Which printer is best for home use ? ( full guide )

Which printer is best for home use

Having the best home printer is more important today than ever . There are more and more jobs being done from home, added to the duties of children and the need to scan important documents without problems. A printer capable of printing documents quickly, accurately and easily , stands out from the crowd for home printing.

We have made a selection of the best printers for the home , prioritizing quality and price and, in addition, highlighting the most relevant characteristics of each one, so that you can choose the one that meets your needs.

5 best home printers for value for money

Home printers are compact (space saving), multifunctional, and cheaper than those used commercially. Next, we will explain why these are the best home printers on the market for us and taking into account thousands of people’s opinions.

HP Envy 6020 – Sleek and Rugged

all in one printers

The HP Evy 6020 All-in-One is a beautifully designed, rugged, full- featured printer for the household needs of a family. As its name suggests, it offers high definition printing (black and color), plus it works as a scanner, makes photocopies and sends faxes.

It is an easy-to-install printer since, following simple steps, it can be used from a mobile, tablet or computer. For your laptop, you must download the HP Smart application (123.hp.com) and, if you want to configure it from your phone or tablet, only by downloading the app from your app store (iOS users can do so thanks to its compatibility with AirPrint and Android users will need to download the HP Print Service Plugin).

As for its speed, it is fast and stands out from other models in the same range . The multifunction printer is capable of printing 10 copies of documents, in black and white, in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Full-color photos take a little longer (depending on settings).

The HP Envy 6020 Printer is very simple to scan. Just place the document and press a button (press several times to increase the number of copies). Its built-in lights and sounds are very useful as a guide.

It is excellent for both home document and photo printing . Likewise, the HP Envy 6020 is comfortable for all kinds of tasks, as it has a tray that allows you to use many pages if you wish (and not be putting one by one). In addition to its convenience, you can link your mobile via Bluetooth and work without the need to turn on the computer.

Conclusion: It is a printer focused for home use, with a clean, robust and elegant design. It stands out for the quality of its materials, printing on both sides with high precision and for having a simple control (both touch and from its app).

What do other buyers think?

“ That it can be printed and managed from the mobile is very comfortable. Print double-sided without you having to turn the sheets and feed them, another wonder. It is by far the best printer I have ever owned. 

HP Envy Pro 6420  – Versatile and Equipped

all-in-one printers

The HP Envy Pro 6420 is a standout multifunction printer. It has an attractive mid-size design, competitive price, and a host of features that make it suitable for both home and office. It prints, scans with high precision (in color) and also has a mobile fax for the office .

Among its advantages, the HP Envy 6420 comes integrated with high-quality Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity . With this you can print from anywhere and with your mobile, without the need for a computer (even print your own email). In addition, its app works for both PC and Mac and with Android and IOS devices .

It is one of the best valued home printers by its buyers and this is because, for its low price, it is very well equipped and is easy to install . Although the printing speed is not a strong point in this model, it manages to print about 10 pages per minute (which is not bad at all).

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The HP Envy Pro 6420 is an ideal printer for printing school documents and for those who do their work from home or telecommute. You can take advantage of automatic multi-page scanning and two-sided printing, so you can carry out your daily tasks with agility.

Bottom Line: The HP Envy 6420 Printer is a very versatile model. It has a number of print and copy functions that work optimally (similar to higher ranges). Although an LCD screen is missed for its control, its great connectivity and value for money, make it one of the best valued in the home segment.

What do other buyers think?

“Super easy to install! The scanner is a spectacle and makes photocopies. The perfect and very fast prints. Highly recommended. A little big but very elegant. “

HP DeskJet 3760 – Cheap and Flirty

best all in one printer

The HP brand offers easy-to-use printer models, which stand out for the good relationship between their price and the quality of their components for home use.

With an attractive design, thanks to its bright blue and white chassis, the HP DeskJet 3760 is a multifunction device with scanner, ideal for the home given its compact size (feels like no scanner) and affordable price.

It has an LCD screen that allows you to control the number of copies, configure it easily and see the printing status at all times. The print quality is very good and it is not very noisy, although it is not characterized by being a too fast machine . With this model you can scan documents such as your ID, passport or driver’s license in seconds and get out of trouble with other everyday documents.

The HP DeskJet 3760 is a printer that, although it has a single USB port on the back, achieves great versatility by being able to connect via Wi-Fi at home. In addition, with the HP Smart app (for Android and iOS) it is simpler to handle all types of printing. Even to print photos from your mobile if you wish.WITH DISCOUNT

Conclusion: The HP DeskJet 3760 is an inexpensive, small printer with very good connectivity. You can place it anywhere and it is useful for all kinds of tasks around the home. Its print and scan quality are very good, although each process may take a while (as with many inkjet printers).

