwhelming to choose a country when you have the whole world to explore. There may be countries you haven’t even considered yet, find out.

Why study abroad?

Studying in another country can increase the value of your degree by showing potential employers that you have left your comfort zone and can adapt to new environments and cultures.

Studying abroad helps you learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome the challenges of living in another country, and better understand the world.

The best countries to study abroad in Europe

Europe has been described as one of the best destinations to study abroad. Europe is home to several of the world’s most popular (and best) study abroad countries.

Little things you should know about studying in Europe

-Europe is also known to be expensive. Although some countries like they are surprisingly cheap. Europe has many scholarship opportunities for its students.

-Europeans benefit from the absence of tuition fees or very affordable fees for higher education programs. Non-European students generally have to pay full tuition, no fees or moderate fees, depending on the program, institution, and country.

-Europe is considered the birthplace of some of the most important languages ​​in the world. European higher education institutions offer a wide variety of study programs in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish or Portuguese. You may even have the opportunity to study in a bilingual program and speak two languages ​​fluently!

– If you plan to study in Europe for more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit in the country of your choice. Some countries require foreign students to apply for a permit before arriving in Europe.

– In Europe, one school year is equivalent to 60 ECTS. Undergraduate programs range from 180 to 240 ECTS; Postgraduate programs range from 60 to 120 ECTS; while doctoral programs do not have a specific ECTS range.

Now let’s look at the countries and why we selected them to be the best study destination.


Germany is one of the most popular educational destinations for international students. A large international community studies at various German universities. There are many reasons why a student believes that Germany is the ideal foreign destination for higher education.

Low tuition fees

In most cases, German universities do not charge tuition fees. Even if they do, the rates tend to be quite low. The German government provides considerable funding to universities. Most courses and degree programs can be studied. without paying tuition fees . Although most master’s programs charge tuition fees, these are considerably lower than those in other countries.

Affordable living costs

Living expenses in Germany are more reasonable and affordable compared to other European countries. The cost of rent, food and other living expenses is roughly the same as the EU average. In addition, German students can benefit from various awards. Entrance fees to various institutions and buildings, such as theaters and museums, are low for students.

a beautiful country

Germany is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. A rich historical heritage, natural wonders and modern metropolis make Germany an ideal tourist destination. For international students, this gives them the opportunity to enjoy Europe to the fullest while studying at the best universities in the world.


Italy offers a wide range of courses for which students have the opportunity to pursue degree or certificate programs. They can be studied online, remotely, or in the form of classes at the country’s universities.

Here are some of the reasons for choosing Italy as your international study location:

The best universities with an impressive international environment

Italy is a popular international study place not only for its high multicultural atmosphere, but it also has several leading universities, public and private.

The University of Bologna is a prestigious institution that marks the origin of the current Western higher education system as the oldest university in Europe. In addition, Bologna is on the list of the main European cities that host the largest number of Erasmus students.

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Affordable destination for international students

Italy is one of the most affordable countries in Europe where you can study abroad and that applies to tuition fees and living costs as well.

Many degrees of English teaching

In Italy, you will be able to find a suitable study program in any field you can imagine, from Arts to Computer Science, many of which are taught in English.

Great place to meet your soulmate

Italy is one of the most romantic places on the planet. After all, Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, tells of a love story that took place in Verona, Italy. The tragic part aside, finding your true “love” in Italy is quite possible. Italians chase girls more easily than in other countries.


As the cradle of philosophy and the birthplace of Western civilization, Greece has a rich and captivating history and heritage to explore. With a high ranking in Culture (No. 6 in Europe) and Adventure (No. 8), it is on the list of places to visit for many students.

But imagine the possibilities and opportunities that could be expected if you brought your studies here! With teachings and traditions rooted in thousands of years, studying in Greece could be the most inspiring destination for your study abroad experience.

You will immerse yourself in an environment that has stimulated ancient Greek scholars who have made enormous strides in philosophy, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy. Also, all undergraduate programs are free for EU / EEA students and the cost of living in Greece is relatively low, making studying in Greece a very affordable option.


Sweden is the capital of innovation, inclusion and independent thinking. While offering a progressive and creative education, Sweden also ranks first among education costs in Europe, making all of your dreams of living a Scandi lifestyle that much more achievable.