What do other buyers think?

“Great product if your print volume is occasional. The best is the size, half of the others. The only fear I had was to see if it was capable of printing non-folio things, DNI type or similar and it makes it perfect. You can’t scan a book, but its small size makes up for it. “

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 – Compact and Powerful

best all in one printers

Epson is an excellent Japanese brand and one of the largest printer manufacturers in the world. It equips all its products with quality, value for money and a variety of distinctive details, and the Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is no exception.

It is a printer designed for family use and to carry out documents at home, office or school work. It stands out for printing with high precision (both photos and writings), at good speed and serenity.

It is controlled from a comfortable 4.3-inch screen, where you can configure its various functions . The Epson XP-7100 printer is easy to configure and connect wirelessly. It has multiple connection options: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct (peer to peer), cable and USB 2.0. 

The XP-7100 works with five inks. In addition to its four CMYK cartridges, it has another black ink that is responsible for enhancing dark colors in images and texts (making them more intense).

It has a main tray for paper and a second for photographic paper , so it is always ready to print either of the two. It also has a third tray for envelopes that, at the moment, we do not test in our work.

It includes an automatic document feeder (ADF), giving it the quality of a duplex device (it scans and prints on both sides) . Another interesting feature of the Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is the ability to print covers on CDs, DVDs and other pre-surface prints (a feature often found on premium models). In addition, a program for designing labels is incorporated within the Epson software package.

The Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is a remarkable multifunction printer . It prints optimally and above average both text (dark and sharp) and graphics (bright and detailed). Also with low costs in its independent cartridges, compared to other brands . 

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Conclusion: The Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is a printer that has a similar printing to higher ranges and with an accuracy above what is normally needed in household tasks. It can even be used for a small business, if required. Print, copy, and scan two-sided documents quickly, without user intervention. It also takes up little space and is reasonably priced.

What do other buyers think?

“I was surprised by the product, good touch screen, 3 power trays, automatic document feeder, wifi, sd reader, usb for pendrive, cd and dvd reader, 5 ink cartridges, and very important, very easy installation.”

Canon PIXMA TS3150 – Lightweight and easy to use

best home printers

Beautifully designed, the Canon PIXMA TS3150 can also boast a very positive value for money . Print, scan and copy with precision . Provides sharp prints, vivid colors and vivid text.

Wirelessly detects mobile devices quickly for effortless use, plus a temporary USB connection can be used.

The PIXMA TS3150 all-in-one printer comes with a step-by-step installation program and setup manuals for printing from your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is made up of a paper tray at the back and an outlet (equally utilitarian) at the front. This keeps everything very neat when printing. When not in use, the rear tray closes and functions as a lid .

It is a very comfortable printer to use. It has an option that allows that, when it is turned off, it starts up by itself when you send it a job to print and then turns off again. The weak point that we find in the TS3150 printer is its low printing speed, although it is more than enough for home use (that’s why we highlight it among the best).

The Canon PIXMA TS3150 is small, light and harmless in appearance . It is also available in black (TS3150) or white (TS3151).

Bottom Line: If you need an easy-to-install MFP with crisp prints and low overall cost, the Canon PIXMA TS3150 is a great choice for the home. However, being somewhat slow, it is not an optimal machine if you print too many pages on a regular basis .

What do other buyers think?

” Good printer, with high quality printing, very easy to install and being WiFi, because its value for money is unbeatable. The price of replacement cartridges are in the average for this type of printers. Highly recommended. “

What should you consider before buying a home printer?

Image quality

Print quality varies depending on whether it is an inkjet or laser printer. Although laser printers tend to offer a better relationship between print quality and speed, inkjet printers stand out for having a greater tonal variety and being better at mixing colors .

The print quality and resolution vary between the various models and brands on the market. However, there are certain factors that affect the quality of a printer: type of driver, design of its heads, quality of the ink used and printer DPI (which indicates the precision that is reproduced in each pixel of an original image)

Print speed

If your home prints a lot, printing speed will be a factor to prioritize when making the purchase of your printer. The printing speed is measured in pages per minute (PPM) and laser printers tend to highlight in this aspect. You should bear in mind that a higher speed is usually related to a lower quality of resolution in printed documents. 

Most printers have various resolution and speed settings in their software, so you can configure it with the best combination you need for work at home. However, a printer that, from the factory, indicates that it reaches a good speed without losing resolution, is ideal for you.

Output device connectivity

An important aspect before buying your printer is its wireless connectivity. Therefore, before making the purchase of your home printer, you should ask yourself from which site and with which devices you are going to print.

The usual connection is via USB. However, currently the best home printers on the market have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and compatibility with Google or Apple cloud s (among others). A printer with these advantages allows printing from local mobile devices or remotely (away from home) .

Technical support

The customer service will guarantee the perfect functioning of your home printer after sales. The support offered by the brand is an important aspect that is often overlooked when buying these types of devices online. 

Therefore, before purchasing it, find out what its technical support is like. Find out if they have access to an expert (by phone or email) and see if they respond quickly to the inconveniences of other buyers or if there are solutions to typical user problems. Also, check if the package comes with instructional documents for a correct and easy installation of the home printer.

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Is a laser printer or an inkjet printer for the home?

home printer computer

Before buying your printer, you should analyze whether you should invest in a laser or an inkjet printer, which are the main types of printers on the market.

Laser printers work by means of a type of laser that engraves the paper, using toner cartridges (which contain powdered ink). On the other hand, the injection printers work by means of a technology of propulsion of drops (liquid ink).

For home users, inkjet printers are more than enough, being an economical technology that prints with excellent quality (in its best models).

Desktop Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are for you, if at home:

  • You print every day, but not too much.
  • You often use different types of paper.
  • It is not a problem that it is somewhat slow (on certain models).

Desktop Laser Printers

However, there are situations where opting for a laser printer is the best solution for your home needs. This usually happens when you want to satisfy similar demands on a workplace (lots of daily impressions).

Home laser printers are suitable when:

  • You print massive workloads (with little or no color).
  • You need a lot of speed in your home prints.
  • You don’t require photo quality prints.
  • You have enough space for its large size.
  • It is not inconvenient that the change of toner cartridges is more expensive.

Best Home Printer Brands


Epson multifunction printers set the trend in innovation for home printers. They are market leaders with their multifunction printers with piezoelectric heads. This is because their products are equipped with high resolution printing, complete software and inexpensive (individual) cartridges.


Another of the leading brands in home printers is HP, especially when you are looking for quality and price. These generally work with thermal heads and with cartridges built into them. Providing high precision, speed and simplicity prints .


When we talk about Brother printers, we are talking about a reliable brand and excellent effectiveness in their machines. It stands out for achieving great customer satisfaction in terms of the sharpness of printing, high quality of its components and its low consumption.


Canon printers are effective when it comes to their MFP line with print and scan. The brand’s products stand out for domestic use, being inexpensive and of very good quality and, in addition, they offer excellent technical support to the buyer.

How to choose a home printer

Step 1: what will be its function

Before buying a printer, decide what you plan to do with it . If you only want to print letters or a web page from time to time, you may prefer to go for an inkjet printer .

These types of printers create images by pushing tiny drops of ink onto the paper. In addition, they can cost about 30 $.

However, many have additional features that drive up the price, and the ink cartridges can be very expensive.

Step 2: what will be the print volume

In deciding which printer to buy, you must ask yourself if you want to print a large number of copies. In this way, if you are writing a novel or you are a student who prints a lot of work, then the number of printed pages can quickly increase.

In this case, I recommend buying a laser printer , which works in a similar way to a copier.

The initial cost will be higher than in the case of an inkjet, since it will approach 100 $. However, you will save a ton of money on ink , as toner cartridges need to be replaced much less frequently.

Step 3: what space will it occupy

Another thing to take into account to determine which printer to buy is the space you have and how much you want to spend . Are you short of space or money? Then it may be best to buy an all-in-one printer .

These kits combine a scanner and copier (and sometimes a fax machine) with a regular inkjet or laser printer. Priced at around $ 50, these devices have become so popular that it can be difficult to buy a printer without all of these features.

Step 4: what will be your location

To decide which printer to buy, you have to think about where you want to place it .

If you are going to put it right next to your computer and you are going to use it above all, then it is likely that the most appropriate in your case is a more traditional wired version (that is, with a cable between the computer and the printer) (and cheap). However, if you want to place your printer in another room and / or are going to share it with other people, a wireless version is probably the best .

However, in this case you will have to make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is adequate before deciding which printer to buy.

Step 5: ask yourself if it will be for photos

Are you a budding photographer or even a little more advanced? If so, you may want to print your own photos. Normal printers are perfectly capable of printing a photo on paper.

However, to get the glossy look of a lab photograph, you will need to purchase a specialized photo printer .

The cost varies a lot, but you should be able to buy one for around 50 $. Of course, remember that you will not be able to use it to print documents!