Among the other benefits of studying in Sweden, you will enjoy the incredible sense of well-being and work-life balance that Swedes enjoy, knowing that everyone can speak English and live more in the country. equal to the world


France is the ideal place to study abroad thanks to its rich culture, gastronomy, architecture and flourishing student life.
Studying in France gives you the opportunity to learn the language and have a cultural perspective.

Experience will give you the advantage of pursuing an international career and will give your CV a competitive advantage.

As one of the oldest and richest in world history , France and its people are renowned for their fine cuisine, fashion, and art. Although France is undoubtedly a first-class tourist destination, study abroad options are also more extensive and accessible, with relatively reasonable educational costs for many who wish to live there.

Average tuition fees are US $ 1,000 per academic year. French universities offer various accommodation packages for international students at affordable prices.


Finland offers a tuition-free Bachelor and PhD program for local and international students. Some Master’s programs have a tuition fee for non-EU / EEA international students. Although Northern Europe is known for its high cost of living, Helsinki is one of the most affordable cities in the region.

Finland has one of the highest quality education systems in the world. This statement alone should make you consider studying in Finland . However, if you still have doubts, we also have several additional reasons to study in Finland:

  • Low crime rate
  • Strong local culture
  • High fluency in English
  • Diverse community
  • Many scholarship opportunities


Public universities in Austria have an average tuition of around € 726.72, plus € 17.50 for Austrian insurance and trade union rights per semester.
Citizens of the least developed countries benefit from free education at Austrian public universities and pay only € 17.50 per semester. The cost of living in Austria for students compares favorably with that of other European countries.

Studying in Austria offers you many opportunities and exposure. You will enjoy a quality education, quality life, cheap education and much more.


Ukrainian universities offer one of the least expensive medical and engineering studies compared to other European countries. The admission requirements are simple because the TOEFL and ILETS are not mandatory and a bank statement is not required, all payments are made on arrival.

The cost of living in Ukraine is low, but the standard of living compares favorably with that of other European countries. There are also job opportunities during the summer holidays. Deserving students are guaranteed to obtain a student visa.


Brussels, the capital of Belgium and indeed the whole country is very affordable for international students, the average tuition fees are US $ 1000 per year. The cost of living is considerably low and the quality of life is high.

International students find it very easy to settle in Belgium compared to other European countries. 

As Brussels is home to the European Parliament and other European institutions, Belgium enjoys excellent travel links with the rest of Europe. If you plan to study in Belgium, it will be easy for you to travel to most of Europe from Belgium. This will make your stay in Europe even more interesting as you explore and discover the different cultures that surround Belgium.


Norwegian state universities and university colleges offer free tuition to foreign students. Students pay only $ 50 to $ 100 per semester.
This free education for international students ranges from undergraduate programs to master’s and doctoral programs. Private universities have tuition fees, but they are also affordable, but the cost of living in Norway is higher than in other European countries.

The best countries to study abroad in South America

Looking for an opportunity to bring your learning experience to life? The countries of South America offer a vibrant culture rich in architecture, gastronomy, ceramics and highly differentiated dance. With a history rooted in tradition, studying abroad in South America will allow you to enjoy the customs that have prevailed for centuries.

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By studying abroad in South America, you are sure to make new friends and have new experiences. South Americans are known for their warm nature and welcoming culture. South America also has countries that offer a better study abroad destination for international students. The South American countries listed here are very friendly and welcoming to international students.


Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America and considered one of the safest in the region. Argentina is an ideal option for Spanish-speaking students and is also an affordable place to study, with a relatively low cost of living and public universities that offer free education for all. Argentina makes 34 appearances in the QS University ranking.

The country has a large multi-ethnic and multicultural community and is a fascinating and welcoming country for students who choose to study abroad. The quality of education is excellent and also very affordable.

International students will find a wide range of highly diverse higher education institutions offering excellent and affordable high-level educational opportunities.


Uruguay is a prosperous, friendly and laid-back nation, sometimes known as the “Switzerland of South America.” It ranks first in Latin America for its peace, democracy, and absence of corruption, as well as its liberal society (same-sex marriage and abortion are legal). Uruguay is another fairly affordable option, with living costs more than 28% lower than the UK, according to Numbeo.

Public education in Uruguay is completely free for citizens of the country, from infancy to university. However, there is only one public university in Uruguay, along with four private universities that charge tuition. Popular subjects to study in Uruguay include law, medicine, engineering, economics, and many other social sciences.


Chile is another ideal destination to study abroad for adventurous students and lovers of the great outdoors. Chile’s climate is extremely contrasting: deserts to the north, glaciers to the south, dense forests and open plains.

It has a lot to offer international students, with a highly developed infrastructure, political stability, prosperity, and strong universities. Its capital, Santiago, enjoys a thriving arts scene and ranks 49th on the most recent QS Best Student Cities index, scoring particularly high for employer activity.

Although more expensive than other Latin American countries, Chile is still a very affordable option compared to popular study destinations in other parts of the world, with tuition fees and a fairly low cost of living.


Mexico has numerous great universities to choose from. The country’s higher education system follows a format similar to that of universities in Europe. 

As a study abroad destination, Mexico has many great options to offer international students and there is much to love about this country, from its sandy beaches to its warm and friendly people. Here are five incredible reasons to choose Mexico for your studies!

  • World class education
  • You will love the food
  • Celebrate like a local
  • Learn a second language
  • You can really afford it

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another great study abroad destination for avid adventure students and offers many opportunities for exploration, from volcanoes to tropical forests. Its rich biodiversity also makes it perfect for those studying biological or environmental sciences.

Costa Rica enjoys a high quality of life, political stability, and economic prosperity (which is appropriate, as the country of “Costa Rica” is called). Costa Rica has one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America, at 96%. Its large and lively capital, San José, is considered one of the safest cities in Latin America and is an important center for commerce, education and culture.

Best Countries to Study Abroad in Africa

When everyone wants to study abroad in Europe, why not go in the opposite direction? Africa study abroad is calling. The continent is so much more than what you see in the mainstream media, so why not find out for yourself?
It is not just a big jungle full of scary animals and members of a tribe. You can find white sand beaches in Tanzania and Kenya, Mediterranean coasts in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as the Atlantic in Ghana and Senegal. Africa is not a continent of poor people either. It is also home to a growing middle class and some global cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Cairo, and Lagos.

So, forget your misconceptions, come with an open mind and take a walk on the wild side. There are few countries in Africa here that are very welcoming to international students.


Foreigners who want to study in Senegal have nothing to fear. Senegal is one of the most advanced countries in Africa in terms of higher education. The level of education is comparable to that available in European and American countries. Furthermore, the diplomas awarded in Senegal are equivalent to those issued in many other countries.

Senegal is home to many universities, including Dakar, St Louis, Thies and Ziguinchor Bambey, as well as many private and graduate training schools. Keep in mind that foreigners who wish to enroll in one of these universities do not have to participate in any entrance exam, unlike the local ones, but within the imposed delay and the availability of places, except in the case of 3rd. In fact, it will be admissible after the presentation of the required documents.

South Africa

South Africa is the most popular study abroad destination on the continent, with most of the top-rated universities in the region. South Africa’s study abroad programs include political science, animal conservation, and public health.  

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The country is considered the country with the greatest ethnic and cultural diversity in Africa. Approximately 5,300 American students study abroad in South Africa because this country is considered one of the most popular study destinations to study abroad.

However, there are several amazing schools in South Africa and eventually there are dozens of universities and colleges, so no matter what you study, you will initially get a great education.


Egypt is a fusion of African, Mediterranean and Arab influences. The country has a unique history, culture and standards. Egypt has highly respected institutions and offers an attractive environment. Depending on where you choose to study in the country, you will stay in the middle of the ancient monuments of Cairo, a short distance from the old lighthouse of Alexandria or on the beaches of the Mediterranean. It is also home to some of the most famous historical sites in the world, including the Karnak Temples, the Valley of the Kings, and the Great Pyramids. Egypt has become a dynamic society whose economy is growing rapidly.

Best Countries to Study Abroad in Asia

“Asia is probably the most dynamic continent in the world and economically it presents endless opportunities. The center of gravity is moving to the East. “

Studying in Asia is a solid investment in your career. “The world is changing rapidly. An estimated 60% of the world economy comes from developing countries. Even World Bank leaders have encouraged students to learn about Asia and the continent’s diverse cultures.

According to Forbes, “Asia will likely be at the forefront in defining the new and most innovative works of the 21st century” with its rapidly improving research systems and vast pool of high-caliber talents. As Asia’s geopolitical and economic role on the world stage becomes more important, international employers in all sectors will seek knowledge and experience related to Asia.

Graduating from one of the leading universities in Asia will provide you with an invaluable competitive advantage, allowing you to immerse yourself in the language and culture and connect with the continent’s brightest talents.

Here are the best destinations to study abroad in Asia

South Korea

In Asia, South Korea is one of the “Asian tigers”. With one of the largest economies in the region, South Korea has invested heavily in research and education. The country’s higher education system ranks ninth in the ranking of system strengths. South Korean universities are considered the most prestigious in Asia.

South Korea is one of the most diverse and interesting countries to study as an international student.

They are famous for their universities. The three largest world-renowned universities are Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. All universities have high rates of graduate employment and an excellent reputation. South Korea is also home to the Korea Higher Institute of Science and Technology and Sungkyunkwan University, lesser-known but equally impressive institutions.

South Korea is definitely a better study abroad destination for those considering studying in Asia. Let’s take a look at another country, Malaysia.


Malaysia is a good option for students looking to immerse themselves in a variety of cultures and environments. Malaysia is becoming a center of higher education, with its system classified as 25 th  in the world. 

The country is also expanding its higher education strategy to host international campuses of branches of renowned foreign universities, such as the University of Nottingham in the UK (often with tuition fees significantly lower than those of the main branch of the university campus) . International students are drawn to the fascinating cities of Malaysia with their beauty and fantastic natural landscapes, as well as their low tuition and living costs.

The thing of one of the best countries to study abroad in Asia, think Malaysia.


Indonesia is incredibly diverse, with hundreds of different ethnicities, languages, and cultures, forming a friendly and tolerant nation. Overall, Indonesia is an excellent choice for students who want to broaden their horizons.

Higher education in Indonesia has grown considerably since the country’s independence in 1945 and is currently home to some 5,700 foreign students, many of whom come from neighboring Malaysia. Indonesia is another inexpensive destination to study abroad, with tuition fees of $ 3,000 per year for certain subjects.


China is one of the most popular foreign-speaking destinations in the world, with 377,000 foreign students enrolled in 2014. A major competitor in trade, tourism, and education, China has one of the largest and most important education systems in the world.

As one of the largest destinations in the world, with a 5,000-year history, China also offers a wealth of tourist destinations and ancient and modern culture to explore outside of your studies. The cities of Beijing and Shanghai were ranked among the best student cities in the world in 2018, home to some of the most respected universities in Asia.

China could be the best educational destination for international students.


 Although Singapore is very small, its economy is flourishing and extremely stable. Singapore receives a large amount of foreign investment due to its skilled workforce, corruption-free society, low tax rate, and well-developed infrastructure.

The country’s unemployment rate is very low. Students choose Singapore as a study abroad destination because the career opportunities it offers are endless. In addition to international business investment, many renowned international universities have invested in Singapore. If you are looking for a study abroad destination, consider Singapore.


With this study abroad destination mentioned above, I think you know your study abroad destination. Feel free to contact us or ask any questions.

Frequent questions

How much does it cost to study abroad?

To study abroad, we have to recognize the fact that it is very expensive. With more than $ 50,000, of all annual academic expenses, a student can study abroad. With a scholarship or a loan, we should talk less than that

Where should I study abroad?

As a master’s student, the first thing that comes to your mind is the country with the cheapest tuition fees for master’s students, scholarships, and best programs. Such countries in Finland, Belgium, Hungary, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Austria

best destination to study abroad for PhD students?

The United States and the United Kingdom have proven to be the best study abroad destination for international students pursuing their PhD program. Almost all the tools necessary for research and calculations are available for a fee.

Are there cheaper places where I live speaking English?

Here are basic countries where you live and spend less while speaking English Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, China, South Africa, Fiji, Malta, Philippines, Pakistan, India